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Brooke tossed her hair to the side and looked seductively into the webcam, a look she had by now perfected. The petite little blonde had been running her webcam-blog site for years and now had not only a big following, but a real grasp on how to turn them on and keep them interested. Her body being her most important asset, Brooke spent a fair amount of time exercising it, she was flexible and toned in all the right ways. As her new camera shoots and videos were coming in increasingly higher quality every aspect of her form had to be just right. From her smooth tanned skin to her always light but flawless makeup, Brooke was the perfect image for all of her fans to drool over.

Her private life was nothing like her internet one; despite the teasing, sultry sexpot she successfully played online she was truly an average, socially capable girl. Her college degree had her a nice job working for a small real estate firm and despite her fan-base she hardly ever had to worry about being recognized by anyone. Her f****y had no idea and any of her friends that knew had long since accepted her little side-job. It didn't stop the occasional asshole from being overly-aggressive at a party and assuming she gave it out easily if they heard of her on-camera antics. She'd learned how to deal with them now, and only on rare occasion did she ever even consider letting a guy that close to her anyway. In her experience, most guys freaked when they found out, and though Brooke had a secret wild side, she couldn't possibly live up to their expectations.

Brooke's f****y lived only ten to fifteen minutes from her apartment and she visited them often. She assumed that her online notoriety was subtle enough for neither of her siblings or her parents to ever stumble across but oh was she wrong. Brooke had underestimated just how enticing her gorgeous body and unique facial features really made her.

Her father, Michael, was no pervert or anything of the sort, but as most men often find throughout a marriage, the beautiful young (naked) women on the internet can be pretty enticing every once in a while. One day as he browsed through one of the few sites he frequented, he saw something that caught his eye. A little thumbnail with a pretty blonde girl bending towards the camera showing some great cleavage smiled back at him on a "Singles nearby" type of advertisement. He knew the girls were completely contrived, just popular images some advertiser had pulled from the internet, but he also knew he recognized the face on it. It was a stone cold ringer for his young daughter. He used Google to reverse image search the photo and up popped the same image used probably one hundred separate times.

He eventually traced the origin to a site of a girl named Brooke and as soon as he was looking at a full page photo of her he knew he had been right. His little girl was posed apparently in all non-nude shots, which did little to contain his surprising anger about the situation. All kinds of questions began to flood his mind.

"How could my daughter possibly be capable of that," he thought to himself, "who knows about this and what has Brooke gotten herself in to?"

Before Mike knew it he was grabbing his keys from the kitchen drawer and mindlessly heading out the door to confront her. He had no plans for what he would say and do when he found her, but he got in his car anyway and headed down the highway, the evening sun bearing down on him. He hadn't even thought about what to say to his wife, he'd have to handle that later. About ten mind-racing moments later and Mike was pulling into a parking space outside his daughter's building.

Brooke was just settling down after work for an hour or two of television when her phone announced the buzzer loudly across the room. She was dressed in a little white tank top and some tight-fitting cotton shorts. As she scampered across to the phone to find out who the unexpected visitor was, her 34C breasts bounced sexily in her top, free from the constrains of a bra as she had planned on relaxing alone tonight. As she reached the phone she picked it up and asked,

"Who is it?"

"Brooke, it's your dad," he had a very stern tone from the very start, "let me in we need to talk."

"Yes, daddy." Brooke said back, tentatively. Her hand shivered as she reached for the button.

Waiting for her father's knock upon her door, she ran through all of the possibilities for his unreasonably bad attitude. Being the smart girl that she was, she quickly came to the realization that her cover may have been blown.

"I knew I needed to tell them," Brooke reprimanded herself inwardly, "and now it's all blowing up in my face."

The minute or two it took for her father to climb the stairs gave her just enough time to wish she was wearing something more appropriate. Her current outfit was about as sexy as it got when she wasn't trying to be, and she was quite certain that her top even a little bit see-thru. Her nipples stood proudly at attention, and it made her even more nervous to confront her dad. She had to go back in and cha-

'Knock, Knock, Knock...' three firm knocks rang out before Brooke could even finish her thought and she quickly reached for the knob, pulling the door open slowly to see her dad standing there, stone-faced. He strode past her and began pacing back and forth in her kitchen, deep in thought.

"Brooke, honey, what the hell are you thinking!" he started in right away. "I just saw pictures of my twenty-six year old daughter half-naked on some website. I don't even know what to think, please tell me I've got this terribly wrong because I'm freaking out over here."

"Daddy, hold on just a minute!" Brooke begged him, tears forming in her eyes. "I've wanted to tell you for a long time now, but I didn't know how, please just let me explain."

"Start talking Brooke," he fired back, "because I've got a lot of bad images in my head right now and I'm going to take some serious convincing to get them out."

"I just do it once every week or so, and I don't do anything you're probably assuming, I don't even get naked," Brooke pleaded with him.

