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Blackmail is such an ugly word, Part III

10 am the next morning...

Janet had found a note on her table telling her to be clean and ready at 10. So she sits and waits.

She had spent a long time crying last night. Threw a few things. Fought endless internal battles. Almost called the police more than once. Yes. No. I must. I can't. An endless loop. In the end she found herself going through her closet. Sorting out things that might be considered sexy. Realizing she has become a little tame. Even with very broad standards she ended up with a pretty small pile.

Did a little better with her delicates. She had some thongs and some sexy little things. Some nightgowns were a little interesting. But all in all she did not have the clothes to dress like a slut because dammit she was not one!

One thing she really did not think about was how much she was doing for him already. The clothes yes but she also shaved her crotch completely bare. Took a very long time picking out the simple white dress she would wear tomorrow. Without anything under it and unbuttoned it showed off a lot of her.

In her mind she was still going to resist but she was not going to be obvious about it. Play along and look for a mistake or something she could use. What she did not consider much was that there really was little that could happen that would help. Anything that put him in trouble was dangerous to her. The cage was locked and there was very little chance she would get out.

So she sat in the dress and waited.

When the knock came she opened the door. Him and his bag. Dressed in a nice sweatsuit he walks in without saying anything. Walking into the f****y room with her following along.

Dropping the bag on the floor he turns to look at her.

"Hello slave. Are we going to be a good girl today?"

There is a flash of anger in her but she keeps it off her face, "Yes master." and it comes out well.

He smiles, "Very glad to hear it. Loose the dress and get down on your hands and knees. Crawl to me."

Janet does not have to even undo any buttons the dress is so open. She just shifts her shoulders and it slides down off her body. Kneeling down she goes on all fours and with her head up she crawls. She sees him push his sweatpants down and take them off. His long cock already filled out and swinging between his legs.

"Kiss my feet." he orders and she does without thinking about it.

"Now up here." he motions with his hand and she sits up on her knees.


She does. Mouth open wide. Her eyes watching as his cock moves towards it. When it touches her lips she closes them around the shaft.

"Both hands around it."

Janet brings up her hands. Wrapping them around the thick slab of meat. It feels solid. And she holds on tight as he starts to fuck her mouth. His hips swinging back and forth. She presses her tongue against his dick wiggling.

She had never been all that big on oral sex. Oh she liked getting it but giving not so much. Her hubby had gotten used to it. When she was younger and little wilder she had sucked some boys off. But the time she had gotten cum in her mouth were mostly accidents. Her resolve was to do what he wanted and this was not that bad. In fact there was a little pulse between her legs.

Tony pumped fast. He had been thinking about her all night and morning. He wanted to cum. He wanted her to drink it down. Her hands and mouth making a long wet hole and he stuck his cock in it hard. Just the sight of her naked on her knees made his head explode.

His cock follows soon after. Throwing his head back and fucking violently into her mouth he sprays his seed down her throat. She almost gags but then starts sucking it down as fast as she can. Not pausing to think about not liking it she just tries to take it all. Wanting to get it all without realizing how much.

When he finally pulls back she tastes the hot cum on her lips and it just does not seem so bad. Even licking it up as she lowers her hands seems ok.

He watches her. When she looks back up at him she seems calm. Cheeks a little flushed. Grabbing his bag he walks over to her husband's chair and sits down. From the bag he takes a black riding crop.

"Crawl over here slave."

Janet takes a breath and goes down on all fours again. At least the floor is carpeted. She crawls across the open space to pause just at his feet.

"Turn around. Feet touching the chair between mine. Face down. Ass up."

She feels a little shiver of anticipation and tells herself it should be fear and loathing. Her body does not seem to listen. It turns around. Pushing her feet back. Cheek against the carpet. And her damn ass actually waves a little in front of him.

When he touches her with the crop she of course twitches a little. He runs the leather across the white expanse of her bottom. Going down between her legs and across her thighs. Taking his time with it. She breaths a little deeper.

He taps her lightly on the back of the thigh. Tapping up her leg. Across her ass. When he does a line between her legs she tenses but he moves on without hurting her. She gets a little lost in the sensation. So much so that when the crop lifts away and comes down with a Smack she is taken by surprise. She jumps a little but manages to not move all that much.

