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Camping With Friends

First a little background. This story actually happened a few years ago. Beth was a virgin when we met. I often tried to get her to find a well hung guy to fuck her but she always said, "I was all she needed", though when I suggested it she would get very hot and fuck like a wild woman. I by most of her work clothes so I know she will show off her assets. Beth is a 36C with great legs the other night she was working her part time job where they wear shorts a young lady told her that she hoped her legs looked that good when she got Beth's age. I make sure that her skirts are short or if long have a slit to mid thigh. She always wears nylons and garters so when she sits just right her nylon tops show.
We go camping almost every weekend during the short north-east summers.One weekend se pulled into a campsite and I noticed a guy watching us park. Beth always goes from work to the campground before she changes so she still had on her heels and short skirt. She didn't notice the guy and when she slipped out of the pickup her skirt rode up to show off her stocking tops. Later after I got the camper set-up and the grill going so I could cook he came over to introduce himself. His name was Joe, he was about 10 years older but still looked good for his age. Beth came out with the food to BBQ, I introduced her and she asked if he would like a beer, as she bent to get the beer from the cooler her skirt rode high in the back revealing the thigh above the nylons. Joe just stared. Beth went inside to change, my only request is when we camp she goes bra-less so I can see her big nipples poking thru her shirts. I love to fondle her nipples and keep them hard all the time. Beth also hates tan lines so she wears her bikini top when the sun shines.
Joe came back over after we had finished our dinner bring his wife with him. Carol was a good looking blond that looked to be wearing clothes one size too small. He introduced her and took a double take when her saw Beth with her nipples standing proud. We spent a lot of time that weekend getting acquainted with them having a great time. We agreed to camp with them again in a few weeks.
This weekend they brought another couple with them along with their grandc***dren. We also had our daughters with us as always. Beth came out on Saturday morning with her bikini top on so she could enjoy the sun. Joe was doing his usual keeping an eye on Beth. The other lady asked Beth later how she dared to wear her bikini in front of Joe. Beth asked what she meant and she just told her "you'll find out if you keep wearing it". When she told me this I thought that maybe this would be the guy to finally get her in bed!
As summer went on and we camped more with them I did notice that Joe was always very helpful to Beth. On several occasions he would go in our camper to help her with something, she would always be very wild in bed all the next week.
One weekend we were enjoying a beer when Beth called out to me that we had water running in the camper and it wouldn't quit. I rushed inside, telling Joe to shut of the water supply. Joe came inside to see what the problem was. I was lying on the floor looking for the problem. I heard a soft moan and looked to see what was going on. Joe was leaned back against the wall with Beth leaning against him. He had both hands under her t-shirt playing with her tits. My cock jumped to attention. I had to turn slightly so they couldn't see it, I pretended not to notice and kept looking for the problem that I had already found. I wasted about fifteen minutes (looking for the problem) just so I could watch Joe play with my sexy wife. I finally announced that I had the problem solved, Joe turned the water back on and no leaks. He said he was going to his camper. Beth went to the sink to do some dishes, I walked up behind her reaching under her t-shirt to cup her tits. I asked if this is what it felt like when Joe did it? Beth froze, telling me she was sorry for letting him do it, asking if I was mad. I leaned against her pressing my hard cock against her ass, I told her that it was hot watching her get felt up by another guy. She turned around kissing me passionately. I slipped a hand down the front of her loose fitting shorts to find her very wet pussy easily sliding two fingers inside her. She said her panties were so wet she need them removed. I slid down her shorts and white lace panties. I then buried my face between her legs licking her pussy. I sucked on her hard clit and she came almost instantly. I helped her to get her shorts back on then went out to the campfire. Joe came back over later and went inside to "help" Beth. The playing with Beth's tits continued the rest of the summer.
