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Mariel's sexual fantasy

I have so many men and women asking me what does it for me, after all as a woman I have sampled most, and played in many senarios of pure adulterated and undulterated sex, with many ages and body types, colours and nationalities.
So what makes me dip into my panties and stroke, or mount some vibrating machine to orgasm.
I was sent a request from a German BDSM fanatic, asking me outright, did I get off watching a man have his balls kicked and punched.
I sat back in my chair and pondered this, obviously realising that a man in Germany would jack-off to my answer, so I wrote back to him asking if he would like me kick his balls.
That evening, I was invited down to his place to abuse him as I saw fit.
On receiving this chanllenge I discussed it with my husband, and he imediately said, 'Lets try it, afterall you might get off to it.' I laughed at the thought, but I felt I was being turned on by the thought of doing it, so I wrote back and said yes, but added that my husband would be accompanying me.
We continued to exchange messages on here in xHamster, but then shifted to my emails, then we had a quick nude chat on Skype, confirming who we were and I must confess I was very pleased with him, so excitedly told him I would love to meet him ASAP.
He in turn was equally excited, so much so that he masturbated for me, right there on Skype, and gave me a taste of things to cum. (Pardon the pun)
On Friday morning we flew down by Ryanair to Northern Germany and were met at the airport by him, and after the formalities went for a coffee to ease any tensions that might have been present, but within an hour we were behaving like a couple of newlyweds, with hubby playing chaperone, and clearly enjoying the building passion between us, noting my new friends passion for stroking my bottom, through my pantiless thin cotton dress.
H seemed to like sticking his finger in my slight protuberance of flesh that served as my asshole, which I did not mind as it was nice that this perfect stranger was cupping my naked cheek with a view to fucking my ass that night.
After a few hours of toying and teasing we drove back to his place, about one and a half hours drive, with me in the front seat, performing a sex act on him as he drove and filmed, and hubby like a good gentleman, sitting in the back seat, casually admiring the fir trees, as we sped past and not interferring with his wife as she worked on the drivers log, sticking up from his pants, and down my throat.
When we arrived at his house I noted thankfully it was in a secluded part of the village, when you think about it, perfect for all those screams of pain and pleasure, eminating from the windows, during those BDSM sessions.
Shown into our room, hubby left me to do the unpacking while he and my new cock cracked a beer.
Pulling out my stockings from the suitcase, I suddenly had the urge to fuck, and marched into the living room and stated so.
'Gentlemen I need a good Fuck', and both men cracked a huge smile, as now they had a female needing their attention, and our new German friend was just the man for a horny woman.
I was led through into another bedroom, where all his implements of pain and pleasure were and in the middle of the room he had a wooden stockade, to which I was immediately led to, and bound tightly, with a series of velcro straps and handcuffs.
My legs were pulled open very widely apart and strapped to the posts and I was bent over a waist high bar and handcuffed downwards onto the floor, completely imobilizing me, and from this stretched and slightly uncomfortable position, my clothes were removed and hubby was asked politly to take a walk along the beach front, have a beer and enjoy the naked German ladies, while his Swedish Frau, was fucked, German style.
He stood at his window as my husband walked away out of sight and his whole demeanour changed.
Talking as he stipped naked his mouthings became more abusive, and he reveled in my attempts to squirm, cumming in behind me and placing his cock comfortably along my openings between my cheeks, he started to simulate a fucking motion, brushing my vaginal lips and asshole in one sensious motion, as he finalized my securement to the central spar by tightening a new velcro belt around my midriff, thereby completing my imobilization, for what he had in mind.
From my tied position all I could see was my legs, his legs, cock and balls and as I looked a sudden hard slap on my buttocks brought me out of any dreams or dreamlike state I was in.
I screamed out in both pain and shock at the suddeness and unexpectedness of it and before I could protest and slap across my other buttock was administered.
He said nothing but stood back and admired his handiwork, as two bright red handmarks started rising up in welts on my fair skinned bottom.
(I will post the photo of my smacked bottom after this story)
Nothing I said made any difference as he was in complete control, and as he pushed into me crudely, but thankfully I was wet enough to receive him, he fucked me like some crazed b**st, reaching down and pulling hard on my nipples, using them like a pair of levers to ram his cock in as hard as he could.
