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First Time in Person

Our eyes locked across the length of the airport lobby. We'd met
countless times before, but only in cyberspace. From the first time
we'd chatted and ended up teasing each other into frenzied orgasms, we
knew we'd have to meet in person. When we "talked" online, we always
skipped the small talk, "Hi, how are you?" and sped right to the sex.
Sometimes it was slow and seductive, but mostly it was hard and direct,
with lots of colorful language.

I was 22. You were 34. We had talked about desires. I wanted an older
man, someone to dominate me, take advantage of me. You wanted a
younger woman, someone to submit to any and all of your urges.

One day, we realized our "real life" schedules matched up. We both had
one week of vacation time and within 2 days, you had booked me on a
plane from Minnesota to Florida. We both knew what the other looked
like. We'd exchanged plenty of digital pics in various stages of dress
and undress. You were 6', dark with a bit of a belly, but enough
muscle in all the right places, including my memories of your 7" cock.
I was only 5'2" next to your height and also dark with a reddish tinge
to my longer hair. I knew you were waiting to see if my pictures had
told the truth about my 36C tits.

I suddenly got a case of nervousness thinking about meeting a man who
was, for all reasonable purposes, a stranger. I stayed where I was next
to my luggage. You crossed the distance and barely said, "Hello,"
before taking my mouth in a deep kiss, your hands traveling down my
back and over my ass. I couldn't help but release a small moan and you
pulled away before we made a scene in the airport.

I smiled and got on tip-toe to kiss your chin. My "Hello there," came
out husky and you grinned and asked if I was hungry. When my eyes
flicked over your crotch, you laughed and took my hand and my luggage,
leading me from the airport. We stopped for a bite at a little diner,
but the sexual tension was so high, we ended up taking doggie bags and
we continued on to your home.

In the car, we chatted about my flight and your day at work, but your
hand kept straying up my thigh and I could barely keep from spreading
my thighs to let your fingers under my skirt. We pulled into your
semi-circle driveway, mostly blocked from the neighbor's view by
hedges. After parking, you pulled me from the car and kissed me hard
again. This time, your hands bunched my skirt behind me and traveled
right to my ass, up between my legs, almost lifting me from the ground.
I squealed in delight and you let me suck at your tongue as my hands
ran over your back and around to the crotch of your jeans. You grunted
in surprise and pleasure and reluctantly pulled away saying, "We better
get inside before my neighbors are given more of a show than their
house-payments cover. I think your luggage can wait."

Once inside, you pressed me hard against the closed door and slid your
hand up under my skirt, your fingers pressing through my panties and
against my hot pussy.

"Mmm, yes, nice and damp already. Just how I like you. Although, I
think that you should give my cock a proper greeting first."

I smiled and pushed you backward. Looking further into the room, I
spotted your sofa and guided you onto a cushion before stepping back.

"Yes, first things first," I said as I slowly stripped off my skirt and
blouse, revealing my pale yellow bra and panties. My nipples were
clearly visible through the material and you reached out to pinch one.
I yelped and giggled.

"Now, now. You said your cock needed a proper greeting."

You smiled and leaned back, unzipped your pants and pulled your cock
free. "He's all your's and he's waiting for a kiss," you rumbled.

I instinctively licked my lips as I knelt between your legs. I reached
out a hand and carressed your warm shaft before leaning over to kiss
the head. You moaned and pulled my hair back as I wrapped my lips
around the tip.

"That's right. You are such a little slut. I probably could have
fucked you right in the airport lobby."

I moaned at the term of endearment, and raised my eyes to yours as my
lips slid further down your cock, my tongue flicking at the head inside
my mouth. You leaned forward and squeezed my right breast through my
bra, your thumb rubbing firmly over the hard nipple. You then slid my
bra straps from my shoulders and lifted my tits from their cups. I
leaned back slightly, keeping my tongue along the length of your cock.
You whistled, "Damn, hun, your tits are as nice as they were in the
pictures. Come here, rub them on my cock." I moved closer, loving the
way you commanded my actions. I wrapped my fingers around the base of
your cock and arched forward, pressing the head of your cock against my
nipples and between my cleavage. My eyes closed and I let your cock
slip between my breasts, my hands pressed on either side, trapping your
cock. You moaned and lifted your hips, thrusting your cock between my
tits. I lowered my chin and licked at the head, letting my saliva drip
down the shaft.

