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Afternoon's Delight

She stood at the folding table in the apartment's laundry room. She saw him across the room, reading a paper, but not really. She could tell from the glances around the paper every now and then that he was checking her out. She smiled to herself. She enjoyed being checked out, especially by an older guy. She stood five feet six inches, and had rich thick brown hair, with some sun bleaching, lightening it. Right now it was up in a pony tail but unpinned would fall to her lovely tan shoulders. She was wearing a halter top, one of her faves. It accented her full 36C breasts besides exposing the lovely skin she had. Her skin color hinted at either polynesian or possibly asian background, and gave her a mildly exotic look. Her shorts were almost short shorts, and displayed not only nice wide hips, but her long almost dancer legs.

Her big brown eyes caught him looking, and this time she let him see her smile, without making eye contact. But there was something else about him. Was he watching her fold her clothes, not just checking her out? She decided to try something. She had been folding her lingerie, and she thought he seemed to look more often when she had a slip in her hands. She picked up a full one and held it up to her body, as if checking it out. Suddenly she glanced up. Busted! He was definitely eyeing the slip. OK, she thought, this might get interesting. He is cute. She made a show of folding up the slip and picked up another. This time she turned sideways and held it up, appraising it. She looked over at him, this time making eye contact. He actually blushed.

"Do you like slips?" she asked, smiling. Her full lips parted, showing nice white teeth.

He put down the paper and replied, "Yes, I have always thought they were the quentessential feminine garment."

She replied, "My mother wore them a lot and I came to love them as a c***d. Some of these are hers. She liked pretty slips and so do I. I know they are out of style, but I just love wearing them." She continued folding some more slips. There was a black one, a light blue one and a yellow one as well. There were also several half slips. All of them were elegant in their lace trim, tailoring and just general appearance. There were a few nightgowns folded in the bottom of one basket.

"I grew up in the day when all women wore slips. In fact back then, half slips were not that common. Some of my friends mom's back when we were p*****n, were not at all shy about walking around the house in just a slip. I often wonder if they ever realized the effect a woman in a slip has on a young boy who is just entering puberty. The slips were pretty, but there was more to it than that. It was sexy."

She smiled a knowing smile, then asked, "Was it just the sight? Or was there more to the attraction?"

He stood up and walked over to her, stopping a couple of feet from her, so not to invade her space (and to have a wider view of her slips as well as her). Then he answered, "Somehow, I get the feeling that you already know the answer to that."

"Well, I know some guys seem to like the feel as well, but I don't know you, so was just asking." She tried to sound disarming but her coy smile gave away she knew very well what she was doing.

"Then let's take care of the "don't know you" part. My name is Keith," he said, offering his hand.

She reached to take his hand, "forgetting" the half slip in hers. At the last moment she moved it, so that she d**g it across his arm, watching his eyes carefully. As the nylon tricot slid across his arm, she held his hand, enjoying the reaction. Somewhat to her surprise, she heard him "ssssst" as the slip slid across his arm and there was no mistaking the look in his eyes. This guy clearly liked slips. She thought, "Oh you have no idea what is in store for you this afternoon."

She smiled a warm smile, "I'm Jasmine." The hand shake lingered a bit too long. She pressed the attack. "Does your wife wear slips?"

"My wife passed away some time ago. I am single. I've only been in the complex for a month or so."

Jasmine couldn't believe this. A good looking "older" man, and he was hers for the taking. "Well, then," she continued, "Let me welcome you to the complex. Let's get together so I can tell you all about it. Why don't you come by for coffee or maybe a beer?"

"Well, you do seem to need some help with those baskets, and my day is fairly free. Let me carry one up for you and I will gladly let you play the "welcome lady" for me." He stiffled a chuckle at his own good fortune. They both picked up baskets and headed for the elevator. As she picked up hers, she made sure to face him as she bent over, allowing him a very nice view down the halter top to the lovely breasts it contained.

It was a short ride on the elevator to her third story apartment. They made small talk as they walked down the hallway to her door. She opened it and led him in. Walking over to the coffee table in front of her sectional, she placed the basket down. He followed her lead and placed the one he was carrying next to it.

"Have a seat. What would you drink?" She asked smiling.

"Beer would be great," he replied.

She returned to the sectional finding him seated in front of the basket with the slips on top. "Good," she thought, "this is going to be easy." She handed him a long neck, then clinked his in toast fashion, saying "To new friends, with common interests."