"Like that makes me feel any different about it, what kind of life is that, I can't even imagine what kind of company you keep doing something like that, and what kind of men you are getting involved with?" Mike said with anger still clearly permeating his tone.

"Dad! How could you say that," said Brooke hurt and full of guilt, "I've hardly been with anyone ever since I started when I was younger, and it's not like I'm going around fucking everyone I meet just because I want to have a little extra money on the side. How did you think I was paying off my loans? Sure, I am not exactly doing charity work, but I'm not some kind of whore like your thinking." She was waving her hands and basically begging now, full of emotion and unintentionally bouncing her freed tits in her shirt. It only reinf***ed the idea that his daughter had somehow been transformed into a sexpot or something worse.

Mike began to feel bad, though still sufficiently angry, as he saw tears forming in Brooke's eyes. He didn't mean to, but as he looked at her, he could see that she was a stunning girl, it was a fact he had always known. It made him proud that his little girl had made it in life honestly and was also a beautiful and sexy woman. He and his wife had talked about it many times, and fending off male pursuers was one of his biggest struggles in Brooke's earlier years. But here she was now, a grown-up, and a gorgeous women to boot. Mike could feel his heart softening a bit, he hadn't thought it all the way through and he didn't see himself as an unreasonable or unfeeling man.

"Still Brooke, you can't have me believe that this is somehow a good thing for you, because I can't come up with a way that it is." Mike challenged her, his tone tamed somewhat.

Brooke had composed herself a little now, and was crossing her arms over her chest, feeling naked in front of her father, a side-effect of her guilt. She had justified her work so often before and most people either saw her way of thinking or at least shut-up about it, but this was a different story. This was a man who had raised her, cared for her and had taught her just about everything she knew about being an adult. She looked up to him and the thought of letting him down made her feel extremely saddened.

Brooke went on to tell her father that she had always been careful about her identity and was very experienced at being a safe part of the online community. She told him a little about everything she did, and despite some grimaces as she relayed that she was frequently naked (covered only by her hands) on camera, he sat and listened patiently and started to imagine accepting this as a part of his life. When she was done, there was a moment of silence as Brooke's father took in all of the information. All of this talk of his beautiful little daughter being nude for an audience had him confused as hell. He could remember from the images he had seen on her homepage the very couch upon which he now sat, covered by her sprawled out naked form, with hands covering only her nipples and leaving the rest of her body open for the viewing.

Mike wasn't happy about her actions, but he knew that he ultimately could not just tell her what to do. She no longer lived under his roof, depended on him for anything or ever really asked him for advice anymore. If Brooke wanted to continue with her website, he could do very little stop her. About thirty minutes of back and forth, Mike always keeping in mind that her website was only a step away from something more serious altogether, the father and daughter came to an tentative agreement. Brooke would stop over at the f****y home weekly and talk to her father about her life and safety, including her website's serious goings on, and Mike would not tell her mother or take any further action.

Looking at her father, Brooke saw a hesitant smile flash across his face and she knew that she had successfully abated his initial outrage. With the best puppy-dog look she could muster, Brooke looked at her father with her big blue eyes and walked at him slowly. She flung her arms around him and he hugged her close, a feeling of relief coming upon both of them as they both held each other close. Mike was for the first time since barging into her apartment touching his baby girl and it felt nice to be rid of the anger he had brought with him.

Relief wasn't all he was feeling however, with Brooke's thinly covered body pressing tightly against his, her breasts and the swell of her hips was activating feelings in Mike's body he had wanted desperately not to contend with. Brooke's nipples were already visible when he arrived, a fact that had not gone unnoticed by her father and now they were pressed into his chest as Brooke leaned into him and breathed soft sighs of relief. She was a sultry young girl, he could not deny her that, but Brooke's father could not stomach the fact that his little girl was the fantasy of so many that visited her site. It was no easy fact to grow accustomed to, and he pushed it out of his head for now.

"I'm going to go home and sl**p on this Brooke," her father told her.

"You could stay here daddy," Brooke said sweetly, "I don't have much but my bed is big enough for the two of us." Brooke had meant it innocently, or so he thought, but with the recent developments and the images of his daughter and her never-ending legs, her smooth skin and the swell of her... no he could not sl**p here tonight, or he might do something he'd later regret.

"Thank you honey, but I have got to get back to your mother, Lord knows she'll wonder why I took off in such a hurry." Mike said back.

"Can I come by tomorrow then?" Brooke asked with a delightful whine in her voice, throwing her head to the side and kicking out her hips; it was an unintentionally seductive stance.

"I guess so honey, I'll be home around 4pm so if you come then we can talk for a while until your mother comes home. We'll obviously need to practice some discretion when it comes to her if you are sure you don't want her to know." Mike was starting to settle back into normalcy now and he imagined that the next day really could be just like her usual visits.

"Thank you for being so understanding," Brooke said as she pecked her father on the lips, "I'm sorry you had to find out about it this way."

