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Meet at a park, play pool and LOOSE

Meet at a park, play pool and LOOSE- Submit to my Desires!

I parked at the local park to walk on a popular trail for some sun time and half an hour down the trail I passed several groups of people, through a dip and down a hill there was someone walking slowly listening to music. As I got closer I could see her short hair and form fitting jeans and waist peeking above her belt, as I passed I slowed and looked at her as she busily typing a message on her phone.
As I passed I remarked that she looked relaxed and she locked eyes and said thanks and paused to match my speed, I complimented her appearance and she said that men rarely don’t do that often to her since men don’t seem to like her shape of body. I introduced myself and said it’s their loss and my gain and she smiled and said I was one in a million like her hubby, there are a few of us out there so don’t give up I told her.
She asked if I wanted to stop and look at the water as the sunshine began to peek from behind the fog, she told me that they married late and that she was almost thirty when she found her hubby and I blurted that I was close to my wife too. She agreed and said that other than her hubby the complements are few and far between and she liked good people in her life, at this moment I said I am blunt if that's ok and she smiled and said there is no other way to communicate.
I asked her if she wanted to meet up for a half dozen games of pool and she smiled and said her hubby works long hours and they have not played pool for quite a while, I smiled and and gave her my number and we arranged to play at a nearby pool hall. She paused and said that is an interesting number of games to select that her hubby has never selected, then a smirk on her face as she reaches and grips my arm staring into my eyes taking a long breath.
Several weeks later I arrived at the pool hall and a minute later she entered looking stunning and leaned in for a hug, I thought it would be a lighter one but she leaned in and held tight her hips against mine. She wore a pair of jeans and a button down fitted shirt that fitted so perfect it showed a subtle shape any man would want to see but many seem to ignore, she said lets go over to this table in the corner her hands racking up the balls while grabbed cues.
The first game was fairly innocent but the second she wanted to place a bet so I said that with the thought of six games we are going to play I could suggest an idea, her body language swayed and the table edge became gripped by her hands while I described the terms. The loser makes the winner a meal in the outfit dictated by the winner, her jaw drops as she did her shot and missed knocking the cue ball in the pocket so I walked around and slapped her ass.
The next two games I lost and she flaunted and danced strutting seductively only to forfeit the next game and not do too well in the first half of the sixth, I said that if she is not happy with the terms we can change them. She smiled and said it doesn’t have to be food as her breath shudders and states the fact because this is the Sixth Game there are many things to consider, she still shuddered because she was losing so I went to my pack and retrieved a paper. Looking into her eyes I asked her on a scale of One to Ten what is her kinkiness level, she swallowed and said “Seven” then stood tall to regain her composure.
Several shades of red and a soft voice told me that her hubby was into a routine and she reads stuff and definitely thinks a seven, I lean in and give her a kiss on the cheek say WOW and whisper that she has been experimenting when hubby is away. She gives her plug-in vibrator a workout and then asks me to sit so she can explain, alone for several days she sets up chairs with candles and string, lighted candles she tickles herself and eventually covers herself in wax having an amazing wiggle orgazm. I hand her the paper contract to review and she simply went to back page and initialed remarking that she hoped I would be satisfied with her willingness as well as her body, I trace my hand from her face down her arms to her waist and tell her I like what I feel so far and she smiles. .
She lost the sixth game and remarked that she looked forward to fulfilling her obligations and I smiled and suggested a future date, I gave her a list of items to bring with her and several weeks pass before we met at a coffee shop. The day was warm and the ride home in my vehicle without AC was sweltering but even warmer in the back where she rode, several moments later I heard some shuffling and then she leaned to get some water causing my breath to shudder as I observed a shirt one size too small that stretched to show every curve of her tight frame. My hand brushed her while at a red light moving to an arm and a chin so she turns and kisses me on the cheek, my finger brushes her arm and down the side of her body the kiss becoming more vigorous them breaks as the light turns green. She leaned and nuzzled my neck as we pull through the intersection my mind imagining the scenario for later and the toys I would apply to her supple flesh, then I adjusted the rear view mirror and discovered the snug shirt was a sight for my eyes and kinkiness tendencies.
