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The Sucking Professor Part 1 (True Story)

This took place a few years ago my freshman year in college. This is entirely true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. Enjoy!!

It was my freshman year at college and I was enjoying the college life and everything it had to offer. I was only a month into the first semester, I liked my roommate, I made pretty cool friends, the girls were beautiful and plentyful and the parties were great. I was enjoying my new taste of freedom, and I planned to keep it that way. My grades were always good all through out grade school, and I was doing well my first month in. I was miles and miles away from home,and on a whole other side of the country, so I only would see f****y on holiday breaks. I had four classes my first semester. Most were prerequisites, Math, English,Western Civilization and Psychology. We met 2 days a week, a only classes 4 days a week, and that did not include fridays. My schedule was pretty nice, I like all my classes and professors, but one I really liked, she really stood out, she was my English professor, Professor Smith... Jamie Smith to be exact.

She was one the most sexiest women I laid my eyes on, she was a mature women, age 46, but she was stunning, she had shoulder length dirty blonde hair , blue eyes, tan skin, she was about 5'5 and she had a ample pair of tits, not to big or small, maybe C-cups. She was curvy , small waist but wide hips, and a phat white booty, and a smile that would kill me right where they stand if it could. She was really a sexy MILF, she gave the a whole new meaning to cougar. I started to notice that I would have crazy boners every time I came to English class. She was a pretty cool professor too, she was not a hard grader, she did not shun away students who needed help. Now I was no stranger to fucking Milfs, ever since I was 16 I fucked about 3 milfs up until my freshman year, but that's for another story. After about 3 months into the semester I was doing really well in all my classes , but especially English, we had a total of 10 papers to write for the whole semester, and I aced every last one of them. I also was getting in pretty good with professor Smith too. She noticed my papers, and she and I would always have great conversation, even though I had a secret crush on her, I was never one of those guys who would act shy or nervous around girls. Plus I had other girls on the campus to take out my sexual tension on. But professor Smith and I would talk about mostly any and everything, from sports, current events, life,and even the no no's, politics and religion. I say we were building a pretty good relationship. But soon we or I would take our relationship to the next level.

The fall semester was over, and it was time to take a break, for the winter and relax until the spring semester began. I had passes all my classes, and I was already registered for my spring semester classes, I not only liked professor Smith sexually, but she was a great professor and her teaching methods were good, so I decided to take her other class, the next semester which was a film class, it was called from books to film, we read classic literature, that has been made into movies, and we compare the two. I stopped by professors smiths office to tell her the good news about next semester, she seemed really happy, she gave me a hug and said she looked forward to seeing me. I told told her she might see me a lot over the break, because my parents had went on a cruise to Carribean for the holidays, so I was just gonna stay here in Florida. I guess she felt bad for me to be spending the holidays alone, so she offered to let me spend it with her any her f****y, she insisted so I agreed, she also insisted that I call her Jamie. Since I was living in the dorms then students were not allowed to stay in them over holidays so I moved in with my professor and her 13 y.o son Alex and her husband Tyler. They were nice and welcoming , I got along good with the son, we played video games and sports and all that good stuff.

Now that I was in my professors house living with her f****y for a few weeks, my attraction to her did not die down but for a short, and I mean a short while, I felt bad about having hot and horny feelings for her. But that all changed my first night at her house, it was late and Alex,Tyler and I were all in the living room putting up Christmas decorations, and then Jamie walked in, and all my dirty horny thoughts shot back into my head like a bullet. She was wearing a tight, pink spaghetti strap tank top that showed off her boobs and hard nipples, and the most tightest , hipping hugging, short red booty shorts that said love pink on the back. I had on basketball shorts, so I was trying not to get hard because they hide boners as well as most pants. She came bouncing in the room,and smiling and singing xmas carols. Her ass cheeks were barely staying in her shorts. She was flaunting that sexy body all around I tried not to stare to much, because her son and most importantly her husband was right there, but they did not seem to care or really notice her. Later that night I beat my dick so hard thinking about,eating her pussy and her ass, while she was sucking my dick, and then I would pound her back out. I probably cam gallons that entire week every night jacking off to her. The next Christmas was over and New Years was too, nothing really happened ,because I went out partying and fucking other girls, and out of respect I did not want to fuck girls in Jamie's home. but the next week ,I began thinking with my dick and my hornyness got the best of me, I started to sniff Jamies dirty panties and jack off to them when she was out, or even in another room of the house, her scent was so good.

