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My friends Mum

Just as a Precursor guys, this story is 100% true  However, names have been changed. And no, I will not post any pictures of people from this story, even the explicit ones; they are just for me ;)

I had always admired Mrs Arthurs whenever I went round my friend, James’ house. She was his mum but was a lot younger than the other mums of my friends. We were 19 but she always looked only about 38 or 39. I’d always had a thing for older women and curvy girls and she certainly fitted into that category. She always wore really short skirts or shorts when I was there, and low cut tops, and I sometimes had to hide the first signs of a hard-on in my trousers.
I went round James’ after school one day and finally got to confirm her age. There were banners all over the house saying ‘Happy 39th Birthday Mum’ and there were balloons everywhere. However the atmosphere dropped almost as soon as we entered the living room. James’ mum and dad were having a shouting match about something we couldn’t even hear. James gave me a meaningful look and mouthed: ‘Calm down mum’.
He went over to his father and pulled him away from the argument, dragging him out of the room. I was walking over to his mum when she burst into tears. I knew it was so inappropriate but at that point I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. She was wearing a strapless top with no bra and a really short skirt. I couldn’t help myself and I felt a bulge appearing in my shorts. I led her up the stairs and into the first room I found. It was the master bedroom, and I had never been in here. I sat her down on the bed and looked into her beautiful blue eyes:

“Are you ok? What was all that about” I said, curious despite myself.

“Oh it doesn’t matter, I’m fine, thanks” She muttered, and walked off to the en suite bathroom

I tried to stop myself but instinctively followed her. When I went in she was in front of the mirror, cleaning up where her mascara had smudged. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug, my logical mind had been thrown out and now I was led by the bl**d in my dick. As I did so I thought I felt her hand brush against my boner inside my shorts. It happened in an instant as though it never had. But at once I felt her slowly grinding against me. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I looked up in the mirror and I saw her eyes were closed. My hands drifted slowly down to her hips and I massaged her sides. She bit her lip and turned around to face me, still in my arms. She moved forward and we kissed. I had been fantasising about this for years and I kissed passionately and aggressively, she returned it in the same way and to this day it’s the best kiss I’ve ever had.
She pulled away and I knew what she wanted at once, my hands slid down and pulled up her top, over her head. Her full 36Cs popped out and my eyes popped out my sockets. My hands went up and I backed her against the wall, kneading them like dough. She moaned and wrapped her arms round my back, crushing me into her, while she grinded against my leg. I lowered my mouth and took her right breast in it sucking and flicking her nipple while my hand pinched her other one. When I knew it was time and she was breathing heavily I switched to concentrate my mouth on the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. She moaned and fell back against the wall, sliding to the ground. She came forward to kiss me but I pushed her back and pulled down her skirt, revealing lacy panties wedged into her soaking pussy. I rubbed her pussy through them and set my mouth to work while she arched her back and moaned loudly. I sucked all her juices that had soaked into her panties then ripped them off her legs. I dived to work and was so eager that I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, something I had never done before. But then I went to my normal technique, flicking and twirling her clit with my tongue as I slowly slid two fingers in and out of her. I speeded up until I was pumping in and out of her with my fingers and she had grabbed a towel to stop her frequent moans. Suddenly she convulsed violently and came, and I resumed with long licks all the way up her pussy. I hadn’t expected her to cum as fast as though she hadn’t had sex in months.
She grinned at me sexily and clambered onto me and our mouths connected again. She writhed on top of me and almost ripped my shirt of and pulled my trousers down viciously. She put her palm on my chest and f***ed me to lie down flat as she took my rock hard cock in her mouth. She teased the end with her tongue as she slid slowly up and down and I moaned in pleasure which was only intensified by the fact that I had lusted after her for so long. She carried this on until I knew I could bear hardly any more and then she slid all of my cock down into her mouth. This was the first time I had ever been deepthroated and she managed to get all my 7 inch cock down her. I groaned in pleasure and I knew I would have to blow my load soon. She carried deepthroating me for about another minute then I exploded in her mouth. It was the best blowjob I had ever had and I shot a big load into her mouth. Yet still she swallowed it, and then looked up at me, a cute grin on her face.
I pulled her into me and we kissed without breaking for minutes, this moment could have lasted forever for me although I knew it couldn’t as felt myself growing hard again with her on top of me. We were on the bathroom floor and she got up and led me over top the bed. She threw me flat on my back and crept over to me on all fours. She got on top of me and sat on my stomach, pinning me to the bed. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and massaged them like I had her boobs. She leant down and gave me a quick kiss before levering herself up a bit and sliding down on my cock. She was so wet and tight that my cock went in with a squelch and she giggled. I kept my hands on her ass as she slowly rocked backwards and forward onto me, biting her lip with every movement. Her eyes were closed and I didn’t try to speed up as I knew she wanted to take it slow at that moment. We continued this for about 5 minutes, I was happy with it; I knew she loved it and that I could keep this up all night without cumming. However then she started to speed up rapidly. She was soon bouncing on top on me and had to keep the towel in her mouth to stop more screams from being heard. Eventually she rolled off me after cumming and lay down, breathing heavily.
She got up and crouched on all fours in front of me, in the doggy style position. I hadn’t cummed since my blowjob and I knew she wanted me to. She jiggled her perfect round ass in front of me and I couldn’t resist. She couldn’t see as I brought my mouth to her ass and kissed her a few times on each cheek but she shivered in surprise as I licked around her hole. I thought she was going to stop me but she moaned loudly as I did it again and soon I had her in the palm of my hand. I spread her cheeks and licked the inside of both before I concentrated on her hole which opened a fraction as I licked around it lovingly, making it my own. As soon as I thought I had it open enough I tried to stick my tongue inside her. (yes this grossed me out when I remember it too but you have to understand how turned on I was, I was just wild, guys) She squealed and collapsed on the bed. I drew her up again and she returned to the doggy position, she turned around and gave me a sexy grin, and thrust her ass at me, invitingly. This time I gripped my cock and slid it back into her pussy, right where she wanted it. I thrust into her and started fast, wanting to make her cum violently again. I knew I was close to cumming after I had been thrusting into her for a while. She had her towel in her mouth and every thrust I made into her I could hear her scream, no matter what she did. I was so scared her husband would come up but that just made me thrust into her deeper and harder. Suddenly she turned around and stared into my eyes fearfully:

