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Mom teaches girlfriend to suck

It was another one of those encounters with my girl friend. We had been messing around after school at my house out by the pool. I was just 16 and Shannon was a year younger then me. We had been going together about six months now and she was just starting to let me eat her pussy. We had a lot of petting and rubbing but every time I tried to put my head between her legs she would stop me and say it was dirty. Fuck girl! My mom never thought it was dirty and I have been watching her and dad have sex for about a year now. That's how I knew it was something a lady wanted. All though after watching my mom getting her ass pounded by my dad I hardly thought she was a lady.

I used to jack off thinking about a slip of a boob I saw when some lady bent over and they showed under her top. Since I realized I could sneak out side my parents window and watch them fuck I've left more spew on the ground then I can count.

It happened one night when I was sneaking around to watch my s****r undress. Her blinds left a gap on the side and when I would hear her turn off the shower I would sneak to her window and wait for her to come in. It was the same every time. She would walk in the door drop the towel and change into her sl**ping clothes. A pair of panties and a t-shirt. She was just starting to get some tits and I could see some dark hair just starting to cover her pussy. It was fun to look at but wasn't really good wanking material. I liked tits. Big full tits with good sized nipples. I knew that because that's what mom had and i had been trying to get a look at them for about a year now. Funny how when your dick starts to mature you see things in a different light.

I left my s****rs window with barely a twitch in my dick and started around the house. It was later then normal because s*s had been at her friends house till late. Mom and dad had gone to bed as soon as she had gotten home and I was a little afraid of being out of the house. i had to sneak by their bedroom to get back to mine. I bent down to go under their window and was almost past when I heard my mom say "Fuck"

I thought I was busted and i froze. Did they hear me? The window was open a little ways to let the summer air in. They had the curtain down but like my s****rs it hung open on one side and blew in the breeze. Then I heard mom again
"O God! Fuck!"
I realized I heard my dad grunting a little bit and I could hear the bed creaking. I had heard this before when I had passed their door but with the window open it sounded much louder.

I moved off to the side and stood up just enough to peak through the crack made by the curtain. It took me awhile to figure out what I was looking at because I had never seen people screwing before. I realized mom was on her back with her legs in the air spread wide and dad was driving in and out of her cunt. Every time he went in the bed would creak and mom would let out a little grunt. Then dad would pull back and drive in again. Moms legs would lift higher and her big boobs bounced. Dad put his head down and sucked one of them as moms groans grew louder. "Damn your pussy feels so good!""
Mom moaned. "Fuck me harder! Ram that fucking dick of yours up my cunt as far as it can go!"

Dad leaned back got on his knees and held moms legs wide. I now could see his cock covered in my moms pussy juice. The head was almost purple. It was just outside my moms pussy. I had never seen a pussy before as this was before the internet. Her pussy was dark pink. Her lips framed a hole that glistened. Her clit was large and swollen. A large drop of a mixture of her juices and his pre-cum ran down towards her ass. Her ass hole was slightly open and was wet. It seemed to stay that way for a long time before dad thrust forward. His head meet those lips and spreading them apart slipped inside. The rest of his shaft followed as mom let out a load moan followed by " O God, Fuck yes!"
Dad pulled back and slapped his dick into her pussy.
"Harder! Fuck yes! Harder! Rip my cunt apart with that fucking dick of yours!"
I could hear dads balls slapping moms ass on every stroke. His grunts were mixed with moms moans and heavy breathing.

My dick felt like it was a going to burst. Not burst shooting my load but bust because it was so hard I thought it would explode. I pulled it out of my pants to give it more room. It stood up towards the sky and jerked up and down.

Mom let out a "Don't stop I'm cumming!!" and grabbed her tits with both hands. She pinched her nipples between her fingers her hips arched up to get every last inch of dads cock buried in her flaming cunt as she came.

My dick started to drip. I wasn't even touching it and a stream of pre cum ran out of it. As I watched mom jerking her hips as she came I wrapped my fist around my dick. The pre cum gave me enough lube and I shot my load all over the wall outside their bed room.

I watched dad stiffen up and bury his dick deep in moms cunt. As mom continued to come her jerking hips milked him dry. When he was done he fell on top of her. Mom wrapping her legs around his back.

I quietly made my way back to my bedroom. It must have taken an hour for my dick to go down. I kept seeing my dads dick wet with moms cunt juice right before he slammed it balls deep.

So I had figured if I was going to eat Shannon's pussy she could at least return the favor and suck my dick. She said she didn't like it. She had tried it once and it had made her gag. She tried to get the guy to stop but he was already cumming and shot his load in her mouth. She started coughing and then had thrown up. One fucking uncaring asshole can spoil a girl for life and Shannon was to young and had too pretty of a mouth to not be a cock sucking girl.

I had been busy eating Shannon's pussy and had not realized mom had come home. I came up from between her legs my hard on trying to get out of my swim trunks. I decided to take them off. My cock sprung out of the suit like it was a spring. I stood astride the deck lounge and pointed my dick towards Shannon's mouth.

