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Title: Blindfolded
Rating: NC17
Summary: Someone breaks into Jan's house.

Jan had had a very rough day.

Complaint after complaint at the store today.

He wondered why he was still doing that work when he could be doing something else entirely different if he just pushed himself hard enough to actually pursue a career like that.

Now he could finally relax and go to bed.

Or so he thought...

After a much needed shower where he decided not think about her or anyone else for that matter, he had dinner and went straight to bed.

Jan always slept in the nude, and always felt his many erections prod against the sheets, always urging him to stroke himself while he dreamed about her.

The one woman on this globe he was in love with.

Laura Vandervoort.

But she would never meet him.


She would be interested in male types of her own business, and definitely not a fan.

Again his cock was forcing him to wrap a hand around it and make moaning noises while rubbing one out, but just as that was about to happen, his window shattered.

He bolted upright, his hand ready to go to the lamp of the nightstand.

Jan saw a shadow and then... was that the click of a GUN!?

"I wouldn't turn that light on if I were you..." a female voice told Jan.

The voice sounded strangely familiar, not like he had ever heard that voice address him before this encounter.

"Who's there?" he asked, his heart racing.

"You shouldn't ask stupid questions, you're going to be fine if you do everything I say."

Jan swallowed back a lump that had lodged itself in his throat.

"Lie down on your back." she told him.

Yet he was paralyzed with fear that he didn't know how to move.

"Do it!" she said as she pressed the gun to his chest.

"Alright, alright!" Jan said and got from under the covers to lay down on his back, somehow having had the gun against his chest had jumpstarted his knowledge of moving again.

The gun was away from his chest, thank God.

That was the most painful feeling he had ever felt.

"Hands behind your back." he was told.

Jan did it right away.

Click, Click was the next sound.

And right after that Jan discovered he had no more vision.

Jan's eyes were covered with something.

Then another pair of clicks, this time his legs.

"Good, now let's see how you look, shall we?" the female asked as she flicked the light on.

Jan couldn't see himself.

"Is that your cellphone?" she asked.

The woman grabbed it off the nightstand and flicked through the pictures.

A small gasp from her lips.

"I wasn't expecting a reply from you anyway." she told him as she snapped a picture.

Then Jan felt her hands on him and turn him around.

She snapped another one.

He must really like me, Laura thought as she placed Jan's phone back on the nightstand again. Who has that many pictures of me and even two backgrounds on his cellphone?

"I did everything you asked me. Are you going to kill me or rob me from everything I own? Jan asked her.

His erection had painfully hardened now and bobbed up and down whenever he strained his cock muscles.

She laughed.

"Did you really think I would go to all this trouble and then kill you?" she asked Jan.

But then she smacked him with her bare hand.

"Look at you, you dirty man, you're all excited!! Does getting tied up and a blindfold around your eyes turn you on? Does it, huh?"

Jan cried out when she had smacked him.

Even whimpered.

"I can't help it, I always sl**p nude and there has never been a night I don't get an erection."

"Tell me more..." she said with a smirk. "Do you dream naughty stuff when you get an erection?"

Something tells me this isn't a normal breaking and entering, Jan thought.

"Yes." He said right after a short silence.

He was afraid she would strike him again.

"What naughty stuff do you dream about? Does it have anything to do with that woman I've seen on your cellphone? What's her name again? She seems very familiar."

Jan swallowed back another lump in his throat.

"Oh yes, Laura. Laura Vandervoort. I always dream about her every night."

"YES, that's her! Do tell." Laura said with a grin as her hand neared his chest.

What kind of stuff could he tell?

"It's nothing naughty, persay. I just dream of meeting her and we end up having sex."

"Do you go all the way with her?" he was asked by his crush while her hands massaged his muscular chest.

"S...sometimes. Mostly it is me who gives her pleasure and sometimes she's the one who gives me pleasure."

"That's it?! You don't screw her brains out or blindfold her or tie her up or tease her nipples?"

Tears stained the blindfold.

"I wouldn't ever dream of screwing her brains out or any of those things. I love her. Well, maybe tease her nipples."

"Awww, how touching." Laura replied as the caressing of his chest stopped and she slowly disrobed before him.

For a long time nothing was happening, but Jan's heart was racing a mile a minute and his cock kept on being hard.

"H-Hello? Are you still there?" Jan asked as the silence was broken.

Then he felt her tongue touching his cock.