“Don’t cum inside me please Tom, I don’t wanna get pregnant again!!” She moaned.

I was annoyed but I relented, and pulled out. She turned her body, waiting for me to cum over her, but I did something she hadn’t expected and thrust back into her asshole. She gasped and screamed loudly as I went deep inside of her, deeper than I had been in her pussy. But damn her ass was tight; almost as soon as I was in I knew I wouldn’t last long. Every thrust felt like it was being made in her tight pussy when it was clenched. She had lost her towel and was screaming like never before now. I had used her juices as lube and hoped I wasn’t hurting her but I just couldn’t stop. I was only in her ass for about two minutes before I blew my load into her. She convulsed and orgasmed at the same time and we fell down on the bed together. She gave me another tired grin and crawled next to me. I held her in my arms and we kissed again and before I knew it I fell asl**p.
I woke up and I found her staring into my eyes. I didn’t see anger or regret there like I thought I was going to, I only saw lust. We kissed and I held her in my arms for a few minutes. I wanted to sl**p with her again but she seemed in no rush to do so.
Suddenly we heard someone walking up the stairs and she shoved me into the closet with a little crack to see out of.
Her husband came in taking no notice of her and only acknowledged her with a grunt. He got something from the bathroom and quickly exited again.

“He’ll be at work all day” She said with a glint in her eye and growled sexily.

She led me onto the bed and we fucked all day. I fucked her every week for a year after that, then she left after her divorce to go to another country.

She is the best sex I have ever had, yet, but that might all change with these beautiful gals on here ;)

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