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My boss's Wife (White Asshole cont...)

Two days ago, my boss comes up to me and says, what are you doing tonight? I had not planned anything given it was Monday night so i replied nothing.. Good we will go for dinner, tell your girlfriend to join us if you like, my wife is coming as well so it should be fun, this new great place just opened last week by the sea and they tell me its great. At this point (check previous story white asshole) a cold sweat went through my body.. It has been around a month, since my encounter with his wife and I did not know how I would handle it.

I called my girlfriend who obviously new nothing about it and told her we would be having dinner with my boss and his wife tonight and that I would pick her up around 9. Only thinking that I would see her again had made my cock hard.. In the past month I had fantasized so many times her white asshole that I would leave my desk to masturbate in the bathroom. I had done everything humanly possible not to see her again after our last incident.. but now here it was, I had to see her again. I went to the bathroom jerked off once more, i did not manage to hold more than 3 minutes, only thinking of her made me explode!

Around 9 I went and picked my girlfriend Ellen, knowing we would have dinner with my boss and his wife none of whom she had ever met she did her best to look stunning. She was wearing a pair of leather pants, that were i must say showing off her perfect tight ass and high heel sandals she know I adore.. Given i have a fetish for feet she always makes sure that she wears sandals and that she had had a pedicure..only in the sight of red nails, I get turned on..

Around 9.20 we arrive at the restaurant.. My boss had already arrived. so we went to the table directly. and there she was... oh my god! i could not believe it.. In a black tall dress, so tight you could tell that she had an amazing body, her dress had a deep open neck, you could tell she had huge tits and you could tell she was not wearing a bra.. and finally she was wearing the most sexy high heel sandals I had ever seen.. I knew because I had been thinking of buying them for Ellen but they were too expensive for me, 2000 usd for a pair of Jimmy Choo's.. Very thin, very tall sandals, with diamonds all over the strap that hold the tow fingers together.. with the most perfect pedicure.. even though she had them white, the shoes made her feet so sexy.. you only wanted to cum all over them.

Hello, This is Ellen - This is Mr ans Ms Fletcher. Hi Ellen nice to meet you.. sorry for being late. No do not worry we just got here my boss replied. John you have met my wife, yes indeed i met her the day I went by your place to leave those folders you had asked me to.. Yes John me met (Tiffany replied).. So the night was going fine, I had successfully managed not to show my thoughts.. when i felt something on my balls.. She was seating right across me.. and she head placed her tows bellow my balls.. playing with her tow fingers.. while she did that she was having an all normal conversation.. my cock started to get really hard.. I could not focus on the conversation any more.. Sorry i said i am going to the bathroom, i will be right back.. I got up in a hurry and went to the bathroom to put some cold water on my face..

Went to the bathroom.. after 3 minutes the door opens.. she was standing again right there. What are you doing i said, are you crazy, there could of been someone else here as well? Do you think i did not see the way you stared at my feet she replied.. and went on.. do you think i did not wear these sandals on purpose.. I had them ordered.. so that i could wear them next time we met.. remember i know what turns you on!.. Is her asshole as tight as mine? excuse me i said.. you heard me.. is it as tight.. do you come all over her asshole.. every time.. She is really beautiful you know (she was referring to Ellen).

Tomorrow i have booked the suite at the hotel right next to your office... room 1100. Make sure you are there at 2.. i will be waiting for you.. she looked at me and left..

I could not believe what i was hearing.. put some water again on my face and went back to the table.. the night did not last long.. after 20 minutes we paid the bill and left.. as you can imagine i could not take my mind off of her. dropped Ellen and went home.. jerked off for once more and went to sl**p.. could not stop thinking of the next day..

Next day came.. i wanted to make sure that all was perfect.. walk up early.. had my balls shaved.. all nice and clean.. and put on my suite on and left for work.. Right before two i went to my boss said i had meeting and would be out for a couple of hours..

So went to the hotel, got to the room and noked on the door. I must say i was a bit stressed and really turned on by the idea of seeing her again..

Hello she said, it's me i said.. one minute she replied i am coming..

