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Alex One: House Sitting For A Friend

Sorry, this is a little rough. I've tried expanding the original
version but ... i dunno. Anyways this should be a continuing series
of some sort. (I might post the original old version too...)

Alex One: House Sitting for a Friend.
By Alex Shouse.

My friend Karen had worked her way through a somewhat bitter
separation and had decided to cash in some vacation time from work
to take a little trip to 'get it all out of my head' as she said.
so she had asked me to House Sit while she was away for 2 weeks.
obviously not having anything else to do, and not particularly
happy with my present living situation, I jumped at the chance for
my own personal vacation...

Chapter One - only 2 days.

Since I didn't live that far from her house I didn't lug a lot
of my stuff with me, just the basics, couple changes of clothes
and some books/DVD's that I'd put off watching/reading for some
reason. So at 9:30 Monday morning I pressed the bell and was
almost immediately swept up into the personal whirlwind that was
Karen with a huge load taken off her mind. To say she was
noticeably happy would have been an understatement. I could barely
understand a word she was saying as she gave me a quick tour of
the place - where I'd been many times before, pointing out this,
that and the other thing. Emergency phone number list, main water
shutoff valve, various other main off switches, etc. I just sort
of let myself get swept along.

Karen herself is about my height (actually slightly taller) at
5'6", with short black hair, and blue eyes. She has a very nice
smile and an infectious laugh. We had met years ago working
overnights at a replenishment warehouse for an online retailer,
and had hit it off. I had romantic leanings toward her but had
never had the guts to do anything while we worked together, and
when she got a better paying job in the actual day time, our
contact dropped pretty severely. It wasn't long after that she'd
met Dave - the guy she just separated from.

So with the basics sorted, she slipped me 200 bucks, which she
refused to take back, kissed me on the cheek and fled like the place was
on fire.

The first day I lounged around, knowing the fun I could have
having the entire place to myself over the next few days, not having to worry
about anybody interrupting me. Since I was working on Tuesday I was in bed
by 8. Her bed, so it was a weird nights sl**p.

Tuesday was a horrible day at work, and I finally came home
virtually dead on my feet and sore everywhere. I decided to take a bath in
her large whirlpool tube, and my god it was amazing. That jet pulsed water
against my skin was fantastic. After about 5 minutes most of the knots and
kinks were completely gone, and if I scooted my but at a slight angle
one of the jets puffed against my ass and made my cock hard as a rock.
So needless to say by the time I got out of the tub I was horny as hell.
And I had left my clothes and toys back home.

Almost half of Karen's bedroom was a mirrored wall with panels
that slid back to allow access to clothing racks in recessed closet's, so
there I stood, horny as hell with my cock sticking straight out, getting
a good view of my self in those mirrors. it was not helping. I could loose
some weight. Maybe more than I'd admit, but I guess I wasn't bad to look at.
5'5" or so, dirty blond hair cut short against my skull, blue eyes. I rubbed
around my crotch, around my hard dick, checking for stubble. It had been about
a week or so since I had had been home alone and had a 'fun night' with
myself. No stubble yet. That stuff they advertised on TV seemed to be doing
exactly what it said it did. All smooth everywhere.

In the back of my mind, I'd known at some point that I'd do it.
It was too good an opportunity to turn up. Such things are the fuel of a
thousand fantasies. So I started exploring her bed room.

The closets were well organized. In the back of the
second one I found Karen's lingerie section. All neatly organized on
Hangers and in garment bags with pockets. Stockings and garter-belts,
camisoles, corsets. Everything you'd expect a 30 year old, good looking
sexually active woman with a good income to have. At my fingertips. I swear
my cock sprang another inch as I stood there looking at it.

I chose a black cloth corset get up with matching garter-belt and tight
weave fishnet stockings. I was pretty sure I could squeeze into the corset.
After struggling with it a bit, I managed to get it on, pushing a bit of my
extra weight up to make small a-ish cup tits. God my nipples were so hard and
sensitive. Slipping on the stockings almost tipped me over the edge. 1 was
leaking precum all over.

The bedroom drawers turned up an underwear and pantyhose collection
I'd have died to have in the box tucked away under my bed at home. And in
the last bottom drawer I found the plastic box of sex toys and lube. Dildoes,
vibrators,. plugs, a gag or two, restraints. that little box was packed.

I figured I'd go all the way, and I sat at her Makeup table and quickly
did the few things I knew how to do, mascarra, lipstick, bit of blush and
eyeshadow. Fuck I wish I had thought to bring my camera, but it was too
late now...

Heaven! This was going to be a fun two weeks!

