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Crazy Night of Fucking in Barcelona!

I was having a blast! Going across Europe sight seeing, experiencing all sorts of new things. I started off in Barcelona for a week and had some of the best sex of my life. The women there were crazy in bed and their oral abilities were much better than the girls in the US. I was traveling around with my buddy Victor, a friend from college. Victor was blessed with a great body defined abs and a general defined body, he has these blue eyes and blonde hair that make it easy for him to bring back some of the most attractive women. I wasn't too bad myself, At 6 foot nothing, green eyes and light brown hair I am considered a catch. My pre trip workout paid off and I was as fit as ever.

I had recently ended a 2 year relationship with my girlfriend and was on the rebound in Europe. I had a difficult time getting over the idea of being with other women being only 2 weeks single but a week in Barcelona easily changed that. Victor was determined to snap me out of my slump and took me out with 2 German girls he met earlier that day. After a few rounds of drinks we were way past formal introductions. As we were getting ready to leave the bar and head out to the clubs the girls decide to go to the bathroom. They spent a good amount of time in there giving Victor and I time to argue over who got the room later than evening. When all of the sudden Victor throws a curve ball, "Why dont we just share it?" Assuming he was k**ding I let out a laugh, "What?!" I said. "Yeah, there are 2 queen beds in the room its not like we would be watching each other and these girls would totally be down for it!"

"Ok I said, if you can get both of these girls to do it then I dont care but if you weird them out and they leave, this one is on you" "Don't worry about it I have this one under control" he said. We saw the girls coming back from across the bars giggling. "Ok lets go!" said my more than attractive prospect for the evening. "You know I have a better idea, why don't the four of us head back to our hotel for some drinks and fun?" Victor said. Before I even had a chance to react they both said "we though you'd never ask" and with that we were on our way to our hotel.

We had a couple of drinks down at the bar before heading up to the room. Before I knew it I look over and Victor is making out with Ina, a short, busty girl with long blonde hair and a thick German accent. "well I see they are wasting no time" I said to Tasha. "Then neither should we!" she said as she unbuttoned her blouse with one hand and pulled me in for deep kiss with the other. Thats all I needed and the clothes were off! As we moved from the living area of the room towards the beds Tasha heads right for Ina and Victor. I gave her a questionable look which she recognized right away saying "Come on, dont be nervous lets have some fun!" "Yeah let's have some fun, loosen up a little" Victor said. Tasha slowly slid down Inas skirt and started eating her out.

"You boys just sit back and enjoy the view for a little" Ina said giving us a sexy smile while letting out a moan of pleasure. After about 5 minutes of watching, Victor and I were hard as rocks. "You boys like the show?" They said I let out a laugh "of course its quite a show" Good they said "now its your turn" Confused at what they mean Victor decided to ask. "You two got to watch us now its our turn to watch you 2" "No way!" I quickly responded "We dont do that kind of stuff" "That's ok then we can go" they said. "Hold on" Victor said, looking over at me with a weird grin. "C'mon man when are we going to get another chance with 2 girls like this!" "You cant be serious!" I said. "Why not? its not like we are gay for each other and if you are that nervous about it I'll go down on you and you could close your eyes or something." He said.

I cant believe I was actually considering this and as I was still thinking about what I was going to do Tasha comes over and pushes me onto the bed "If you do this we will let you put it anywhere" She straddled my face putting her now soaking pussy right on my mouth and said "now eat my pussy". As I began to flick my tongue around I felt a warm sensation run from my balls to the tip of my shaft. It was Victor playing around with cock. I continued to eat Tasha's pussy as Victor began to take the length of my 8 inch cock into his mouth, it was so warm and moist and despite the fact that it was one of my best guy friends I was loving it. He moved up and down my shaft slowly before taking the full 8 inches into the back of his throat. Tasha moved back over to Ina who started to return the favor Tasha had given her earlier. "You seem like you have done this before" I said as i looked down at Victor who took my cock out of his mouth looked up at me and smiled as he was stroking my shaft. He took my cock back into mouth down to the base of my cock. "My god!" I said "I have never had a blow job this good before." And five minutes later felt a sensation in my balls, "I'm close" I said to Victor who glanced up at me while he was bobbing up and down my cock and kept going. A few more minutes went by before I let out a loud moan "I'm cumming" I said thinking that he would back off, but he didn't and i filled his mouth with what felt like one of the biggest loads I have ever shot. He took it all, every last drop. I collapsed back onto the bed having just experienced one of the best orgasms of my life. As I looked over I say Ina fingering and licking Tasha who was now moaning in ecstasy.

"Now its my turn" Victor said to me putting his cock in my face.

Hesitant, I began to lick up and down his shaft as he had done for me and was surprised that it wasn't as bad as i thought in fact, i kind of liked it. I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock and began to work slowly down his 7 1/2 inches. I got about half way down before I gagged causing Victor to laugh. I backed off and moved my mouth back down his thick cock getting closer to the base without chocking on his dick. I like this I thought to myself and began to suck his cock as if I was a pornstar getting all the way to the bottom of his shaft. His blonde pubic hair brushing against my face. After about 10 minutes of this the girls stopped their private session and said "now that you boys have been good it is time for your reward".... (To be continued)

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