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Caught by mother in law

I was working around the mother in laws house the other day. I have lusted after her for years, I've wanked about her countless times, touched her up when she comes near me or i give her a hug or even just talking to her...just the feel of her breasts against my hand makes me so very hard. We were working together while sticking roof tiles on her shed, they were a soft pliable shale covered tile she had bought locally. I had to spread the glue on then she would hold it down while i did the same. I made sure that each time we did this my hand would end up below her breasts, she rubbed against it so many times my precum was oozing so much I had a wet patch on the front of my shorts.

She had to go and buy one more tile I said i would wash up and she suggested i use the shower, she'd be gone for a while so she said for me to carry on. It was a hot day. She went off and I showered and dried myself...her bedroom door was open and some of her underwear was left on the dressing table. I sneaked in and started to rub her panties and bra against my naked cock wanking myself with them cock was so stiff and i felt so naughty...but wow what an exciting feeling. I had watched loads of guys jizzing into MIL's knickers and thought what a great idea.

I went to her dirty laundry basket but alas there were none to be filled. So i thought lets get in her bed and just wank one off before she gets back with her knickers wrapped round my cock.....well I dont know if this has happened to any of you guys but while i was wanking i had these sudden waves of exhaustion hit me .....i fell to sl**p hand wrapped around cock knickers between hand and cock.

I dont know how long i had laid there but she woke me with a start. What do you say...I just had to confess....she took the knickers from me threw them in her dirty precum had stained them a little....she pulled back the sheet and said she'd tell her daughter what a pervert I was I could do nothing but embarrassing.

She picked up my clothes and asked me to follow her downstairs. Her neighbour was sat there in the dining room having a coffee...she explained to her friend what i was doing...her friend laughed and stared at my MIl had a good look to. While this was happening i was getting a little excited by the fact of being naked in front of two older women who were having a little game.

Her neighbour Maddy suggested she doesnt say anything to her daughter but used it as a kind of ransom....she could make me do anything she wanted. Mil looked at me and smiled....he always does what i ask him anyway he's a great help to me....she threw me my clothes i was quite disappointed.....she said hang on first i want you to finish what you started upstairs in front of Maddy and want me to masturbate...yes she said....

They went into the front room and i had to stand in front of both of them and wank myself was great.....Maddy asked if I would like her to do it and she encouraged the MIL to have a go to...they both enjoyed wanking me off...and i have to say I enjoyed them doing it. My cum soon shot all over MIL's blouse she laughed as loads of hot cum spurted across her hand and dripped over her jeans.....have to change now she said. Maddy made her excuses and left she asked if she needed me whether i would be available to assist her with some chores at some time....i was to become her sex slave......well willing slave anyway.

My mother in law suggested i come upstairs with her so i could help her get cleaned up....i had to undress her slowly and very carefully....not allowed to touch her privates.....she made me watch her shower and wash her very intimate areas with slow my cock started to throb again i was still naked choosing to stay that way for the whole excitement of it all.

She stepped from the shower and asked me to dry this was great...she has a great body for her age, and a shaved cunt which surprised me she led me to the bedroom and she laid on the what you do to my daughter when you make love....

i started by kissing her lips and her neck....slowly moving down to her nipples and breasts they were firm for her hands explored her legs and she parted them allowing access to her soft cunt lips. She moaned quietly as i began to explore further in side her cunt....juices flowed from her...she hadnt had sex for 13 years.....but wow was she ready now....she grabbed at my cock gently rubbing the foreskin up and down..she hadn't forgotten how to please a man....i slid down and started to lick her wet pussy...she tasted exactly like her daughter...her juices the amazing was that....her whole body was very was like home....i spread her legs and nibbled her lit she squirmed and began to flinch as waves of orgasm flowed through her gorgeous body....desire erupting in her juices as they dribbled down my chin, i lapped up what i could i loved the taste so divine...she asked me to fuck her....never heard her use that word before.....i penetrated her cunt my hard cock filling her tight cunt which had not seen action for so long...she pushed herself on me making my cock reach deep inside her....I thrust my cock hard into her waiting cunt filling her making her moan in ecstasy. She asked to fuck her from behind
she turned over and shoved her open wet cunt into me forcing my cock deep inside her...she orgasmed again as my deep thrusts hit her cock began to throb and i could feel cum rising form within i thrust harder and faster....again she came her orgasms reaching an all new intensity as ripples of pleasure pulsed through her body.....I exploded my cum filling her as my sperm shot and hit her cervix.....i pumped hot cum into her cunt and was so exhausted from the sheer excitement we collapsed and fell to sl**p her in my arms my cock still inside her pussy....that was first of many i hoped.

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