Suddenly I was empty, or feeling empty, just as his rythem was sending me into the orgasmic state in the fuck, he pulled out.
Sensing I had overcome the discomfort and pain and was getting into the fuck, he pulled out, leaving my only movable parts, my vaginal lips and asscheeks, grasping at air, he stood inches from me teasing and masturbating from my heat, making me beg for him to put it back in, which he of course did not, no that would have been too easy and he was not going to give me that pleasure.
Instead he stepped back and I watched his tight ass and bobbing cock walk out the door, returning minutes later with a piece of A4 paper, on which was my photo of my asshole with butter on it.
'God Mariel' he said, 'This fucking picture you posted made me wank off a dozen times' and he held it upside down in front of me to look at it.
Sight now obscured, I could only feel the coolness of the butter, as he smeared a knob into my gaping asshole, then another and another, until a huge amount was buried within, to ensure there was sufficient for the assualt he was about to commit.
Two finger in he pulled apart, with such f***e I thought he would tear my Sphincter muscle open, but no, he had enough experience to slacken and manipulate it, to allow him access and not have any resisitance from me should I try to tighten it and prevent his pleasure in it.
Once he was happy I had surrendered he stuck his huge cock into me and with such f***e I could feel his balls slap against my clitoris, again and again until he climaxed, flooding my anus with German Semen, delivered on the end of a 9" rod of flesh, coated with slightly salted Lurpak, Danish Butter.
It was the final act that disgusted me. He pulled his limp monster from my aching bottom, walked around the front, took a hold of my blond locks of sweat soaked hair, pulled my face up to him, and inserted his cock into my mouth and made me suck on the butter, shit and cum, stood back and watched me vomit.
He left the room and washed himself, leaving me stapped into the vile contraption, above my own vomit.
When he returned his mood was back to the jovial and he went directly in behind me and started to fuck my pussy, working himself harder as he fucked.
inevitably he got me going again and thankfully brought me off to a mind numbingly beautiful orgasm.
I had been subjected to so much new abuse that everything was a new experience, so after being released and showered I forgave him and accepted this was something I had needed to try, and we kissed and made up, but I did tell him it was not something I relly needed to do to have a good orgasm.
That night it was my turn to abuse him and once he had been imobilised in his contraption, tied in similiar fashion as I had been, I added a new item from his collection, a hood.
Hubby sat quietly with a beer, as I in boots and stockings, and a broad smile on my lips, walked in behind him and kicked his balls.
His cry in pain was muffled by the hood and as I looked at hubby I was surprised to see him take his penis out and start to masturbate.
'Wow', I thought, what a fucking turn on, and I wnet over to him and started sucking on him, each time getting up, when he felt a little soft, and went back to my slave and administered another whack at his balls.
Spittle was dripping from beneath the mask and retching could be detected, but something a****l in me had been awakened, pain and pleasure made sense, so I led hubby back over to my retching subject, and continued whacking and sucking
both cocks, one pleasure and one pain.
Then I did something that really got to me core in sexual fantasy, I pulled my mouth off hubbies cock and turned and licked my subjects asshole while masturbating him.
Lick, suck, lick and suck, on like this, each time pulling hubbies cock closer and closer to his asshole.
With one hand stoking our German friends cock, my tongue flicking from hubbies cock head, now resting on the Germans asshole, and my other hand betweens hubbies legs I pulled him forward suffiently to push him into his asshole so that I was just licking them both, as nature took over and hubby started to push into the warmth, aided by my spittle and gentle pushed he was soon inside him fucking and I marveled at his cock head as it was inside his asshole, not coming out with his vigerous thrusting.
Both men were enjoying the experience and I got down between both their legs and lapped on both sets of testcles as the brushed my face as I brought myself off at watching two men fuck each other
I had succumed to this devious little piece of female enjoyment only to realise hubby was still fucking out German friend with such vigour and our friend was just sticking out in front without and attention as he was so tightly bound, so I administered my own handiwork and enjoyed both men cumming like a normal heterosexual couple, within minutes of each other, and again marveling at two dripping cocks with long streaked lines of sperm come from both cock heads, now thats what I call 'Mariels Sexual Fantasy'

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