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Strange stuff with a trucker

I have always luved sex in cars and me driving is no exception. One of my favorite things is to put on a button up the front blouse, a very short skirt hopefully a buttoned one as well, a pair of high heels and nothing else. I never wear undies…they interfere with me playing with myself. After dressing as above, I get in my car and start down the interstate. I luv to masturbate and especially so when I am driving. I drive with my left foot on the gas, my right leg swung over on the drivers seat, legs spread wide and skirt pulled up. The skirt is unbuttoned as is the blouse so everything is kind of hanging out there for the world to see. And see they do. I can drive for miles playing with my very wet clit until I see a semi-truck up ahead. I drive in the left lane and pull up next to him so he can see down into the car. Let me tell you, truckers are a very voyeuristic bunch and luv to look at naked pussy. After a (very) short time, the trucker will have caught on and will do most anything to stay next to me. This excites me a great deal and I put on quite a show rubbing my long stiff clitoris and spreading my pussy lips wide to show my horny hole. This one particular day I glanced over and could see that the trucker was young and kind of cute. He honked his horn and gestured for me to pull over. I pulled ahead of him and pulled off the road with him close behind. I slid over and got out of the car on the passenger side, finished unfastening my skirt so it dropped on the ground behind me. All I had on was an unbuttoned blouse with my tits showing and a pair of high heels. My pussy was slutty hot, horny and wet with pussy juice. I walked to the rear door of the car and waited for the trucker to come to me. He hopped down and as he approached me I could see that his pants were open, penis exposed and stiff. He was playing with himself as he walked. I have always gotten totally turned on by seeing men masturbating and when he got up to the car I was as ready as I ever would be. Without one word, he pushed me back against the car, lifted my leg over his arm and pushed his rigid pole right up into my very welcoming cunt. His cock was long and thick and stiff and the fucking felt wonderful. This was a very horny young stud with a great cock and he certainly was ready for a long slutty fuck with a stranger. (The best kind!) We fucked for what seemed like a long time, actually we were both so horny that it wasn’t that long. I could feel his penis twitching along with his tummy muscles and tightened and loosened my pussy grip on him. Soon he began to cum inside me..he came a lot and it started oozing out of my hole and running down my legs. We collapsed against each other, his cock still inside me. I became aware that cars occasionally were whizzing along beside us, but after a good fuck like that who cares! His cock was still inside and I began to slowly move back and forth, the wetness of my sperm-filled twat making little slurpy noises as I moved back and forth. It felt good all over again and his penis began to harden again until we were actively engaged in another bout of fucking…this time lasting a bit longer. This time as he got close to his orgasm, he pulled out of me and began massaging his cock, faster and faster until the cum shot out all over my pussy, my clit and a couple of squirts up on my tits. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, said a quick ‘thank you, ma’am’ and he was on his way. I noticed that he never put his cock back in his pants and I had a feeling that he would be masturbating quite a bit that day, remembering and fantasizing about our slutty fucksession. I jumped into my car, put my left foot on the gas, right foot on the passenger seat as I spread my cum soaked pussy lips open and started down the road to my next encounter.

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