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Magic at the Strip Club

The sun is setting...

They walked from daylight into darkness. The heavy outer door had opened into a small hallway. Another pair of doors stood about 10' away. There was a small booth to their left but it was empty.

"Breath. Smell." he says.

She does.

"Smoke. Sweat. Female hormones. Booze. Perfume. It is a unique combination. Nothing else quite like it." he says.

She grins.

"You have never been to one of these places before have you?"


"This should be fun."

They go inside. It is a nice sized place. A large central stage with 3 silver poles is surrounded by a number of other areas. There were tables near one part of the stage and booths in others. Lights were flashing and the music was loud.

One whole end of the room was dominated by the bar. There were maybe a dozen dancers, a couple waitresses, a bouncer, a bar tender, and maybe 4 customers. Very quiet.

"Kinda dead." she comments.

"Yes. Means the whole place belongs to us. The woman behind the bar is in charge. She likes me quite a bit. Offered to prove it anytime I wish. She does not care what I do here. I will tell you more about that later." he says.

They go past the far end of the stage. Across from the far side of the stage a set of booths are deeply built into the walls. Selecting the central and deepest one they sat down. They had a perfect view of the stage but were well shielded from almost the entire club.

The booth is a very well padded circle. They go in on opposite sides but meet in the middle at the back.

The waitress was very attractive. A little more rounded than the dancers but her boobs propped up nicely. The skirt she was wearing just barely covered her ass. The smile was broad as she tossed down napkins.

"She knows you are here. She's up next. Do you want her now or after?" she directed her question to the man.

"After. Chill me some Absolute and bring a couple of shots. Some... strawberry juice too if you have it."

"Chilled vodka and strawberry juice. You are in a good mood." she observes.

"Yes I am. Planning some fun tonight. This is Lana. My pet. What do you think?" he explains with a bit of a small.

His companion is dressed in a very thin full body suit. A catsuit to be exact. Complete with ears and a tail. She does not have on any cat make-up. Her dazzling blue eyes are decorated with elaborate silver tracings. Her lips are a deep red. Sexy enough to kill with a look in all honesty. She is also blushing.

She gets a long whistle from the waitress.

"Wow. Baby I don't do girls but I would fuck you in a heartbeat."

Lana blushes scarlet and curls around him.

"Thank you." he says and the waitress knows she is dismissed.

The Catsuit is very thin. She has nothing on under it except a tiny g-string. While nothing is technically exposed she is pretty damn near naked.

The girl on stage gets finished.

Lana looks around with eager eyes. He would not tell her anything about tonight. She knew there was somebody here but that was all. Someone special. Now finally she would see who. There was a bit of a shiver as her eyes darted around the club. She felt pretty slutty in this outfit. Even when they were all relaxed you could see the complete details of her nipples.

Right now of course you could see a bit more because she had two hard points under that suit.

The music starts with a clash of sound. Buckcherry rips into 'Crazy Bitch'. The announcer adds her name as she comes up into view.


She looks about 5 feet tall. Pure platinum blonde hair a little past her shoulders. She is tiny but she has all the proper female curves. The black outfit she is wearing is a series of black straps and gold rings. It covers all the vital bits but most of her skin is on display.

The song is fast and she keeps up with it. It is obvious that except for brief stops to the one or two men to come to the stage her whole time is centered on the two new arrivals. She can dance and seems to live out the song a bit.

She is standing directly in front of the pair facing the other way. In the mirrors they could see she was watching them. When the second song comes up she reaches down and flicks one clasp. She shakes her trim little butt at them. The 2 straps that had been confining part of her ass fell away. With a couple good shakes of the new freed globes she moves into her routine.

The song is older. Another that Lana knows he loves. So obviously this woman knows him pretty well. How well? A pang of jealousy hit her. She breathed and tried to let it go. That emotion was a mortal sin to him. If he thought she was jealous she would not be here. If she acted jealous or was not honestly enjoying herself they would leave.

He had been pretty clear about that.

