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Week of absense.

It was storming. The lightening and thunder cracked and rowred through the night sky and rain pelted down on the porch roof. I sat on the porch steps waiting to see his head lights coming down the drive way. It was getting late and I still didn't see that El Camino coming down the drive. Not only had it be one of the most long and agonizing weeks without him, it was what he did to me while he was away. Getting the cute text messages that drove me over the edge about what he would do to me if we were together. Due to that cursed lake keeping his reception to an aggravating low we were limited to only texting so it was hard to really relieve ourselves of the sexual frustration building between us. I yawned once more and looked at my watch, 12:47p.m I decided that I would go inside and wait on him to arrive. The storm was getting a little out of wack any way. I went inside surrounded by all the little things we talked about that made me think of him. The computer, picture of a lake (which by now was the sworn enemy in my eyes). I just couldn't help myself I felt so warm and I could feel the pressure rising Inside. I touched my neck lightly and trailed my fingertips trail down between my breasts feeling my skin quiver and twitch under the tips of my fingers. I ran them down to my stomach running my hand up my shirt, I closed my eyes and thought of him in front of me him the one kissing my neck and running his hands up my shirt. I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor. I never wore a bra when I knew no one was coming over, so my nipples hit the warm air and immediately got hard. I was breathing heavy as I started to slip my hand into my pants. In the excitement I didn't hear him pull up. I guess he had been watching me for a while but,I felt a Hand cover mine, and the hot fog of his breath on my ear fallowed by the clunk of his bag when it hit the floor. He moved my hand out of the way and substituted his in return. His hand was slightly colder than mine but my skin quickly adjusted to the change. His fingers just as I had pictured them through the long week. The teased my lips gently before his fingers brushed against my clit sending a moan from my lips, I knew what that moan would do to him and really so did he. He spun me around and laid his lips on my neck, his hand still intact with my slit, he was playing in my wetness and with the look written on his face he loved watching me trash and wigging at his doings. I tugged his shirt off without waiting for any farther conformation on his part, I wanted him and I wanted him now. I started unzipping his pants and slipped them down while I moaned as he played with my clit between his fingers. I seen the bulge in his boxers and new I wasn't the only one that tensions building. I groaned loudly at the sight and dragged him to the bed. I threw him down and got on top of him, kissing his neck down to his chest kissing his pecks and feeling his breath get ragged as I got lower. I started kissing down to his belly button. Then went lower pealing his boxers off as I went. I kiss around his now throbbing erection, not showing much attention for a while. Then I took it by the base kissing it head lightly and watching it jump. I then Licked the head then started sucking on it. I stopped to lick your shaft slowly but making sure that I rubbed your balls lightly while my mouth was occupied. I then licked backed up Taking his head back in my mouth and sucking easing more and more down my throat. When It was All in its place he grabbed me and pulled me up to the bed and laid on top of me, I could feel his head at my entrance and i wanted it so bad. I started kissing his neck....I whispered "I want you baby, I want you so bad". almost instantly he slipped it in just a little pushing it in slowly I moaned and sat up on my elbows so I could watch. He moaned once it was all the way in. He started fucking me slowly then picking up the pace, I arched my back and moaned as i scratched his back. He was in good pace and going deep making me scream his name out so loud the neighbors down the road could hear. Just then I felt he getting harder and I started moaning really loud and i came all over him. Floods of electricity flew through my body. He quickly pulled out and went down to lick up my newly made juices. His tongue felt amazing between my hot slit lips that I almost came again as soon as it made contact. I flipped over and got on my knees and laid my head on a pillow against the bed biting it, waiting for impact. He had no hesitation as of what I wanted him to do and I could tell by the size of him that he was close. So he started fucking me again, making me scream into my pillow as he pulled my hips back on to him i came once more in that position and waited for him he pulled out and after a few seconds of waiting squirted his warm cum on my ass and the small of my back. Now it was shower time

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