Chapter Two - Spit Roast Surprise!

One of the dildos was about 9 inches and black, with a suction cup
behind the ballsack. I stuck it low to one of the mirrored walls, then slid
what i think is called a butterfly gag into my mouth and tied it at the back
of my head. It kept my jaw open but I could still close my lips. I lubed
up one of the vibrators that was about the same size as the one I had at home,
and knelt down before the black dildo, jutted my ass out and ran the
vibrator over my asshole, working in the lube.

My cock was pulsing now with my heart beat. It had been maybe 90
minutes since I had first gotten hard, and I could feel my balls getting
heavy as they swung between my legs as I stuck my ass out and upward a
little as the vibrator finally slid past the second ring. I twisted it on
and the vibration on my prostate pushed a huge glob of precum out of my cock
and it landed with a stringy plop on the hard wood floor, and I took that big black
dildo into my mouth.

I was being spit roasted by two hard and hung studs, f***ed to fuck
and suck when they overwhelmed me and ripped off my clothes and f***ed a
gag into my mouth. The one behind is sliding into my ass slow, sending me
moving forward onto the big black cock, making me gag on it. its too big,
it keeps hitting the back of my throat and I have to struggle to suppress
my gagging. But he doesn't care, its his mouth now.

And there I was, working the vibe in and out of my ass, sucking
and gaging on that black dildo, watching myself having to take it in
the mirror behind it, my mascara had started to run a bit as my eyes
watered from the dildo hitting the back of my throat as I thrust forward
on it, making wet mouth sounds around it. Jezsus I was so hard, lightly
stroking my cock, keeping it hard, prolonging my little fantasy.
Completely lost.

Suddenly, theres a noise, an intake of breath. Mark is standing in
the doorway to the bedroom, a keyring in one hand. Eyes slightly wide as he
takes in the scene before him. Hes just under 6 feet, Black hair brushed
back along his head. Not quite muscular but not flabby either. Somebody who
'works out' in their daily job - which in his case was Construction. Karen’s
Ex. She had changed all the locks when they separated, but there he was
with a key…

My brain shuts down. A hundred thoughts shoot through
it at once and fried it. I didn't even realize it but the Dildo was
still in my mouth as our eyes met. Surprise, Bewilderment, something else
I couldn't quite read, rapidly crossed his blue eyes. I was frozen. Finally I pulled
away from the dildo and it slid out of my mouth with a popping noise, I had
Still been sucking on it as This guy I barely knew stood in the doorway watching me.
I wasn't sure how much time had passed, or even how long he had been there. How much
Of my show had he seen?

Ice hot embarrassment came then, I Must have lit up a radioactive shade of red, still
thinking of what I could possibly say. I shifted around to not be looking
at myself in the mirror any longer and suddenly the vibrator slid out of my ass and
Fell to the floor, filling the silence with the sound of the vibe as it began skittering across
the floor. Without really thinking I went to snatch it up but suddenly his boot appeared
and kicked it away. He laughed.

He seemed impossibly tall now, standing before me. Looking down at me
With his cold blue eyes and a slight smile or snarl on his lips. "Well," he said.

I started to say something, but out of nowhere he gave me a light slap.
Not enough to hurt or knock me over, just enough to get my attention.

"Don't say a damned thing." he grabbed a hand full of my hair,
jerking it back so my head was angled up at him. "Not a damned
thing you little slut." he snarled. His free hand was rubbing his cock through
his jeans not far from my face, I could see the outline of it as he ran his thumb
along it.

He pulled my hair again, "You're going to suck my cock."

I tried to pull away but his other hand left his crotch and slapped
me again. "Look at me." he said, twisting my head so we locked eyes again.

"You are going to suck my cock." He emphasized each word slowly.

"I am going to fuck your face."

"You are going to make me cum."

"you are going to swallow every drop of my cum."

"Do you understand?"

"please ... I .." I never got to finish whatever I was going to say
because again. he slapped me.

"If you don't do what i tell you, I'll tell her. I'll tell everybody
what you were doing. Do you understand?"

I nodded as much as I could with him holding my hair in his fist.

"Good." He let go of my hair and stepped back a bit. I could run now. I
was sure I could get passed him. He was bigger and stronger than me but
I could have knocked him over and bought enough time to ... what, run out
into the street dressed like some slut with lube all over my ass and a gag
in my mouth? what then?

I realized my cock had become even harder now, standing up at an angle
in front of me, jutting out between my fishnet clad knees as I knelt there on the floor. Betrayed.