As he raised his beer to his lips so did she, but making sure he was looking at her, she ran her tongue around the mouth of the bottle, then took more of the neck into her mouth than needed. He saw her cheeks concave, clearly sucking. The gleam in her eye was unmistakable. But she didn't stop there. Moving the bottle so that the beer foamed, she allowed just a little to leak around her mouth. Finally she pulled the bottle from her lips. By the time she was through with this little stunt they were both feeling a knawing starting in their bellies.

"So you obviously like slips. Tell me more. How did you come to like them? Do you like full or half?

"Mom was a full slip gal. She thought nothing of walking around the house in just a slip. I liked the way it moved on her, thought her sexy in it. Once I felt a slip, I think I was about 9 or 10, I knew these were special items. And as for the other question, I like them both, but I think I like full slips best."

She could already see the bulge in his slacks. "Did you get to see each of these, or was I folding too fast," she laughed.

"Got to see most of them, thank you," he laughed.

"So which one do you like the best?" she asked as she picked up two slips and let them unfold, laying them out for display. One was a nicely tailored white full slip with a lace bodice, and translucent breast cups. The other was also white, an accordian lace slip with only lace on the hem and the breastcups. The accordian lace was sheer, meaning full view of the breasts they contained.

"Do you have a favorite fabric in slips?" She unfolded two half slips from the basket, a pale blue Vanity Fair with rosette lace, nylon tricot. The other was also a Vanity Fair but was black Antron III.

Nylon tricot is my fave but Antron III is a close second," he answered, flushing slightly.

"Which of these do you like?" She was waisting no time.

"It's hard to pick one," he answered, now fully blushing.

She giggled, looking and the growing lump in the crotch of his pants and put her hand on his leg, "Would you like me to model one for you? A slip does look so much better properly filled,"

He didn't need to say anything. The pleading look on his face said it all. She reached across him and picked up the accordian pleat slip. As she brought it up and back across him, both her hand (for her own pleasure) and the slip, caressed the bulge between his legs. She was sure she felt a slight damp spot already. Holding it by the straps, she d**g it around the back of his neck. He closed his eyes and let a long "sssssssst" escape his lips.

She stood up and holding the straps of the slip, mocked a model pose for him. The delight in his eyes told her how ready he was for this. The slip was an accordian pleat or crystal lace slip. There was three inches of accordian pleat lace at the hem the breast cups were accordian lace as well. The body of the slip was a heavy denier nylon tricot. He remembered this was a very popular slip in his mom's day, and can remember a couple of his teachers wearing this style as well.

He had enjoyed the caress of his mom's often, and was remembering that when she spoke. "I'll be right back. Go ahead and look at anything you like. Enjoy yourself," she said with a mocking tone. With a quick look back around the door, she added, "Oh, if that lump in your trousers is uncomfortable, then go ahead and strip. You will in a few minutes anyway." Then, she disappeared into her bedroom.

Once in her room, she quickly stripped. She admired herself in the mirror for just a second, then took a special g-string from her dresser and slipped it on. A few adjustments, and she was satisfied. Then she grabbed the slip and in one fluid motion lifted it over her head and let it slid down her body. Now it was her turn to let the "sssssst" escape. Shaking out the slip so it hung right, she checked her hair, picked up her brush and gave it a couple of strokes. She wasn't wearing any makeup or lipstick. Not needed for this one. One last minute check to make sure her breasts were squared away in the lace and the nipples stood out properly. She pinched them for effect, winked at herself and headed back into the living room.

What she saw when she entered slightly surprised her but more, it pleased her. This guy was a nylon junkie. He had both half slips she had unfolded earlier in his hands. One was on one cheek and the other was on the other cheek. His eyes were closed as he caressed his cheek first with one, then the other. Then, he ran each one down his naked body. He was so lost in the sensation that he had not even heard her open the door and walk in. She cleared her throat.

He jumped when he heard her. Then standing there naked, a slip in each hand, he started to say something. The mocking smile on her face stopped him. All he could mutter was "caught me, huh?"

"Well," she asked,"have you made up you mind?"

He just stood there, red as a beet.

"Well, then, lets start with this one. It's nylon tricot and is a heavy denier. It was very popular in the fifties and early sixties. Bet your mom had one of these," she teased as she modeled it for him, turning this way and that, striking poses as the smooth nylon clung yet didn't gather,showing her curves.

He was surveying her and she noticed his cock stiffening as his eyes drank her in. But when they got to the breast cups, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Her breasts filled the cups so that the accordian folds were almost pulled taught. Her nipples were hard and pushed out against the fabric. He thought they must almost be as hard as his cock. She didn't think he even realized he was stroking himself with the black one.

