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My Indian fantasy with Shobah

I had been living in my town now for a little over ten years. It is a small town with allot of open space and farms. I noticed that as of the past 2-3 years there has been an influx of Indian families to my town. I was glad to see that as I have always found Indian culture to be interesting and Indian women to be very pretty.

I had dated an Indian girl when I was in my twenties. Her name was Susanne. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of dating. She was a petite girl with a slight build, big deep brown eyes that made me feel warm and turned my legs to jello. Her breasts were small but were proprotional to her body, Her hair was shoulder length, black and silky smooth. Her lips were full and sensuous. I loved kissing her lips they were soft and she would kiss me with such passion. I, unfortunately was never able to really establish a relationship with her as her parents, Specifically her mother forbid us from going beyond a few dates. I was deeply saddened by her mothers wishes and since then have had a burning desire to experience an Indian woman.

I was in the local grocery store and had made a habit of checking out the local women to see if any were in need of some male company. I was walking through the parking lot to the store when a middle aged Indian woman caught my eye, she was short with black hair just beyond her shoulders and she was wearing blue jeans and a tight top, I was a bit surprised as I had noticed that allot of Indian women woudl wear their Saree. Anyway she was walking towards the entrance and I watched her brown ass roll and I thought to myself, "Umm, I wonder when was the last time that brown ass got a good fucking." This is something I do with most middle aged women I see. I think that their husbands are bored with fucking the same pussy all the time so they tend to neglect their wives, and middle aged women are in their sexual prime so they need a hard cock shoved in them regularly.

I walked in behind the Indian lady and she went to the produce section and I had to go to the bakery. I picked up what i needed and headed toward the grocery section of the store and I saw this Indian woman again still in the produce section checking out cucumbers. I stopped and began to look at the produce as i spied how her hand wrapped around the cucumbers. She looked up and caught me staring at her and she put the vegetable down but continued to shop. I worked my way over to her and pretended to be inspecting some peppers. I said to her, "how can you tell if a pepper is ripe." She looked at me with a bit of a scowl then softened up a bit and said that if they're firm they're ususally very good. I watched her mouth and lips as she spoke and wondered how I would love to feel her mouth and lips gliding on my cock. I thanked her, extended my hand and said, "hi, My name is Bob." She looked puzzeled but took my hand, softly and said, "my name is Shobah." Nice to meet you shobah, are you new to this town, She said yes, I am. My f****y had just moved here. Well Shobah, you will like it here there is plenty of open space and it is a very quiet town. She smiled softly at me and I was saying to myself, "go for her, I bet she is starved for cock." I said, Shobah, would you like to grab something to drink in the store cafe? At first she was taken back and seemed a little flustered but then said, Ok, I am thirsty and would love to try some American drink. Ok then, lets see what they have. We walked over to the soft drink fountain and I had a diet coke and Shobah had a snapple peach tea.

We sat and talked about her country. She says she misses her friends but that she had always wanted to see America as she has heard some many different opinions about America. She has been here for about 6 months now and did say she was at first excited about seeing snow but really did not like the cold winter weather. as our drinks finished I asked her if she would like a personalized tour of town. I said I could show her some of the dairy farms and corn farms here is town. At first she was hesitant but then said that sinc it was such a warm sunnny day that she would go. Great, I said. lets go check out our groceries and head out to the parking lot.

