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Turning the Wife Into a Hot, Dirty Slut!

My wife and I always talked about fucking other people but we never had. She is short and slim, light brown hair, a great rack, and a fat fucking ass. Ever since we got married she started dressing more conservative. She is such a little fox, so recently I took her shopping for some short shorts to show off her great ass. I love showing her off so much that one night I convinced her to go on webcam for complete strangers. she actually really enjoyed it. I told her that I'ld love to watch her be a slut with other men and then we fucked like crazy, she loved it. My wife always had a thing for my friend.

One day she decided to text him letting him know that I want her to get fucked by other men. My friend thought this was great as she started texting dirty to him. She ended up telling him that she wanted to take his Italian dick up her asshole. I knew he wanted her, not only because of how he talked to her but because she looked a lot alike his favorite ex-girlfriend. With all this dirty talk going around, my wife was constant as a bitch in heat. I wanted her to be a loose slut. Every time we fucked, I got her to call herself a whore. We fucked so much over this shit that she actually started referring to herself as a whore even when we weren't fucking. I started to see the change.

We vacationed back home where my friend had just gotten into an apartment. I couldn't wait to let my friend use the fuck out of my little wife. As we walked up to my friend Jake's apartment, I watched as my wife climb the first few steps. Danielle was wearing her shortest shorts and I was mezmerised watching the bottom of her ass cheeks giggle with every step. I had my little whore knock on Jake's door. Jake let us in as he eyed the hell out of Danielle's tits. We all started drinking some beers and caught up some. There was this strange tension because we all knew that Danielle was about to get fucked by only the second guy in her whole life. I told her to please grab me a beer. Jake's beer was at the bottom of the fridge so we watched as she bent down to grab the drinks. Danielle came back and went to Jake's side of the table. It felt strange to watch my girl pass me up for another man but my dick started to get hard.

She then pressed her waist up against the table and leaned over a bit showing off her beautiful lower back and ass. My wife was putting her body on display for Jake as she pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. She put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks far apart revealing her little butthole. Danielle's pussy and ass smelled so fucking great and i knew Jake agreed as he came behind her and shoved his face into her ass. he then shoved his tounge into Danielle's pussy and sniffed her asshole. i knew her scent was driving him crazy as he stood up and slapped his dick on her butt. Danielle turned around and dropped to her knees, taking his thick cock into her mouth. Jake wasn't bashful as he thrusted his heavy dick into Danielle's poor little throat. i could hear her gargling and gagging as he literally fucked my wife's face. he then pulled her up to her feet and walked her to the couch. Jake pushed my wife over the arm of the couch. she laid bent over the couch and starting moaning "I'm a fucking whore" she started getting louder "Fuck my asshole Jake! I'm your fucking slut!" Jake then pushed the head of his dick into my wife's butthole. his cock, dripping in Danielle's saliva, slid down into her butt. Jake shoved his thickness balls deep into Danielle. he then started humping her asshole with hard thrusts. Danielle was crying with pleasure as Jake's balls slapped onto her clit. she started thrusting back at Jake so she could feel his dick hitting her insides.

Jake continued to fuck my wife's asshole pulling it completely out and then shoving it all the way back in. finally, after about 15 minutes of this, he tensed up. I watched him jerk a little as he filled Danielle's pussy with his cum. my wife's poor little asshole couldn't hold that much cum so it started running out of her ass and onto her pussy lips. Jake then slid his cum covered dick down to her pussy. my wife never let me go from her ass to her pussy but she sure didn't mind as Jake inserted his cock. he started to fuck her gently as he kissed her neck. "make me pregnant Jake" my wife pleaded, "i'm a whore and I want you to make me pregnant!" Jake listened to her request and fucked her pussy slowly as they made out. then he bucked up again and shot a second load deep into her pussy. he sat back onto the couch and we both watched as his cum oozed out of her now gaping holes. i got up then and pulled her undies over her messy pussy and then buttoned up her shorts. Jake came over to slide his toungue down her throat one last time. we then left Jake's apartment.

Danielle asked where we were going next. I told her a hotel, and then she begged me to go out to a bar. i realized that she was now a loose whore so i asked her why? she then told me she wanted to fuck some strangers. I looked down and seen Jake's cum oozing down between her legs, soaking though her jean shorts. my dick got real hard so i then agreed to slut her out at some local shady pubs...

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