"It's okay honey, I guess I was just a little shocked and I apologize for not handling it well, I'll see you tomorrow" Mike said, love now replacing the anger in his voice.

Brooke slid out of her father's arms and headed for the door. Once again, her father couldn't help but notice her little butt swaying and her slim midsection arching to the side as she reached a hand up to toss her hair. No wonder she was so successful on the web... As she shut it behind him, Brooke pushed her back against the door and slid down it to her butt as she digested what had just happened. She had never imagined having to handle her father that way, and so suddenly. More than that, a strange feeling was emanating from her core and she realized that she had begun to tingle from her father's loving embrace. It was a feeling she had not felt since in some time, and even then it had not come on so strong. Something about being understood by her father, and then her sexy little secret being known to him had a profound effect on her. She almost didn't want to think it to herself, but she felt what she could only describe as arousal. Brooke dismissed the thought and stood up, returning to the couch for her previously scheduled TV marathon. Only it wasn't the show that was on that she was thinking of, it was her father, his reaction and a naughty little thought popped into her head.

"He must have been somewhere on the internet a little suspect to have come across my photo," Brooke thought suspiciously. "He must have been cruising the internet for me."

It hadn't occurred to her until just now that her father may have been doing a little fantasizing when he had come across her sexy photo. What did he think of her, did he think she was pretty or was he disgusted. She could swear she had felt his nervousness as he hugged her, a characteristic he hardly, if ever, displayed. Could it be that he felt turned on by his own daughter's body on display? If there was one thing Brooke knew, it was that she was very capable of getting a man's attention; had she gotten his in the same way? After all, it was not as if her father was not a decent catch himself, a hunk in fact. If he was checking out pictures of her on the web, she would certainly be flattered to have the praises of a middle-aged, handsome man who had taken good care of himself into his adult life.

Brooke dismissed the thought, no matter how flattered she was, Mike was her father and she would have no more thoughts like that entering her head. Like it or not, she still had some mending work to do in order to have her dad fully accept her lifestyle and even a hint of sexuality toward him could derail her efforts. No, she would play an upstanding role and earn back his trust however she needed to.

On the other end, Mike was deep in thought for the whole drive home. He was considering the pros and cons of her profession, wondering if she would continue now that he knew. His thoughts remained on his daughter as got back to the house and had his usual evening meal with his wife. She prattled on as always about this and that, reminding him to take care of things around the house and asking how her cooking was that night. Mike barely did more than nod in agreement as he continued to think of his daughter. Eventually he became so fixated on his thoughts of her that he decided he would have to go to her website to convince himself that he had made the right decision in going easy on her.

As soon as his wife went to bed at her usual early time, Mike headed out to his office above the garage and logged on to his pc. Saved in his history was his daughter's webpage. He opened it back up as he had earlier that day and there she was. The main photograph had her wearing almost the same thing she had answered the door in when he visited earlier that day; this time her shirt was bunched to expose a bit of her taught abs.

"Coincidental," Mike thought passively.

He clicked on another link and a video opened of her most recent "cam-show," as Brooke had called it. At first he thought he should avoid watching it, but as the video began to play, his hand refrained from closing the window.

Mike stared, watching his young daughter as she smiled back at him. Minutes passed as she chatted on the webcam and then began to play some music. It was typical dance music and though he knew what was coming his mind had not prepared him for it. Brooke danced slowly and seductively in front of the camera as the song began, touching herself over her clothes and making sexy faces and poses for the camera. She began to intensify her dancing a bit, bending and gyrating to the pulse of the music. Then she slowly peeled of her skin-tight shirt, bunching it up just below the nipples as she hooked her fingers in her panties. She continued looking at the camera as she pushed her panties down and hid the treasures beneath strategically with her legs or hands. If he looked closely he could even see a tiny bit of her nipple as she danced about.

"What a little tease," Mike said to himself. "I still can't believe this."

As the video progressed she peeled off further layers of clothing until she was naked and rolling around on the bed, only tentatively covering her nipples and sweet little pussy. Something inside Mike made him wish to see his daughter's fully naked form on the camera, and he was disappointed when the video came to a close and there was no such luck. He had not noticed while he was watching the video but Mike realized that he was fully hard and incredibly horny as he gazed upon his beautiful daughter.

A notification appeared on the site that Brooke had updated it, and he clicked to see a short journal entry for the evening. It read:

"It's been a bit of a strange night full of drama, but something's about it has me kind of turned on. Sometimes I feel horny for the strangest reasons, does anybody else get that way? Well anyway, come check out my new show this weekend, hopefully I'll be able to control myself until then, though I feel like I could just about jump anyone's bones right now."

