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Fun At The Pool

Hi. My name is Victoria Rose. I'm a sixteen year old girl whose parents have a very high income and I'm told to have a great body. I have long chocolate brown hair that goes to right above my bottom, bright ocean blue eyes, delicate long black eyelashes, a fair/ tanned skin (I live in Hawaii, which is where I am right now), a strong flat stomach, breasts that are size C4, a curved body and manicured finger nails and toe nails. I've decided to go to the pool today, but this isn't just any pool. Normally I would go to an outdoor one, but today I was afraid of getting burnt because it was just so sunny, so I was going to Watermania. Yes, I've heard the gross rumors of this place having a bad repuation, but this Watermania is new. It just opened a couple days ago and its usually packed because its new and clean. So I went on a Friday because school ended last week.
I walk up the cement stairs toward the large glass entrance and I swing my bag over my shoulder. Right now I wear a white crop top that labels "Kiss and Tell" on the front in black and red, short denim shorts that go high above my thighs and lastly black laced strapped wedges. The glass door opens automatically and I go in and stop in the middle of the fancy tiled floors of the lobby. There are lots of people, but my Aunt Julia works here and she would just let me go straight in and I would pay her later. Turning to my right, I flip my diva glasses down to my nose so I can see Aunt Julia at the counter nod to me, allowing me to enter the changing rooms and I give her a wink as I walk down the long big hallway. As I'm walking, I notice four boys who look about 18 years of age walk down the in front of me. Each one has broad shoulders, strong muscles and a sexy body. They all wear trunks and black flip flops, carrying a towel over their shoulder. Since my shoes make a slight clicking noise agains the ground, one turns around and grins at me, elbowing the others to look at me. I give them all a wink and they start to whistle.
"Watch where you're going boys." I grin and they all stop and almost smack into the boys changing room doors. Smiling, I walk past them and here them all start to say things like,
"She has a nice booty."
"Are you k**ding? Look at those tits!"
"You guys are perves."
"Yeah, but you gotta admit, she's a sexy lil' thang."
I spin around once more and blow them all a kiss, pecking my palm with my lip glosses pink sparkle lips and blow. One acts like he puts the kiss into his pocket and the other falls to the ground purposly and acts like the kiss killed him with love. I start to laugh while I open the door of the girls changing rooms and I'm pretty convinced this place has a very high repuation. It has ten high power clean showers, at least fifty changing rooms and countless lockers to put your stuff in. I walk over to where the large lockers are (I hate the small ones, they look all squished and weird with your stuff in them), and I start to strip down. Under my crop top and denim shorts I have a black string bikini. My large round breasts are slightly seen around the edges of the top, and my bottom piece hugs my curved ass just perfectly, giving it an amazing curve. Luckily, all I'm wearing for making is a little blush and water proof mascara so that it doesn't run down my face while I'm in the pool. I slip off my wedges and put them neatly into the locker with all my other things like my bag, clothes and diva glasses, and grab my hollister white fluffy towel before applying a couple quarters into the machine as I close it and take the silver key. I wrap the key around my ankle so I don't have to bother about it in the deep pools and I start to walk across the room toward the door that opens the way toward the pool, waterslides, diving boards, hot tubs and more.
I push it open with my strong palm (I'm head captain on the cheer leading team and I've been in gymnastics for the last ten years- plus I've passed all my swimming lessons and I'm becoming a life guard in a month), and I gaze upon the sight. To my left there is a huge, huge pool that has casual swimming and three diving boards that are all at different levels and a rope you can swing on. To my right there is a huge pool that has a small playground for the k**s but there is what I hear a wave pool coming soon which is where the water goes up and down. Past the wave pool there are three large round hot tubs and straight ahead of me there are five water slides that lead into a small pool below it. I take a deep breath and turn to my right toward the hooks and place my towel upon an empty one and slide off my white sparkle flip flops. Running my manicure tips through my hair, I turn to my right toward the diving board areas. Last year I went into a diving board contest which is where you do flips and dives off the thing, and I won first place three times in a row.
As I'm walking across the wet white tiled floor that is a couple feet from the edge of the pool, I notice the four hot guys in the pool just playing around and throwing cherry balls at eachother and sitting on the edge. The large pool is cut in half by a large plank board that you can walk across, this is because the other side of the pool is used for swimming lessons and school trips. Walking with a natural sway, I breach the smallest diving board that is a meter above the ground but I walk past it. Next is the next diving board that is five meters above the ground, but I walk past it also. The largest diving board has two stair cases you have to walk up to to get to it, so I make my way up. I hold onto the handle and make sure I don't slip on the wet metal stairs. When I breach the top, it looks higher than I thought.
"Hey guys look, it's her." Says a boy from below and the one that first saw me in the hallway points me out as I stand on the beginning of the diving board. I take a deep breath and run forward, the guys cheering me on. I pounce off and do two front flips and one spin off before I land in the water in a diving position. The cool water hits my skin but I land swiftly and go straight down into the water. Kicking my strong legs, I swim to the top and take a breath of water. I brush my long hair from my face and notice a boy that is just sitting at the edge of the pool, smiling at me. His white teeth make me want to blink and I just turn to him. Both arms rest on the edge and his strong abs are tanned along with his muscles.