Suddenly, you groaned, pushed me away long enough to shove your pants
completely off, and exclaimed, "Suck my cock! I want to feel the
inside of your throat, slut!" I immediately followed your command, my
lips wrapped around your cock and slid forward. Your hand went into my
hair, holding me from sliding off again. I began sucking and massaging
your cock with my tongue, letting it press inside my cheek. When you
felt your cock hit the back of my throat, you moaned and said, "You're
going to take it down your throat, aren't you? You're going to let me
fuck your throat." I slid my hands up over your hips, grasping your
ass, and gagged slightly as I felt your cock slide into my throat. My
gagging reaction only made you want to go deeper and you thrust up into
me, holding my head steady. By now, I could feel my pussy soaking my
panties, slick between my legs. I slid a hand between my legs and
under my panties, rubbing over my clit as you moaned with the pleasure
of being deep inside my throat. I struggled slightly, needing some air
and you pulled out, your cockhead popping from my throat as I pulled in
a deep breath. I wrapped my fingers around the base of your cock and
moaned as I sucked and licked over the purple head. You noticed I was
fingering my pussy and leaned over to push my panties off my ass. You
moaned and caressed my ass, then you caressed my face, pulling me from
your hard cock. You smiled at the flush of my cheeks and stood me up,
sliding my panties down my legs and off my feet. I reached back and
unclasped my bra, now standing completely naked in front of you. you
motioned for me to step back and stood yourself, lifted your shirt off.

You pulled me against you and kissed my mouth again, sliding your tongue
inside my lips, your hands traveling over my skin. I could feel your
cock pressed against my belly, and I rubbed against you. You groaned
and grasped my shoulders, turning us so you could sit me on the sofa
this time. I spread my legs wide, showing you how wet my pussy was
before you kneeled and kissed over my flat belly. I slid my fingers
through your hair and moaned as I pushed you further south. Your lips
touched my pussy in a kiss and then your tongue was suddenly pressing
between my lips. I gasped and arched upward, lifting a foot to the
side of the sofa to give you even better access. My breathing got
shallow suddenly as your tongue found my clit and swirled around it,
tasting my excitement. You moaned and pressed your stiff tongue inside
my cunt, looking up to catch my reaction. My eyes were closed tight in
pleasure and you grinned and reached up to spread my pussy lips wide,
your tongue flicking between my clit and pussyhole. You nipped gently
at my pussy lips, and said, "How badly do you want my cock, babe?" I
moaned in response, lifted my hips, and opened my eyes to watch you.
You nipped my pussy lip a little less gently this time and repeated,
"How badly do you want my cock, whore?"

I gasped in pleasure and moaned, "I want your cock inside my hot pussy
so badly I traveled half way across the country, you bastard!"

You widened your eyes and laughed, then you rose from your knees and
moved so your hard cock was positioned just in front of my pussy. You
reached down and spread my pussy lips with your fingers, and I reached
out and wrapped my fingers around your cock, massaging. I grinned at
your moan and tilted my hips up, brushing my pussy against the head of
your cock. Suddenly you shoved your cock hilt deep inside me. I
called out and clenched down on your thrust. We moaned together and
you began pumping inside me. My legs wrapped around your ass, trying
to pull you closer with each motion. You leaned over me, sucking at my
tongue as we gasped and moaned. Your cock thrusting deeper each time.
You groaned, "Fuck, your pussy feels so good!" I widened my eyes as I
felt you forcing yourself deeper and gasped, "Yes, fuck my pussy, cum
inside your little slut!"

You reached beneath my thighs and raised my legs, giving yourself
plently of room to fuck into my pussy. I suddenly gasped and moaned,
my pussy tightening on your cock. You could feel how close I was and
that only made you pound me harder. "You want me to cum inside you,
slut?" I could only respond, "Mmmnuuhh, oooh, yyeess!" Suddenly you
groaned and your cock jerked inside me, shooting your hot cum against
my pussy walls. My pussy spasmed in response, and I dug my heels into
your ass as we came together. Your ass muscles clenched and stiffened
under my heels as you continued to shoot into my shuddering body.

Your breath was warm in my ear, "Can you feel my hot cum inside you?"

I moaned, "Yes, oh god."

You thrust inside me a few more times, slowing the pace a bit and
chuckled, "'God' sounds just as good as 'bastard.'"

I smiled and whimpered in pleasure, my legs releasing your hips a bit as
you continued to slowly pump inside my pussy. You could feel my pussy
clenching and milking your cock as our hearts slowed after the climax.
You pulled your cock from my sensitive pussy and slapped it playfully
on my clit. I gasped and arched in reaction. "Oooh, fuck!" Your grin
told me that you knew you'd get that response. I grinned back and
reached up to pull you down against my body. As we relaxed, you moved
us so you could lay beside me on the sofa. I trailed my fingers over
your hip and you idley caressed my breast, leaning over for a deep
kiss. Your lips trailed down my chin and over my neck, suckling gently
at my pulse point.

I whispered, "Thank you for not hesitating, for just taking me like you

You grinned, and whispered against my lips, "I'm going to be taking you
like I want all week, hun."

I sighed in contentment and snuggled against your chest, dreaming about
future pleasures.

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