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Group sex in Essex, with my friend's husband

'I baptize thee Virginia', and my best friend was adopted into the church, but as we grew-up, we became 'Hell's Angels', not the biker kind, the sexy kind.
'Did you know my name Virginia, means Virgin', and she laughed, we both did, that meaning flew out the door on a nudist beach down south, with the sand, hot Sun, and dirty voyeuristic old men put paid to that theory, mind you, I suppose thirteen years is not bad.
'Mum told me once, he used to get an erection, every time my name was mentioned', she was like that, making fun of everything, but we were special, we had a strong bond, as if we were s****rs, doing everything together, sharing like for like, and indulging in our similar tastes in life, including sex, yes we did indulge in the womanly stuff, it helped cement our bond, we even thought seriously about just having one man, and he could fertilize us and be our husband, and we could have our bi-sexual relationship, which was all we really cared about.
We chose a middle-aged man, who owned a farm with live-stock, we left the beach and let him take our virginity, while the other watched, living on a farm was the ideal cover, he was a lot older, so we would inherit the farm after we fucked him to death.
Of course after he conveniently screwed us our ages became a problem for him, so that idea was kicked to the outfield, but still, we had our taste of what men offered, and agreed we both enjoyed the experience, so we went after as much cock as we could entice, and forgot about the womanly pleasures we gave each other.
Virginia went to England on a school exchange, to better her English and fell pregnant to a man from Essex, ten years her senior.
In many ways with her being over there we lost touch as she began to adopt the English lifestyle, becoming, some say, the prototype for the current 'Essex Girl', except she was uber intelligent, natural breasts, and natural blond, with a huge sexual appetite, like mine.
Then one day, out of the blue, I got a call with an invite to come over and visit, 'You will love it, and we want to see you again', she gushed. I must admit I was excited about spending time with her again, we had so much to catch up on, 'How's Brian', I asked her, obviously keen to know all was well in that department, 'He's here, like to say hello', and without further ado, handed the phone to him.
Brian sounded hoarse, 'How are you Mariel, heard so much about you over the years, cant wait to meet you', I thanked him in my politest manner, 'We were going through some old photos with you in them', he casually remarked, 'Really, which ones are we talking about', I remembered Virginia was a keen photographer and developer, that was she could develop the racier photos, without alerting the authorities back then, I could feel my heart pounding as she had taken many of me, nude and indecent, 'Shit Brian, put her back on', and I could hear her laughing as she took the phone back, 'What photos have you shown Brian', I tried to sound both stern and jocular at the same time, 'He has seen all you have to offer Mariel, how could I resist not showing my husband my best friend au-natural', she was laughing as if teasing me, then I heard Brain say something, 'Brian says he hopes you bring your large diamond nets darling', 'My stockings', I queried, 'Fuck Virginia that was eighteen years ago, I dont have them now', and she turned to Brian and said, 'Mariel wants to know if she needs wear her panties', I could hear a resounding 'No', and on it went, she teasing and being outrageous, but fun to hear and speak to her again like old times.
On the day of travel I flew from Skavsta to Stanstead, and while I waited I went shopping, suddenly I wanted to buy a pair of large netted stockings, the idea was making me horny, what with the excitement of meeting her again and the picture painted to her husband about my sexual behaviorism, I suspected we were going to have fun.
In the shop I served by a young woman, very pretty and petite, who confessed to admiring Swedish woman and their lifestyle, she was very attentive and pleasant, producing the kind of stockings I had in mind, her smile knowingly saying, 'I know what your doing', 'Would you like to choose a pair of knickers to match', that was when I realized this young lady was gay, 'I dont plan to wear any', I told her, just to put her off my scent, but she smiled sweetly, and offered me a small gift, which she put in the bag with the stockings.
In the toilet I opened the small box and was slightly shocked to find a small lipstick, disguised as a vibrator, complete with a new AA battery, and this small wonder had a powerful buzz, so I walked past the shop entrance, where she was serving another woman, and thanked her, 'I love it', I told her and went outside to meet Virginia.
When we met we kissed, cried and laughed, then settled in for the drive to where they lived and as neared our destination she described the countryside and all the places she knew so well, including all her sexcapades, Virginia was still that horny girl I remembered from all those years back and somehow I knew this was going to be fun, more so as I was feeling horny myself, knowing her husband had seen me nude, that turned me on knowing he was horny for me also.
As we drove closer she pointed out the 'Channels Golf Course' across from the back of her house, 'Fucked some members in there', she boasted, then laughed, 'They used to call me the nineteenth hole', to which I asked her, 'Did they get their balls in', and she smiled, that's when I noticed she was in nets, 'These in my honer', I asked her as she drove down 'Domsey lane', and turned onto 'Bedsteads Farm lane', 'We are here', and pulling on the hand brake she turned to me, 'We had a fuck in your honer before I came to get you', then she smiled, 'He really wants to meet you, and I hope you him', I looked at her, I knew what she meant, 'Yes I do Virginia, look, I even brought my own nets, I just hope he has the energy', I felt the ache in the pit of my stomach, he wanted to fuck me and she brought me here for him to do it, I did not care I wanted him too.
He was in shorts and t-shirt when I walked through the door, he hugged me and kissed me on my mouth, so I relaxed and prolonged it, it was a lingering kiss, one that told me he wanted to fuck.
I turned back to Virginia who stood there with her trusty camera, recording the meeting, I smiled, 'There's your bag, Brian will show you your room, get out of your clothes and I will be back within the hour, she kissed Brian on his cheek and run out of the house, and drove off leaving us to our devices, she obviously decided the fucking should start now, it felt outrageous, but I was in the mood so what the fuck.
I turned to Brian, 'Can I have a Gin and Tonic Brian', he smiled with a strained look on his lips, 'Where is my bedroom', and he pointed, 'Next to ours', he said, I bent and picked up the back, 'Convenient', I said, making light of it, 'I shall go undress, just bring my drink in', and at that walked down the hallway and went in and took all my clothes off and sat on the bed.
When Brian walked in I lay back and waited as he scanned over my nudity, 'Take your clothes of Brain and come here', which he did, I was happy to see he was hard, I was panicking in case his earlier fuck had dampened his ardor.
He moved to my head and lent over me, 'Have you washed since you fucked Virginia', he shook his head and kept pushing his cock towards my mouth, 'Suck it, taste her Mariel', and I did along with numerous other smells and tastes, I closed my eyes and cleaned him clean, before letting him fuck me, and as we barebacked fucked, I could hear Virginia, taking her photos, before eventually joining us, 'Do you remember our pact about finding and sharing one man', I nodded, 'well its Brian', she continued, 'Stay here Mariel' she added excitedly, 'you can fuck your brains out here', I shook my head, not really knowing what to say, suddenly Brian lay on top of me again and inserted himself inside and started fucking me again, 'God Brian you never stop', I asked him, as Virginia started shooting the video camera and stripping off, 'Turn her over honey, she does the ass thing too', and Brian took his cock out as I rolled onto my stomach and lay my head on the pillow, 'One week of this', I thought as I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart to guide Brian into my anus, I looked at Virginia, she was excitedly pointing at his cock as it disappeared inside my asshole, 'That's it baby, Fuck her good, she likes it', and the recording showed them I did.

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