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White Bride's Horny Moon of Hell

my name is Jenny, and I am nineteen years old. I come from a good f****y and was one of those girls that was raised right. I guess it is a little ironic that I kept myself pure all while I grew up only to have it taken so filthy from me on the very night of my wedding which was suppose to be the start of my lifetime of respectability.

It was still worth it to me that I stayed pure until my weeding night and earned the right to wear white for my walk down the aisle though. It pleased me how everyone said I was such a pretty bride. My mother let me wear her dress. I guess it was my great grandmothers too and it was so gorgeous. It fit my 5'2'' 108 pound body just perfect. The women in our f****y all look very similar with our soft, dark hair and youthful Nordic faces. My measurements are a very cock-stiffening 36C-24-34, so it really is not my fault that I look like a walking wet-dream and my hot little body got me selected as miss Nigger-Fucker 1998.

I have every right to be proud of my bouncy, bountiful, beautiful breasts. I guess they would probably be what guys focus on when they are talking to me although I get a lot of 'hands-on-attention to my stuck-out, little, heart-shaped ass too; if you know what I mean.

My tits are really perky and standup... I always love going braless, but I usually put one on just to help the girl's out and keep them nice and firm. When I do decided to give the boys a treat, my nipples are almost always totally obvious as they just seem to be constantly erect? Maybe, I am cold-bl**ded or something as I was never like a slut or anything.

Anyhow, I guess that should give all the nasty boys and girls out there enough to picture some of the action so let me jump back to the night of my white bride's horny-moon of hell and begin giving you the ride as I deliver a full-length, action-packed, explicit, complete confessional of my most humiliating and darkest, dirty secret that is already threatening to tear my marriage apart, even as we are still shy of our first anniversary.

It all started so saintly and sacred and absolutely perfect like a fairy-tale, when my love of my life asked for my hand in holy-matrimony. I was in absolute heaven as Michael is the catch of the millennium. The boy was so sweet waiting until he could make me an honorable woman and he just never tried to disrespect me or compromise my virtues in any shameful manner whatsoever. When he asked me to be his wife, I said yes in a heartbeat. I was finally going to be Mrs. Michael Masters, and I could not have been a more prideful bride.

I knew I wanted to do the march in the f****y dress, but my girlfriends still wanted their fun and were all into wanting to hit the bridal shops too... and that is where I first came to the attention of Tyrone and started on the highway to horny-moon hell.

Tyrone was a just youngster... probably not even old enough to vote yet., but that did nothing to make him any less a player in my shameful confession. The boy seemed to be part of some make-work project at the bridal shop, but the little punk was very rude and he was [yes] a nigger too; which I never had a problem with, but when that little bastard showed me that attitude, I simply had to go log a complaint with the store manager about the k**.

Now, I know that might make it seem like I deserved everything that got done to me since then, but I think that nigger was just looking for an opportunity to have himself a white bride with his friends and would have did me regardless. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and would have fallen victim to his skillful capture, brutalizing beatings, and savage repeated ****s of my wet mouth, tight, fertile, pretty pussy, and even my tight little ass whether or not I had ever tried to get his black ass fired.

It still unnerves me a little that he was planning my horny-moon humiliation even while I modeled varies virginal wedding-dresses in front of his lustful eyes. The nigger told me later that he was able to peep in the changing rooms at the bridal shop and he had photographed me as I had slipped in and out of the pretty white dresses.

Of course, I had not stripped beyond bra and panties that day, and considering I was totally slaved to him during the holidays last year, it may seem strange, but somehow, the knowledge that the k** spied on me in that dressing room may have been as big a violation of me in my own mind as was anything else that was perpetrated on myself during my horny-moon of hell.

Anyhow, I guess my story starts to get a little darker that day in the bridal shop, but then it was all positives as the wedding got pulled together. It might have flown in the face of custom, but as religious as I was, I really wanted a Christmas wedding. Everyone was telling me that I was crazy as I would never find a church, and the f****y would be too busy with everything else, but I was determined and Michael agreed to my desires.

It would be extra special as I had such a romantic attachment to conceiving a c***d on the lord's birthday, and when I did the math, I knew that my cycle would see me peek on Christmas Eve so I could make beautiful magic in my fertile, virginal womb. It was all too be so perfect except I have already foreshadowed that I never got to consummate the wedding with my husband that night and actually ended up as a totally humiliated gang-bang-breeding-nigger-**** toy.