"Oh God...dess..." Jan groaned.

Now he had finally someone sucking his cock but it was a complete stranger who wanted to know everything about his crush and his fantasies.

But it's not Laura, it will never be Laura, Jan thought with a sob.

"How do you like it?" she asked him as she had changed her mouth for one of her hands while her tongue licked his balls.

"It's good." he replied.

"Just good?" Laura asked him.


"Why mmhmmm just good?" Laura asked him.

As if I don't know the answer, she thought.

"Because.... nhhh.... you're not her... mmmhaw..."

Laura let his cock fall from her hand as she looked at him.

"Really, Jan?"

Jan gasped.

"How do you know my..." he asked, but he was cut off by Laura's mouth around his cock again.

She deepthroated him with everything that she got.

Her tongue touching the slit his cum would soon come splashing out off, touching his length, even flicking her tongue on his balls.

"Ahh, ahhh, AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Jan cried out as his release splashed into Laura's mouth.

"It said so on the name plaque in front of your house, duh." Laura said after she had sucked him clean of his cum.

Her hands were now on the blindfold, wondering if she should take that off, or maybe untie him as well.

She yanked the blindfold off and he gasped out loud.

"LAURA! It's you!" he said, embarrassment all over his face.

"Yeah, it's me." she said with a sigh.

"I'd hug you but I am currently tied up." Jan told her as tears fell.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Laura."

"What? By tying you up and blindfolding you? Or that I had to find out by checking your cellphone?" Laura asked as she lay down next to him.

"It's really hurting my arms, can you please untie me?"

"And take away your fantasy of riding you while being tied up? I don't think so." she said with sparkles in her eyes.

"Laura, please..." Jan begged her.

But she was already stroking his now soft cock to full hardon again.

"C'mon, do you want your picture taken while I ride you? It'll be fun." Laura said with a wink.

That made his cock even harder.

"Eager, aren't we, honey?" Laura asked Jan.

"Okay, but pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase untie me after? It hurts so much." Jan said to her.

"Oh, alright." Laura said as she placed her pussy on top of his cock and then lowered herself.

Laura and Jan both groaned this time.

"Is this what you want, you dirty man you?" Laura asked as she held him by her hands around his sides while she rode him.

"LAURA!!" Jan cried out.

"OH! I want to touch you! Squeeze your tits as you ride me." Jan told her as he moaned through his whimpers.

"While it may be considered naughty by some, not to me." Laura admonished him as she continued riding him.

"That's so unfair... I finally have you here and you deny me that." Jan told her.

And then the words were out before he could take them back.


Laura laughed out loud along with her moans of pleasure.

"Will you now? And I quote "I wouldn't ever dream of screwing her brains out or any of those things. I love her." Remember that?" Laura asked with a smirk.

She towered over him with her jiggling breasts.

"Try and touch them now... baby, please try." Laura begged.

"But I can't..."

She slapped him again, the yelped cry from Jan when his face connected with her hand registering in her ears.

"Try your tongue!"

"I will, I will..." he told her, a continued repeat of his promise as tears came to his eyes again.

He tried his hardest to have his tongue touch her breasts or even her nipples.

"You know what, just cum for me again and I promise you can touch them for as long as you want. You don't need to screw my brains out. I'm really sorry, baby. I just wanted to try to unleash a different side of me." she said as she dipped her head lower and kissed the cheek where she had slapped him.

"I'm sorry too for losing my temper... your naughty man is very sorry.... oh!! And very close too."

"Cum inside me, Jan." Laura told him as she rode him even harder than she already had done.

"I'm close too!" she cried out, on the verge of welcoming his seed inside her.

"Any mo... AHHHHHHH!!!" Jan started, but was cut off by his orgasm.

Laura cried out along with him as they rode out the wave of their orgasm together.

She then kept to her word and untied him from both handcuffs and feetcuffs.

When Laura was no longer intimate with Jan's cock, they cuddled and passionately kissed.

Jan even kissed her on her breasts and nipples.

"Do you have to go soon?" Jan whispered against her.

"Not yet. In a few days." she whispered back.

"Good," he said with a grin, "then I still have a few days to make good on my promise."

"Oh yeah?" Laura asked.

"Yeah." Jan said as he positioned his hardened cock in front of her wet pussy.

Yeah, it was pretty much a given that a lot of sl**p would not be had in those few nights...

The End

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