As her father read this he felt himself sneering at her words. They were so sultry and so perfectly phrased to manipulate all of the fans out there. "What a fucking tease," her father thought and he felt himself getting a little angry again. And of course, she was talking about him: clearly their little exchange had gotten her riled up, but it was in an altogether different way than he'd planned. In a mixture of curiosity, frustration and lust, Mike finished watching another two of Brooke's most recent videos. As his erection became uncomfortable in his jeans, he pushed it around with his hand and savored the feeling of touching it as the sexy little minx danced around on the screen in front of him. She was wearing a tiny pair of underwear that said "Daddy's Girl," in the current video and her nipples we covered only by a single finger. Thoughts of teaching the little tease a lesson, one that could only be taught with a firm cock, entered his head before he knew it.

"Daddy's Girl," he thought, "I'll show her daddy's girl."

If Brooke was there right then, he certainly do just, the little tease on the screen was screaming for sex and he'd be more than capable of giving it to her. Mike was imagining bending Brooke over his desk and taking her from behind when he snapped out of his daydreaming.

"What the hell are you thinking," Dan muttered, "she's your daughter and you could never do a thing like that."

Next to his computer was a picture of him and Brooke at the beach; it was a strange, sentimental picture to have caught his eye, even a few years ago his little girl was gorgeous as ever. Dan returned his hand to his mouse, closed the window of his browser and headed out of his office for the night. It was at least an hour before he could get to sl**p images of Brooke in compromising positions and poses flashed periodically in his mind and he spent the rest of the time battling inwardly about them.

The next day went on as usual, Mike spent the day in and out of his office and it was afternoon before he knew it. He had even made it through most of the time without thinking of Brooke, though it took having to turn away the photo of Brooke in her little red bikini. Tired and cranky from a long day of work and a sl**pless night before, he finally got up to grab a drink in the house he left his desk and office unattended; he'd return in a few minutes and there was nothing to worry about.

Just as he got in the house and decided to use the bathroom, Brooke pulled up in the nice little convertible she had paid for with her surprisingly stocked bank account. Indeed, her little operation, not so secret anymore had proved quite profitable. She headed up to her father's office as they agreed, she could always find him there when she came to visit during the workday. She even felt a little nervous, knowing that something was different between the two of them now: something naughty and secret. Brooke hoped they could move past it as soon as possible and she could go back to being daddy's little girl.

When she arrived upstairs to any empty office, she figured her dad would be back soon so she sat down at his computer and opened up his browser to check her e-mail and facebook. but as soon as she began typing, she saw something she did not expect. Typing a "b" brought a whole slew of recent visits to her site. There were links to everything: multiple different videos, sexy galleries she knew were a hit, and her blogging as well.

"Oh no," Brooke thought nervously, "I wonder if he read my post last night..."

As she scrolled down, she realized that her father had not only checked out her site, he had pretty much seen everything she had to offer. Once again, she felt a strange bit of arousal at being inspected by her father in such a way. And yet, for all his huffing and hawing, her father had been enjoying her naked body WELL AFTER he'd scolded her for putting it out there in the first place: what a hypocrite. Brooke decided she had seen enough and closed his browser, allowing her just enough time to sit down on one of his comfy chairs. She heard him coming back up the stairs and at the last second she unbuttoned a button and adjusted her blouse so her full breasts were almost spilling out the middle.

Mike saw her convertible on his way back to the office and it only added to his building frustration with his daughter. Had he gone wrong somewhere, raising such a devious little daughter of his, or was he just overreacting. Nonetheless, he nearly choked when he entered his office and saw her perched in the chair with a knee tucked under her and her blouse giving him a view of her cleavage that almost instantly caused a jump in his pants.

"Hi daddy," Brooke announced cheerfully, a big smile on her unimaginably cute face.

"Hi Brooke," he responded, "long time no see."

Brooke laughed, "you're right, the last time I SAW YOU, things were a little different."

Brooke had put a strange emphasis on her statement that made him suspicious of her. She was shifting now and her long, smooth legs were hanging over the arm of the chair, dangling and covered only by some poor excuse for jean shorts. She was arching her back, laying sideways on the chair and her breasts were even more pronounced at the moment. Mike could feel himself getting upset again, a weird feeling to have when you have an erection pushing against your jeans.

"So, are we okay now dad? Are you still convinced I'm some little slut and I'm off fucking like a rabbit all the time?" Brooke raised her eyebrows as she asked him.

Mike couldn't believe how she was speaking to him, and neither could Brooke, truthfully. Something had gotten into her; Mike didn't know what angle she was working, but the wetness Brooke could feel building told her that her wild side was scratching at the doors.

"I honestly don't know what to think Brooke, but what I do know is that your language and your tone is unacceptable." Mike replied angrily.

Brooke paused, she knew she shouldn't push him any further because she didn't know how her dad would handle it. Both of them stared at each other and tested their wills with angry eyes. Brooke could feel herself becoming frustrated over her father's hypocritical condemnation of her. Here he was judging her when he'd likely had his hand on his cock as she danced across his screen. She knew that he had clearly done a lot more than scan her website, and couldn't see how he still though himself righteous. She wanted to hold back, but it was like she was a passenger in her own body and somebody else, someone mischievous and sexual, was driving her against her will.