He had been waiting for that. Waiting to see what I would do. Maybe if I had
tired he would have left or something. Instead that crooked little snarl came back and
he undid his belt buckle and tugged his jeans down enough to free his cock. He was
Cut. Not porno actor large but bigger and slightly longer than my 6 inches - or whatever it was now!

He quickly stepped forward, grabbing my head in both of his hands and
slid his semi hard cock into my mouth. With the gag there was no
Resistance and luckily he wasn't completely hard yet so he didn't hit the back
of my throat, just sort of flopped into my mouth.. He tasted clean, slightly like
soap he must have just had a shower after work or something. There was
a vague musky taste and a leathery sort of scent from his pubic hair.

He must have come here for Karen, it occurred to me. Was this what he
would have done to her?

"Suck it!" he said. "Use your tongue."

I did. There was no choice now. Very quickly he got hard, filling my
mouth and pressing against the back of my throat. He started moving, slowly,
back and forth, all the way out till the tip was just behind my lips, then
back in again till there was resistance. I gaged a few times, getting
used to it. He was surprisingly gentle with my gaging, but I guess he didn't want
Crotch full of vomit either…

"Use your tongue, slut." I swirled it around the underside of his shaft and around
the tip as it moved into and out of my mouth. He moved his hips and my head with his
Hands, making the two meet in the middle somewhere. He starts moving faster,
the precum begins flowing making my mouth slick and thick. I try and alternate swallowing
and sucking as he fucks my face. I put my hands on his hips to try and gain some control, but
Its no good, trapped between his hips and his hands pulling me in. I eventually find a sort of
Rhythm where I can swallow and breath while he fucks my face. His dick getting harder and
harder. He’s calling me names under his breath. Slut, whore, cocksucker.

I can’t resist, hes in total control, using my mouth. My cock is vibrating
and I start stroking it, using the precum as a lubricant.

He pushes deeper into my throat suddenly, and with the slickness of spit
and precum slips past my tonsils into my throat properly. He holds it there, the head
filling my throat, I bet I could feel it if I rubbed my throat with my hands.

"Yeah you like that don't you!" he pulls out then thrust forward again, then
again, not stopping, sometimes going all the way back sometimes only half

He goes faster now, telling my how much I like sucking cock. In and out,
Deep, then shallow. Shallow, shallow, shallow, then deep. Then shallow again.
Over and over, varying it, I never know whats next, shallow, deep, deep,
Shallow, shallow. faster and faster. The rhythm is gone and I take breathes when
I can.

His cock, halfway into my mouth, somehow changes, I can’t explain it but I
know what it means. He stops his thrusting for a second and suddenly he
comes, a huge load fills the back of my mouth, running down my throat. Its
thick and the first blast I don’t really get to taste much before he thrusts again,
pushing it down into my throat, where he spasms and comes again. I scramble
to swallow as he pulls out then thrusts again. Slippery and slightly salty with a vague
sour taste, not completely unlike my own cum, but definitely different. He shoots
another load, slides out, then forward again, and another spurt, this one closer to
my lips so it hits the back of my mouth and throat and coats it and I can really taste it.

Finally he thrusts maybe four or five more times, two smaller spurts I
struggle to swallow, finally getting them down and managing a breath around
his cock and through my mouth and nose.

After the last thrust, he pulls my head to him, keeping me tight into his crotch. His
Dick has lost its hard so its fitting into my mouth easily now.

"Suck the last of it out," he says. And I do. He pulls his cock from my
mouth with a pop, and pushes me over onto the floor where I frantically
Jerk my cock, rolling his semen around my tongue. I'm such a slut. such a
slutty cocksucker.

I cum more than I think I may ever have come before, spasm after spasm
shooting up wildly. Onto the floor, onto the mirror, onto the corset, onto
the tiny bit of cleavage I've made, onto my face. I spasm and arch my body
up off the floor shooting wildly, and finally its over, and I'm gasping
for air, and shuddering, laying there in a mess. The Vibe is still going, moving
slowly toward the bedroom door.

I hear him tuck himself away and zip up his jeans. I look over at him,
Still too raw for there to be any kind of sense of awareness. "You're a good
Cockslut." he says, locking onto my eyes. "I think your going to suck my
cock whenever I want you to."

He turns and heads for the door, stops and looks back at me again, fumbling in
his pocket he takes out his phone then snaps A quick picture of me, laying there
on the floor, dressed like a slut covered in cum. He snaps a few more, then pauses to
Look at them. "I bet your ass is tight, isn't it?" He laughs, then kicks the Vibe back
to me. "Maybe next time we'll find out, eh?" He turns away, disappearing through the
doorway. The front door opens then closes.

End Of Alex One.

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