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My Mum And Her New Young Boyfriend


I'm Kyle 17 M Uk

My Mum is called Suzanne - She is 48 years old , 5 ft 7 , slim , Tanned ,Shortish Blonde Hair , Natural 38c tits , Blue Eyes

She's In Good Shape For Her Age and Looks After Herself .

My Dad Sadly Passed Away 5 Years Ago and since then she has only had one boyfriend which only lasted a few months .

About a year ago my mum joined the gym to get in shape and lose abit of weight , since then she's turned into a fitness freak

She goes to the gym most days of the week and works hard , she's lost nearly 3 stone Since She Joined And now she's got a hot body for a women of her age .

A couple of months back she met a guy at the gym , he's called Sam and he's only 26

I met him a couple of times and he seemed a decent guy I wasn't too happy about his age but if he made my mum happy I didn't mind.

After a few weeks went by he started coming over to our house a lot and I guess they were in a relationship now .

My mum even asked me if I was ok with them being together , I joked about his age but I said I didn't mind him and aslong as he makes you happy then I am .

He Started Staying over at our house most nights ,

My mums room was in the attic which had been converted we had 2 sets of proper stairs in our house one up to mine and my younger b*****rs room then up the next flight of stairs up to my mums room.

Nearly every Night he stayed over I heard them fucking upstairs , I heard my mums light moans and the bed rocking

I would lie in my bed at night rock hard imagining how the were fucking .

Sam was a good looking guy he was 6 ft tall , dark hair , tanned , was quite muscley and ripped up from the gym .

I didn't mind sam but he started taking liberties in the house nothing big just stuff like walking around the house in just boxers and getting abit flirty with my mum infront of me .

They were fucking like rabbits every night and probably when I wasn't in the house aswell .

I heard them fucking for over an hour some nights it kept me awake and made my cock so hard

I couldn't stop thinking about how he they was fucking.

My mum give me a free 7 day pass for the gym and I went up one day with her and sam

My mum went on the running machine and me and sam did some weights .

Once we finished we got our swimming shorts on and out towels and went in the steam room and just had a little chat

He asked me was I sure I'm ok with him being with my mum and I just told him yh its fine mate

We went into the showers I took my shorts of facing the wall , I've not got a small cock but its not huge ,

As I turned around I caught a glimpse of sams cock , it looked about 5 inches flacid and it was pretty thick (uncut)

Holy shit he had a big cock I could only imagine how big it was when hard .

Now I realised why I could hear my mum moaning evrynight , my mum must of been loving the sex

she's 48 and she fucking a 26 year old with a massive cock , it turned me on badly just knowing he's fucking my mum

A few days later my mum asked me and my little b*****r did we fancy goin to a holiday park for the weekend .

Anyway we ended up goin to a place called ribby hall village . It had an indoor pool and a couple of things to do in the day .

Me and my b*****r stayed in a smaller challet and my mum and sam stayed in luxury cabin just 2 mins from ours .

Our challet was nice but their cabin was top notch , everything was brand new and designer inside ,it was all one floor and at the back had a huge bed facing the patio doors looking out onto the lake , it had a jacuzzi on the decking aswell .

The first day we just looked around and went for something to eat at night ,

When we got back to our cabin my mum put my younger b*****r to bed then went back to her cabin with sam .

I sat in the livin room of my challet watching babestation bored then I realised that my mum and sam would deffo be having some fun tonight

I put my shoes and jacket on and walked round to the cabins , when I got near I noticed quite a few couples in there jacuzzis so I hid in the bushes .

I started to walk over to my mums cabin to try and look through the window but just as I got about 10 steps away the back patio door opened I ran into the darknes and into the bushes

They didn't spot me it was close , they walked onto the patio and both go into the jacuzzi with a bottle of champagne

They sat together looking loved up chatting away

When they finished their glasses the began kissing quite passionatly .

My mum had just a skimpy bikini on and he had shorts ,

They rubbed each others wet bodys as they kissed

My mum sat on his crotch facing him asif in cowgirl , she put her hands around his neck and they carried on kissing

Sam started sucking and kissing my mums neck and started slowly moving down towards her tits ,

He put his arm around the back and untied her bra and pulled it off ,

He began licking and sucking her big wet drooping tits

All of a sudden I heard some people , they walked past the back of the cabins and I think they spotted my mum and sam in the jacuzzi , once they went I heard my mum and sam giggling

My mum got out and sam followed they grabbed their towels and went inside

Once the door shut I snook over to the back patio door and luckily could see through the gap in the curtians

Sam took of his wet shorts and my mum took of her bikini bottoms

They were both completley naked and started to dry each other with their towels

My mum sat back on to the bed facing sam and his now growing cock , he walked right over to her and she began to kiss his around his cock

She began sucking his big cock , I was amazed and became hard myself

She sucked it so well , licking up and down the shaft before taking it quite deep into her mouth

After a few minutes of sucking his big cock she lay back on the bed and sam did aswell

He grabbed her foot and began sucking her toes as she played with his cock with her other foot .

He kissed all the way up her leg before starting to lick her trimmed hairy pussy

My mum ran her fingers through his short hair as she lay back in pleasure .

After atleast 10 minutes of eating her pussy they got into the 69 position
She sat on his face then began sucking him once more

After a while they began fucking in missionary

Because I was watching from the back I could see his arse and his big cock sliding in and out of my mums wet pussy

Her nails dug into his back and his arse cheeks as he pumped her hard

I began to hear the faint moans through the patio doors

He put her legs over his shoulders and pumped her with every inch of his cock ,

I was so hard , picture seeing your 48 year old mum gettin fucked hard of a hung young guy its so hot words can't describe

They rolled over soon after and my mum was now ontop

She began riding his cock well , she pushed down on his cock until she took it all then started moving her hips around hard and fast as her hands rested on his sweaty abs
After a good while my mum climbed off his cock and gave him a little suck ,before getting into doggy

He slid his cock back in her and began pumping her hard ,

Her big sagging tits drooped down and wobbled every time his thighs hit her peachy arse

He spanked her as he thrusted his cock into her

He grabbed her tits and pulled her up arching her back as he continued to feed her wet cunt his big cock

Say about 5 minutes later they got back into missionary and carried on fucking as they kissed

I could see clearly every inch of his cock going into my mum

Her started goin really fast and hard before plunging deep inside her and stopping ,his legs and arse tensed up as he filled her wet cunt with his huge load

He lay inside her for a few minutes as they kissed before he pulled out

As he did I saw his load drip right out of my mums wet used pussy

She rubbed it up with her fingers and put them in her mouth. Cleaning it all up they lay aside naked both dripping in sweat and turned off the lights ,

I blew my load all over the decking at the same time he filled my mum with his load ,

Luckily I think my mum had her tubes tied a few years back

To Be Continued .........

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