"Why daddy, did you like what you saw too much?" Brooke directed at him smugly.

"That's enough Brooke," Mike raised his voice to her, he could feel himself angering again. That comment had thrown him off, but he wasn't about to back down. "I think I want you to take that site down, today."

"How will you check out your little naked daughter online anymore THEN dad?" Brooke continued pushing her father's buttons. Now there was no denying that she knew, it was a classic standoff, a battle of the wills Though Brooke had entered Mike's office with the intention of reconciliation she had now taken a completely different path; there was no turning back.

"I said to cut it out!" her father was nearly shouting at her. He knew she must have seen that he visited her website but he would be damned if he let her push him around like this.

"I could give you a private show, Daddy," Brooke suggested with sarcasm and sex dripping from her voice. As she said it she ran a finger over the ample cleavage that was peeking out through the opening in her blouse.

"I'm warning you Brooke, stop now or I'll..." Mike was about to snap, he didn't know why he was letting her anger him so.

"What are you going to do daddy, spank me? I bet that's not all you want to do with me..."

There was a pause now, Brooke saw something in her father's eyes that told her she'd successfully crossed the line. Mike on the other hand felt as if he'd had the wind knocked out of him, his options were to either send her away indefinitely or to somehow teach her a lesson. He began leaning toward the former to allow him time to cool down when the most satisfied, sultry grin appeared on Brooke's face.

"That's it Brooke," Mike yelled, it truly was the final straw. He got up from his desk and rushed at her.

Brooke couldn't even react before her father had scooped her up with one arm like a ragdoll and was lifting her from the chair. She was astounded by his strength and realized now that she should actually be afraid of what was about to happen. She yelled out, hoping her father would let her go.

But Mike had no such plans, he dragged her across the room to the couch and kicked the coffee table out of the way in front of it, dropping her on the rug it had been standing on. Brooke was looking back at him scared as he pinned her, face down on the rug.

"What's he going to do," she frantically thought, "surely he won't hurt me?"

Her wondering was quickly cast aside as grabbed the waistband of her shorts and tugged, breaking the button in the front. He yanked them down once, twice and on the third yank they revealed her pert little ass. He had seen it on the internet as she shook it around for all her fans to get off to, and now here it was, soft and round as he had imagined it.

He flinched off the desire to grab it in his hand and instead brought his palm swiftly down upon it, a smack ringing out in the air. Brooke gasped as he spanked her the first time, shocked that he would even come to this. He spanked her again, and her eyes began to tear, both from the pain but and the surprise. On the third slap her father stopped and took in his surroundings. He could see Brooke's lower back as her blouse had ridden up, and the white silky panties that matched her it. They were riding up between her cheeks a little now, pink from his spanks. Her jean shorts were tight around her knees and restraining her legs from movement.

"Is this what you want Brooke," her father asked her, "this is the kind of attention that your actions will get you. Some guy will get fed up with all your teasing and he'll come and finish what you started." Brooke began to feel guilt that her teasing had driven her father to such lengths.

Mike flipped his daughter over underneath him and looked down at her. He did it f***efully enough that another of the buttons on Brooke's blouse worked its way undone. Her shirt was now barely covering anything, her pierced belly button and ample cleavage fully on display to her father. She refused to cry, but that didn't hide her glazed eyes or the shivering lip that were giving her away. Mike was using his weight to hold her hips down, and he failed to recognize that he was now pressing against her mound with his thigh - a fact that was not lost on her. Brooke begged her body not to react to his punishment, but it was slowly turning the whole situation around in her head.

But still she resisted him, not wanting to succumb to him or show weakness. She shot him a look of indignation, telling him that he hadn't and wouldn't break her spirit. Brooke's father pinned her arms to either side of her and said, "Do you honestly think you could defend yourself if I decided to take you right now? You're a beautiful woman, and not a particularly strong one, you can't go around teasing anyone you want or you're going to end up somewhere you don't want to be."

Brooke squirmed but was truly helpless against him, as she writhed her pussy ground against his strong thigh and she wished she hadn't moved at all. All the while, her father had been trying to keep his cool, to teach her a lesson, but every time he looked down at her, his defenses began to chip away. Her perky tits were begging to be palmed and her abdomen looked just the right size to fit in both his massaging hands. The subtle curves of her hips and the heat of her pussy...

"Wait a minute," Mike thought as he looked down between them, Brooke did too, "is she enjoying this," he wondered, incredulous.

There was no doubt that Brooke was aroused, her panties showed a faint wet spot and Mike could even smell her sex as he came to the realization that his punishment was not having the intended effect. When he looked back up, the father and daughter made eye contact, and there was a long pause as the two of them searched each other's eyes for explanation.

