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Slave and master part 6

Again this is a story by my slut

I'm tied up, with my arms behind my back., lying on my front.
You come up behind me, grab my hair, and whisper in my ear
'I want you to watch your face when you cum slut'
I whimper.
You know how I hate to see myself.
You drop my head back on the bed, and I feel you squirt some lube on my pussy
You push a vibrating dildo in my pussy, and glancing up in the mirror, see the delight in your face as i shudder.
You put a vibe on my clit, turned up high. You manage to hit my sweet spot instantly, and with in seconds my legs are shaking and i feel the need to cum.
'Don't you cum yet you whore'
I moan.
'Don't you fucking cum yet!'
You spank me hard and grab and squeeze my tits roughly.
I'm starting to shake uncontrollably, from trying to hold off my orgasm.
I hear you squirt the lube again, and you start to rub it around my ass.
I tense up.
'This will make you last longer slut'
You shove another vibrating dildo into my ass. I gasp from the shock and the pain.
The sensation in my ass instantly holds off my orgasm.
You grab my hair, and push my head to face the mirror. I look up and you're grinning, loving the control you have.
'I want you to cum now slut'
'I can't master!'
'Master, I can't.'
You spank me again, and briefly lean down and bite my nipples.
'I can't cum with that in my ass master!'
You smile wider. 'Well, we'lll see about that'
You start thrusting the dildo into my ass, still holding me up to face the mirror.
You notice I'm not actually looking in the mirror, but looking away and fuck my ass harder.
You keep fucking it with the dildo until i beg you to stop. I keep begging and suddenly you pull it right out of my ass.
You move the vibe on my clit and again hit my sweet spot, sending me into the shakes.
This time you tell me i can cum.
My ass is burning and my back aches from being arched up as you hold me by my hair.
I look in the mirror as I'm about to cum, and suddenly explode into orgasm. I want to relax, but you're still holding my hair.
'Do you see how fucking stupid you look slut?'
'Yes master' I say, feeling ashamed.
'That's why I don't like you to cum often slut'
'Yes master'
Without warning you shove your hard cock in my mouth.
You fuck my throat, making me choke. You start to squeeze my nipples, HARD every so often, to feel my throat tighten around your cock from the shock.
You cum without warning, and make me lick it up.
You then lay me down and fuck me, harder than I've ever known you too. You put my legs over your shoulders and I can feel your cock hitting my cervix. It's a painful kind of pleasure. I'm moaning.
"Shut up slut' You backhand me across the face.
I instantly go quiet, and try to stay silent while you fuck me.
I feel you get closer to cumming, and prepare for the final ramming. Instead you pull out and cum on my face.
'You can sl**p like that you whore, and i'll know if you don't'
With that you get your clothes and leave. I'm left on the bed, spread eagled with your semen all over my face.

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