God, I get so fucking sick, knowing that those a****ls sat there in the church with their filthy, lustful eyes and watched me march down the aisle to sanctify my life with my love before my friends, f****y and in the eyes of my god. My dad had used all of his considerable influence to get the church for my wedding, but because of the time of year, it was an unusual ceremony to say the least, and was actually open to the public.

I actually remember seeing the boys as they really stood out with there being nine of them and all. Of course, they were all black... I tried to just focus on my vows with Michael. I can just imagine now how those bastards sat their with their huge cocks all horny as they listened to me to promise to be a good little wife and all faithful to my new lawful husband. I guess I should just be grateful that they did not speak out when asked, but than their whole thing was to filthy a bride on her day so they had to let me make it official and then I said 'I do'.

Michael barely had time to 'kiss the bride.' and then it was off to the hall as we only had the church for just the hour to marry in considering that they had evening ceremonies of their own to get on with.

It was at the reception where the first real humiliation of mine began as Tyrone and his little bastard friends crashed the receiving line. I was aghast that I even had niggers at my reception at all, but to have them in the lineup to receive me was pure shit. I almost made a scene, but no one else seemed to even realize how disgusting it was for me as each boy took his turn to totally kiss the fuck out of me. My entire f****y just stayed quiet as nigger after nigger kissed me on my lips on my wedding night as I wore my virginal dress.

I went to Dad and asked him to get the boys out of the reception after the receiving line humiliation was endured, but I guess the k**s had their fun for the moment and had left on their own accord to prepare step two of their diabolical plan to give me a horny-moon from hell.

While my new husband and I were entertaining our friends and f****y and allowing ourselves the anticipation of our first night together, the niggers had gone to our car and arranged for us to fall perfectly into their horrible, sexual trap. I am still not sure exactly how they sabotaged the car, but it seemed like a blink of an eye that night from when I said 'I do,' until my love and I were finally on the way to the hotel and the car stalled out during the drive back to town.

Of course, with it being Christmas Eve, our first thoughts were how impossible it would be to get a mechanic and how we were in the middle of nowhere with several miles to walk back to the hall. I remember getting out while Michael popped the hood, and then we saw the van pulling up and I guess we both thought it was someone from the reception only to see to our horror that it was the niggers from the receiving line.

Everything turned to shit so fast. I remember Michael telling me to run, and then seeing several of the boys begin to beat him. The snow was so deep, and I barely made it thirty yards into the field when I was caught from behind and tackled down by one of the young punks. I remember futilely trying to scream even though the nearest house would have been nearly a mile away and then the bastard hit me. The nigger actually pulled back and made a fist, and fucking punched my face hard... really hard.

He yelled at me to 'shut the fuck up'. He said, "Don't be a stupid-cunt, and you won't get hurt." The lying bastard asshole.

I wasn't going to allow any filthy a****ls to have me, so I tried to get him off me and he rolled me over and pushed my face down into the snow... A second guy got on me too, like one was not enough or some fucking thing. I remember one of them holding my arms down while the other one was fucking, choking my neck. I almost thought they would kill me in that farmer's field and then it was like I was passed out or something.

When I came to, I was naked and in the back-seat of the car... I guess they had fixed it themselves. My mouth was gagged with my own panties and they were held in place with duct-tape... They tasted like piss... I almost started to throw-up. I was buckled in the seat-belt, and one of the bastards sat on either side of me. I had to suffer one of those niggers playing with my tits while the other fucking piece of shit had a good hold of my virgin cunt. I was so sick with worry as to what these a****ls had done to my husband, Michael, but with the nigger-piss-soaked panties gagging my mouth, all I could do was moan in impotent rage and humiliation as the boys drove me to their hideaway cabin.

I don't know how long I was u*********s following the choke in that field, and I was unable to concentrate on the road as the boys slobbered all over me for some during the drive and then blindfolded me near the end so that I would not know where we ended up. The cabin was actually pretty nice, and would have made for a very romantic honeymoon if I was not in the middle of a f***ed enslavement to nine filthy, nigger-asshole, r****t bastards.

I guess the best thing that I discovered when we got to the cabin, was that the savage a****ls had not made me a widow yet, as they had Michael just naked and beaten into submission, bound and gagged in the trunk of the car. He looked half frozen to death, and Leroy just was a complete asshole, as he dragged Michael out of the trunk and dropped his naked body down into the snow. I wanted desperately to go to my love, but Tyrone held me by the hair, as I stood their freezing my naked, white-ass off.

"What a pathetic, little, white-faggot you married, Jenny. Fuck... when I checked you out and saw the little fag you were marrying... I knew a prime piece of white meat like you needed something a little more special for your big night... you lucky, little, white-trash ho."

