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A Strange Sexy Breakfast

An almost chubby guy whom I met online invited me to his flat for a late weekend breakfast. It was a very friendly chat, not a nasty web cam involved sex chat at all and I thought then we could never end up having sex even if we met. I was so wrong. He had a nice flat and he had prepared a lot of things for breakfast when I got there. We immediately sat at the table and started eating and talking about almost anything that came to our minds for a while. I was gobbling up a delicious pie made by him when I felt one of his foot rubbing my cock under the table. I smiled and he smiled, we didnt speak a word for about ten minutes or so. I was drinking my cup of tea and he was caressing my fully erect cock with one foot. He got up and I thought he was ready to sit on my lap, but he sat on the chair beside me and asked me “May I feed you with my hands?” He kissed my mouth so softly that I was curious what was next, so I accepted his offer. He was making small sandwiches or spreading a jelly or honey on a piece of bread and feeding me with one hand and with the other hand he was now jerking me off. He was also caressing my body too. It was a strange feeling, as he was treating me like a mother and he seemed like he enjoyed this a lot. As I could see he had a huge boner too. After a while I felt full and kindly said thanks to his final attempt to fill me up with more food. “Are you full babe?”, he asked. I nodded. “So it’s time to empty some”. I I wasnt feeling that full, I could have bursted my nuts all over his face the minute he soflty licked my precum oozing from my cock head. I was still sitting on my chair watching him smearing drops of honey with one finger on my cock head and licking it clean each time. I didnt want to spoil anything so I was afraid to ask him to suck that cock head nice and strong and get ready for an explosion. Instead he was just licking me like candy and sending shivers of joy all over my body. The moment I felt like it could go on like forever, I felt his soft lips around my cock head for a gentle suck. Noone had ever treated my cock like that, as if it was something too fragile, his suck was almost as soft as a kiss. At that moment, I felt like I was in heaven and I wanted so much to fill his mouth and throat with everything I could supply. One moment, he felt that I was about to cum and told me that I could cum right into his mouth. I had never came like that for a long time. It was a ball-draining orgasm and he was swalowing down every time I shot some more. Finally I laid back on the couch for a while with my cock hanging out. He soon approached and tucked it in, buttoned up my pants and said: “Thank you my friend for a nice breakfast, now it’s time for you to leave as I invited another friend over. I have to get ready for him”. It was one of those rare sex experience that a blow job was enough. Later on I learned that some of my friends had also visited him and it was like his fetish that became his signature to treat the strangers he invited to his home. Feeding them tasty food at first, to get fed by cum later on. I wanted to visit him again and sent a message later on, he replied, “it was a one time occasion for everybody”, which was also true as I asked to my friends who had “fed” him. What a strange and sexy breakfast it was.

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