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I was my Husband's hooker

It was 1986 and I was 21 and had been married for less than a year when my husband, Steve, came to me with a problem. Steve owned a painting business and had a crew of 6 mMexicans working for him painitng a new apartment complex here in town. Steve told me that if he could finish the contract a weeek early, he would get a huge bonus. He had promised his crew that if they finished early, he would rent a hotel room, buy them a few cases of beer and whiskey, and hire them a hooker for a party. Well.... They had finished it early, he was going to get the bonus, but not for a few weeks. Problem was, Steve did not have the money for a hooker and the only one he knew, a big surprise to me by the way, would not do it on credit and was busy the weekend he had promised the party. If he fell through on the party, all 6 of the guys would quit and we would be out of business. None of the guys had ever met me, as Steve never had them over and I never went to the job sites. Steve told me that if I could be the hooker, we were saved. He said they would get d***k and pass out fast, the most I would have to do was fuck a few.....I knew I never should have told Steve about my fantasy of fuckng some total strangers... aftera few hours of discussion, i agreed to do it as long as no one ever knew it was me.

Friday night, Steve had rented a hotel room and bought the booze and set them up in the hotel room. He came home and picked me up to take me and introduce me to the "crew". I shaved my legs, trimmed my pubic patch, put on a lacy pair of panties and a matching bra and a tight little black dress. I am 5൒, 36c and a nice figure and I wore my dark brown hair long and loose. We got to the hotel and I was very nervous when he opened the door and led me into the room. He introduced them to me them as "Candy" their entertainment for the weekend. "The weekend?", I looked at him and he kind of shrugged at me and smiled. He fixed me a very stiff drink and we sat down as he gave them a speach about how he appreciated the work they did and how it made him look great and that they all had a job on his next job. One of the guys said, "just bring her again and we do bueno work for you, boss" Steve said deal as he handed me another drink. I did not realize I had finished my first one. He asked me if I would dance for the guys before he left. He said he would love to see what they were going to enjoy and what he paid two grand for.... I told him one more drink and I would be ready. He handed me another drink and I downed it quick as I stood up and felt light headed. One of the Mexicans turned on some music and I started to sway and dance to the music as they all whistled and made comments, mostly in spanish. I looked at Steve as I danced nad he was smiling at me and said " Take of your dress, Candy!" so I reached up behind me and pulled my zipper down and let the dress slide off my sholders and danced in my ;acy underwear as they all clapped and hooted. Steve stood up, walked to me and kissed me. I did not feel him reach behind me and unhook my bra as he kissed me, He stoped kissing me and stepped back with the bra in his hand and my 36C breasts out and in the open for all six Mexicans to enjoy. I felt myself blush and my nipples rise. Steve looked at them and said "Chicos, creo que esta zorra está listo para ser follada duro y largo plazo. ¿Es un buen trabajo en ella, me costó mucho. Además, ella mira como ella lo quiere, y necesita que mal ahora mismo!" They all cheered and laughed as he walked out the door. I found out later that he had said- Guys, I think this slut is ready to be fucked hard and long. Do a good job on her, she cost me alot. Besides, she looks like she wants it, and needs it bad right now! Before Steve was out of the room, one was kissing me and I felt a hand between my legs and a mouth on my right nipple. The one kissing me stopped and handed me a glass I drank in one full gulp, it was several onces of tequila. I felt my pantied pulled down and a hand preading my pussy lips as the tallest of the mexicans was kissing me again. I was so light headed and getting very aroused. I felt several fingers in my pussy as I was standing there. before I knew it, I was sitting on the couch and had one eating my pussy and two sucking my nipples, before I knew it, a cock was to my lips and I opened my mouth and sucked it in and sucked the cock as he fucked my mouth quickly and shoot a mouthful of cum in my throat as I gulped and swallowe. he was replaced by one of the others and I swallowed another load of cum. by now, i felt my legs over the shoulders of the one eating my pussy as I came very heard for him and yet another load of cum was in my mouth. I felt one of them biting my nipple very heard and i came again. I felt thhelping me up and another glass gulped it down to wash the cum down and felt myself led to the bedroom where i was laid down and felt another Mexican climb on the bed and spread my legs. I felt him thrust in in one swift stroke and start to pound my cunt very hard and very fast. I came again and after 15 minutes he shot off in me and climbed off only to be replaced by another cock. They repeated this and kept handing me tequila and I kept drinking it. I have vague memories of the nioght as they kept taking turns fucking me and giving me more alcohol. I remember them stopping at some point and falling asl**p, I was awakend later, still