Closer to home I told her to get her stuff ready to unload her walk causing the shirt to ride up exposing her waist but then I realized there were several more bags, I said to her she needed to go back and grab the last things and she said ok and went down the view as she walked down the path was mesmerizing. I took everything else and grabbed some items and hid in a corner waiting for her return peeking as she came up the path getting ready as she came through the door, as she put down the bags I emerged and slipped a hood over her and grabbed her wrists holding her against a wall. .
She gasped and catching her breath remarked OMG you tricked me into helping you today and now I am caught, I applied the handcuffs and led her down a hallway and having her kneel on a pillow telling her to sit tall stay and wait. I sat close by and looked at her breathing and posture showing her upper body concealed by her skin tight shirt, I wanted to get up just grope and pinch her but I have other plans that will prolong her discomfort and be more fulfilling for me.
Returning from another room I walked her down a hallway and some stairs to another room and lowered her on a pillow then replaced the hood with a blindfold, her head turns realizing I slipped in earplugs and all was silent so she goes What??? Removing one earplug I whisper that you going to go into silent place so I can get things ready for you! Then adjusting the ball gag I wait and watch for several minutes turning on a fan for cool the room air, she shudders a little then a lot as I spray cool water on her body she then switches to intermittent twitching. I lean in and kiss her cheek and grab hair leading her across the room, arms outstretched and secured her head on padded table I take the crop and tap her legs and thighs and get some squirming.
Taps with the crop on her ankles get her to spread wide so I give her legs and thighs a good smack then tap them back together, leaning close and unbuttoning her jeans groans escape as my finger brushes her bare thighs as the pants fall to the floor followed by her panties. Open palmed my hand grips pinching her stomach her body arches upward so reaching behind rubbing her ass then pinching then reaching to rub her lowest ribs and pulling away, she shudders at the sensation and moans her body swaying to search for my touch.
I scold her and release the gag and follow with a swift smack of the crop across her ass, a long inhale with barely a sound as she composes herself only to get praise, then ten firm smacks on each ass cheek she endures panting obediently holding her shoulders on the table. Earplugs removed I compliment her for conformity she says Thank You Sir as I grab a handful of hair I prompt that I have plans for her body, Yes sir I can take what you give and please you better than you think.

*** She lifts her ass higher in the air to please me then squeaks and pants her skin colored by the pink wax drops, a smack and a scold to keep her ass high she endures not succumbing as I hold several candles getting her legs as well. Pausing I push her shirt up a little and add some metal office clamps with string on her supple skin and over a bar above adding weights to each string, the wax smacked off with a tail whip she holds steady panting until I stop and rub her now bare ass the wax gone from the whipping.
Her shirt gets pushed to her armpits and several more office clamps are added keeping her back arched skyward, the lighter weights holding the strings tight while additional weights rest on a table if she lowers. the shirt is in the way so a few snips up the sides and top it falls to the floor my memory of her bending in the car return. My hand roves around to her thighs and she moans as I insert a finger into her slippery cave then moving under her to taste her sweet juices, she wants to lower but discovers the heavier weights only to pant deeper.
Brushing her legs and her stomach I pinch and kiss her belly button realizing my head is getting poked by her long eraser nipples, Then I turn to check on the source and suck and close to grip with my teeth then hold as their owner takes a long breath to savor the sensation. Moving to the other I hold the previous to stabilize her shudders holding both with my fingers gripping firmly. She mutters low noises while trying to lower her body as I glance to observe her lifting the heavier weights off the table while humming softly knowing the action pleases me, A shuddering breath as she keeps them lifted and the pain filled her body the pussy juice drips down her leg as she orgasms quietly.
Brushing her sides I suck her nipples again then see that her juices are dripping down her leg I scold her, she asks what she did and I tell her Cumming without permission is not allowed so I get up from the floor. Panting she says she is sorry so I grab her hair and tell she just has to Submissively Wimper when I scold her, I command her to open then inserting my shaft I tell her to take it all inside she chokes a little then takes it all inside licking it like a meal. A moment later I began to thrust as she sucked breathing between except when I hold fully inside, nearly ten minutes passes not a drop lost the final test as I release my load scolding her not to loose any outside her mouth.