Something in her father snapped; Mike was now immersed in a torrent of anger, love and lust as he made his next move. With Brooke still pinned to the ground he reached between them to her wet panties and ripped them off in one tug. In seconds he had his own pants off and his cock was an engorged, red pillar of his frustration. He regained his grasp on Brooke's hands which had attempted to push him off of her as he adjusted and took them both in one hand. With his other hand he grabbed at the remaining two buttons on her blouse and the bra beneath and tugged it off, hearing the clatter of the buttons against the wall and the rip of the bra. Brookes body lifted with her garments a bit before they gave way and when she hit the floor; her tits shook proudly and her tiny nipples were hard as a rock.

"You can't daddy, don't!" Brooke had certainly meant to tease him, but never did she dream he'd go this far. She certainly didn't expect to feel his hard cock up against her shaved mound.

"I'm your daughter," she pleaded, " you can't fuck me."

"You asked for this Brooke, TELL ME you didn't!"

"I swear, uhhhh," Brooke's mind battled against here insanely aroused body, "Please don't do this..."

As she said it they both felt his tip against her pussy, her protests hardly being supported by the shimmering folds and the heat of her arousal. Mike was lost to the world, his body working on its own. His teasing little daughter was laid out below him, the object of his desire, and that desire demanded him to take her, to fuck some sense into her and to take back the fulfillment she had deprived him of.

"Daddy, please!" she whimpered. It was unclear now, to both of them, whether she was saying yes or no.

But the decision was made, for as she begged her father was already pushing inside of her. He slid in inch after agonizing inch and her wet tunnel welcomed him deeper and deeper. Brooke let out an involuntary moan as he filled her up. Mike was in an alternate universe; he had gone from scolding his misbehaving daughter to nailing a gorgeous internet vixen in a matter of seconds, and damn did it feel good. He kept sliding his cock further inside his little daughter and he couldn't believe how much tighter and warmer it got with each millimeter. When he finally was all of the way inside, he looked back at her. Her eyes were wide, sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead, and she writhed underneath him.

"This is what you really want, isn't it Brooke? Did you think you could just flaunt yourself and there'd be no consequences?"

With that he slid out a little and pushed back inside her, moving only about an inch, but it was enough to disturb her as she tried to respond:

"Fuck you dad," she shouted back, "you're fucking........ughhh........ohhh........r****g me."

But Brooke's resistance was draining quickly, she may have said no, but she was slowly realizing she was getting what she wanted all along. There was a reason she flaunted herself to him and nobody else but her faceless internet fans. The images of him that had fluttered by as she touched her wet little slit the night before had been for a reason too.

Something about what Brooke said had caught him off guard, he couldn't believe he was taking his daughter against her will, but the feeling of being buried deep inside her was almost too much to overcome. He began to pull from her and held there, with the tip of his penis still concealed by her warm lips, when she did something he didn't expect. Brooke rotated her hips ever so slightly so that his shaft was now maybe an inch further immersed inside of her than when he had stopped. As Mike looked down at his gorgeous little daughter, her face flushed with anticipation, her breasts falling slightly to the sides, and her tantalizing abdomen leading down to the i****tuous penetration below, he pushed all the way in again.

This time, Brooke let out a full-on moan of pleasure, and her pussy walls gripped him tighter than they had before. The little blonde's eyes danced in her head and she arched her back as she was impaled on her father's pole. She was so helpless in his restraining grasp, and she began to hump her clit against his pelvis slowly; it was her only means of control. Brooke's defenses were broken, his last thrust had assured that, and Brooke wanted him to fuck her, now, hard. She continued to fight him, though this time it was so she could encourage him and not push him away.

Her father loved the way she struggled against him, suspecting that she may have been a willing participant all along. She threw her hips this way and that, and he began to unsheathe his cock and delve back within her, extracting moans and screams from her as he did so. Brooke eventually gave up trying to roll him off of her and instead grasped him hard with her toned legs. She lifted her hips up off the ground and supported her weight with her legs wrapped around his back. Mike pounded into Brooke from above, her pussy now dripping wet and pulsing at the attention. The little tart's father firmly planted his hand on her stomach and pushed it hard against her firm body, depressing a bit at the effort. He ran it up her abdomen and in between her breasts, noticing the faint tan-lines they were dressed with. All the while he slammed into his daughter on the carpet in an impressively acrobatic pose. As he took her breast into his grasp, clutching it and squeezing it to his delight, he lost track of her other hand.

Though Brooke could hardly think through her enjoyment of the rough sex her father was dishing out, she saw an opportunity and took it. Dropping her legs from him and sliding him quickly out of her dripping cunt, Brooke freed herself from his clutches. Mike started to get up when he was take completely off guard as she planted her palms on his chest and shoved him back hard, the couch taking out his legs and tossing him back into its cushions. Before he could even try to get up, Brooke was leaping on top of him, straddling his legs and positioning herself for the ride of a lifetime.