"Hey there." He says and his voice is a strong british accent that makes me want to drool all over him. But he's not getting me so easily. I just start to swim toward him and his friends just watch us, laughing and smiling. I swim so close to him he's backed up against the pool edge and our noses are almost touching.
"I'm not convinced you're my type." I say gently and he just grins even more before I turn away and start to swim. I do front strokes and take a breath for each triple and I reach the other end of the pool in a matter of ten seconds.
"Damn, she's fast." Says one and the others start to laugh at his comment and he gets that they are thinking the wrong way.
"He's right, did you see her booty as she swam?" Says the second and I notice that they all have deep british accents.
"Yeah man, should we go to her?"
"Nah, she'll make her way around." Says the last and they all start to laugh gently, not mockingly but sweetly.
"What makes you so sure of that?" I call out and sit on the edge of the pool, squeezing my hair and I rest my elbows on my knees, my breasts visible as I bend over, watching them. They all stare at me.
"Well, you've been staring at our abs and stuff as soon as you've saw us, you blew us kisses, winked at us..." The first says, pointing out every comment with his fingers and now they are all smiling at me. I frown but smile and then notice that they are all just saying the truth.
"You're not so innocent yourself. You've been staring at my tits, ass, body, eyes..." I say now pointing every one of my comments with my fingers and they're eyes go wide. I make sure I say this without being heard by anyone else because there are k**s and lifeguards around. I stand up and make sure that I give them a clear view of my round bottom as I do this and I start making my way across the plank that leads to them. They all turn to me, smiles on their faces and I go onto my knees behind the fourth one and I wrap my arms around his shoulders which makes him grin at the other guys and I turn his head to face me and our lips are less than an inch apart.
"If you boys think you're so amazing, beat me in a water slide race and I will give you a prize." I whisper loud enough for them to hear me and lower toward the boys face in front of mine but before I reach his lips, I stand up and he sighs out and I grin to the fact he wanted me to kiss him.
"You're on, love." They all say and I turn to walk towards the water slides and I can hear them walking on my heals. I walk up the tall ramp that leads to the stairs of the water slides and I start to walk up the cement tiled stairs. Around is are glass walls which make my shin shine and sparkle from the water drops and I glance over my shoulder without them noticing to see them all elbowing eachother to get closer to me and they all are at my curved ass. I grin and start to walk faster and a few of them slip but get up fast to follow along. When we reach to the top, there is a really hot lifeguard sitting on a chair in red shorts and black shades. He catches sight of me and grins.
"Can you do us a favor?" I ask blinking my eye lashes at him and I stand right in front of him since there is nobody but the four boys behind me, me, and the lifeguard and his legs are slightly open and I stand right between them and rest my hands on my hips. He nods.
"We're all racing to the bottom. Is there a speaker down there?" I ask.
"Yeah." He says.
"When we all get to the bottom, can you say who made it to the bottom first, pleeaassee?" I giggle, smiling at him and my breasts are a few inches from his face and he nods.
"Yeah, sure." He manages to say and I grin. I turn back towards the boys.
"Because there isn't a high percent of you all beating me, you get to choose your slides first, boys." I smile and they all shake their head and start to laugh as they start to call out their slides. I'm left with the one right in the middle of all of them. I grip the metal bar above me and I sit in a crouching position.
"Ready..." I begin, they all brace themselves, "Set... GO!" I say and we all shoot into the water slide. I lay back like a pencil and rest my hands in a X position on my chest and start to slide down very fast. After fifteen seconds, I can see the end coming and I hold my breath as I shoot into the water. I raise up, wiping my eyes and listen for the speaker.
"The guy in the white and blue shorts won." The lifeguard says and I think to myself. Now... what would his prize be... I have an idea.
I stand up straight and start to make my way across the water and I walk up the three stairs that lead to the floor. The boy in the blue shorts who saw me first in the hall, smiles with his arms across his chest, leaning on the wall. The other boys start to make their way up the stairs.
"So, what's his prize?" One blurts out and the others punch him in the arm, but I can tell they all want to know.
"Come come." I motion them and spin around, making my way down the stairs. They all follow behind me as I walk down the long slippery ramp and I turn the corner toward the wave pool and a large bell rings, alerting the whole arena. This means that the wave pool is going to start. The water starts to move and soon everyone is cheering and laughing. I step into the pool where the water begins at my ankles and as I continue walking, it hits my knees, than my hips, than my shoulders. I turn to see the boys walking in and splashes each other. I swim over into the deepest part of the pool where not too many people are and the boy in the blue and white shorts smiles at me.
"What's your name?" I say.
"Tyler." He replies.
"I'm Victoria." I say, holding out my hand and he takes it to shake it politely but I pull him forwar and our chests meet. I can see the other boys staring at us. Tyler just stands on the bottom of the pool and I'm swimming.
