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Caught Masturbating...PART 7

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And thus, the forbidden desires of a husband and his s****r-in-law continues with Part 7:

After performing oral sex on each other, things cooled off between my s****r-in-law, Tara, and I. My wife was home more often and we didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy each other’s bodies.

We did, however, find a few times to still masturbate with each other, and although it would begin by looking at pornography together, it usually ended with the two of us furiously rubbing ourselves while watching the other and admiring their nudity. I loved watching Tara’s pert size C-cup breasts bounce as she fingered and rubbed her dark hairy slit, and I was pretty sure Tara enjoyed seeing the head of my cock turn purple as I jerked off and then the white cum spurt out as I ejaculated.

One afternoon I finally confessed to Tara that I was on a website called xhamster, and even showed her my profile. She enjoyed seeing some of the photos and videos that I had marked as favorites, and especially liked the kinky ones that revealed my “perverted” side. I showed her some pics of a woman that I sometimes chatted with – “RedCandy” – and Tara thoroughly enjoyed seeing RedCandy’s shaved pussy, her plump, beautiful ass and gorgeous big breasts. I admitted to Tara that I had even once masturbated briefly on camera for RedCandy while she stripped naked, although (unhappily) I hadn’t had time to finish. My voyeuristic tendencies seemed to turn Tara on, and both of us ended up masturbating together to the pictures of my online porn friend RedCandy.

Tara and I also still pushed the limit when my wife, Samantha, was around. Tara still liked to walk out of the shower topless, and even did it a few times in front of my wife. But if my wife didn’t like it, she never let on; in fact, she even took to doing the same thing when SHE came out of the shower. Soon I had two beautiful women in my house that would occasionally walk by with their breasts exposed. I responded by nonchalantly dropping my towel in front of them to put my boxers on. Eventually, I figured that my wife Samantha knew her s****r had seen my penis – but she never said anything about it.

I enjoyed all the voyeurism, and often discovered that I started to get a little erect when I knew they both saw me naked. The fact that both of them felt relatively comfortable with the mutual nudity gave me an idea, and I decided to be bold and see how far things would go.


Summer had definitely arrived, and with the good weather, the three of us began to spend more time outdoors. One weekend I suggested that all of us go hiking at a nearby forest where there were miles and miles of trails. Early one Saturday morning, my wife, her s****r and I decided to head out for a day in the woods. We all dressed in our hiking shorts and t-shirts; my wife was wearing a tight, very short grey shirt with cargo shorts, and Tara wore a red low-cut tank-top with some loose sweat shorts.

It was already hot when we finally set off on the trail, and after a few hours it was high noon. The forest in the shade was cool and nice. We hadn’t seen any other hikers, and by 2 in the afternoon we broke out of the woods into an opening next to a small creek. The sun shined through the opening in the trees and there was a nice sandy beach.

“How’s this for a picnic spot?” I asked.

My wife and her s****r nodded their approval. “Perfect,” Tara said. “And I’m tired and hot, so I don’t want to keep going. Let’s rest here.”

“Yeah, I’m beat, and it’s way too hot,” my wife said.

We sat down and ate our lunch, enjoying the isolation of our little beach. After we ate, the three of us laid in the sand resting. My wife took off her shirt and used it for a pillow; the sight of her slightly plump body lying on her back in her bra and shorts outdoors was beautiful. She had shoulder-length sandy-blonde hair, and her white skin looked supple in the sunlight. Her big B-cup breasts looked luscious tucked into her black bra.

I was even more excited when her s****r Tara did the same, stripping off her tank top and revealing a skimpy red bra underneath. Tara’s breasts were noticeably bigger than her older s****r’s, and her body was more slender. It excited me to sit between my wife and her s****r, both in their bra, out in the sunshine.

I decided not to be left out and took off my own shirt. The three of us laid back on the beach in the sun, and it was all I could do to avoid staring at the two of them.

“Damn, it’s hot,” my wife said. “I’m sweating just sitting here.”

“Yeah, I’m starting to think we should have worn our swimsuits,” Tara said. “That creek has a nice little swimming hole that looks just deep enough jump in. I felt the water – it’s not cold.”

“We don’t need swimsuits,” I said, hoping my idea wasn’t too transparent. “We could just swim in our underwear.” I waited for a response to see how they would react.

My wife looked over at Tara and myself and said: “That’s true. It would feel nice to get wet. Whaddya think, s*s?”

“I’m game if you guys are,” Tara said. “Let’s swim!” She immediately sat up and started untying the drawstring on her shorts, then turned to me: “Come on, Joe!”

Seeing her enthusiasm gave me hope that my plan was working. My wife followed her s****r’s lead and also stood up and started to unbutton her cargo shorts. She slipped them down past her supple hips and dropped them to the ground, revealing her conservative white panties underneath. The reflection of the sun on her white thighs gave her body a new look I hadn’t noticed before.