we bought our groceries and headed out of the store, I made sure I held the door open for her so I could watch that ass sway to the car. All the time we were walking to out cars, I had a hard on thinking about what shobah looked like naked. Did she have a hairy pussy? Is her ass nice and firm or soft and flabby? Does she had big long dark brown nipples like I've seen on Indian porn sites? She put her groceries in her car and I suggested we take my car. Again she was a bit reluctant but agreed. we drove out of the parking lot and headed to where the cow farms are, we talked and Shobah began to loosen up. I told her a few jokes and she was laughing. I told her another joke that was a bit dirty. She really enjoyed it and touched my arm. I immediately felt a surge through my body that started where she touched me and went straight to my half hard cock. Well, I can tell you that my cock locked into rigid hardness. I think he may have known what she did to me as she turned her body towards me and pulled her leg up on the seat, her eyes softened and her smile was different now. I said to myself, "you need to go for her, She is looking for a reaction, she is opening the door." As we pulled up to a stop sign, Our eyes met and I placed my hand on her jean clad thigh and ran my hand up her thigh to the juncture of her jeans and shirt, I swallowed hard as my hand traveled up her shirt and I cupped her breast through her shirt, I could feel her nipple straining at the fabric of her bra and shirt. She leaned towards me and our lips met, she was hesitant at first, then she opened her mouth and her tongue was slipping into my mouth, i pulled her closer and felt her titties on my chest. We had a long sensual kiss and I said, "lets drive around a bit." She agreed and we drove around town to a heavily wooded area just on the town line. I pulled along side the road and said, Lets go for a walk. Shobah agreed and we got out of the car, I opened my trunk and pulled out a large blanket I keep in my car. We walked into the woods and I was anticipating that I was going to have what I had desired for many years. I was going to taste Indian pussy. We walked into the woods about a half mile and wandered off the trail until we found a small clearing. I laid the blanket on the ground, turned to Shobah Put my arms around her and kissed her deeply She pulled me closer and thrust her hips into my cock and stuck her tongue deep in to my mouth, I couldn't take it anymore and my hand slid up her shirt and my hand worked it's way under her bra and I got my first handful of Indian tit, Her nipples were long and hard and as I kissed her I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She sighed and I pulled my mouth from hers, pulled up her shirt and bra, and sucked her long hard nipple deep into my mouth. My cock was rock hard and she was grinding her jean clad pussy into my cock. She moaned loudly as I sucked her tits like a hungry baby. As I worked between her right and left tit, I began to unbutton her jeans, my hands deftly found the zipper and pulled it down. She was wearing black panties and a black bra. We stopped and she stepped out of her jeans, then immediately went to my cargo shorts and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped me and as she pulled my shorts and underwear down she slid down to her knees and I felt her sweet lips on the tip of my cock, licking all the precum that was leaking out. She stopped, looked at my cock with hungry eyes and proceeded to slide her lips and mouth around me and took my cock right down to the base. Oh My God, I never thought it would feel soo good. Her mouth and lips were skilled at cocksucing and she sucked and licked my cock like a sex starved woman. I was thoroughly enjoying her work me, but knew that for me to truly experience her, I needed to taste her. As she slid her mouth off my shaft., she looked up at me and asked, "how was that." I said, " words cannot describe how good that felt, but Shobah, I need to taste you. She laid back on the blanket. I went to my knees and parted her legs. I started kissing her inner ankles and slowly worked my way up her legs to her knees All the while her panties were on and I looked up and noticed a dark wet spot in her black panties. Ohh, I knew that pussy was percolating and spitting out sweet Indian pussy juice. I lied down with my head between her legs. I grabbed onto her knees and parted her sweet brown thighs. She had nice meaty thighs and her ass was firm and round, with nice hips. I kissed and licked my way up her thighs as she moaned softly and talked in her native language. I had no idea what she was saying but it was such a turn on to hear her speak.