Satisfied I praise her with the hum of a vibrator tied to lean on her pussy her body begins to sway and lower lifting the weights off the table as my hands brush her sides and shoulders, then I remove the weights then the clamps her soft skin red showing the pinch marks. I tell her she can have more vibrator for a steep cost so she takes several breaths and swallows and in a breathy voice tells me she is my toy, I go You're such a good girl as I reach down and insert the vibrator and a moment passes and her hips shudder as the sensations fill her body.
I caress her back as she lifts arching then brush her sides pinching firmly pulling her skin with little response other than a soft groan, every now and again she twitches like she is orgasmic her head tossing her hair I step back and ponder her swaying form. Adding a strap from her waist belt through her crotch to hold the vibrator inside her puffy pussy, her hands released and attached to her waist belt I lift her taking her across the room backing into a frame open in the middle. Blindfolded and breathing deeply I take her wrists and spread them outward securing them high then I adjust the vibrator slower and lean the frame back, then brushing her stomach and sides I spread and secure her ankles then move upward pinching her back then apply some clothespins.
She whimpers as I remove the vibrator but replace it with my pole thrusting deep and holding to get her to orgasm tightening her stomach, then I reach around and pinch the clothes pins and pull them as she grunts and shudders then several dozen thrusts her pussy juice slurping with each pounding entry. I pull out and brush her sides seeing the juice run down her leg and insert the vibrator set to low to keep her humming as I move to her back.
I give the clothes pins some good pinching and pulling her body resisting and pulling away from me, disobedience not tolerated I go around and remove the blindfold and kiss her deeply making sure she is green and she nods Yes. looking her in the eyes I whisper that it now escalates dramatically as I pick up some suction cylinders and instruct her to lick the inside, then tickling her arms and stomach and up her ribs she gets chills with my brush of her neck and back down her stomach the chills make her tense her abs and take a breath.
The next sound is a click as the air is drawn out of the cylinder trapping her nipple within its confines, its supple firmness drawing outward nearly an inch only to be repeated on the other one then the parameter brushed with my fingers makes her shiver. I give her a soft kiss and she reciprocates as if to plead not to experience the next level of treatment I have planned for her restrained body, I move to her back and attach strings to the clothespins and gather them and pull firmly then add an office clamp and repeat.
She pants and leans forward so I attach and remove more air drawing her nipple taller inside the cylinder confines then give the strings another pull and hold, brushing her stomach and then removing the vibrator she gasps and goes Please don’t take it out but I say nothing as I get ready for her next torment.
I say to her that if she is as committed as I think then the next part she will take right here, then looking deeply in her eyes I say “Or you can be wimpy and take it lying down!” and she pauses for a microsecond and says “ I can take whatever you do right here”. I smile and insert the ball gag and smack her cheeks and say “Good Girl”, I walk behind her and retrieve a tray of my favorite items making shuffling sounds. Just before I appear to show her I say in a low and devilish voice “I relish the times I get to do what is next to a supple body like yours”.
I round her side and her eyes go to the tray and get big then I say to her “Ready?” and she mumbles so I remove the gag “In a breathy voice she says OMG- never had them but stick them anywhere you want to please yourself Sir”, I say in a low groan” I plan to.” and I reinsert the gag and take one to brush on her stomach tracing around to her back, up to her shoulder I grab a clamp and the coolness of the needle makes her shudder as it invades her soft skin passing through the ample ribbon still trapped inside the clamp.
This is the first of many and it will take a lot of them to make me happy so I hope you're committed for the trip as I grab several more, they form a line down to her waist on each side her body holding steady emitting little squeaks with each insertion. She pants and breathes holding her body still then cringes as I move back upward inserting larger and longer ones doubling the amount. Standing back and admiring her invaded soft flesh I give the clamps a firm tug and remove them the needles sitting flat on her skin, Walking around to face her I tickle her stomach she pants in response as I attach the suction to the cylinders.
My free hand brushes her stomach and around her breast while I pump removing air admiring her nipples filling the tube then moving to the other drawing out the same and brushing her chest she breathes deeply. I go around and begin removing the needles in pairs from her back twisting each with some dripping small drops of bl**d, then I grab her hair and whisper in her ear “and now the fun really begins”.
An elevated stand holds the tray of needles she glances and gets big eyed looking at the sizes from two inches to some that are covered that make her mumble, I kiss her cheek and pinch her skin on her shoulder and insert three in a row angling down and repeat for body balance poking one after another mercilessly as she squeaks, I tie her hair to hold her head back so she can breathe hard and to keep her from looking at her demise then continue lower on her body.
