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First Encounter with J H

This story may fall a bit into the taboo section for the first part. Don't take offense.

Adult Friend Finder used to be golden for me. Always someone close who wanted to get down to business. J H was just like that. The conversation started simple enough - greeting, small talk, then sex talk. The sex talk was very interesting, not because she had some strange fetish or anything like that but because she was basically a slut but she was only 18 and still in high school. She told me about how she had sucked a guy in school and the neighborhood guys who used her. I thought that was great added to the fact that she was about 4 miles from my house. So after that conversation, we arranged to meet at her place the following night.

So the next night, I arrive at her place around 7:00 and with it still being spring dusk was setting upon the sky. I walked into a lovely, spacious home and was guided to the living room. While sitting on the couch and looking out of a big bay window, I asked where would we be doing "it" at. She nonchalantly replied, "Right here." A bit kinky and risky I thought but not my neighbors, not my problem I thought. So I unzip and fish my dick out through the opening and like a good girl she dropped to her knees and her head started bobbing. About 5 minutes into I realize something - either her sex tales from our AFF conversation were false or she had never dealt with something my size (I know I'm not huge). So being the ingenuitive guy that I am, I stand up and ask where's her bedroom at. It's at this point she became a little nervous, so I try and soothe her with some kisses and playing with her breasts. So she tells me her room isn't clean and figuring if the neighbors or anyone else already saw her give me head, they'd be in for a real show soon. I reach in my back pocket and pull out a condom and put it on in the kitchen. I call her to me and tell her to pull her pants down. She reluctantly agreed but as I was trying to bend her over she stopped me. She told me her sex tales were a bit exaggerated and that she was a virgin. She also dropped a huge bombshell on me that put a halt to the evening. All I will say about that is that she "misrepresented" herself (you can figure out how). She assured me however that in a week that would be straightened out and after having her bring me proof of that, I removed the condom from my dick...(I'm really not sure of the legal implications of finishing this section are, but if you're really interested message me)

So I returned in 8 days but this time under the veil of secrecy. It was about 11:00 pm and dark. I'm told to come to the side door this time and call when I get there. She greets me at the door and tells me we'll be going to her room but we had to be quiet as her f****y was there (this included both parents, older b*****r, and younger s****r). So we tiptoe through the house until we reach her room. We get inside and I'm greeted to the sight of a bunkbed. She closes the door and explains she used to share the room with another sibling. She sits on the edge of the bed as I begin to undress. In less than 20 seconds I'm naked and have my dick in her mouth but that's not why I came over tonight. I was going to get the chance to deflower a virgin! So I tell her to take what little she had on off as I put on a condom and maneuvered my way on top of her.

I tell her that it might hurt a bit not knowing if it was true or not but everyone has seen that line in some coming-of age movie. I tried to be as gentle as I possibly could with her and her pussy. At first, I just really got the head inside of her and did some light thrusting just so she could get an idea. After about 5 minutes of doing that and constantly asking if she was comfortable and ok, I let her know that I'd be going for a full thrust. I pulled my dickhead so that it was just visible inside her lips and slowly and steadily pushed until I felt that "POP". Now being the only virgin I've ever been with I can't really liken the experience to anything else - the closest I could even describe it is by pulling a napkin or piece of plasitc tight and continually poking it until your finger came through. Now being that I did "pop her cherry" there was a bit of a mess but nothing major. Once that happened though, I almost forgot she had just lost her virginity seconds ago and was slamming away on her. She gave me a few grimaces and I remembered to take it easy on her. About 10 minutes later I thought I damn near filled the condom up when I came. Being that we were at her parents' house there was no post-coitus cuddling and whatnot, just 2 towel offs, getting dressed, and sneaking back to the door.

And that was my first encounter with J H. I actually feel like I let myself down with her. She was young, influenceable (dumb), and ready to be full of cum. If work hadn't got in the way and I could've continued to see her 3 nights a week, at the very minimum some guy or group of guys would be thanking me right now. She had a little bit of a slut phase after our time dwindled down. I haven't fucked her since December of 2010. Since then she's had a baby and has moved closer to me again. We talked last week but it was like a totally different person. Hopefully I'll go fuck again within the next month.

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