"Stay in place and this will be quick. Otherwise it can go on for a very long time." he says in a strong clear voice.

This time her answer is quick and clear, "Yes master."

The word was not easy to say but she just walled off that reaction. It did not matter now. She clung to that as the crop starts to descend on her ass. Barely a buzz of sound and then a Smack. The fucking thing was little but it stung like a bitch. Janet fought to keep her ass up. Flinching more and more as the Smacks keep coming.

They stop.

She breaths a ragged breath and pushes her ass back up. The desire to say something rude. To tempt him to do more just to prove she could take it was almost insanely strong. But the waves of fire on her backside argued against that sort of c***dish foolishness. Instead she tried not to cry.

His hand touches her. The shiver is literally visible on her flesh. His fingers slide down to push into her pussy. Sinking in easily. Coming back out slick with her.

"Acceptable. But pain or not I expect your ass to come back faster than it did towards the end. Do you understand slave?" his voice is harsh but controlled.

"Ye... Yes... sir." she has to work a little to get it out.

He gets up stepping over her hunched body. Walking over to the big deep couch. He sits at one end facing towards the middle.

"Crawl up onto the couch. Facing me. Stay on all fours."

Janet looks up. Seeing him pulling off his pants and tossing them to the side. It felt a little odd to move. She had become very locked into that spot. One hand reaches out and the rest of her just kinda follows. Crawling across the room. Wincing a little as the skin on her backside shifts. New waves, weaker yes but still, new waves of pain. Fading far too slowly.

She comes up on the couch very near him and tries to move closer. He pushes her back with hands on her shoulder. Back until her head was just above where his feet lay.

"Get yourself off." he says casually.

Takes a second for that to sink in and even then she blurts, "What?"


Not all that hard but still his slightly spread fingers smack her cheek. His eyes blaze at her. She expects him to yell but he stares at her waiting. Better get it right was written all across his face.

"My apologies master. I did not understand what you wish me to do. I should at least have said what sir?"

"Exactly. Now stick your hands between your legs. Make yourself cum. Or..." he trails off as he reaches out to take her jaw in his hand.

"You can mouth off again and see what happens." he finishes.

He is squeezing a bit. Gripping her face firmly.

"I will be good master. Please forgive me. I will confess something to you. I want to cum very badly. I hate you for doing this to me. But if it is a slut you want then that is what I am. May I please rub my dirty little cunt and cum for you sir?"

She says it very well. He is young. For a moment he believes her. But he has warned himself about this. No matter what she says or does he is going to treat her as if she was resisting. He was *not* going to allow himself to get sucked into the fantasy that he wants so very much.

"Yes you may." he says sitting back.

She puts her head down against the couch. Freeing both her hands to go up her thighs and along the wet throbbing pussy between them. She sighs softly. Her attention finally taken away from the throbbing of her ass. That and she was so horny and hot she really did need to cum. One set of fingers goes down low. The other along the side of her very hard little clit.

When she did this normally it was simple. Hot movie or book. Little vibrator for a few minutes. A couple of good nipple pinches and she would explode nicely. Clean up and off to bed. Her hubby never noticed. Never noticed her at all. Now where did that come from she wonders. Her relationship was fine. Sex life good. Good enough. Just. Stop that.

She pushes two fingers into herself. That makes her groan. Fingers moving faster on her clit now.

When it hits her it is far more than anything she has done to herself before. Ass grinding in the air. Fingers a blur splattering her thighs with drops of her own cum. Breathing hard.

Winding down slowly. For a moment forgetting where she was and what was happening there is a lovely smile on her face. Eyes closed she rubs her face against the soft material of the couch. When she opens her eyes she is looking into his.

"Not bad. Not perfect but not bad."

There is a knock at the door. Janet goes from mellow and floating to tense in an instant. Starting to get up. He grabs her by the hair and pushes her back down.

"Did I say you could get up bitch?"

"ooowwwww. Sorry.... sir."

"Now. Get up. And answer the door. I know who it is."

If her eyes went any wider they might pop out. She sputters.

"What? Who? I'm naked dammit."

She gets her hair jerked again for that one.

"Shut. Up. Get up. Open the door. Let him in. Now." his voice is icy cold and his eyes are harsh.

"oook... sir." she says as she gets up.