I glanced over at Tara who pulled her sweat shorts down to her ankles, showing off her skimpy red panties, and bent over to step out of the shorts. She turned and looked at the two of us.

“Come on,” my wife said to me. “Let’s go!”

I obeyed and unzipped my shorts, taking them off and stripping down to my white boxers. Seeing my wife and her s****r in their underwear together was already turning me on, and my penis started to stiffen beneath my boxers. I wondered if they noticed.

The three of us ventured to the water’s edge, where we all stood around staring at the water.

“Geez, s*s,” my wife said, “why are you even wearing underwear when they’re that see-through?”

I turned my head and my eyes naturally were drawn to Tara’s plump cleavage. My eyes lowered their gaze, past her belly button, and rested on her red panties. The bright sunlight revealed the sheer see-through red cloth, and you could plainly see her dark pubic hair underneath.

Tara looked down at her crotch. “Yeah, well, I wasn’t expecting to use them as a swimsuit,” she said. Then she looked at my wife’s crotch. “But at least I shave my bikini line!”

I glanced at my wife and saw that her thick, long brown pubic hair was sticking out on either side of her panties where it grew out on her inner thigh.

My wife got a little embarrassed. “Eh…no one cares,” she said.

I was worried they might notice my growing erection as I surveyed their respective pubic hair, so I ventured a foot into the water, testing the temperature. “Not bad,” I said. “Feels good.”

My wife hesitated. “I don’t really want to hike all the way back in wet underwear,” she said.

“Why don’t you just go skinny dipping?” I suggested, hoping she wouldn’t see through my ruse.

Samantha looked back at me. “Cause I’m not going to be the only one,” she retorted.

I glanced at Tara on my left and tried to see if I could read anything on her, but we were all wearing our sunglasses and so couldn’t see each other’s eyes. That also meant that I could stare at Tara and my wife’s bodies in their underwear, though, without them knowing.

Tara piped up: “If you guys go skinny dipping, I will, too,” she said. I wondered if Tara had the same perverted intentions as me.

My wife seemed to be thinking it over. Then she looked to me for an answer. “Joe, what about you? Are you game?”

I tried to contain my excitement, although I was a little nervous about being naked in front of them knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep from getting an erection. “Whatever you guys do is fine with me,” I said.

My wife Samantha seemed to think it was a good idea. “I guess it’s fine,” she said. “I suppose we have all glimpsed each other naked at home over the past few months, so it’s no big deal.”

I felt I needed to at least warn them that I wasn’t fully in control of what my penis might do. “Um…well, just so you know…I can’t really stop…uh, you, uh…you know. It sort of has a mind of its own. It’s a little embarrassing.”

My wife smiled at me. “Don’t worry about it – it’s natural. Don’t be embarrassed. We aren’t going to laugh at you or anything.”

“Then who goes first?” Tara asked.

“Oh, fuck it,” my wife said. “I’m not gonna be embarrassed about it either.” Samantha reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and let it slide over her arms, letting her white B-cup breasts and bright pink nipples hang out in the sunshine. The sight of my wife’s breasts outdoors was amazing, and I held back the desire to go over to her and touch them. Then she pulled down her white panties, bending over to take them off and giving her s****r and I a view of her ass and rear glimpse of her vagina.

Samantha turned to look at both of us, and I admired her nude body. Her thick, long tuft of brown pubic hair was untrimmed, and formed a perfect triangle between her plump thighs. Her pink nipples were about the size of a half-dollar. Then she turned around and looked out at the creek, showing us the dimples in her ample butt cheeks.

Suddenly, she took a few steps and dive into the water. She came back to the surface and stood up, turning around to face us.

“Well? Come on in, you two. It feels fantastic!” My wife stood waist-deep in the creek, water dripping from her hardened nipples.

I glanced over at Tara who was standing just next to me and she just smiled at me. Then she, too, reached behind her back and unstrapped her bra. Then she cupped her breasts in her hands with the bra still covering them as the straps fell over her shoulders. I tried to act like I wasn’t looking as she lowered her bra and her perky, C-cup breasts popped out. Her nipples, much like her s****r’s, were as big as a half-dollar, but they seemed a little darker shade of pink.

Then Tara slipped her finger under the waistband of her red panties and inched them down over her slender but firm thighs. I was facing forward, but still caught sight of her trimmed pubic mound out of the corner of my eye. She casually dropped her underwear and walked slowly into the creek, giving me a perfect view of her supple ass while wading into the water. Her body was more tone and slender than my wife’s, but she still had a little extra in her butt cheeks that gave them a nice wobble when she walked.

Once she got waist deep, she dived in, and popped her head up out of the water next to my topless wife. They both looked back at me, waiting for me to join them.

“Come on, Joe!” they shouted in unison. “Don’t be chicken!”

I put my hand on my boxers and hesitated – my penis was half-erect and I was embarrassed they would think it inappropriate in the situation.

