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Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, my s****r and our father

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. My little s****r looked at me, 'Why there', she asked, intrigued more by the fact she did not know where it was, so I pointed it out on the map, before elucidating more on its main attraction.
'Our Mummy is an extreme exhibitionist'. I tailed off wanting the word to sink into her inner self, my s****rs eyes widened as I continued, 'you will be paraded for old men to wank off to', and having given my short graphic synopsis, the still all too fresh memories of last year's holiday, flooded back, and I suddenly felt the knot tighten in my stomach, not from fear or revulsion of being surrounded by a hoard of masturbating men, cumming over you, but of that deep sexual arousal, 'The Awakening' Mummy called it, and true to nature she predicted it would come, either you liked it and wanted it, or you ran away from natures calling.
The chicken and egg synopsis Dad called it, and in a way he was right, last year I got my first experience of this exhibitionism where everyone seemed to freely exhibit themselves, a huge and at times randomly isolated groups, of men and middle-aged women, all had a masturbatory experience, mostly conducted without penetrative sex, just masturbating and touching, husbands protecting wives while single men fondled and caressed their buttocks and breasts, no hysterics or screaming, just pleasure, sand sea and orgasms.
So Dad's theory was did we all do it because it was natures way, or do it because we are caught young and encouraged to enjoy it.
This was going to be my second year, and my s****rs first, I was stepping out as a confident and self-assured sixteen year old girl, still wet behind my ears, and if the truth be told, wet between my legs, I was looking forward to lying naked and thrusting my bony hips skywards, as old men slavered overhead and others groped between my legs, mumbling something in Spanish, as they shot their hard earned juices over me, this time though, I would have competition, my younger s****r, would be here for her first experience, every bit under-developed and as enticing as I was last year, but along side me, we would put a sweet smell amongst the bushes where we lay, and give those men something to aim at.
'Will they fuck me', she asked, her voice high and tremulous, I shook my head, 'No, they are all older men, lonely old and somehow sad', I paused, unsure if my description was correct, 'Listen', I tried a different tact, 'Older men like to please, they stroke, fondle and caress, make your body feel alive and appreciated, tease would be a good word to use, they bring you to the edge, whereas younger guys want to hurt and brutalize, fuck you till they cum, then leave you with nothing'.
I was not sure she was convinced of what it was I was trying to tell her, she had missed last year because of her age, but now she was of the age of sexual enlightenment, now she was going to be exposed to it, and learn from it, learn to use it and control it as she grew older, a sexually confident women does better in life in handling men(Pardon the pun), as well as enjoying their own sexuality and orgasms, we should know, Mummy was never afraid expressing hers when she came, we all heard her.
Those who read my exploits might be tempted to refer to our f****y set-up as dysfunctional, but where we refer to the vagina, the penis, the anus, breasts, you might find yourself talking about, pussy, cock, arse, boobs, why? You're embarrassed by their proper names and more comfortable using slang words, so sex education covers more than just words, it covers all aspects in life and you need to learn to be in charge.
I have mentioned the time I walked into the bathroom and caught Daddy having a wank into the wash basin, I was just twelve.
'Sorry sweetheart', he said, 'I was a bit horny and Mummy has a headache', I had neither, but I was curious, and when Daddy realized I was not running away, but staring at his considerable size, he asked me if I wanted to watch him finish, and during the next five minutes I learned how to wank a man to orgasm, and you know what, I loved the feeling, so my sex education had a large kudos in those five minutes, and Daddy a large orgasm, thanks to his loving daughter, so as you see, there is two sides to every story.
Of course there were the regulars who traveled every year to the same spot, the 'Swingers', who swapped partners as well as roaming the dunes to offload onto others, and as it happened, we bumped into one man in the hotel lobby just after checking-in.
Mummy brought him across to introduce us, then left, leaving him to acquaint himself with her daughters, and in my case, re-acquaint, as he shot his load into my eye last year almost blinding me, 'OMG', he exclaimed, 'how you have grown since we last met', and at that he winked naughtily, 'Make sure your wearing glasses when he shoots', I said boldly to my younger s****r, who just sat smiling demurely, not fully comprehending we were discussing him shooting a load of warm semen onto her freckled face, the old man was beside himself in anticipation, 'Dont suppose you girls would like a quickie just now', I looked at my s****r, who's face had gone a deeper crimson, 'What do you think', I asked her, 'Want to visit his room?'
I looked across at Mummy, she was engrossed with some new arrivals to be noticing us, and this old man was about to explode, his face a deep ruddy red and sweating, 'What's your room number', I asked and he told me excitedly, 'Give us a few minutes', I said, 'we will come up', and at that we rose in unison and walked away.
'I am fucking horny', I told my younger s****r, 'You can watch if you like, but I am going to his room now', and as I made my way to the back stairs, so as not to be seen taking the elevators, she followed, and we both went up.