This was a part of his world that he was letting her into. They had never done anything at all like this.

"Is it acceptable for me to ask how well you know her?" she asks.

He smiles in an approving way at her wording. She could get away with a lot if she just said it right. That was perfect. Well almost perfect she could have added one more word but they were in public and that would be unusual.

"Yes it is. I know her very well however I have never fucked her. Nor have I ever seen her outside of this place. She has offered. The bar tender/manager has offered as well. And I might have been d***k enough to miss that it was a joke but I kinda think our waitress made a similar offer."

"Very popular guy aren't you Master."

This time she did add the word because she was being a bit sarcastic. Tricky minx.

"Yes I am." is all he chooses to say.

On stage Suzi has lost everything except the g-string. Lana can see her breasts are quite firm and topped by somewhat delicate nipples. Even at their current full extension they were not all that impressive. She grinned. Point against the dancer. He liked those fat or long. Lana had her beat.

She had to admit the little bitch was sexy. On stage she pumped and writhed her way in loops and spirals. Despite the nervousness of the situation Lana could feel the first hints of desire. She expressed this by reaching down to caress his thigh. His cock must be on the other side she noted a bit sadly but still he would appreciate the attention.

Far too soon the song came to an end. The dancer gathered her fallen straps and dollars and headed off stage the way she came. Not however without first blowing a kiss in their direction.

The drinks arrived. The first shots went down quick. The second set was placed this time 3 of them. A little of the juice took the edge off the bite of the vodka. He nodded to the waitress and she left.

Lana looked up just in time to see her coming around the end of the stage towards them. She had changed into a dress that seemed to just be layers of black almost sheer material. As she walked it flowed and billowed. Yep at one moment a clear view of one naked breast is seen.

She walks up to the table. He motions her to where the 3rd shot is waiting.

"Lana this is Suzi also known as Suzanna. I call her Suzi. Suzi this is Lana."

She is a little older than Lana first thought. Ha another point to me. But still even at close range she looks pretty good. Her voice is not high pitched but a smooth female one.

"Pleased to meet you. He talks about you a lot."

"Oh really? What does he say?"

"Well you are very important to him. You make him very happy. And you are the only girl he knows that is wilder than me." she says with a brilliant smile.

"I don't feel very wild right now. I feel out of place."

"I know it is your first time. Don't worry. You will like it." Suzi says.

He has just been listening.

"This place is a bubble all it's own. Suzi is working. We cannot let others see what we do but this place is very much a playground. It has it's simple rules." he explains.

A $100 appears. He slides it across the table. Suzi takes it with a big smile.

"All day? And you want me off the rotation right?" are her questions.

"Yes. Tell them you will do specials."

The waitress appears at the dancer's wave. Words are exchanged and a new round is ordered.

"So where do you want me." she asks when the waitress bounces away.

"Between us please."

He slides out and she slides in. In a moment the three of them are very close.

His hand goes across to Lana's shoulder. His fingers glide downward. Right across her nipple. There is a small intake of breath.

"Nice outfit don't you think?" he asks Suzi.

"Yes I like it. I saw her come in. Rowwrar"

"Yours is nice as well. Hidden treasures beneath the layers." he says.

He reaches across and takes Lana's right hand in his. He draws it towards him. They are all three pressed together close together at the back of the booth. With the table to shield them he brings her hand down on the dancers thigh. His hand covers hers. Together they stoke her Suzi's silk covered leg.

He moves their hands upward. Soon their fingers are covered by the layers but still going upward. Her stomach was flat but soft. When Lana felt the first curve of a bare breast he stopped. The tender flesh is warm and smooth.

He is watching as he lifts their combined hands up more. Lana feels the warm curve of the boob fill her palm. The nipple might be small but it is hard to miss. His hand slowly slides off her and ends up on the other one. For a moment they stroke her. Suzi's eyes close and she purrs a little.

He pulls his hand out. With a little gleam in her eye Lana keeps stroking for a moment longer. He would like that she knew. And he did. When she finally did remove her hand he was smiling.

