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First night at club part 1

This is a true story. Its also the first one I've written so have started with part 1 to see what the comments are like.
Please leave comments positive or negative.

First some introductions. 

My wife of seven years is a sexy creature indeed, she is a size 16 with a small waist and big tits with very sensitive nipples. Her bum is firm and rounded and just asks to be spanked. Her pussy is tight and just has a thin landing strip to guide lucky people in. She loves to suck cock and I can honestly say I have never had better. 
Her name is Tru, and she loves sex. We have a great sex life and have tried out quite a few of our fantasies.
Before we were together she had had a couple of threesomes and had been one on with a couple of girls. She is definetly not curious anymore but really loves both cock and pussy. I love hearing about her fucking sessions before we were together. I love to show her off and love to see her having fun. 

We had been planning our trip for a few weeks, listening to people's opinions on which was a good first one to try. We decided on one about an hour from our home in case of bumping into one of the neighbours.   

Tru spent all afternoon making herself look absolutely stunning. Her black corset with stockings and high heeled boots made her legs look amazing and pushed her bit tits up for a breathtaking cleavage. She was wearing a black thong too which by the time she was ready was already soaked through. I was slapped away most of the day when I tried to take advantage of her bending over to strap her boots up or to pick something off of the floor. 

The journey was so horny. Within ten minutes of leaving home the cost she had over her outfit was off and my sexy slut wife was showing anyone who cared to look in our car a feast for the eyes. One chap stalled his van when she stoked her stockings and thighs above them. I was as hard as stone when she reached over and grabbed my cock whilst rubbing her wet pussy through her thong. The lights changed and we left a gawping van driver sat there. 

We arrived at the car park for the club and nerves and excitement were in high levels. We both took a deep breath and walked up the stairs, Tru making sure myself and the doorman got a good look at her stocking tops as she climbed the stairs. Once we were signed in we were give a tour of the club including play rooms, dark area, dancing poles and jacuzzi. The pretty girl kissed us both when the tour was done and left us to mingle at the bar. We were soon talking to couples and a couple of single guys introduced themselves. It was really warm so Tru took her coat off and was stood in her black corset, thong, stockings and boots. She looked amazing and one of the guys who was closest strokes her arm and said how horny she looked. Although not sexual thus touch made goosebumps prickle her skin and when I grabbed her arse she was trembling.
One of the couples invited us to a table and we all made our way over to near one of the play rooms. I was nicely relaxed but Tru was a little nervous. The girls started a girly chat with the other woman making Tru feel better. We could see others slipping off in groups to playrooms and separating into different rooms. 
After about half hour of people watching (which was much better than usual as most were either naked or very nearly so) Tru asked if I wanted to go for a wander round, so we said we'd catch our new friends in a bit. 
The first place we went was the main playroom where a giant screen was playing a porn film. There were a few people on the beds, one lucking guy was having his huge cock sucked by two ladies, a couple were in the 69 position and seemed to be oblivious to others. There were a few guys sat round watching the action and stroking their hard cocks. Tru was much more relaxed and when she asked if I was enjoying myself I put her hand on my throbbing cock pushing against my shorts. 
Feeling this she slowly started to rub my hard cock. I stepped behind her and started to kiss her neck and stoke my hands up and down her body. I slid my hand into her thong to find her pussy soaking again. I rubbed my finger over her wet slit and gently pinched her clit which was swollen, she moaned and pulled my cock from my shorts and stroked it's length. I can never remember my cock being so hard. 
When I looked up two of the guys had moved closer and were now watching our show. I whispered to Tru that we had an audience, this only seemed to increase her excitement. She turned around and slowly bent I've slightly spreading her legs, she lowered her head and took my hard cock in her mouth whilst wiggling her arse at her two new fans, showing them both her soaked thong. Tru is amazing at sucking cock and this on top of my day of teasing meant I wasn't going to last long. Tru swallowed as much of of 7inch cock as she could. The guys watching were both wanking their cocks hard, this turned me on so much as they were watching my slut wife and getting off on her. I reached down her back and pulled the thong tight over her pussy, one of the guys asked if he could come on her arse, Tru heard this and nodded, my cock still down her throat. He stood up wanking hard and asked if he could touch. I took charge and said she needs a spanking. So he rubbed her firm arse before landing a firm slap to her left cheek. Tru jumped and swallowed all of my cock which was too much for me to take and I started shooting hot streams of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop whilst the guy spanking her laid another slap on her arse. He started moaning and pumped his cock harder. I asked Tru if she wanted more cum but she was still recovering from my load so she reached behind and spread her arse cheeks and told him to shoot over her thong. He moaned again and started to shoot his load over her arse and thong. It was loads and it started to run down her crack soaking her thong even more. When he'd finished she kissed him and thanked him for easing her into the evening......... 

We have lots more to tell about that night but would like some ideas if this story is any good. 

Hope you enjoyed our true story so far. 

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