"How bout it girl? Turn about is fair play?"

"I told you I wont suck your fucking dick how many times do I have to tell you?"

"I just spent 20 minutes licking your pussy and making you cum! This dick needs to shoot his load and I'm tired of having to jerk off on your boobs or cunt!"
"You won't let my put it in your pussy let me at least get you to suck it!"

"I said no. If you love me like you say you do you won't f***e me to suck that thing."

"Sounds to me like you had a bad experience."
I spun around. Mom was standing right behind me. Neither of us had heard her come up. If I had known she was home I wouldn't be standing naked with my dick pointing to the sky trying to get my girl friend to suck it. Shannon closed her legs ans I started to grab my swim suit.

" O it's too late for that. Besides I've seen that cock of yours hard with you beating on it more times then you think.."
She sat down on the deck chair next to us and asked Shannon why she didn't like to suck cock. Shannon was as shocked as I was and could only stare from my mom to me. My dick seemed to have a mind of it's own and was still standing straight up. Mom was wearing a very revealing bikini and those tits of hers were barely covered. I had spent a lot of nights stroking to the very thing I was looking at now.

Shannon blushed and told mom how she had gagged the first time and how the guy hadn't stopped and when he came in her mouth she hurled.

"Sounds like a fucking asshole. Too bad that was your first experience." "There is a technique to it at first. but it really isn't hard once you get the hang of it. Here I'll show you."

Mom looked at me then reached out and grabbed my dick.

"What the fuck mom! What are you doing!"

"Do you want Shannon to suck your dick or are you going to find another girlfriend? You will never be happy if she won't and you will always be looking for a girl who will. Trust me."

She still had a hold of my dick and pulled my towards her mouth.

"Now in the beginning it's best to be between a mans legs. That way you control how deep it will go. Keep your hands on his hips and if he gets too deep just push him away."

Mom grabbed my hips and put my dick in front of her mouth.

"Start out just a little at a time. Stay comfortable and then take it as deep as you can. If you only get it in past the head that's OK it's the most sensitive part and he will have a mind blowing cum."

Mom then opened her mouth and pulled me towards her. She took just the tip in then back out.

"Here come sit next to me and give it a try."

Shannon sat next to mom.

"I don't think I can."

"Sure you can. Watch again."

Mom pulled me forward again and just put the head back in her mouth. She slowly moved it in and out wrapping her lips tight around the glans. Then she took it out and licked her tongue around the head.

"Here now you try."

She handed Shannon my dick like she was handing some one a hot dog.

"Go ahead just the tip."

Shannon held me by the hips and opened her mouth. She slipped the tip in and just let it sit there. My cock was throbbing. Mom had gotten me ready to shoot but I knew if I shot in Shannon's mouth she would kill me. I tried to hold off but I started to drip pre cum. Shannon slowly pulled the head out of her mouth then slipped it back in. I wanted to go deeper but she held me back with her hands on her hips. This was too much. I had never had a blow job and now not only was my dick in Shannon's mouth my mom was teaching her how to blow me and mom had just been sucking on it!

"I'm going to shoot my load if you don't stop right now." I groaned

My cock bounced as Shannon took her mouth off of it.

"I'm not going to let that shit in my mouth again. No cumming even near my mouth!!"

"O Shannon." Mom said
"Come here baby mommy will take care of you."
Now pay close attention girl I'm going to show you oaw to take a cock."

Mom grabbed my dick and slid it into her mouth. she then grabbed my hips and pulled me towards her. My dick slid all the way in and down her throat. I shuddered as my balls touched her chin. She didn't move her mouth she just reached up and started fondling my balls. She reached her other hand around my ass and pulled me closer. We just stayed like that for awhile. Then I felt her tongue moving along the bottom of my cock. She was just sliding it from side to side across the sensitive ridge that ran the length of my shaft. My cock just seemed to get bigger and bigger. My hips pushed into her mouth to get as deep as I could. She didn't move me in or out or let me thrust into her. She just kept me balls deep and running her tongue along the shaft ridge.

"Holy shit mom I'm gonna cum!"

The cum started up my shaft and burst out my slit. I started to shake and I could hardly stand. As I shot she kept me buried deep and only milked me with her tongue. I let loose another load and then another. I felt mom swolow but that just added to the pleasure. I shot again and again down her throat but she never moved. She never stopped even when I told her I couldn't take any more she kept me in her mouth until I started to finally go soft. Then and only then did she let me slide out of her mouth sucking the last drop of cum from my spent dick.

"That's how you suck a dick the proper way Shannon. You learn how to do that and you will never be with out a man."

Mom leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock stood up and started for the house.

"I'll leave you two alone to practice now. If you have any questions just give a yell. I'll be doing the dishes and keeping an eye on you through the window."

She then looked at me.

"Your not the only one who enjoys sneaking around at night and watching what people do in their bedrooms."

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