"So here is what we are going to do tonight. This place is a live action music video. I have songs for you. All of them will lend themselves to our playing them out a little. When you are on stage I and sometimes both of us are going to be out there too."

Both of the women smile at that. Even Lana has gotten caught up in it now.

"Between those times we will be here. Suzi Lana is my pet. She has been with a woman but only the one. Tonight her task is to get you off at least once. I expect she will have to spend a lot of time at it considering the limitations we are under here. As I recall it took me all night the first time."

"It took you two hours and I was in full rotation at the time." Suzi says with a leer.

"We have 6. If she can do it once I will be happy."

Lana is blushing bright red.

He looks at her.

"This is your chance to bow out my pet. We can leave now. Suzi will just owe me a day which I will collect on my own. You know what I want... willing participation."

Lana does not say anything for a long moment.

Her hand reaches over. It slides across Suzi's face and ends behind her neck. Lana pulls her forward. Their lips meet. There is a very short first soft kiss. But right after that their lips meet and mouths open. It is a strong passionate kiss. When they part both of their soft pairs of lips gleam with moisture.

"I'm in... Master."

Suzi is a little dazed. She looks from Lana to him.

"Can I get in on that part too?" is her question.

"You already are. Do you mean using the word?" he asks.


"Only if you mean it. Only if there will never be a trace of sarcasm when you say it. Only if you are sure and serious about it. Anything less will instantly piss me the fuck off. Any. thing. less. So if you say it, mean it."

She looks at him. She looks at Lana. The look the younger woman is giving is a little complex. She seems to be saying 'Go for it. It's worth it.' but there was also a little bit of challenge. He really did take it seriously and could be nasty about it. Lana had only heard him really describe how having that word used badly could anger him. It was like seeing another person for a moment. She no desire to actually experience his anger. His other emotions were much more fun.

She would keep saying it as long as she meant it. The second she did not she would never utter it again. Simple enough. What was not simple was the deep down shivers she still got when she said it to him. How could such a simple word have such physical consequences?

It did. She did. And someone else was about to.

"I like you a lot. I think I have done pretty well when you have been here. I get it. Amanda loves you so she will overlook almost anything but don't get me fired. Otherwise I am yours to do with as you will. Master."

He nods.

"Lana. Knowing Suzi as I do I would expect her to be described as wet right now. Test that for me will you?" he says with a smile.

Lana's eyes do widen a touch. Kinda jumping right into it here. She did understand exactly what he wanted her to do. Suzi seemed to as well because one slim leg lifts up and hooks over Lana's left one.

The hot girl int he catsuit cannot help but look around. There is a dancer on stage but nobody else really visible at all. The lights are reflecting everywhere. It was not dark exactly but not overly lit either. Her heart was racing a bit as she reaches out for Suzi.

The blonde woman is smiling slightly but in an encouraging way. When Lana's hand touches her thigh she pops her eyebrows a bit in an expression of pleasant reaction. The girl in the catsuit reaches forward until her fingers bump and then graze across Suzi's crotch. The string feels warm and very soft. This touch brings a pleased little purr from the dancer. Lana cannot help but smile at that.

Her deft fingers lift the near edge of the tiny panties. She works her hand far enough so that the whole strip of material was across the back of her hand. Lana moved closer to Suzi. She had to rotate her hand a little to do this right. He had a 6 point scale for this and appreciated accuracy.

Gently spreading her outer fingers and hooking her inner ones she invaded Suzi's pussy. Just as he predicted she was wet but it had not spread to her outer lips yet. She also noted that the inside of the g-string felt dry against the bad of her hand.

"You were correct Master. She is wet 3."

She withdrew her hand. He would want her to do more. In truth she wanted to. Bringing her fingers upward she breathed in the scent. It was a mix of vanilla and the musk of sex. She was clean and without a trace of anything unpleasant. He was big on clean. Lana closed her eyes for a moment as the scent sent warm tingles coursing throughout her body.

