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Weekend of fun at black beach, nude beach

Weekend of fun at black beach, “nude beach”
Well it all started out Sunday morning (father’s day) in San Diego California beach. My wife and I were walking along the beach and the tide was high so there wasn’t much area to walk. We started to leave and my wife said lets go to black beach, we have been to Torrey pines above black beach before. They hang glide over the cliffs and it’s neat to sit and watch them for hours. Well when we got to Torrey pines we walked to the cliffs my wife just keep walking down the trail to the beach. It’s about 15 minute walk down to the beach and we both though the nude beach wasn’t where we were walking down too, we were thinking it was about a half mile walk along the beach. Well as soon as we got to the bottom we seen naked people so we guessed right away this was the nude beach. We started walking north and went past the volleyball net and found an open area and lay down our blanket and just set there looking around, well I was the wife was face down playing with her phone. She didn’t feel comfortable at all I think. I tried to get her to take off her top and she wouldn’t even try it, so I just rolled over and fell asl**p. When I woke up and turned over I seen she had her bra off and her shirt pulled all the way up and she was sunning her back. It was already getting red so I told her she should roll over and she did. She still had her shirt pulled over her boobs and I pulled my swim suit off and we laid there taking in the sun, it was perfect just a little wind and about 73deg. After a while we both had to pee so I put my swim suit on and she pulled her top down and we walked to the water and went for a swim. When we got back to our blanket it was cold being wet so I took my swim suit back off and my wife took her top off. I reached down and pulled her shorts off so now she and I were both naked. I think we both turned over a couple times and fell back asl**p. When we woke up and started looking around a lot of people had left but we now had a guy about ten feet behind us, I had never seen him before. My wife and I were on our stomachs talking when this guy came over and just said hi and asked us if we wanted something to drink. He said he had wine or beer so we took some white wine being it was hot. He started talking about how nice it was out here today all while his dick was hard and about a foot away from my wife’s face. I told him to get his stuff and being it over so we could keep talking. He did and laid his blanket right next to my wife. My wife was feeling weird about having another guy right there but we were talking about how cute she was. He was saying how cut her boobs were and she was setting up while I was rubbing her back. He asked if he could rub the other side and I told him sure and he did. He lay down and started rubbing her back then she started moaning and saying how good it felt. Her hand was inches from his hard dick I then see him grab her hand and put it on his dick and start rubbing it. There were people still around us and she just went with it. I was still rubbing her then she grabbed my dick and started rubbing me now too, wow this was hot and I could not believe she was doing this... My wife lay back down and we started sucking on each tit while she still jacked us off. I was rubbing the inside of her leg and running my fingers over and inside her pussy and the other guy was doing the same thing. The guy then asked her to roll on her side so he could stick his dick in (his words). She did and I couldn’t believe she did what he asked. He put a rubber on and starting fucking her lying on their side. Again she started moaning with pleasure as he went in and out of her pussy, it didn’t seem long and he shot his load soon after that. He pulled the rubber off and we just keep rubbing her and sucking on her boobs playing with her wet pussy. I looked around and seen two guys just looking at us. My wife rolled on her stomach and we rubbed her back, butt and pussy until he got hard again. He put another rubber on and crawled on to her butt and fucked her this way all while she’s moaning with pleasure. He shot his load and the two guys still standing there just looking, I though they may come over but that didn’t happen. We got his phone number and left for home. Every time I think about my wife getting fucked on the beach by another guy I get a hard on and have had sex every night sense. She thought I would be mad but I was happy to see her letting go and not be so uptight about sex, seeing her body take over was the best part. Great father’s day baby…

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