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How to cum HANDSFREE

A lot of people have asked me how I manage to cum without hands. Well it has required some training for me.

It is of cause important to be horny enough to do it, but it is also important to experience how it feels to cum without hands. Therefore the training is about to get to the state, where you know, that you don't need so much to control yourself to achieve the point of no return using your mind only. Later this control will be easier, because you know the feeling.

Here is the training to get the experience of hands free cumshots:

1. Try to control youself not to have any orgasms for some time (perhaps weeks...uh!).

2. Masturbate up to climax several times - perhaps hours. Be certain that you are really horny. Use the fantasies that excite you the most.

3. At a certain point, you experience that you don't need much touching to cum. Use that situation to concentrate (in your brain) to cum - perhaps after a small break. Then you suddently can be able to shoot the loads without using the hands. It requires some training.

Now you have experienced it you know how it feels and what to do. Later you can be able to do it sometimes whitout masturbating first and/or without waiting so long in between cumming.

I have another advantage: I have very sensitive nipples, and can cum by touching them alone. So I use those also.

Good luck. It is a special experience.



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