She found it; Brooke maneuvered her father's cock, shining with his pre-cum and her loving lubrication, to her hole and sank down on it. The pads of her feet hung off the edge of the couch, pointing up toward the ceiling and her strong legs were sunk into the couch on either side of her father's. Brooke took hold of the back of the couch and began to gyrate as hard as she could on her father's huge member. She had never been one to judge a man by size, but her father felt enormous as he pulsed inside of her; she couldn't remember ever feeling filled so completely.

Mike was bewildered by his daughter's f***eful maneuver and simply watched in awe as she poised herself on top of him and sank down over his rod. Her beautiful teardrop breasts hung in front of him and her nipples even grazed his face once or twice as she began to bounce up and down, up and down, faster along his length. Her soft, dirty-blond hair hung around her shoulders and he marveled at the strength and perfection of her entire naked body. He regained his composure and f***efully gripped his daughter's hips, he could feel her hipbones in his strong grasp and he helped her along a few times by slamming her down until there was not a molecule between them. He pawed at her soft skin, and Brooke moaned loud in approval. Her tight little ass bouncing mesmerizingly as she fucked her father with all her might.

"You like that tried to ****'m fucking you," Brooke was going crazy with lust, bucking atop her father like she was riding a bull. "Oh my fucking god, I'm gonna come!"

Mike leaned his head back into the couch as his daughter spoke in such dirty phrases. He took her in, in all her glory, shimmering with sweat as she worked herself rhythmically upon him, her breasts bouncing and her abs rippling as they flexed. She was a work of art, and he the artist. Brooke's hair was over her eyes and he took her face in his large palms, pushing it aside and gazing deep into her sparkling blues. He realized that they had yet to kiss, and he wanted to feel her sharp little tongue against his. Brooke beat him to it though and shot forward to meet his lips, hard but graceful as they locked together in a passionate kiss.

Brooke's hips didn't miss a beat, as their tongues met and twirled around each other, struggling to gain a hold of its counterpart, Brooke lithely continued her grinding efforts. Her orgasm was building, and with that her motions began to get less fluid, her breaths coming hastily and short. Mike could feel her pussy alerting him that Brooke was nearing climax, and he wanted his daughter to orgasm so hard she blacked-out.

So as she Brooke feebly attempted to keep up her display of stamina and lust, Mike decided to take over. He took hold of her hips once more and thrust her down to meet his upward moving cock. They smacked together and he repeated the assault. Brooke screamed at the feel of his hands taking control of her body and she pressed her forehead to his, looking down between them to see her father fucking her in earnest. They took turns making lustful eye contact and watching their i****tuous fucking below as Mike continued to plunge in and out of his daughter's wet tunnel. She was pulsing, gasping and milking him all at once as his pole filled her up and then left her empty over and over again, her love dripping around them.

"You like that, you little cock-tease?" Mike said as he fucked his daughter with fervor.

"Oh my fucking god.....Daddy......Yes I do.......Ohhh shit....fuck your daughter..... your little tease," Brooke would have screamed it if her body would allow it, but with the pleasure coursing through her she could manage only a few gasps. As soon as she said tease, "OOOOOHMY......."

A natural disaster could not have stopped her cumming, because as Brooke's head shot up toward the ceiling and she let out a beautiful howl, she lost all senses except the feeling of her father inside of her. Her vision left her, her body was tense as she held on to her father for dear life, and a raging inferno of pleasure blazed through her from the inside out. Her walls compressed on her father's cock to an almost painful degree, and her fingernails broke skin on his back. All the while Mike continued to shove himself inside of her and then pull all the way out. Brooke convulsed without stopping on top of him for thrust after thrust, moaning and gasping for air as her father coaxed her orgasm for what felt like minutes at a time. Brooke was in heaven, but grabbed at her father and held herself tight to him as if to beg that he stop fucking her and allow her to breathe. He understood her begging and gave her one more long, agonizingly long stroke before burying himself inside her.

He held his little girl there, breasts mashed up against him, foreheads together and Brooke's shudders coming less and less frequent as she tried to come back to reality. Her eyes were closed and she looked so beautiful, so sexy there, nearly u*********s by his doing. Before even opening her eyes, Brooke smiled, her radiance instilling in him a profound happiness, unmatched before this moment in his life.

Brooke knew that her father had yet to cum, and though she had barely come down from her own orgasm, and could very well enter another one at any second, she lifted herself off of him leaving her unbearably empty. Hardly able to maintain her footing she sauntered forward a few steps and giggled as she looked back at her father and her eyes begged him to come take her. Mike had not been far from exploding inside his daughter and he wanted desperately to be buried once more within hot, soaking quim. He jumped up from his seat, taking her off guard this time as she scampered toward his desk. He grabbed her around the waist and neck, urging her to put one leg up on the hefty wooden surface. Brooke reveled in his eagerness and arched her back to allow him access to her. He swept the things around them off his desk and bent her over it just a little, lining up for his desperate release.

