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Fun night

I have been swinging with my husband Conrad for several years and we both love the extra dimension it gives to our marriage. There have been a couple of little difficulties along the way but we both enjoy involving others in our sexlife as much now as we did when we started. We like to swap with other couples at a club we use in the Midlands and have attended a few swinging parties. It really turns both of us on particularly when I am with other men with definitely the favourite for both of us me having sex with black men. For both my sexual pleasure and Conrad's voyeurism we agree for me to have sex with a black guy preferably when we involve single guys in our swinging fun.

So I was delighted when we got an e-mail from Leroy, a black guy and experienced swinger that I had been with before, with an interesting proposition. I had a big grin on my face when I called Conrad into the study to read the letter.

"I'm glad we swapped email address and phone numbers after we got together in London. Read this darling."

I looked at him carefully as he read the mail. Leroy suggested meeting me at a pub only a few miles from where we lived where every few weeks a small group of his swinger friends met. It was primarily for wives who and girlfriends that love dressing up and enjoy the attention of black guys, the couple that organise the evening would then invite some back to their home and she would get things going. He wrote that the lady concerned is a young slut who loves black and often took on several guys and it was perfect for any other women to join in.

"I really enjoyed him and I'd love to get together with Leroy by myself, if that's ok with you? It looks like fun but what do you think?" I replied meaning what I said.

"I'd love you to go but I want to take you and make sure it's ok first. Keep your phone close to hand too in case it's not right, ok?" Conrad replied.

Once Conrad had agreed to his suggestion I couldn't wait to confirm the arrangements with Leroy and replied immediately. It was something I had on my mind for the rest of the week and I was pleased when Friday night came and I showered and thought what was ahead for this evening. Afterwards as I dried myself I sipped on another strong vodka and coke and smiled as I let my mind drift back to when we met Leroy in London and the fun we'd had, I felt my pussy throb in anticipation of a very long and pleasurable evening to come.

"It's seven," Conrad called upstairs. "We should be going soon Jayne."

He was hurrying me up, quite rightly I guess. I dabbed perfume around my neck, did my fingernails along with my toenails in bright red, dried my hair and applied my makeup. I quickly put on black hold up fishnet stockings and my highest spiky stiletto shoes.

"Jayne, I'm waiting," Conrad called out laughing as he spoke.

I put on a grey plaid mini-skirt that didn't even cover my black stocking tops and a skimpy black top. My heart thumped when I went downstairs and my husband looked me up and down and smiled broadly. His eyes wandered up and down my body I'm sure trying to guess what was underneath.

"How do I look?" I asked.

"Really sexy," my husband replied.

"Good, it's supposed to be about dressing up and enjoying the attention! Come on, let's go."

We were both quiet in the car as we got nearer to the pub. I lifted myself up slightly off the seat and pulled my skirt up to my hips then lowered my bare bum onto the soft leather seat.

"No knickers then Jayne," Conrad said glancing down.

"Well, he did say dress like slut. I have no underwear on at all."

"You are so sexy! That's good," he said running a finger up my thigh.

A couple of minutes later we arrived outside the rather rundown pub where we were to meet up. I applied another layer of thick red lip-gloss as we stopped and then noticed Leroy walking towards us.

"Looks like he's keen to see me."

Conrad teased, "You want Leroy's big black cock again don't you?"

"Yes," I answered. "I so want that big cock in me."

Leroy ogled my slim stockinged leg as I got out of the car and squeezed my bum as I stood near him. Conrad and Leroy then shook hands and Conrad told Leroy that he was to look after me! My husband kissed me tenderly. "Ring me if you want to come away, I will stay close for a while ok?"

My heart was thumping as I held Leroy's hand, walked into the pub and heard my husband drive off. We walked hand in hand down a small dark corridor, I could hear voices and music from the bar and then Leroy pulled me into his arms and whispered. "Good girl Jayne. You look so slutty, just perfect! I'm so glad Conrad is ok with you seeing me and my friends."

"He gets off on me being with another man, he loved it at the hotel, remember?"

"Going to be a real slut tonight then?"

My brain was still pretty Vodka soaked by then and I felt very happy with his suggestion. He pulled me close and started to run his hands up and down my back as he leant forward and kissed my neck. He made me melt as his lips gently kissed the skin under my hair and I felt his hands move onto my bum and his leg pressed against my pubic mound. I reached my arms around his neck as he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I felt myself quickly get worked up,

"Come on, let's go in and get a drink before I end up fucking you here," Leroy said taking me into a back room.

