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Taboo sex?!! you decide.....

one fact about hispanic teens in hispanic countries, that is taboo is as follow: Teens (hispanics) from 13 and 25 and even well in their adult hood, when they start discovering their bodies, they get help from other teens of the same sex, mostly in the male gender, they would learn how to give oral sex. they will start with jerk off circles or two somes, the obvious gay ones, would be the ones who would give oral sex and mostly the one who would take it up the ass. If these teens don't find a wife, or can't find a girlfriendwhile in their mid thirties, they will continue this type of sex well into their adulthood, looking for male fuck buddie(s) (or well out gays) to have sex with. I have the previligies to be there for a many straight guys who are single and just need to get off. I learned of this taboo talking to the ones I let 'em fuck me. I ask: "You don't think its weird that you like, me to give u a blow job and let you fuck me in the ass, even though u claim to be 100% straight?" since I grew up in the states, I was told of this taboo amoung many hispanic males in Hispanic countries. If it feels normal to them, why can it feel normal to American guys, who know that gays are better at sucking cock than women. lol.
I thought u might had enjoyed to heard this story/fact.
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