She opened up the door... she was standing the high heels she was wearing last night and wearing a silk robe half open.. hello baby she said.. how is that lovely cock of yours today? She was tanned as always and was wearing the most sexy thong... the thong was made out of a very thin chain.. that had a very small piece of silk right at her pussy.. Oh my god i said... you like it - she said? i had them made for me.. i love it when the chain rubs my asshole.. it turns me on so badly.. the chain was very thing and was made out of gold... you know how much these cost? No i said.. Thank good my husband doesn't look at his credit card statements... he has never seen me wearing these.. do you like it... and sat on the couch. opening her legs... while the robe would open further and now you could also see those well rounded breasts showing off.. come she whispered... come and see how wet my pussy is for you...

you fucked me and then vanished... and had to pull this stupid stun yesterday to see you again... you think my husband was the one with th idea.. i told him that with all the hard work you have been pulling he should at least take you out for dinner... as she was saying all that i had taken off all my close off.. my dick was really hard.. I went close to her and started kissing her.. while she started rubbing my cock.. oh god i have missed him she whispered in my ear.. i want you to fuck me so hard.... i want you to lick my white asshole.. and then fuck it like you have never fucked it before.. you can't imagine the feeling... have you ever done it? she asked.. no i said.. really she said... as started rubbing her wet pussy.. she asked me to bend over... facing down... now you will understand what i am talking about.. what are you doing i said.. do not worry relax... so she started licking my asshole.. while jerking of my cock.. i was facing down, with my ass in the air.. and i had her licking my ass... the sensation was amazing... i was so turned on... i could feel her tongue invading my asshole... but there was not much i could do.. my dick was so hard.. i wanted to was amazing. do you like it she asked?
Don't stop i replied.. just don't.. i had now grabbed my cock and was masturbating very fast while she was licking at my asshole... I love a nice well shaved cock .... and well shaved asshole.. she added... oh my god i said, i am going to she turned me around.. lied on the couch and put her high heels on my cock... please cum on them.. please she said... oh my godddd... ahhhh i am coming and exploded all over her high heels.. while i did that she had a stack a finger in her assshole and was masturbating like crazy....ah thats it.... cum for me babay she shouted... cummm.. and lifted her feet to lick themm... i want to taste your cumm.. oh god, it's so good...

I was cuming on one foot while she was licking the other.. wearing her 2000 usd sandals..

Come here... come give me that cock of yours.. i want to clean it up so that it can fuck me... the way i really want.. now that you came... you will last longer.. and i will have my asshole fucked the way it should...

SO she turned around face down.. took off her amazing thong.. and said your turn now.. so started licking her white asshole.. which had just been bleached..

come on baby..ahhhh lick that asshole... ahh god... do you like licking my nasty asshole? do you...while i did that her hand was all over her pussy.. rubbing it... i love ass licking especially when hes asshole is that clean..
It reminds me of Mandy lynn's asshole.. that's exactly how her asshole looked.
you could here her lust form the sound of the moaning.. oh god.. please stick your prick in my ass.. now! i go up and stack my cock in her ass.. yea!!!! she shouted yea that's it... ahhhh.. fuck me ... come on....... while i fucked her hard i could here her.. cry with joy... why??? she shouted why?? have you left me like this... what have you been doing... for one month now i have been fantasizing your prick in my ass every day...please fuck me.... please do not leave unfucked again.. i need your cock... ahhh.. yeaaa.. please more... more baby.. i need your cock in me... come on... yea more.. more...she grabbed my balls... boy i missed them... oh they are getting harder... fuck me... more... ahhh.. i will do whatever you like, i will wear whatever you like... but please do not leave me unfucked again.. i want you to fuck me every day... i want your cock to tear my ass apart every day... i will do whatever you want... ahh god, do;t stop... as i pounded harder and harder... she pushed me back.. seat on the couch she shouted.. i sat and opened my legs while i was playing with my dick... she bended and put it her mouth... i love the taste of my ass.. and looked at she sucked my cock i could tell i would not last long... don;t you dare cum... the only place you will cum is in my ass... and sat on my hard ready to explode she moved up and down... she was shouting like you like it... cum for me baby... make me feel your cum in me.. cumm.... oh my god lets cum together i am cuming she shouted... ahhh yea cumm... and all my load came in her.. oh god how much i love your cum in me... more... baby more.... ahhhh...i could feel the cum continuing to come out... ahhhyea she cried out loud.. and got up could see my cum poring out of her open asshole...what have you done to me she shouted... and started licking my cock slowly... while looking at me in the eyes... this is what i really love... please do not stop.. i will do anything you like... and continued to look at me with a begging face... i promise i said...but only if you wear a different pair of sandals every time.. and you let me cum over them... DONE she said...

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