The next spring we started camping with them again, I noticed that Beth now didn't wear panties either. I didn't complain as it made it easier for me to get to her seemingly always wet pussy. One night we were out for a late night walk, Beth was walking between Joe and myself. She usually walked there because Joe would play with her tits as we walked. On this occasion I decided to reach inside her sweats to finger her pussy, Joe had his hand already there fingering her as we walked. He pulled his hand back real quick, I told him there was enough room for both of us but he didn't go for it. Beth was really hot when we got back to the camper sucking my cock before fucking wildly. I was afraid she would wake our daughters.
A couple weeks later while taking our late night walk, Carol said she had to go to the bathroom which left Joe,Beth and me to wait for her. I walked over to a light pole, leaning against it I pulled Beth against me then asked Joe if he wanted to work on the top or bottom. He chose the tits so I slipped a hand inside her sweats and buried two fingers in her wet pussy. This was the first time Beth had ever had two guys play with her like this and she was humping my fingers as he played with her tits pinching her sensitive nipples. Carol came back just as we released Beth. We got back to the camper, Beth said good-night and went in while I helped Joe pick up the chairs and put out the campfire. Carol was still outside with us, I got ready to leave when Joe pulled Carol in front of him pulling her shirt and bra up exposing her nice tits with small nipples. Joe asked what I thought of them. I said they looked fine to me. He told me to play with them, Carol was halfheartedly fighting to pull her top down but once I touched her tits she mellowed out, her nipples got hard and she kissed Joe. I went to my camper to find Beth sl**ping, I went to sl**p with a stiff cock. We agreed to get together again two weeks with no k**s or friends.
The following two weeks Beth just wanted to fuck constantly morning and night. She was so hot that after I had fucked her in the morning and left for work she would get her 10inch cock shaped vibrator out along with her 8 inch rubber cock. She had named the after Joe and myself. Beth and Carol talked a lot during the two weeks making plans for diner and I later found other things.
The weekend finally arrived, I took the girls to their grandparents while Beth got ready. She had on a new skirt that was so short it barely covered her ass along with a white sports-bra that was so thin you could her her brown areola and nipples. She looked good enough to eat right then. She carried a towel along to put on the truck seat. When she sat down she hiked her skirt up so she wasn't sitting on it. I liked the view as her pussy was in plain view. We hit the interstate and my hand went for her pussy. She spread her legs to give me access, she was very wet so I got two fingers in easily. It started to rain and ended my playing. When we arrived Joe came out with and umbrella to help us get parked. After the camper was parked he came up to get Beth out and e****t her to the camper. He got a real surprise when he got to the truck opening the door to find her totally exposed. As she turned to get out her pretty pussy opened for him. He helped her to the camper while I got the camper set-up. I got the cooler out grabbing a beer. Beth told me that they decided to eat in out=r camper since we had more room. When they came in Carol was wearing a sweater dress that was low cut and also very short, looking two sizes too small. Joe sat on one side of the dinette and Carol slid in on the other. Beth sat next to Joe and I sat beside Carol. We enjoyed a great dinner with wine and conversation. After dinner Beth suggested we move to the living room couch. Beth sat between Joe and myself. We all were making out when Beth said something to Carol about the fashion show. Carol said it was raining too hard to get her stuff from the camper but she should do it anyway. Beth got up, went to the front bedroom and came back out wearing a red neglegee that I had bought her. It was low cut and very see-thru, she had left off the bikini panties so you had a good look at her hairy pussy and tits. She did a couple turns and poses then went to change again. This time she had on a black night gown that was also see-thru, this one tied just below the bust-line and other wise hung open. She had not worn panties with this one either. As she walked it would open all the way to the tie showing her legs and pussy. After a couple turns she came over and sat back down on the couch. She gave me a big kiss before turning to kiss Joe. When she turned back I told her to suck Joe's cock. She immediately got down opening his shorts and taking out his already erect cock went to work on him. Beth then suggested that we open the couch into the queen size bed. After she put a sheet on it Joe said he was taking her to the bedroom. I reminded her to leave the door open and lights on so I could watch them. Carol and I stripped each other, I finally got a look at her blond bush which was nicely trimmed.

To be continued before I hit the wrong button and delete it again.

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