"I will be happy to fuck her for you my beloved Master."

His smile is very nice.

"Good. Taste her."

Lana grins and sticks her middle 2 fingers into her mouth. Suzi takes much the same as she does but with subtle differences. The fact that the slipperiness on her fingers comes from another pussy is very erotic.

"Now I want to eat her." is her response with a hint of a hungry growl.

"First you have to hunt her. We can start that next. Song #1 will do. Go put yourself on the list." he directs. Suzi slides out and he slides back. Lana wraps herself around him. His arm goes around her and down. She tilts even more and he gets a good grip on her ass. With only the thin catsuit between them the contact was very intimate.

"You are doing well my pet."

"Thank you. I do like her. Still feel weird. You have put your fingers in that pussy. I am glad she made you happy I really am but..." she trails off.

"Yes I have. I have also had them up her butt. She has fondled my cock a number of times. Tonight she is yours. Take her and we will be equal. She knows her place."

Lana looks over at the DJ booth. The guy inside did not seem too interested in much of anything outside of his booth. She did want to please the man beside her.

"I will Master. In fact I am going to beat your record. 2 hours. Starting when I fingered her little cunt."

He likes that.

"Good luck."

Suzi returns and informs them they have 2 girls before she is up. Suzi slides back into the middle but he does not slide next to her. In fact he stays just inside the edge of the circle. More drinks arrive. The waitress notices the way they are sitting. The 2 girls slide together and hands disappear. There is nuzzling and some kissing as well.

"Did they cast you out?" the waitress teases.

"No. I want them to get to know each other. And I want to watch." he replies dryly.

"That makes more sense. Do I get to play at all?"

"Usual game?"

"I can do that. Since Mandy is here I am really game. Bonus rounds?"

He takes out two dollar bills and a $5 and lays them on the table.

She takes a quick look around. Her hand dart under her skirt and come down with a thong. Stepping out of it she tosses it on the table. He grins and tosses the $7 on her tray. She picks it up and walks off.

"You are evil you know?" Lana asks.

He looks over. The two of them are pressed together. He cannot see any of their hands.

"I offered her an extra dollar a round if she would show me her body. She did. It kinda escalated from there. She cannot do it with the other managers. She asked about bonus rounds as she puts it. After she showed off a body part Suzi got to play with it for a minute. Fun was had by all. She has never pulled off her thong before. But if she wants to up the ante I can handle it."

"Evil." Lana says again.

She turns her attention back to Suzi. Suzi has not been shy about her hands either. Without the layers of cloth to hide under she had to be a little more careful and fleeting but she knew that well. Lana found herself getting hotter and hotter. The girl under her hands was a little bundle of sex. Every caress was appreciated. Every movement was an encouraging shift to make herself more accessible.

The second dancer started her first song. Suzi had to disengage herself from Lana's embrace. As she stood up he was right next to her. She wrapped her arms around him in a quick hug before darting off.

He did not sit back down. Instead he looked at his companion. She got the idea in a moment and slid out to stand next to him. He stepped behind her looking over her head toward the stage. His hand fondled her ass for a moment.

Stepping past her her took her by the hand. Leading the way he takes them to the side of the stage. Sitting down the watch as the redhead with the huge fake boobs finishes her set. He does give the girl a dollar when she slides by.

"Sing it with me." he says as the music starts.

They both know it well. Suzi beams as she hears the two of them. She spins and glides. Layers of black silk float and twirl. Hints of lovely body parts are seen. She slides down right in front of them. Their hands reach out to run along her legs.

The song ends far too quickly. Suzi leaves the stage with money from him and the one other guy who wandered to the other side of the stage. She rejoins them almost immediately.

"We will be sitting for a while. Just so you know." he says to Lana.

She grins.

The two girls move into a tightly connected position. Lana has her right arm around Suzi. Working her way down she first gets ahold of the dancers little butt. Suzi leans in towards her. The hand can slide further. With a little adjustment she was pushing the thong out of her way. Probing fingers start to explore the softest of places.

