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"Oh fuck..oh..f-f-fuck yea.....ooooh FUUUUUUCK!" Brad moaned out as he shot a huge load into his flesh light during one fucking intense nutt. He did this everyday, it was his routine. His thing. His "habbit." Simply his way of relieving his stress and starting the day. He would wake up smoke some good bud and then after maybe reading some news he then decides to have his edging session. He had been toking and stroking for years and practically walked around with a permanent hard on. He loved sex, porn, jerking off. It didn't matter just so long as he could bust a nutt. His cock was huge 11 inches to be exact and on this day he decided that he would get off to the fetish he loved to enjoy. Some porn with teen pussy in it. While watching it he also fantasized that his cock was sliding deep inside his friend Misty's teen daughter. It made for a really nice session too and he realized he really wanted to fuck a teen cunt. It was a Saturday that it all changed for him not only did he eventually fuck some teen pussy it would be his friends teen daughter and it would be a fuck that he would never forget.

Misty's wedding was one that was as modest as could be and she was getting married to a guy fresh out of jail, but Brad stuck by her through thick and thin. They had become friends in middle school and in college Brad came out to her as gay, so she always considered him so. When they were 16 Misty got pregnant by her high school bF and had a daughter named Mindy and around the time Mindy turned 16 Brad had realized he was bi sexual and wanted some pussy in a bad way and he also discovered he wanted some teen pussy. Mindy had grown up to be one hot piece and the thought of fucking her young little bald cunt made Brad so hard that he would nearly nut when he was around her. Misty had left on a Friday for her honey moon and asked Brad to check in on Mindy who was home alone. Brad was 32 and was a former model he was beautiful and he knew it. He smoked a huge joint before he went over and when Mindy opened the door he nearly came. She stood there wearing a t-shirt that barley covered her ass. "I know it's late but I just wanted to check on you I am gonna crash in the spare room. Mindy said "sure uncle Brad" since that is what she considered him as although her teen cunt would get wet at the thought of his big hard cock sliding deep inside her precious tight young bald hairless wet warm pussy made her wet and and she had fingered her teen pussy at night many a time because he was so hot though she was raised thinking he was gay. Brad stepped in and smelled something and his cock got hard instantly. He smelled wet pussy. He smelled the scent a cunt gives off when it yearns for a hard big cock to fuck it till it squirts. She saw his cock and looked at him and then grabbed it and squeezed. Brad gasped and moaned as the teenager massaged his man cock. She looked so young and pure and innocent. "W-w-what are you doing..oh-oh" he moaned "shssssss my mom won't know" she whispered. He could no longer fight and he kissed her and threw his arms around her slight frame. He pressed her against the wall and taking his hand he began to rub on her cunt. He panties were soaked from how wet she was and her nipples were rock hard and poked through her shirt. He very slowly and gently pulled her panties to the side with one finger and rubbed her hairless, bare, soft, pink snatch and carefully rubbed her clit. She moaned and her pelvis jerked and pussy juiced dripped on to his fingers and as he swirled her juices over his fingers the scent of her young pussy wafted up to his nose and he breathed in deep and licked his lips. She was ready, she was ripe, smelled fresh as fuck too and it was time to taste her luscious cunt. He pussy lips were now fully swollen in there aroused state as was her young teen clit.

Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as he slowly slid his huge man finger inside he tight hole and with his thumb he rubbed her clit. "Oh-oh-oh-it feel so-(gasp)so good." she murmured as his rhythm increased and while still finger his teen whore's young tight sweet cunt he picked her up and took her to her friends bedroom and laid her on a love seat. She took of her shirt and he began to lick her hard nipples on her perfect small perky breast. He slid in another finger and soon had in three and increased his intensity, she purred like a fuck bitch in heat then he pressed on her lower abdomen and really worked her pussy over. She howled for him and moaned, her sweet young voice getting shaky and high pitched.Her body became tense "Brad Right there.....RIGHT THERE!!!...ah...uh...ah...uh...aaaaaahhhhhhh"
and as he saw her cum face start to form over her young teen face he said very softly in her ear "Cum for your Uncle Brad" and she lost it, her young teen pussy gushed her cum out all over the couch as he kept finger fucking her she kept squirting and it was like nothing she had ever felt.