Janet goes out of the room and down the main hallway. Peeking out the door she sees a young man she does not know. She pauses. She does not dare cover up. But how can she let him in like this. She blushes down to her toes. Feeling completely and utterly humiliated. No choices. Another little bit of her will crumbles. She sighs and swings the door open.

Hidden behind it she says, "Come on in."

The guy is not bad looking. Looks Tony's age. Dressed in red jeans and black shirt. Blonde hair buzzed short and spiky. Thin face but with good angles she cannot help but notice as she pushes the door closed. When his eyes turn to her she blushes so hard she can feel the heat on her face.

"Woaw. Damn you are sexy. I'm Jimi. Tony told me about you but I though he was full of shit." he is running his eyes over her body.

She puts her head up and does not even try to cover her body. Fuck it.

"Thank you. He is waiting. I am sure you want to follow me so please do." she says with a hint of a smile.

Walking away he does indeed follow. Her ass moves nicely and still has some hints of red on it. They get to the living room and she goes over to kneel down by her master. Guessing that is what he would want.

"Jimi. Hey b*o. Good to see you. Now am I am liar?"

"Fuck no. I am sorry I ever doubted you. She is fucking hot."

Tony leans down and grabs Janet by the neck. Pulling her up to whisper in her ear.

"If you disobey in the least way I will punish you severely. If you embarrass me in any way I will hurt you badly. Do you understand me slave?" he hisses in her ear.

She shivers at the thought of what severely could mean. Afraid and also somehow eager. Somehow she wants to prove she can do anything he asks.

"Yes master I understand. I will not let you down. And if I do then I want you to hurt me. I will deserve it."

He lets her go and makes her turn around to face Jimi.

"Jimi. This is Janet. She is my property. She has agreed to be my slave. She has no free will. Does not get to make any choices at all. I can do anything my sick fucking mind can think of. And believe me I have done lots." he explains as he sits up behind her.

"Now just so Jimi feels comfy. Look at him and answer my questions."

She nods and looks to the other young man.

"You are my slave of your own free will correct?"

"Yes master." she says and it comes out good. A hint of lust even. She seems to like saying it.

"You wish me to ignore any protests you may make. To treat you however I wish."

"Yes master. My ass is yours to do with as you wish."

"You are a little slut who just hopes she gets to cum when I am done with her."

"I am your slut master."

Tony looks to Jimi, "Convinced?"

"Fuck yeah. What can I do? Don't ask me to suck your dick but you are the boss."

"Go over to my bag. Get the leash and collar out of it."

Janet twists her head first to the bag and then back to look at Tony. He raises his eyebrows and she turns straight to look at the floor again. Jimi gets a plain black collar and a long lead out of the bag and walks back over in front of her.

"Put it on her."

Janet has never felt anything like this moment in her entire life. She was humiliated beyond words. Felt completely out of control. She had not a thought about doing anything to stop this. These two young men some half her age owned her. She had no choice. As the leather goes around her neck she looks up to see the bulge of Jimi's cock in his pants. Looks above average at least.

But when he stood back. Leash in hand and she felt the tug at her neck the smile was real. The purr was real. Jimi looks to Tony.

"There is a riding crop by that chair. Take it and walk her around the house for a little while. It is a big place you can loop around it a few times. Use the crop of her ass if she is slow of just cause you feel like it. You can touch her as much as you want but try to keep moving a little." Tony orders.

"And you slave. You behave and act like a good like kitty in heat. Stick it out and let him play with you. Do you understand?" his voice is stern.

"Yes master. I will be a good slut for your friend. You will be proud of me." Janet replies brightly.

Jimi reaches down to run his hand along her back, down her ass and between her legs. Squeezing her crotch for a long moment before standing back up.

"Let's go" he says and the two head out of the room.

Jimi does not waste much time. Once they reach the main room he had her up on a chair ass high. He licked her pussy and squeezed her ass. She pushed back against him. But he only did it for a minute before pulling her back down to the floor.

"Heel now." he says with a leer.

She moves to his side. Face red. Her desire to play along being tested. Being treated like a dog was not something she wanted. Having her ass whipped would be better. She giggles when she thinks that. Yesterday being spanked was so horrible. Now she would pick it.