dark, and handed a glass, i drank it down and felt one of them runing hands all over me and asking me to kneel. I love doggie style so I got on my hands and knees as he got behind me and slide his cock in my pussy and slow stroked my pussy....I was enjoying as he fondled my breasts from behind. I felt him pull out and did not think he had cum already when I felt his cock butt against my ass hole and I said no as he f***ed his cock in my ass hard and deep, I let out a yelp and realized a cock was being pushed in my mouth. I was on my knees getting my anal cherry takin and fucked in the mouth at the same time. they fucked back and forth inme until I felt my ass fill with cum and he pulled out, only to be replaced by another cock, thank God, this one went in easier than the first one.They took turns until they had enough for awhile and I went to sl**p again. I woke up naked in the bed with cum all crusted on me. I looked at the clock and it was 3 in the afternoon. I got up and staggered to the shower and was in they for awhile letting the hot water run on my sore body and washing off the cum. I was so thirsty and had a headache. I stepped out to one of the guys standing ther with a glass of coke and a slice of pizza. I stood there naked in front of him and took a sip of the coke, a very strong rum and cock. I was amazed I did not feel uncomfortable standing there naked infront of this guy as he said how much fun he had with me. I asked him how many times he had had me. He grinned from ear to ear and said 3 in your cunt, 4 in your mouth and 2 in you ass. "Wow", I said, "a little dynamo arn't you?" Si! he responded and carressed my breast. I looked down and saw he had an erecrion in his pants. "Now?" I asked. Si! he replied. I drank the rest of the rum and coke and pulled dwon his pants and took his hand and stepped back into the shower and lathered him up and washed him off and turned and leaned to the wall as he fucked my pussy from behind. Well, this seemed to have startd things again as I got out of the shower and was greeted by two more Mexicans both d***k. I walked to the bed and laid down as they got into position and one handed me a bottle and I took several swallows of alcohol. This continued on for several hours and then I fell asl**p and awoke again during the night as another guy was rubbing my ass and asked me to kneel. I got up on myes and laid my head down as I presented my ass and he said "Dios, me encanta follar putas americanos, que le permitirá hacer cualquier cosa para ellos y tomarlo y me encanta. Estas putas!" as he slid his cock in my now, loose ass. Sunday I awoke to a room full of passed out Mexicans and rewalized thet there were more than six Mexicans in the suite, I counted 10 of them. As I was walking sitting on the couch, naked, I had no idea wear my clothes were, number 11 and 12 walked in and I recognized them as the first to kiss me and the first to finger me. they had food and coffee for me. I thanked thwm and they sat with me and I ate and asked them why there were 6 extra men in the room. they replied that Senor Steve had said to make sure I was well fucked, so they had done so. I was very surprised when they asked if they had been doing a good job. I told them that they had been doing great and I had enjoyed it. One of them chimed in that the weekend was not over and that Senor Steve had said I was paid for the weekend. He responed that el jefe would be pleased when he got there later. Well, I said, let's make sure he walks in on me being well used when he gets here. They both grinned and one stood up and dropped his pants as he stepped forward. I took his cock in my mouth as he stood there as I deep throated him until he came in my troat and I repeaeted with the other. by then the others were waking and I started another round of fucking. About 4pm, a phone rang and I was Stold Senor Steve was on his way. I said, lets show him how happy you are with me. I mounted on who was laying down and another took me in the ass as a third put his cock in my mouth and the other three were watching waiting there turns. the extras had left mid day after all fucking me again. This was how Steve saw me as he walked in a little bit later, He stopped and stared as one in my ass finished and another took his place. He fixed a drink and stood there watching as the one in my mouth finished. I looked him in the eyes and said, Well, come on, you paid for it...they all cheered as he unzipped his pants and pulled out an erectiion and placed it im my mouth....I sucked it deep and strong until he came a huge load in my mouth and I almost gagged. He moved and another took his place and he sat on the couch. When the one in my ass came, he said, "jefe. que debe su mierda en el culo, es muy bonito, ahora que lo hemos aflojado durante dos días." Steve stood up and dropped his pants and got behind me and slid his cock in my sloppy ass and fucked long and deep until he came in me. He continued to watch and I was asked to suck off the boss one last time as they all sat and drank, so I knelt in front of him and gave him a nice slow blowjob as they all thanked him, again. Well, guys, It has been nice, and fun, but I need to take Candy home and go meet my wife for dinner. At this point he shot his load and I gagged on it. They produced my clothes and I dressed and we left. As we got in the car, all he said was "Thanks! I appreciate you coming through like that."

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