I knocked on the door and he answered in his dressing gown, he must have stripped in minutes having left us, he stood aside as we both walked into his penthouse sized room, with huge bay windows and king-sized bed.
'You girls are beauties', he struggled to get the words out, but I fully understood his meaning, he had two prized Virgins in his room and no parents to supervise him or us, 'Get naked', and as he said it, he opened and dropped his dressing gown to the floor, revealing himself much larger than I could remember him cumming into my eye last year.
I walked across to him, touching his massively fat stomach then his large cock, gripping it vice-like in my small hand, 'This is bigger than I remember', I flattered him, and turned my face up towards him, 'Kiss me', and I relaxed my mouth as he crushed his sweaty wet lips onto mine and f***ed his tobacco stained tongue down my throat, where my own tongue began licking his, our tasting organs fucking each others mouths like a cock and pussy fucking dance.
Suddenly a cooler and softer hand brushed against mine, it was on its way down to fondle his heavy testes, I broke from our kiss fucking to see my beautiful s****r, completely naked, rubbing herself like a tome cat against his hairy obese frame, 'Kiss me', she said, opening her mouth to be tongue-fucked like I was a few minutes earlier.
I let go his cock to undress, noting my s****rs eagerness to hold it in my stead, and by the time I peeled my sodded panties off, she was on top of him, guiding him into her snatch, her labia sucking him into her love canal, her tiny ass acting like some jack-hammer to pound herself down his length, her hip movements causing me momentarily to stop in advancing myself onto him, to relieve my own sexual needs, my little s****r was oblivious of my presence, she was too busy begging him to fuck her.
By the time I crawled past her, she was fully impaled on him, sitting bolt upright, her small pussy containing his massive size with ease, she sat, his knob end brushing behind her belly button, she just gyrated her hips and they fucked fully connected.
His large hooked Romanesque Nose provided me with my mounting point, and wasted no time on inserting it all the way into my wet swollen pussy, and with my face fucking him and my s****r impaled on his lower pole we bounced to orgasm, laughing and squealing, whooping like cowboys in a rodeo, finally disembarking after seeing my s****rs facial expression change, from laughing to tortured, her breathing becoming labored and her pounding rhythmic, she was cumming hard on his cock, then his breathing swelling my pussy as he pumped into me, he was cumming too, and I watched and marveled as two people shared a common bond, their movements choreographed, she was conducting, waving his conductors stick deep in her pussy, 'I am cumming', she told him, as if a cue for him to follow, a good fuck as most people know is when you cum together, that how babies are made, and he followed her cue, shooting deep into her, her own orgasm allowing his semen to go deep inside, sucked up as she came, locking the sperm in the fertilizing chamber so deep inside the female body, forgive my rambling, being there and witnessing your s****r fertilizing moment, triggered my own, we had a triple experience, moments like these can never be read from any textbook or gleaned from any video, so fuck anyone who says otherwise.
We all disengaged and took up positions to cool down, myself indecently with my legs apart sitting astride a chair, my cunt fully displayed, my pink anus winking each time he looked at me, my s****r snoozing as her eggs subdivided in her womb, another pregnant teen on her way home, but that would be a few months before the news came out.
'How long have you known my Mummy', I asked him casually, 'For as long as I have been fucking her', he answered, looking at me and what I was showing freely, to see if any shock registered with me. 'Was she good', I asked him, fighting these shock tactics with my own boldness, my tactic was to get him hard again, I wanted to continue fucking and his cock had a fascination for me, an untold bonding, 'Play with yourself', he ordered me suddenly, 'Will it get you hard again', I toyed, 'Jesus', he exclaimed, 'You are one fucking horny f****y', and I laughed openly at his descriptive prose, and started to masturbate as requested.
'I fucked your mother on her wedding night', he boasted, 'Your father went to sl**p, so I did the honers', and as he spoke his cock jolted from the memory, possessing a female on a night of all nights, her marital night, was indeed a fuck that could be considered a fuck to end all fucks.
'So', I said slowly and deliberately, 'You could be my biological father', he nodded as if in agreement, 'and my s****r', he smiled coyly, and he looked across to her sl**ping form, 'Her too, I have been fucking your mother since her marriage, she is indebted to me', by indebted I assumed she enjoyed the marriage bed so much she went looking for it annually, 'You mean enslaved', I wickedly offered, as I saw his cock thicken and harden, he smiled as I got up, 'Well Daddy your first daughter wants to feel you inside, and I mounted him and told him how I gave my other daddy a wank in the toilet, that gave him stimulus as he hardened more inside me, I needed something else to bring him over the edge, 'Tell me daddy dear', I whispered softly, 'Will you be able to take the generation of our women', unknown as I asked him, his gaze rested on my s****rs naked body with his c***d forming in her belly, he smiled, 'Yes I will, sooner than you can imagine', I hugged him tightly, and continued fucking him.

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