I wanted to scream... This nigger was like wanting to torture me insane or something, like trying to pretend that I wanted this horror to all come true. My god, the a****ls were destroying my life and they were all fucking laughing like it was the funniest joke they ever heard. Even though it was like well below zero and I was naked in two feet of snow, Jerome had the audacity to giggle, "Look T-Bone, her nipples are all hard. The bitch fucking loves it."

Tyrone had me by the hair, yanking my head back with his right hand, while he reached between my legs with his left and lied, "Course the bitch wants it, and fuck is she wet."

I felt so humiliated... It was all a fucking lie, but to my husband, the events of that night have ruined his respect for me forever now, and even as he stayed with me in a futile hope against hope as I grew my c***d the last nine months, I know that we both knew how I had been breeded that first night and the total disgrace the baby would be for us both.

I can't hold the c***d responsible for the **** his daddies did to me last Christmas Eve, but now my little bastard will be a constant reminder of those three days of total horny-moon hell that I endured while my husband helplessly watched. If little Mikey had even been close to being able to pass off as white, I think Michael would have accepted us, but the cruel joke was that Mikey was one of those mulatto, half-breed, bastards that did not get his full pigmentation for the first few days and then my husband and I had to watch the proof develop as my c***d darkened to his rich hue of chocolate brown just like all his real-daddies looked.

I will always love Mikey, no matter what the social costs that I endure... If my f****y can't handle the color than fuck them I guess, because I did everything I could last Christmas Eve to escape my f***ed breeding but there were nine fucking niggers and they all continuously screwed me again, and again, and again. I had no way to keep track of just how many wet loads of their potent nigger's seed were planted in my fertile, unprotected cunt, but I do know that I did everything possible to resist from cumming too many times myself, as I was ****d into total submission.

I remember the first cock. It was Deon who f***ed me to my knees at his feet. The fucking nigger sneered and taunted Michael to watch as he took me by the hair and pulled me to his filthy black cock. I tried to keep my mouth shut and he slapped me so hard, that I started to feel my eyes water. I did not want to give the niggers the satisfaction of crying for them, but it was just all so fucking unfair and humiliating to me.

I felt the hot, wet tears streak my face as a second nigger got on me with Deon and pinched my nose until I was f***ed to open my mouth to breath, and then Deon was able to secure penetration to begin my oral violation.

I had never even sucked cock before, and I really thought it was all pretty disgusting and revolting... I had never had any intention of doing oral sex... even for Michael; as my mom always said only whores suck cock, but there I was... on my wedding night, arms bound behind my back, and gagging on eight plus inches of thick black cock. I wanted to vomit as that huge nigger dick slammed between my pretty, red lips and deep into my surprised, wet mouth, but all I could do was choke and suck... until I just did 'it,' and fuck was 'IT' wonderful.

It would have served the a****l right if I could have bit it right off. He fucking howled in pain, but my celebration was short lived as they just all started to beat the fuck out of me to punish me for biting. They beat me, and beat me, and beat me until I was on the verge of u*********sness. I remember how I was repeatedly punched in the face and head, until I was down on the floor and those a****ls kicked me in my ribs and even between my legs. I felt someone twist my tits, and they pulled my hair so fucking hard, I thought they would yank out my roots. I tried to scream but I was almost too scared to make noise and I was sure they were going to kill me.

Mustafa had a gun to Michael's head, and he said if I did anything stupid and bit anyone again, or did anything at all other than serving them as their willing slave, than I would be widowed before I could even say boo.

It was horrible, but I only went along with the niggers and was their slut to save Michael, and now he has the nerve now to say I loved it all because of all the times I came, but I tried not to... I really tried not to cum all over those big nigger cocks and conceive their bastard Christmas c***d in my unfaithful cunt.

I remember when those bastards finished punishing me for biting Deon... Jerome was kneeling on my stomach and was violating me with a couple fingers. I was so sore and it just seemed like I was feeling grateful that they had stopped kicking me and stuff, even though I hated to see that gun held at my love's head. I tried to spread my legs a bit to demonstrate that I would do what was necessary so the niggers did not kill Michael, and Jerome just laughed, "yeah, you like that?... You like being fingered you tight little bitch?"

It was all such a fucking impossible situation, and I could only try to survive the best way I knew how, "I am so tight cause I never had 'it' before."

I knew I would have to shame and slut myself to the niggers if I was to have any chance to spare Michael, but to him the next three days just made it look like I willingly conspired with those niggers to breed their bastard. I can't believe Michael even said I loved the constant pain and degradation those a****ls administered to me.