She was still a virgin in the sense that she had never had sex with another person but she had experimented with her mom's vibrator a few months back and had by this point had only began enjoying it and(as it was painful the first few times it was a big dildo) experiencing pleasure, but this was AMAZING and she begged him to fuck her. He stood and undressed and his lean muscular hot body made her young pussy quiver as the full size of his 11 inch cock could be seen. Pre-cum dripped from his tip and it pulsed in anticipation of the pussy. The veins on his massive swollen man dick were bulging. It was like a slobbering b**st getting ready for it's meal and small tight hairless pussy's lips seemed to swell more and more juice dripped and ran down her cunt slit. With her panties still on and pulled to the side he took his cock head, which was swollen and red and rubbed the head on her clit and between her pussy lips. They both moaned and Brad's voice growled as he felt the heat from her pussy on his head and under shaft. He took his finger and rubbed up some of her juice and then along with the huge bead of pre that had formed he lubed his head and uppper shaft and slowly began to enter his friend's teen daughter's young little cunt. He slowly slid in as she moaned out at the feeling of his stiff hard man cock with it's smooth skin sank deep int to her. "ooooooooooooh Shiiiiiiiiiiiit" Brad moaned out in a soft whisper as the feeling of her young insides made his cock melt. She was so so so very tight and so so so very warm and yes so so so fucking WET. He reveled in the young teen snatch getting hornier as he tought of how wrong it was to fuck his friend's teen daughter who though of him as an uncle yet longed to be fucked by her uncle Bradley and his be his teen whore cunt. "fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes gimme that cunt gimme that fucking cunt...who's in ya cunt huh?...who's in ya fucking hairless teen cunt?" he moaned out as he pounded her pussy and took control of the bitch. He worked that pussy over with his massive man dick and was inpressed that she took it like a pro in fact she loved it. "you are you are oh fuck your in my teen cunt fuck harder yes yes oh fuck YEEEEEEES" she screamed out and he felt her pussy clinch his around his cock so tight that he stopped as not to nutt yes. Her body shook and her voice got real low and deep as her mouth hung open and her eyes got this glazed look as if she had been given a shot of morphine. She was cumming on his cock and he could feel it as her pussy spasmed around his cock.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear as she came " you young fucking cunt that's right my dirty little teen whore cum on uncle's grown man cock" and a tear ran down her face because the sensation was so amazing. He body had never felt this before multiple intense orgasms. Her teen body shook and shook as each wave of her pussy's nut ran through her body. Brad smiled and and talked to her like she was his pet petting her as body as she came and saying "yes yes that's a good little cunt whore that's right let that pussy cum" He was so high and horny that he was shocked himself at his control and he knew once he busted that nut he was it was gonna be huge and he made up his mind he would leave his cock inside her when he did, lucky for him she was already on the pill in fact Misty asked his advice about it. Brad knew he was a perv but the thought of fucking some teen girl home alone and that no one would ever find out only made him want to do it more and that young, pure, innocent, untainted and freshly ripe pussy was like no fucking other. He made her taste her cunt by sucking his cock and then he ate her young pussy and reveled in the taste. She begged for more 11 inch man cock to fuck her little teen pussy and he gave the bitch what she asked for. He began to fuck her with pussy good making her moan and say his name over and over. She could see on his face that hi was about to blow as his expression was filled with lust and his mouth hung open and his brow furrowed then he began to pump harder "oh fuck yes oh fuck yes teen Pussy is so fucking good yes yes yes bitch...YES..Gonna cum deep in side your teen c-c-c-unt...SSSSSSSSS....ohhhhhh...SH-SHIIIIIIT...MMMMMMMMMMMM..unh huh..unh huh....MMMM...MMM..MMM." He had every inch buried deep inside her as he came which actually hurt her a little but his cum was so hard and his nutt so intense that he paid no attention to her arms hitting him and trying to push her off as her legs kicked in agony and ecstasy. Brad loved his life and he would always cherish this day though it would not be the last that they fucked but he would always remember the day his bi ass fucked a young teen cunt.

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