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Neighbor's Wife Gangbanged!

My neighbor’s wife Tina was sore for a week after her first black men plus she never told her husband that she was fucking black cocks and loved it. Trish told me to feel him out and see what he thought about his little wife fucking black cocks. That afternoon I saw him outside and started talking to him he was so straight laced I didn’t like talking to him. I gave him a beer and started to talk about sex.

After about six beers I asked him if he thought his wife would ever cheat on him he said no that she really didn’t like sex. I told him with body like that she loves sex and asked him if he was fucking her every night he said no that when he got home from work he was too tired to fuck her maybe once a month. With only fucking her once a month I told him he was asking for trouble with that he said she can fuck who ever she wants I said really. He said as long as she fucked him once a month it was ok I asked him if he ever wanted to watch his wife fuck someone. He told me he thought about it having her fuck a big dick and watching it I said really he said yes.

That night I told Trish what he said she said great because she had showed Tina’s pic around on a black over 9 inch club on the web and had 37 hits back that wanted to fuck her. She said these cocks were from 9 inches to 15 and 6 or 7 of them were thicker than the other guys she had fucked. After this gangbang we’ll show her husband what she’s really like when he’s at work laughing.

Trish was setting it up for Sunday afternoon we would have 3 videos running Trish my friend and me.37 black men were going to fuck this little woman and her husband would know it Monday morning. This would be all hardcore Trish had told the men that her dad was a Ku Klux Klan leader and they needed to ruin his daughter for white men.

My wife pick her up and off they went they stopped buy a store to get 15 tubes of lube for this afternoon. Tina asked my wife how many guys there were Trish said she wasn’t for sure just enough to fuck her good. When they got to my friends house she asked how her tiny body took those big cocks. Tina said who knows they just f***ed them in there would be a lot of forcing tonight my wife said as she was laughing. She went into the bathroom to get Tina ready enema’s to clean her out and they put a tube of lube in her ass and took a few before pics of her closed ass and pussy.

At 1130 5 guys showed up there were no pleasant words they just wanted to fuck this bitch raw. They went into the bedroom to find Tina on the bed fingering herself. One of the men pulled her to the edge of the bed and started fucking her hard holding her ankles up around her ears he lasted about 5 minutes before shooting his cum in her. The next guy was fucking her pussy then just pulled out and jammed his cock up her ass making her scream out. He was just fucking her ass hard when he came in her ass. The next 3 guys filled all her holes at once they started fucking her hard and when they came they shot it down her throat.

This went on for about the first 16 men her pussy and ass were gapped and raw Trish put more lube up in her ass as the next guys came in. All these had those thick cocks my wife told me about. These 4 men said they were going to double fill here holes so no white cock could satisfy her. One man lay down and told her to ride it man he was thick around 11 inches long the other guy that was going to fuck her from behind was thicker and longer. On her fifth time going down the second man just rammed his cock in her pussy to she had never had this much cock before. First they fucked her with a steady pace then they had a jerky pace making her scream out loud she was cuming over and over.

The other two men waited there turn as their buddies stretched her pussy wider and wider they fucked her for about 10 minutes before they both came. The next two men said they wanted that ass and that’s what they got. They were about 10 inches but the thickest so far the first cock in her made her wonder if she could take both at the same time. My wife told them to take it easy on her until she said she was ok with it they both told her that they wanted to come back with her so they didn’t want to hurt her just stretch her out. The first one was fucking her he stopped to let the other one join him.

At first I didn’t think she could do it but she got them both in her ass she made faces but that’s all. They had about 5 inches a peace in then they slowly put more and more in her until they were balls deep. My wife asked how she was she told them they could fuck her anyway they wanted to now. They fucked her a little faster but not hard she started cuming again. She told them to fuck her hard until they came with that they started fucking her unmercifully. Her ass was taking a hard fucking now by two very thick cocks when they came they pulled out only for her ass to stay wide open.

After that everyone doubled up on her ass and there was no merci from the smaller guys if 9 inches is small. They fucked her hard for over an hour until the last man fucked her and came in her. We brought everyone into the bedroom and told her to tell her husband what she likes now she looked into the camera and said lots of big black cocks.

That night she told her husband she loved black gangbangs he’s ok with it and now he wants to watch the show. He told her after we left that he wants to be a cock old man to suck her pussy after everyone cums in her. She said she would love for him to do that. Now that’s love.

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