The waitress returned with more drinks. He layed out $8. She did her work. When it was done the tray stayed on the table. She stepped almost right next to him and turned around. Bending forward she pulled up her skirt. Being a little out of shape her butt was a little big but still round and very female. And because the thong was gone she was showing more. A thin strip of dark hair covered a neat little pussy. She stayed that way for about 30 seconds before pushing the skirt back down.

He tossed the $8 on the tray.

"That was lovely. But what do you do next?" he asks.

"What do you want me to do next?"

He considers.

"There are two of them. You have 2 nipples."

She grins, nods and leaves.

Lana looks at him.

"Don't say it. Pinch one of her nipples until she makes some noise." he orders.

His companion already has a hand on one of Suzi's tits. She gets ahold of the nipple and starts to apply pressure. The dancer shifts and then grunts when the pressure peaks.

He nods in approval.

They have had enough to drink now that the world has become a little surreal. Time moves slowly and is filled with layers of sensations. Hot breath. Warm flesh. Wet places. Music pulses.

Lana finds herself caught up in it all. She looks up and a girl is spinning before her eyes. The girl under her hands presses back against her protesting the loss of attention. She pushes harder with her hand and penetrates even deeper into the wetness.

The next round is just for him. The girls protest.

"I don't want either of you d***k."

The waitress has her top pushed down so far the top hints of her nipples are seen. She looks hopefully.

"Girls. Down to the end of the seat."

The two slide with a giggle or two. Lana stands up but bends down using the wall as a support. Suzi sits right on the end. The waitress pulls down her top. Big round boobs spring out and sag down a little. The buds of her nipples are rather fat.

"Girls." he orders.

Two mouths lower to two nipples. Hands wrap around other parts. Lana uses one hand to lift her breast up a little to her her mouth. The other wraps around and squeezes the waitress's ass a few times. Suzi is a little more direct. She only uses her mouth on the tit. One hand grabs a hip to hold her in place. The other reaches under the skirt. Lifting up she strokes between the womans legs.

This is the image he watches for a long minute. The waitress is obviously enjoying the attention because her eyes half close and she just gives herself over to the two submissives. Regretfully he sees 60 seconds click away.

"Enough. Let her go now."

They don't respond. In fact the sucking sounds grow audible. The waitress is moving her ass in a subtle back and forth motion.

"Stop. Now!" he snaps.

The three break apart. The waitress looks flushed and suddenly a touch embarrassed. The girls look naughty but happy.

"Sorry. They are supposed to listen better than that." he says.

"No. No problem at all. That was. Well wow."

She grabs her tray with the extra tip on it and leaves.

He turns his attention to the pair.

"You two. I do appreciate the enthusiasm but not repeating a command. So you get a delay in your efforts. We are just past an hour. Susi take Lana and introduce her to Amanda. Tell her I appreciate her ah..." he stumbles looking for the right word.

"Tolerance?" offers Suzi.

"Yes. Thank you. Tolerance. Then put yourself on the list again. That will eat up 30 minutes. After that we will be back here."

The two walk off hand in hand. At the bar Amanda's face lights up when they sit down in front of her. He is pretty sure they get a couple of free shots while they are there but he expected that. He did not mind in they were a little d***k.

When Lana comes back she is alone. Sliding in next to him she cuddles up.

"Sorry love. She just tasted so good. You had better be careful or you will turn me into a big old dyke." she teases.

"Oh so you have no interest in my cock anymore?" he shoots back.

"I did not say that. Definitely did not say that." she says in a very serious tone.

"Yes. Are you enjoying your plaything?"

"I am. It was weird at first but she does seem to love it. Hard not to get into it with her panting in my ear."


"I have a surprise for you."

"What's that?"

"Well it seems Amanda really likes you. Suzi hinted the three of us were having quite a bit of fun. At least as much as they could get away with. Amanda asked if Suzi wanted to call in that favor. Suzi said yeah. Seems one of the private room has a bad camera. Mandy said we could have 30 mins no questions asked in it."

