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A story for HornyMahoney

this is just a story of what would happen the first time me and Hornymahoney would meet. this is just a story for now lol. i hope she and everyone else enjoys this.

after weeks and then months of talking via xhamster we now got to meet. we had talked about alot of things for some time now and one was about what we would do the first time we would meet. today was the day so i took a nice long shower, shaved, and got ready to meet her. i was a 6'00 tall man dark skinned with long dark hair. not super fit but still with bit hard body.i put on a nice black suit with a nice button shirt and boxers underneath. we were to meet at motel bar not too far from where i lived in new york and i was early. sitting waiting for her i started thinking about what i wanted to do to her. to me she was the most sexiest woman alive with her 5,7 frame nice set of tits and nice big ass. long black hair and darker skin then me. thinking of this i felt my cock grow and harden a bit in my dress paints. then i saw her walking to me in long sexy dress. we hugged with her feeling my big cock from inside my pints. "i see your happy to see me hehe" she said with a smile on her face. her not having bra on under the dress i could see how hard her nipples were and said "i can say the same to you." we talked and had a drink or two with her sliding her hand under up and down my leg feeling my cock every now and then. we kissed afew time before i said "i got a room here if you want to go somewhere more privet?". she looked at me with a devilest smile and nodded. we got up and started to walk to the elevator. when in the elevator we were alone and i grabbed her by the wist and kissed her deeply. one hand on the small of her back and the other on her ass. she moaned as i pressed my body to hers and she felt my hard dick rub her cult. she lifted leg and put it around my leg to make it easier to feel her wet pussy. soon the elevator doors opened and we broke the kiss and walked the the room. i opened the door and let her in first then turned to lock the door. when i turned back she had already slipped her dress off.only having on some a sexy thug. i walked to her and kissed her holding her close. one hand holding on to one of her tits and the other her ass. both her hands were taking off my shirts. first the button down then the under shirt. as i rubbed my self to her body she moaned more nd more. then she started to take off my paints going slowly in grabbing my dick. soon i was just in my boxers. i then picked her up and layed her on the bed and started kissing her body. first her lips then her neck. going lower i got to her nice big tits and i started to kiss them and suck them and bit the nipples. she moaned more saying "oo baby just like that your getting me so fucking wet." with one hand i pulled down her thug and started to finger her as i licked and sucked her tits. she moaned louder and louder saying "o shit i'm gonna cum baby" soon she did just that. "that was just the warm up baby we got alot of fun to be had tonight" i said as i took my fingers out and started to kiss lower once more. to her stomach then just above her pussy lips. i started to kiss and lick her pussy lips and cult. she moan as i sucked on her cult and moved one hand to her tits and grabbed them. "o baby thats it right there make me cum." she said as i licked her wet pussy. soon she took my hand from her tits and to her face. taking one finger (the one that was in her pussy) she put it in her mouth and started to suck on it like it was my dick. this got me very hard and i was ready to fuck her but first i needed to make her cum.i licked and sucked her cult and pussy making her cum soon after. i stood up and before i could do any thing she jumped up and put her lips around my dick and started sucking it. first my head licking it and sucking it then going down as low as she could on my 10 ic dick.looking up at me with her deviled eyes she even choked on my dick. i moaned as my dick was getting wetter wnd wetter with her spit from her warm mouth. "yea baby suck my big dick just like that you are so good at that" i said as she sucked me faster and faster. soon after i started to cum and she held my dick in her mouth and sucked it out my dick like it was caprisun drink. soon every drop was gone. i picked her up and kissed her then layed her on the bed with my body on top of hers. my dick rubbing on her pussy as she moaned. soon my hard dick found its way to her pussy lips. first the head started to enter her wet pussy and she moaned as it did. so after my dick was as deep inside her as i could. she screemed abit loud as my dick was almost too big for her pussy but soon she loved the size. in and out i fucked her slow at first and soon faster and faster as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.fucking her faster and harder she screemed about to cum and at the same time i to was about to cum untill we came together and inside her. we layed there for bit and i fell sl**p but not for long. soon after i felt my dick being jerked. i opened my eyes and her hand was jacking my dick as i slept. i layed there and let her for a bit untill i was about to cum and i reached to her and grabbed her ass. soon i came all over her hand and she bent to my still hard dick and started to lick up my cum and suck my dick once more. going deeper then before down my dick she sucked me faster and faster untill i said to her "i want you to ride me dick baby." she stopped and looked at my dick. she then got up and moved on top of me sliding her pussy up and down my shaft. teasing me with her wet pussy on my dick got as hard as it could. she then grabbed it and slowly put the head of my dick in her then sat all the way down on it. slowly she started to ride my big dick i grabbed her big tits as she went up and down on my big dick and soon moved down and kissed me still riding my big fat dick. faster and faster untill i came hard inside her. we stayed like that with her on top of me and my dick in her for few hours. to be continued......

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