I started hanging out with a guy from the college, named Joe, Joe was what you call a professional student he loved college so much he decided to stay for 6 years instead of the usual 4,he became a good friend and hang out buddy, during the break, he new about Jamie and what I thought of her. One day I was out driving with him, and he drove about 20 miles outside of town, I did not ask questions but just went along for the ride. I finally asked questions when we pulled off the side of the road , up to a small building in the middle of no where. I all I saw was Harley's and cars, t thought it was a biker bar at first. I asked him what he was up too, and what was this place and he said I would find out soon enough. I walked into the place and noticed it was an adult video store, I really was never into buying porn from stores, I just used the internet, but then I figured out what we were there for when I saw a nearly empty sales floor, and a black curtain in the back of the store with people coming in and out. Joe and I walked up to the front desk, where the owner , a guy named Jeff spoke to us. He apparently knew Joe pretty well cause he greeted him with some dumb ass inside joke and told him that his room was ready, then he told me that I could go in room 3 and he and Joe both winked at me. I thought nothing of it, and followed Joe to the back ,as we arrived in the back there was a long hall way with rooms on each side with numbers on them, almost like a hotel. Joe patted me on the back and smiled a real suspicious smile, and said enjoy, and headed to his room. I found room 3 and entered,I walked into the room locked the door, and noticed a hole on the wall. I knew it was a glory hole place by now, and I never in my life been to one, but saw numerous porn vids about them. It did not take a rocket scientist to know what to at this point.

I pulled my pants down, and put my dick through the hole, with in seconds I felt a smooth hand touch my dick, and heard a very sexy, and seductive female voice say, owww black cock my favorite, and its thick. I said to my self , that voice sounds familiar, but I payed it no attention I was about to get blown by a complete stranger and it was on the house. The sententious stranger startred stroking my cock and it was getting to the semi hard point. The sexy female voice said ," I see some one is getting happy, her hands felt so warm and smooth, like velvet or silk. The hole was big enough for my balls to fit through and she started rubbing balls. My dick was at a full on hardy now, and I felt lips kiss my nut sack, and then a hot wet tongue lick and each ball. She bath my balls and stoked my cock, then she licked under my shaft and up to my head. She slowly put a few inches in her mouth and sucked on the head, she complimented to me on my size,and Im not one to brag but I am packing. And she began to suck, I mean really suck, she sucked me hard and she went deep, she sucked and licked my balls and she stroked my black cock, and then she slapped my dick on her face and rubbed her spit from my dick all over her, she was quite the enthusiastic cock sucker. She kept moaning and saying how much she loved black cock and she live to worshiped black cock. In my head as all this was going on I was stunned at how good this strange women could suck a cock, and then I kept saying this voice sounds familiar, but I could not quite put a finger on it, and then I figured her head was so good it made me delusional. She was sucking me for about 20 minutes now and I was nearing my popping off point, and I told her I was getting ready to come, and she said "give me that cum baby, I want to swallow it all" . And what I loved was that she did not stop sucking, I felt my dick head hit the back of her throat and that did, I moaned and groaned and I guess she figures it was close, she she kept sucking me but she just left my head and a little bit of my shaft in her mouth,she sucked hard on my head, and stroked me dick face with one hand and played with my balls in the other, and I unloaded and powerful load on her mouth. Shoot after shoot I was emptying all my seed in her mouth, she was swallowing as she was sucking to nothing was lost. And she even sucked out the little bit that was left over, she would not stop sucking until I went soft. I was exhausted and sweaty, I felt back against the wall, breathing heavy, after the best blow job of my life. She sounded like she was wiping her mouth or something and she said something of the sort, like cum again or cum back soon. I know the pun was intended on the cum part cause she gave a naughty laugh afterwards. I caught my breathe, pulled my pants up and zipped them and headed on out. I found Joe in the front room talking to Jeff.

Jeff told him that I was coming out, he turned around and they both applauded me as I was coming over to them. I asked them what the applause was for and Joe said he was applauding my first ever glory hole, and Jeff added in that he hoped that I will come back for more. They asked me how was it, and I told them that it was the best blowjob I ever had,and that nothing could top it. They both laughed and Joe and I said goodbye to Jeff, but before I left I purchased two dvds from Jeff, i told him I know it was on the house but for the blowjob I just got it was well worth it. He really like that and he came across the counter and shook me hand, and told me I was welcomed whenever. On the ride home, I thanked Joe for taking me, and he said that it was a late Christmas present for me. He kept laughing though and I asked him what he was and Jeff were laughing at. He said do you know who just gave you a blow job? I said no, but they where great, and he said, " Oh you know her pretty well. I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me I know the person who just blew me, so I started going down the list a naming all the girls from the college, and he just shook is head and said nope. So after a while I just said fuck it, and asked him to tell me, what he said almost made my heart sank to my stomach, he told me that Professor Jamie just sucked my cock. I laughed at first and told him to stop lying and he said he wasn't then my second reaction was a holy fuck reaction, then I started thinking back and I said I knew that voice sounded familiar. I asked him to tell how he knew, and when we got back to town, he pulled up to a bar and he expained it all.

The End (For Now)

Tell me what you think of the story, part will be up soon if you like it, I know it took awhile to get there, but I like to build a character bio so the reader can understand the story I tried to keep it summarized , but I promised part 2 has way more action and gets to the point, rate and comment , I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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