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My fantasy

My fantasy

A quick delve into the perverse part of me, all my other stories have been true but this is pure fantasy
Written by B.B

I am home alone and like any normal person I am watching some hard core porn and reading some very erotic stories, I have watched some lesbians licking each others juicy cunts licking and finger fucking until one squirts her hot juice in the face of her willing partner. This gives me extremely tingly balls as my cock grows in my trousers, I watch a man with a huge cock fuck this girls tight pussy until he fills it with come, my cock is now hard as I so want to go and lick his cum out of her tiny cunt.

I slowly start to rub my cock I can feel pre-cum leaking out of the slit, I take my cock out and collect the juice on my finger tip, I put it to my tongue, mmm yum I savor the taste, my cock gets harder the tingle in my balls increases.

I remove the rest of my clothes and lay on the towel on the floor my cock jutting up the head a deep red, I push my finger down to my hole I rub it around the edge, I lick the finger getting it wet, I rub again and f***e the digit into my ass. I wiggle it, loving the feeling; I push the 2nd one in and begin to bang them in and out of my arse. I reach out and grab the dildo it is thick veiny and long, my ass is tight but I f***e it in slowly gathering pace, my cock begins to grow again leaking more and more it tastes delicious. With my cock back to full hardness I know it won’t be long before my cum erupts from me.

Something catches my eye, fuck I think is that the k**s or the wife fuck have I been caught, I look again in the garden looking at me is a man and a woman, they are in work clothes but I can see they are enjoying my show, the dildo is still in my ass and my cock feels like it is at breaking point, I look into their eyes and carry on fucking my ass stretching it, god I feel full, the voyeurs enter the house through the conservatory they stand in front of me removing their clothes the woman is blonde mid 20s the man is about the same age she is down to white knickers and bra, she kneels before him and removes his pants his cock springs out, oh my it is bigger and thicker than the dildo. She takes it in her mouth wow I say what a fantastic cock I get on my knees keeping the toy firmly in my ass with the base on the floor, I ride this rubber cock. I pinch the woman’s nipple she moans through the cock, I remove her bra and fondle her tits some more, I push my hand between her legs, god her pussy is so wet I rub her clit hard and fast as the man fucks her face.
I take my hand from her cunt I taste the juice I smell her it is the best, I am in sexual heaven, I put my hand on his ass and tell him to fuck her throat, I massage his cheeks willing him on, I cup his balls he looks at me and I at him, he smiles this gives me the go ahead. I grip the base of his cock, I want to taste it, I can feel it throbbing, my mouth engulfs it wow it is big. I begin to work my head up and down the taste is similar to mine , I work him into my throat wanking him and sucking him.

The woman has taken the dildo and is ramming it in and out of my hole she spits on it to give lube and fucks me faster, she tells the man to come and fuck me, I do not object although my mouth is now empty.
She pulls my ass apart, I can feel the heat of his massive cock, I feel him at the entrance, he pushes in slowly at first, the pain is intense, still on my knees I look back to see my cock has shrunk out of fear I am sure but my cock is sticky with the relentless amount of salty liquid that has and is leaking out of me.
The cock in my ass is the biggest thing that has ever been in me and I am loving it I rock back and forth encouraging him to fill me, before I know it I can feel his balls against me, I have taken him all he starts to fuck me back and forth steady building a rhythm the woman has positioned herself in front of me I stick in two fingers, I suck her clit into my mouth as I fuck her velvety hole, I can see the juice running onto her star, I angle my head and lick her brown hole she cums and cums hard she is shaking her cunt muscles in spasm gripping my fingers she cums and she is squirting in my face, I can take it no more I have to cum. I get off his cock lay on the floor spread my legs he is back in me filling me, my cock is so hard it hurts, I tell blondie to suck me I want to paint her tonsils with my cum. She takes me in deep rubbing and sucking me, then it happens I am being fucked and sucked at the same time my balls are tight I erupt fill her mouth, she can not contain it, there is too much it spills out of her I unleash spurt after spurt, she hangs onto me as I writhe on the cock in my ass she kisses me filling my mouth with my cum, it is truly delicious, I cum back to my senses the pounding in my ass I can tell he is near, fill me I tell him fill me with your jizz do it do it know, his stroke is short and fast, I feel it spewing inside me coating my bowels, his cock comes out of me he is still spurting on my ever softening cock and balls.
Wow I say, what are you doing here I ask, your wife asked us to pop round to sort out the garden. Cool I say same time next week

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