Next room he is sticking a couple of fingers up her ass and rubbing her face against his crotch. His cock is hard and he is rough with her. He makes her butt burn a little before he is done.

"Are you really his slave?"

"Yes sir."

"So you like being treated this way?"

Janet has to fight for a second. The desire to scream, 'No I don't like being treated like some stinking cum slut by a couple of assholes like you two!' is rather strong. Really strong. There is an almost physical pleasure to the thought.

"I wish to please him. That is all that matters. If he tells me to suck your cock I will. Well. He wants me to act like a horny kitty for you so I am." she is impressed with how well she says it.

Jimi shrugs and says, "Works for me. Come on."

The go into the kitchen and she sits up as he mauls her breasts for a few minutes. She does not mind the squeezing but she cries out each time he lightly slaps them. He is rough with her nipples too. Drawing them out and pinching hard. Her tits get a little blush going by the time he is through.

Jimi has fun with the crop all along the way. But the blows are mostly light.

When they make it back to the living room Tony is watching the TV. Seems to have brought his own dvds. It is porn. A woman and a much younger one naked on the screen. Janet looks at it as they move to the middle.

"Was she good for you Jimi?" Tony asks.

"Yes she was. Love her body."

"Good bring her over here."

Tony is sitting on the edge of the couch. Just a light tank top on now. Cock hanging down. He grabs Janet by the neck when she is in range and pulls her tight against his stomach.

"Ok buddy. You said you had never fucked a girl in the ass. Now is your chance. Go for it."

Janet would maybe protest but the cock that gets shoved in her mouth takes care of that. Jimi drops his pants and she feels his hands on her ass. Spreading her open and pushing against the tight ring of her ass. She shivered as she felt his cock against her pussy. At least he was going to get it wet first. Sliding the tip up and down her slit he does exactly that. His cock feels slick as slides from her cunt to her asshole. His hands pulling at her hard. Fingers digging into her flesh.

Tony starts to fuck his cock into her mouth. Holding her tight by the hair.

Jimi gets himself angled just right and leans forward. In one sharp push he is inside her and she is squirming. Pain lancing through her.

In only a few moments they are all moving together. She is caught in an almost overwhelming mix of sensations and conflicting emotions. Humiliated. The person she used to be cannot even begin to cope with what has happened. Stimulated. Her body was alive and the sensations were explosive. Stunned. In such a short time she had changed so much. Lost. With no idea where her life was going to go.

But in the end for the moment anyway she felt one amazing emotion. Freedom. Stripped of all choice she just wanted the pleasure. Fucking back against the cock in her ass and sucking down harder on the cock ravaging her mouth.

Tony and Jimi grin together.

"Tony what can I say. You are da man." he grunts out.

"Yes. I am."

Jimi smacks hard into her. Ass burning with the attention it is so unused to. Her mouth was messy. Spit spread across her cheeks. Tony not going too fast. Enjoying watching her.

It is the cock in her ass that spurts and throbs first. Jimi grunting harshly and smacking into her a few hard times as he cums.

Tony waits until the other slumps down before going into a rapid and hard fucking of her hot mouth. Going deep enough to make her almost gag more than once. Scaring her about what he might do even as she tries to hold his cock in her mouth longer.

When he finally cums his cock is just a blur to her eyes. Cum splattering on her tongue. Filling her mouth. She tries to swallow it all. His moving cock making it tricky.

"Jimi. Go home. We will see about a next time." Tony says even before he lets her go.

"But I wanna..."

"Go home. I told you the deal. You do exactly what I say period. You got to play with her and fuck her ass like you always wanted. Bye." Tony says firmly.

Jimi shrugs. Gets dressed and leaves.

Tony sits back and pulls Janet up on the couch with him. He puts his arms around her as he mostly sits up. She curls up in his lap.

"You were a good girl. I am pleased." he says.

She looks up at him.

"Really? I... am am glad master." a little surprised at how much she means it.

"I am a little tired. Lets nap here for a bit. Then I will fuck you some more."

She smiles and nuzzles against him. Surprised at this sudden gentle treatment. Expecting him to grab a nipple or stick something up her butt at any second. But as the minutes pass she realizes that is not going to happen. When it finally becomes clear she cries. Silently so as not to disturb him. Tears run down her face.

For the moment anyway she really is his.

And she wants to be.

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