His eyebrows go up.

"That is more than I planned. Are you sure you want to use it?"

"I think so. But later right? I know you are not going to let me have that to try and finish her off."

"No I am not. So yes later."

Suzi hits the stage.

This time the song allows them to play it out a little. The pair circle the stage while the blonde gyrates on it. As interesting as that is it seems like it is over quickly. Soon the three are back in the booth. Another round of drinks is shared.

Lana focuses on her task. She and Suzi are pressed together and it is obvious they are in their own little world almost immediately. He is sitting much closer to them now. It is easy for him to reach out and touch them. Suzi's breathing is heavy and she reaches out to grasp his arm. Her eyes lock on his and her grip tightens.

"Yesssssss...." Suzi hisses.

Her face is flushed. Turning her head her lips seek out Lana's. The kiss is intense.

"Time?" Lana asks with a bright look on her face.

Ŗ hours 9 minutes." he says.

Lana pouts.

"You did very well my pet. So well we will now take advantage of that private room."

Both of the girls look pleased at that idea.

The room has a couple of couches and a low table. The two girls are down on their knees most facing each other as soon as the door closes and locks. His pants open and his cock out. The two of them suck and lick while pulling off each others clothes.

Lana has to pull back to peel her catsuit all the way off. Suzi gets series about stroking and sucking him and almost finishes him off. Lana get back just in time for the dancer to pull back and pump hard. The hard spray of cum hits first Lana and then her partner. Mouth's open and tongues out. Quite a mess is made but they enjoy licking each other clean as he steps over to the couch.

"Over here you two." he orders.

Sitting with his legs extended he puts one on each knee. Their wet pussies rubbing against his bare skin. Reaching up he puts on hand on each pair of breasts. Stroking across them and playing with the hard little nipples. They purr and smile and stick out their chests while slowly grinding down on his leg.

When his hand goes behind each neck then bend towards his shoulders. Holding both of them against him. He starts to move his legs. Pressing against both of them. Starting a rocking motion. It does not take long before both of them have a hand around his cock.

They hold tight. He holds them. Rocking together with little moans and sighs.

This goes on for a while. Both girls are breathing hard and his legs are wet. His cock is very hard. He finally stops. Both girls protest with moans and whimpers against his shoulder.

"Suzi on your back on the table. Pet on top reversed." he says with words made harsh by his breathing.

Both move off him. Sliding back the whole way before stepping off. The table is low and when the dancer lays down on it she can easily spread her legs on either side. She is quite the erotic sight. Breasts slowly shifting. Bright pink glistening wet between her legs. Lana climbs on top of her and lowers her mouth to the other girls crotch.

He gets up. Moving to his pets upthrust bottom. His hands grabbing and squeezing. Then he adjusts her down. Just above Suzi's face. When his cock slides into Lana's wet slit there is a deep groan of pleasure from her and the flicking of a tongue from below.

This is a moment to savor and he does. Looking in the mirrors on the walls to see them from every angle. The two girls licking each other. His hardness disappearing deep inside her. For a few minutes it is a slow erotic scene. But instinct soon takes over and he starts to fuck her more seriously.

Thrusting deep and smacking her ass with his hand. Occasionally pulling all the way out so the dancer can lick the juices from the underside of his cock. Plunging back in with a strong push. Moans fill the room. Wet sex sounds. The smack of flesh. It builds. It pulses. Then one by one they explode. Each triggering the next. Grasping hard at each other. Bodies locked together. Suzi sucks the last cum out of him when he pulls back. When he steps back more she licks at the gaping twitching pussy before her.

Slowing winding down. He sits and the two girls follow. One on either side of him. Just breathing for a long while.

When the time in there is over the pair say goodbye. Standing outside he looks at the vibrant woman next to him.

"So. Better or worse than you expected?"

"Better way wayyyy better. I would like to come back someday Master."

"Then we will my pet."

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