Finally, I reached the juncture of her legs and lower body, her pussy juice was pushing through the fabric of her black cotton panties, Her panties were puffed out from her pussy which only means she keeps her pussy hair. I could feel my cock twitch as I love women who keep their pussy hair. I find it incredibly erotic. I began to lick her inner thighs and worked my way towards her panty clad pussy, her hips were pumping now and her hand grabbed onto my head and she began to guide my face to her pussy, I hovered over her wet spot and enjoyed the musty smell of her pussy. Part of me wanted to pull her panties off and plunge my cock inside her wet cunt. Instead, I licked her inner thigh and worked my tongue under the elastic of her panties, her moaning was more frequent now and she was talking in her native tongue and pumping her hips. My tongue began to work it's way through the jungle of thick black pussy hair, it was dry at first then as I got closer to her dripping wet cunt, her pussy hair was was wet and matted. I reached my hand up and began to roll her nipples in between my fingers, my other hand pulled her panties to the side. I almost shot a load of cum when I saw her pussy. It was one of the hairiest pussies I've ever seen, It was like a jungle between her legs, you could barely make out her cunt lips. there was a large foaming knot of pussy cream stuck to the inside of her black panties, it was creamy and was still mingled with her cunt hair. My tongue quickly darted to the center of her Black haired jungle and I luckily found the promised land. Her pussy lips were either dark brown or black in color, and I flicked my tongue on her cunt lips, she grabbed onto my head, pushed my face while simultaneously thrusting her sopping wet pussy onto my face, I was intoxicated by her sweet wet musty pussy, I couldn't control myself I sucked and licked her cunt like I've never had pussy in my life. I wanted my face to be covered in her Indian cunt cream. She grabbed on to my head tightly, shoved her hairy cunt on my face and pumped her hips faster and faster, all the while moaning and talking Indian. Finally, she orgasmed as she let out a long loud moan and locked her hairy hot cunt on my mouth. I could feel her pussy cream running out of her and her cunt rhymically contracting. As her orgasm slowly ebbed away. I pulled my face out, she looked at me with a face that said she had unloaded many months of pent up sexual desire. I looked at her and said, "Shobah, I need to eat your pussy more, but I want you to suck my cock." She knew what I meant and as I lied on my back she turned around and climb on top. Her pussy was still dripping wet and her pussy lips were black and glistening wet. I studied her pussy and asshole as she lowered her sweet Curry cunt onto my waiting mouth, I could feel her lips sucking the precum from my cock as her wet pussy again satisfied my lips and tongue.

Shobah, began sucking my cock slowly then would take every inch of it down to the base and I could feel her tongue working the underside of my shaft. I was leaking larger amounts of precum that she gladly slurped. I ate her pussy and spead her cheeks and licked her puckered brown asshole. I could tell she was getting closer to another orgasm as her pussy and ass began to thrust quicker and I could hear her moaning with my cock in her mouth. I licked her clit and black pussy lips then would turn my attention to her asshole and would stick my finger in her cunt while I tongued her ass. Finally She had another orgasm and I stopped eating that sweet brown pussy to enjoy my efforts as I watched her cunt and asshole contracting and I could hear her moaning as she took my cock right down to the base and pumped her hips as her second orgasm subsided.

After a few minutes, shobah dismounted, lied on her back spread her legs and motioned me to do what I have waited way to long for. I quickly got up and positioned my self between her legs. I grabbed onto her legs and slid my cock inside her right down to my balls. my Cock slid in without any effort yet her cunt was tight and gripping my dick looking to milk me of my ball juice. I slowly pulled out then f***ed my prick back in. Oh my god, her pussy was perfect, It is what I had expected, an Indian cunt to feel like. wet, warm, tight. I started to get into a good rhythm and she would pump her hips upward to meet every thrust of my hips, she looked into my eyes and I swear I could see her soul as she spoke to me in her native tongue and smiled. I reached under her and grabbed onto her middle aged ass and continud to feed my cock what it had wanted for years, a hairy hot Black lipped Indian pussy. My strokes began to get shorter and fasted as I could feel a knot of cum building at the base of my cock, Her pussy was soo wet and tight. That, along with her talking Indian to me as I finally experienced my first piece of Indian pussy was too much. I couldn't hold it back any longer and as I was about to unleash a flurry of white seed, she looked at me moaning louder and as my cock pulsated she locked her cunt on my cock and said in English, "give it to me." I had the most intense orgasm of my entire life, as what seemed like 20 years of pent up desire unleashed itself deep in her sweet hairy cunt. Our loins were locked as we enjoyed our mutual sexual satisfaction. I kept my cock inside Shobah well after i emptied my balls. my cock finally slipped out, spent, and happy.

She got up and began to dress when I noticed her pussy began to drip my seed. she looked at me and said, You'll have to give me more sometime, very soon.
I turned to her and said, anytime Shobah, Anytime. I had found the Indian woman to satisfy my sexual fantasies, and I had every intention of keeping her as my lover.

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