She walked over to him and took the slips from his hands and dropped them in the basket. She pulled him to her and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth in a lingering kiss. Then holding his hands, she backed up to arms length, raised and eyebrow and asked "How do you like it? Do I fill it right for you?"

He could only nod, not taking his eyes of her, watching as the soft shimmer of the nylon moved as she moved.

Then she dropped one hand and, holding his other, spun into his arms with her back to him, almost like a dance move. She took both his arms and wrapped them around her letting him caress her nylon clad body, but keeping his hand where she wanted them. She wriggled her hips and his cock settled in the cleavage of her ass, encasing the rod in nylon. He purred. With one hand, she unfastened the pull tab of the g-string and it dropped to the floor. It immediately was a relief for her, and also changed the shape of her slip in front.

She brought his hands up to her breast and guided one inside the lace and let him feel her nipple agains her palm. She turned her head so she could kiss his cheek and work on his ear. "I know how much you like this slip," she said hoarsly, her breath becoming heavy with passion. Her hips had begun working so her slip covered ass was working his cock, jacking it slowly. She knew he could almost feel the individual fibers of tricot sliding up and down his cock.

She guided his hands down the front of her slip, palms open. She knew he was enjoying the feel of the tricot against them. Then she guided them to the new lump in the front of her slips.

He froze!

"It's ok, don't move," she whispered in his ear, making sure her hips continued their rhythm. She held his hand against her 9 inch cock, not letting him pull away. Not that he seemed to be trying that hard. "Good sign," she thought.

"That was something I did not expect," he said nervously.

"I know, and until this moment you though I was a real girl in every way, didn't you? Well, I am, except for this." she asked, continuing to breath in his ear and keep up the slow jacking of his cock on her ass. "Now you know why I said I know how much you like slips. So do I. Just relax. Enjoy this with me. " She began to move his hand first down then back up her own nylon covered cock. He offered only token resistance. With each stroke it lessened. She knew she had him, when she felt a small wet spot on her back. "Precum, he's mine", she thought. She wrapped his fingers around her shaft. She knew her cock and his were almost the same size and both were circumcised.

"Can you honestly tell me that what you are holding in your hand feels any different than when it is your cock wrapped in a slip?"

"No!" he said weakly.

"Then whats the problem? Lets enjoy this together." She relaxed her grip and he tentatively began to stroke the nylon covered shaft in his hand. With each stroke he relaxed.

"If it's still a problem, then just pretend its your cock in your hand," she giggled then gave a soft gasp as his fingers started treating the rod as his own.

"Oh my, you have a good hand, lover," She cooed in his ear then tossed her head back in full enjoyment, feeling even more of the back of her slip getting wet. Now he was even thrusting to meet her thrust. She reached back and stroked his cock, collecting precum on her fingers as she did. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she closed her eyes as she tasted it. She savored the sweet taste of it as she sucked her fingers in oral pleasure.

Her other hand had been busy guiding his free hand all over her slip covered body. She knew he enjoyed the feel in his hands but she enjoyed his hands caressing the nylon on her as well. His other hand had taken over with no reluctance at all, stroking the cock skillfully. She almost swooned as she felt him milk her own precum into the slip. She knew it would not be long now. She wanted to time this carefully. She loved men cumming for her, loved getting them to the point of no return, knowing they would not refuse her, inspite of the 9 inch by 3 inch rod she possesed. She needed him to cum first.

She only misjudged a little. She was closer to cumming than she thought when she felt him stiffen, bury his face in her neck and moan as the intensity washed over him and his cum washed over the back of her slip. She felt first the heat of his cum, then the wet as wave after wave began to accumulate. At one point she almost missed him cumming so hard that the jizz hit her over the top of the slip between her shoulders. She almost missed it because she was overtaken by her own orgasm. She held his hand over the head of her cock and pulsed shot after shot of hot cumm into the slip in his hand. She surprised herself with six long spasms, soaking the whole front of the slip and even leaving visible traces of sperm on his hand as the passion subsided.

They collapsed onto the couch behind them. They stayed silent for several moments as the waves of passion slowly subsided. She snuggled back against him and giggled. "Wow," she said, "Next time you wear the slip."

"Think maybe we ought to wash it first?" he asked

She turned and rolled him over on his back, then threw a leg over and was straddling him in a moment. She looked down at him as she slid the straps of the slip off her shoulders, baring her breasts and pushing the slip down to her waist. As she lowered a breast to his mouth she said, "Then lets make sure it really needs washing first." With that she shifted, grabbed both cocks in a nylon wrap, and began to stroke, feeling both cocks react in her hand.

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