"Ready for you're prize?" I whisper and he grins pure white and nods. I wrap my legs around his waist and our crotches meet, his hard bump rubbing my pussy that rests unde rmy bikini bottoms and he breathes in and I continue to rub myself on him that gets him harder and harder and soon he is panting.
"Don't have an erection in the pool, sweetie. You would get in trouble." I say and he manages to nod and then I bent down and press my lips against his, hearing whistles behind us from his friends. His warm wet mouth moves against mine and he kisses me roughly. I break the kiss with his mouth still in an O from us making out and I start to swim away from him, smiling.
"Don't stop..." He whispers and steps toward me, wanting more but I shake my head.
"That was your prize." I smile and I go under the water, swimming around. I open my eyes under the water and everything is slightly blurry but I can see okay. The four boys are all in a tight bunch, talking and stuff. They are all in a circle and I start to swim up and I pop up in the middle of their circle. They all shriek like girls and then I start laughing.
"Damn, you scared us." Tyler says and breathes out.
"Let's play a game." Says one and I listen to their game. But I tell them to first introduce themselves. First is Mason, then Tyler, then Matt, and lastly is Riley. I like all the names. We have decided to play tag. But it's not a normal tag. They are all it and I'm not. The first one that catches me gets their next prize. I can't quite tell who was going to win because they were all very well built and they looked pretty fast, so this was going to be funny.
"You get ten seconds to swim away." Riley say sand they all turn their backs to me and I spin on my heels and start to swim away. As soon as I reach the deep end, I can see them looking around for me. I go under the water fast and hide behind a group of peopel that stands in the middle of the deepest end. I stay under for at least thirty seconds and I pop my head up to get a breath and when I do, I can see Mason is the closest to me and he turns, catching sight of me. But he doesn't tell the boys, because I can tell he wants the prize. I smile and go under the water fast as he swims after me and I swim away. I go into an area the playground and I stand up, running up the stairs and Mason is right behind me. Wow... he's a fast swimmer. No k**s are here so thats good because Mason would probably throw them aside. Lol. I almost smack right into a pole but I dodge it and swing down the slide and land right on my butt. I flinch but stand up and start to run away, laughing. Mason grins and almost gets my wrist but I run faster and I smack right into Matt.
"Damn you. I almost had her, mate." Mason growls and they start to wrestle as I watch with satisfaction and when they finally stop, Matt turns to me. He grins.
"Hot tub." I say to them and I stand up, brushing myself off and fix my top that was pulled down a bit and I walk toward the edge of the pool and grip the plastic stairs that go straight up and I climb.
I walk toward the hot tub and I start to get cold. I walk up the stairs where a few older guys who are in their late thirties see me and try not to stare at me. I walk into the hot tub with a slight tingle that goes through my whole body and I make my way toward an open spot and sit down. Mason and Matt sit on one side of me while Tyler and Riley sit on the other side. Matt goes right next to me and presses our legs together, smiling at me.
"You are very impatient." I say to him and he scratches the back of his head nervously and I sigh, thinking of what to do. I look down at the water and there are so many bubbles that you can't see in the water. Bingo. I reach toward Matt's front of his trunks and rub the front and he almost yelps out but stops himself and just bites his finger. I unzip the front and suddenly feel his hard cock that feels amazing. I look around slowly and make sure there is no lifeguards watching. I think Mason sees what I'm doing and just fucking wishes it was him so badly. Starting to stroke Matt's cock, I rub the tip and he just sighs in pleasure and leans back. My palm rubs against his penis and it feel sjust amazing. I really, really want to just go and sit on his lap and silently have sex with him, but I know I can't. It would be too easy. I can feel his cock start to pump getting ready to let out a load, but I can't let him. Nor could I stop him, he was getting ready.
"Matt- don't." I warn him.
"I... can't... stop..." He says and starts to breathe fast. That's when I have no choice.
"Mason, cover me. Quick." I plead and he comes over to me and blocks anyone from seeing me and I bend over, placing my face under the water and I find his cock, putting it in my mouth. Matt jolts as his load comes shooting out and it enters my throat as I start to swallow and half a minute later I come up and take a deep breath.
"Sorry." Matt says, looking embrassed and he scratches the back of his head.
"It's okay. It's my fault, I shouldn't have made you feel that good." I giggle and then I lean back in the hot tub, shutting me eyes. Mason leans back with the rest of us and Riley and Tyler are grinning at me.
"I really wish that was my cock." Riley says and Tyler nods.
"It will be soon." I say under my breath and his face lights up so bright it could of made me laugh. I move my shoulders around and just relax. I peek open an eye so small that no one could tell I'm looking and the couple of older men across the hot tub are just staring at me. They must of known what I was doing. Oh well. I place my hands at my sides and I my hand touches something. It's Riley. But he's doing something. Jerking off.
"Crap..." I say under my breath.

Part 2 is coming soon. It wil be called "Fun At The Pool Part 2". Thank you for watching and please comment if you think I need to improve on something which I will totally be okay with. Stay tuned <3

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