Even when Jerome was finger-fucking my virgin cunt there on the filthy floor of that cabin, he wanted to make me hurt; like it filled him with power or some sort of nigger satisfaction to humiliate a white woman like me. He pulled me by the hair and asked me how it felt.

Fuck!... it hurt... How the hell do boys think it feels when they pull our hair... the bastards. I knew what that nigger wanted to hear though and I knew what I had to say, "I love it... It feels so good."

It was such a joke to the boys that they never got tired of me telling them that 'nigger cock made me wet,' or 'I loved to get beaten by my nigger masters'... even after I was already so sore and bruised that I could barely draw a breath of air without feeling pain. They were all just total punk bastards and they took special delight humiliating me to my love, Michael.

I spent the first half-hour or so of the **** just sucking one cock after the other. They were all laughing at me during this time and taunting me how I had better not nick them with my teeth and just to suck them right. They said things like, 'lick it, you fucking cunt,' and 'suck me deep, you fucking, white-trash ho.' It was humiliation personified for me, but all I could do was pleasure the boys as I crawled on my knees like a little bitch from one filthy cock to the next and licked their balls and sucked their cocks until all nine boys were basically ready to fuck and try their luck in the lottery as to who would fill me with their c***d. I don't know how they decided that Tyrone would get the honors to deflower me, except maybe because he was the first one that had selected me for their entertainment to begin with. Anyhow, Tyrone picked me up by the hair and kissed me deep on my mouth a few times and then he wanted to verbally humiliate me a little more.

He said, "you white girls all like to be nigger's 'ho's,' don't you Jenny? Tell your husband you teased me, you cunt."

"Yes, it's true.. all white girls want black cock, master."

Tyrone asked me, "You're so fucking wet for my baby... tell us bitch... are you fertile tonight?"

It was like a horror movie where the girl knows the monster is going to rip her head off but she is compelled to go into the dark anyhow, "please don't cum in me."

The nigger had his answer and pressed the point. He pushed me over to where Michael was tied to the chair and order me to tell him that I was going to breed a c***d with the niggers.

"I am sorry Michael... You know how fertile I am tonight and how these nigger's seed is going to be so potent... I am going to get a black Christmas baby planted right in my womb tonight... Oh, god, these nigger's are going to stuff my stockings and breed me so everyone will know that I snuggled with a real nigger, Michael... Everyone will know our humiliation... Your humiliation to have a white wife with a mulatto half-breed bastard for you... I am so sorry."

It was not enough for Tyrone to just have me verbally humiliate Michael, as I had to rub my now, wet pussy against his face as if that was truly some sort of proof that I wanted to really breed with the niggers. He made me tell Michael to feel how wet I was and then he made me verbally beg to get bred.

I was so weak in my knees that I was practically collapsing as Tyrone took me to the bed for my breeding. It seemed like it was all so unreal. Even though the beating and sucking cock had been totally humiliating, I knew what I was about to do in that bed would filthy me forever, and there would be nothing I could do to stop the f***ed fertilization of my fertile cunt. I felt so sick to my stomach and all dizzy in my head like I was going to pass out, but then he had me to the bed and it was too late to do anything at all except get breeded.

Tyrone threw me down on the bed so fucking hard that I twisted my back and screamed in pain. I was only half on the bed at first until he lifted my legs up and scooted me up. Tyrone pressed his full weight down on me and cruelly twisted my legs like a pretzel. He was so big and heavy, and it hurt as the fucking bastard had no reason other than to just make me suffer as he started his sexual attack to f***e breed me.

I was in total apprehension as he used his superior strength to f***e my legs apart and then mount me for positioning. Tyrone looked me in the eyes and I saw the a****listic satisfaction fill his gaze and then I was no longer a virgin. The young nigger's body pressed against mine as his hard, unyielding cock conquered my tight, cherry cunt.

The bastard just grunted and began to hump me in-and-out with that long thick black babymaker as I felt his balls slap against my ass with every thrust that buried him to the hilt into love chambers. It was a total fucking for me that could end with only one conclusion.

It was inevitable as I felt the boy's cock seemingly begin to throb or so I imagined. He ordered me to cum on his cock or he would kill my husband as if that had any way of working. Still, he made me again begin to beg for his breeding and so it was that I was alternating between exchanging kisses with my r****t and begging for his baby while I took my first ever fertilization of my fertile womb.