Pinching her stomach I insert the larger ones going upward to her ribs then insert a second line adorning her with four, then her sides look neglected so I pinch under her arms and go down nearly to her waist her panting is steady and her body still but shudders when I twist and play with them. I brush her chest and begin removing the ones on her shoulders and then some on her stomach, she makes deep groaning sounds inside her chest as the bl**d dribbles from some of the holes as I remove them but sometimes I partially remove them only to insert them again fully.
Brushing her arms she quivers a little then I pinch and insert several to her elbows she jerks but the restraints are ample and don’t allow movement, I scold her for struggling and she whimpers when I take a finger and brush a needle across the top of her hand then moving above her wrist I insert several watching her take a breath of relief. I step back and see her body has little bl**d scabs on her soft smooth skin from the removed needles appearing like little freckles, I decide to go a play with the ones in her stomach taking the remaining ones and pinching next to them inserting larger and longer needles horizontally making her stomach crunch at the sensation.
I move a mirror over and release her hair so head is free she immediately looks in the mirror and mumbles as I pick up another long needle and insert it at her bottom rib line, then I brush her chest around the cylinders and then insert several more above the last arriving several inches below at the bra line. Mumbling I remove the gag for her to remark that she has never had so many little orgasms in her life, my response is that now that the gag is out you can breathe deeply. Her eyes bug out as I brush her chest and remove the cylinders from her nipples there trapped flesh standing tall filling my mouth as I suck them inside tasting their flavor.
She breathes deep as i suck shoving them in my mouth giving them to me only for me to finish and grasp one and insert a needle on the perimeter directed inward, OH FUCK- as the sensation fills her but I continue to mercilessly insert more around her entire nipples then continue on the other. Now adorned with several dozen I play with them making her cringe while I threaten to insert the gag, she says Please Don’t as I play with the whirl of needles ready to push.
I brush her stomach and sides as she breaths then circling her adorned nipples brushing the center making her arch, bending toward me I flick some of the needles and then twist lightly watching her body tighten as she takes a long breath. Equally I gripped several needles at a time pushing them through watching her body jerk as the tormented receptors in her nipples flooded her brain. Moments later I play and push more through her body twisting slightly and pushing upward she grunts as they exit, completing the task I spread my fingers cupping under the whirl of needles and lift lightly holding her nipples watching her breath deeply as the tender nipple flesh endures my desires.
Her nipples are trapped by the two dozen needles keeping her areolas tall and puffy she pants as if expecting more and she is correct, I take a crop and give her stomach a dozen cracks she chirps and jerks with each strike. Then I add an anchor bar on each side of her body and tie a string around her nipples and secure to the bar, now her nipples held steady her sideways motion restricted I add some to above and below creating a tugging in any direction she moves.
My continued torment is realized as she sees an even larger needle approach her then a long grint is produced as I insert into both her body jerks and spasms, catching her breath she groans that she has never orgasmed this much ever as she fades into more spasms as I push the sixth through her nipples and step back. I grab some gauze and tape it to her stomach and insert my pole deep inside her she grips like a vice but well lubed she emits a deep growl, I start thrusting and begin removing needles from her nipples her body twitching with each withdrawal and bl**d drip down caught by the gauze.
Half the needles out i remove the strings and remove more watching her chest heave as the sensation travels through her body, the larger needles drip the most bl**d so I apply some coagulant spray. I brush her face and shoulders as she continues to twitch so I tell her it only gets worse the next time, between pants she says “It Does? I always thought I didn’t have enough for This but you do even more?”.

I tell her “Yep- just wait and experience what every woman wants - Bigger and Deeper!

She hangs there and breathes for a while as I clean the bl**d off her chest and admire my handiwork, her swollen breasts and nipples twitching with bl**d flow unaware that future experiences will test them even more. One cleaned I lean over and suck their puffiness inside my mouth and thrust my pole inside holding then releasing, she takes a long breath and slowly breathes out as her pussy milks my cock.
I release her and help her sit and she comments that it was good to serve and fulfill her obligation after losing the pool game, she tells me she looks forward to the next time she gets to serve and hope it will be sooner than later.

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