He was not gentle, and Brooke was grateful for it, she wanted her father to take her, roughly, and then cum deep inside her. He pushed past her shaven lips and back into her depths and began to fuck his daughter just the way she wanted it. He ran his hands all over her body, not an ounce of fat in the wrong place, and took both her breasts in his needy hands. He rolled her nipples in between his fingers and pinched them, causing her to squeal in pain and delight. Brooke resumed her lusty moans and Mike sucked and licked at her neck as his pelvis met her delightful ass with a sexy slapping sound. He moved one hand to her neck and pressured it ever so slightly, owning his daughter and bending her to his will.

"I'll never tease you again daddy, or maybe I will," she smiled: a sweet, fuck-me grin, " can have me....ohhhhh......anytime you....... fuck.......want me."

Her words chipped away at the little restraint he had left, sweet, naughty words that he would play over in his head for years to come. He stood her up entirely and continued sliding his cock between her legs and into her sweet pussy. He was so close now, but Brooke's spasms from within told him that Brooke was too. He held her tight, her soft cushioned cheeks conforming to his thrusts from behind. His hands continued to work their magic on her toned form, running up and down her sides, breasts and hip, her back arched in a way only a flexible minx like Brooke could; Mike's slutty little daughter turned her head with one last effort.

"Cum in me daddy."

Her whisper nearly thrust him directly into orgasm but he managed to compose himself and savor his sexy daughter for a minute more. He could feel the ripples of her channel massage his cock as it glided inside of her quickly and for a few more long strokes. His release built to an unbearable level that he didn't even notice his little girl beginning to climax herself. She quaked in his arms and Mike could feel his sperm begin to bubble from inside of him. Brooke howled again, standing up straight as her father impaled directly up into her quim for the last time before he erupted inside her.

She could feel his cum, hot and plentiful, jetting into her needy insides as another orgasm rippled through her body. Mike was cumming so hard he had to use his daughter to steady himself, pulling her tighter against his body as he pumped her full of his spunk. She continued to spasm in front of him, her pussy extracting further ropes of sperm and nursing it deeper into her tunnel. Mike had never felt anything like what he did with his cock buried inside his prick-teasing, sexy little girl. He jammed deeper into her, their recent orgasms driving them both to shiver at the motion. Neither could move after that, and Brooke knew she'd never be fucked better by another man in her life. Filled with her father's cum, with euphoria and an inconceivable love for her daddy, Brooke put her hands down on the desk to steady herself. Her arms shook under her weight, still weak from her mind-altering orgasm.

Brooke wanted to turn and kiss her father, so she stood, slowly, on her tiptoes to release herself from his still hard shaft. It made her gasp as the helmet of his cock popped out of her, caressing her lips as it did. She gracefully spun in his arms, reaching up to take grasp of his neck and kiss him. Their desire for each other was painfully apparent as they wrestled their tongues, Brooke loved her daddy so much she could have died happy in his arms right then and there.

As he held her tight and felt her arms wrapped around him, Mike lifted up his little girl by the ass, cupping her cheeks in his hands. Her giggles made his softening cock jump a little, but neither of them could have sustained another romp. Instead he brought her over to his large desk chair and turned, falling back with her still clutching onto him. Brooke's smile made her father relax into a satisfied sense of relaxation that he could only describe as euphoria. With her athletic body d****d on top of him, he could feel her breaths coming slowly and he relished feeling her soft skin against his.

"Are you still mad at me daddy?" Brooke asked him mischievously as she looked at him from her place in his arms. "Because I hate to tell you this, but I'm still a naughty girl." Brooke wiggled her ass as she said so and felt her father's cock stir against it.

Mike thought about it for a second; he had just had incredible, i****tuous, lust-filled sex with the sexy creature in his arms, and he couldn't imagine even letting her go. She may be his daughter, but having been inside her now he knew he could never go back. He didn't need her photos on the internet, he had the real thing right in front of him for the taking, and by god was she gorgeous. Even in her post-orgasmic state, disheveled, still damp with sweat and full of her father's seed, Brooke exuded unrivaled beauty and sexiness.

"Oh, I'm far from happy with you baby," Mike said at last, "and I'm going to need you to come by every day at the same time so I can't make sure you're taking my punishments seriously."

"I think, I can make some time for you, daddy," Brooke said with a wide naughty grin. She bit her lip, and looked at him with big, sad eyes, "just don't go to hard on me, or I might fall back into my teasing ways..." As she said so, she ran her hand and nimble fingers up his shaft, feeling it stir. Her father grabbed her around the waist and rolled in place on top of him, preparing to teach her one final lesson before her mother returned home. The two lovers gazed into each other's eyes and knew they had stumbled into a wonderful new relationship; and Brooke's father entered her once more, looking forward to their daily punishment sessions and his future with the much-loved internet tease: his hot little daughter, Brooke.

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