Then my wife, Samantha, shouted some encouragement. “Don’t worry if Little Joe is getting excited – it’s only natural. We understand,” she said with a giggle.

“Yeah,” Tara chimed in. “Don’t worry. We know you guys can’t control yourselves!” She looked at her s****r and giggled.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself. This was the moment I had been waiting for since I first met my s****r-in-law: being naked with her and my wife at the same time.

I inched my boxers down slowly until the top of my dark pubic hair was showing; I hadn’t shaved recently and it was getting long and thick. Then I pulled the boxers down a little further until they stretched over my semi-erect cock. With a little bounce, I dropped them below and my penis flopped out. I went ahead and lowered them to my ankles and then stood up, fully exposing myself to my wife and her s****r.

“Whoo-hoo!” shouted my wife.

I jumped in the creek and swam over to them, standing waist-deep in the water. Even the cold creek couldn’t tame my semi which was about 4 or 5 inches, and I knew both of them could see it.

Tara stood up next to my wife. “Having problems, Joe?” she asked mischievously.

I stared at my wife and her s****r standing next to each other, my first chance to compare them. Tara probably weighed about 125 lbs, so she was about 10 lbs lighter than my wife, but her breasts were a little bigger and perkier since she was younger. Also, I noticed that Tara’s nipples were a slightly darker shade of pink compared to my wife’s. And while my wife had a thick, untrimmed patch of brown pubic hair, Tara’s was darker and shorter. But it was obvious they were s****rs.

We swam and played in the water for a while, though I was never able to get rid of my half-erection. Finally, Tara decided to go lay on the beach and get some sun. Soon, my wife and I decided to join her. I got out of the creek and looked back to see my wife emerge from the water. As she walked up to the beach, the cold water dripped from her thick tuft of pubic hair.

As I walked up on the beach, Tara was laying down with her crotch facing the water. Her knees were propped up slightly and her legs spread just a little, so we both had a perfect view of her vagina. I felt my dick quiver and knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a full erection.

I laid down to the right of Tara, and my wife sat down on the other side. The three of us chatted for a while, apparently ignoring the fact that we were all naked. But within minutes I had a full raging erection. My cock was pointed straight up my stomach, twitching now and then with excitement. I noticed both my wife and Tara glancing at it from time to time.

“Geez, s*s, you’d better do something about Joe – he looks like he’s about to explode,” Tara finally said.

I got a little embarrassed, but couldn’t believe it when Samantha responded.

“Do you want me to jack you off?” my wife asked.

I just smiled, not knowing what to say. I didn’t know if she meant right there, in front of her s****r, or in the bushes, or what.

“Uh…” I stammered. “You can do whatever you want.”

My wife, who was sitting up, reached over and touched my stomach. “s*s, turn around and look the other way for a minute,” she said. “I’d better take care of Joe.”

“I’m not turning around while you do it behind my back,” Tara said. “If you’re going to do it, just do it.”

My wife looked at me. “Do you care if Tara sees?” she asked.

How little my wife knew. “No,” I said. “It doesn’t matter.”

My wife ran her hand down my stomach and grabbed my throbbing hard-on in her hand. She immediately aimed it straight up and began to jerk the foreskin up and down. I spread my legs slightly and arched my hips upward so that I could thrust back and forth slightly with her hand.

When my wife gives me a handjob, she usually lies next to me and kisses my stomach and inner thighs, and this time was no different. I looked at her hanging breast and reached down with my right hand and slipped it between her thighs to lightly rub her pubic mound.

To my left, Tara shifted and sat up. She was intently watching my wife jerk my hard cock, and the thought of her watching turned me on even more. I admired Tara’s beautiful body – her big, luscious breasts, her dark trimmed pubic area, and her sexy hips.

My wife caught me looking at her naked s****r. “Do you like looking at Tara while I touch you?” she asked me.

I didn’t know how to answer, and before I could think about it, I blurted out the truth: “Yeah,” I whispered in her ear as she fondled my testicles with one hand and jerked my foreskin back and forth with the other.

I glanced back over at Tara. I could tell she heard us.

“Does it bother you that it turns me on to look at Tara while you do this?” I asked my wife.

“No, it kind of turns me on, too,” she said.

It was all I could take. The whole experience – my wife and her little s****r both naked in front of me, while my wife played with my erection – I couldn’t hold back anymore. My wife anticipated my oncoming orgasm and began to jerk harder. I looked at Tara and made no attempt to look away – I wanted to let my wife make me cum while I looked at her s****r.

Suddenly hot, creamy white semen started to erupt from the tip of my cock. The first glob shot clear up my chest. My wife expertly slowed her pace and squeezed the cum from my throbbing member.

When she had finished and the last of my cum was sprayed on my stomach, my wife let my dick go limp. Then she looked at her s****r.

“Well, what did you think of the show?” she asked Tara. “I can’t believe we just did that in front of you!”

“Very hot,” Tara said. “I can’t imagine what you guys do at home…”


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