As I laid there and tried to come to terms with the fact that I might have life in me, I obviously only had just seconds to try to adjust as there were still eight other boys to please and so the gang-bang began and I was repeatedly mounted and fucked with load after load of baby juice added to the mix in my cunt as every nigger took his try to win the lottery of who would breed me with his spawn. I sort of lost track of just how many guys had mounted me and rode me to climax until those black bastard decided to really make me feel like a whore. Jamal started my next level of humiliation as he laid down on the bed on his back so that his rigid cock was standing straight up. The nigger pulled me down on top of him, spearing my pussy with his stiff prick as I also felt him grab my white ass with his young black hands and begin to bounce me up-and-down to ride his black cock. As humiliating as that was to actually have to do the work myself and ride the young nigger, it was just the first component of the true humiliation that was about to be bestowed upon me.

Toby climbed into the bed and got up in my face, as he started to make me suck again. The little bastard wanted to fuck his black cock between my lips and ball-deep into my wet mouth, and down my tight, constrictive throat. He was so f***eful and it was hard to relax and try to accept his nine inches, while I continued to be bounced on Jamal's cock continuing to fuck into my cunt from underneath. I gagged and choked as the nigger told me he was going to cum all over my face. I felt so dirty but all I could do was suck Toby's cock while I was continuously fucked by Jamal before my husband's eyes.

Finally, as humiliating as it was with a nigger's cock filling my pussy as I willingly had to ride him, and a second nigger forcing me to suck him off all over my face, the ultimate humiliation became complete as Deon, recovered from my little love bite, decided to even the score with me by slipping in the back door without giving me any lubrication at all. Deon just pressed in from behind me and f***ed me down so that my ass was raised for his use. He grabbed my tits for leverage, and then I felt the pain as he pushed his big punishing cock deep into my tight white ass.

I could not imagine that one girl could ever be so FULL OF COCK. I knew it must have looked so obscene to my husband, to see those three young, hard, ebony bodies sandwiching me like the cream filling in an Oreo cookie, but to me it was just total humiliation, as my body began to betray me and respond to the absolute sensations of being stuffed full of nearly thirty inches of cock in all my holes.

I was horrified at my own slutiness as I felt my orgasm begin to build. I wanted to feel nothing but shame and humiliation but those two big, black cocks stuffing my cunt and ass were driving me crazy. I was helpless to stop myself from creaming, and it started a fucking chain reaction as all four of us just orgasmed at the same time.

Those three niggers filled me with cum every way possible. They filled up my mouth, my ass and added another mix to the baby juice in my already fertilized cunt. I felt the first hot shot of cum flooding the back of my throat before Toby pulled out to finish by covering my face in his wet, sticky cum. I could not look away as I saw a powerful stream of sperm erupt from his pulsating prick and jet across my forehead. Then I had to take a second blast right in my eyes. It was so humiliating and the cum was running down the bridge of my nose as I just had to wear my facial glaze, and Tyrone even brought over a mirror and ordered me to open my eyes and look at my face all soaked in the nigger's sperm.

Toby continued to mess my face while Deon was the next to shoot, and he kept himself buried deep in my ass which felt so gross as he filled me unnaturally. All that was left was for Jamal to cum in my pussy fresh following my own climax, and for all I know that is the load that seeded me with c***d.

It really would be impossible to pinpoint the precise instant of my breeding over those three days of my horny-moon of hell as the niggers continuously soaked me with cum shot after juicy, wet cum shot... all over my tits... and mostly just in my cunt to guarantee that I was surely-breeded with the black bastard half-breed that would mark me as white trash for life.

I guess maybe, I should just be grateful that I only conceived the one half-breed bastard brat from all those potent baby-making injections into my fertile womb, but it is so hard to be grateful for anything that occurred last Christmas on my horny-moon from hell. I mean, it was swell of the niggers to release us without killing us, but with the threats against all our f****y, it was small comfort to pay and especially with how the boys have repeatedly dropped by to fuck me these past nine months as their permanent sex- slave now.

I guess I should be grateful that I have managed to keep my continued nigger's servitude secret from Michael or he probably would have left me long ago... The thing is that the boys have f***ed me to take out a large insurance policy on my husband, and I can only fear what that means.

For myself, having a new born nigger c***d is proving as humiliating as it might seem to you all, but having spent the last nine months with the labels 'nigger's ho' and 'property of nigger's' tattooed around my wrists, ankles and neck, daily humiliation is now just part of my life so I can only imagine the shame I will need to confess to next time if they breed me again or decide to widow me as they are likely to do now... Fuck, what a life!

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