We walked into the room and I quickly glanced around noticing seven or eight other men mainly black guys but only two other women. Music was playing loudly and a very slim dark haired girl, wearing a tight red corset, stockings and very little else, was dancing very erotically between two of the men.

"That's Leroy, she arranges these meets, and that's her husband with the video camera." Leroy said

The other woman, an older blonde stood at the bar being fondled by a young black guy. She was wearing a little miniskirt and a white-crop top that said, "Whore" on it!

As I stood looking I felt eyes on me, and then one of Leroy's friends came closer.

"Hi, you must be Jayne? I'm Ty. Leroy said you were joining us for some fun," he said looking me up and down. I saw the way he was looking at me, no doubt in his mind he was fucking me already.

"I'll get you a vodka," Leroy said going to the bar.

Ty put his arms around me and pulled me close and kissed my cheek while his left hand ran down my back rubbing my bum. Without another word we began to sway to the music, he rubbed his groin into me as we danced. I slowly raised my arms to his neck and enjoyed the feeling of his strong body pressed against me. His other hand moved to my right breast, squeezing it and caressing it.

"I'm back, now that Ty's m*****ed you Jayne, I'd like to introduce you. This is Ty, he is a regular at the London club and in this group too."

"Nice to meet you," I said laughing thinking how ridiculous that sounded after what we had been doing.

Ty pulled back and then I felt a hand go under my skirt and rub my arse. "No knickers Jayne?" Leroy said.

"You approve then?" I answered quietly feeling a bit overawed by the situation.

Nervously I gulped my drink down as they stood either side of me. I think Leroy sensed my nervousness so decided to take the lead quickly in case I chickened out. He took my empty glass away and then pulled me close and we swayed to the music. He towered over me and I felt so small as he kissed my neck grinding himself against me, his hands going lower and squeezing my bum.

Leroy whispered to me, "Are you excited about tonight?"

"Yes," I replied my voice barely audible. "I've really been looking forward to it," I said as he moved his hands to my tits and Ty moved behind me holding my hips and we began to bump and grind to the music.

"Your hair is gorgeous. I have never had a redhead." Ty whispered to me.

My flaming red hair means I have milky white skin sprinkled with freckles and Conrad says this contrast is one of the reasons he loves to see me with a black man and right now I was enjoying being the centre of attention of these two. They were all over me and Leroy was grinding against my crotch, I felt him getting hard and I was wet.

"Let's get you another drink Jayne." Ty said suddenly letting go and walking to the bar, but quickly Leroy's husband took his place and began squeezing my bum.

"Leroy is taking some of the boys back to our house? We're thinking you would like to come home with us too Jayne, what do you think about that?"

I gulped, both nervous and excited and simply said, "yes."

"Good, she's ready to go very soon as we can't fuck here," he said laughing a little.

I looked over to Leroy who was kissing one young black guy while two others fondled and groped her. Her eyes were closed and I could see her writhing as her pussy was fingered from behind.

"Here drink this Jayne."

Another strong vodka was thrust in my hand as I noticed a couple of guys put their jackets on.

"Ready Jayne?" Leroy said with a smile. I gulped the vodka down and looked around noticing that the blonde had disappeared so Leroy and I were going to have our hands full.

"Um, yeah. I guess I am," I stuttered.

I tugged my skirt down and then I was being led and manhandled out of the door and with Leroy's firm hand on my bum led down a side street to a very pleasant modern suburban house. My head was spinning and I wondered what their neighbours would think seeing two women dressed like sluts with five black guys and the husband all going into the house.

"Come on in babe, make yourself at home."

Inside into the lounge I was pulled onto the settee between Leroy and Ty and a video sprang to life on the TV. Another drink was thrust into my hand and I watched the video for a moment not surprised to see interracial sex on screen, a young slim white girl fucking two black guys. I looked carefully for a moment and realised the girl was our host Leroy and the film had been made in the very room where I was now sitting in the settee with a young black guy either side of me.

"God I want you again Jayne. You really are up for it aren't you?" Leroy asked.

Leroy on my left leaned across to kiss me, slipping his hand onto my breasts while at the same time Ty worked his way up my thigh. As they groped me I watched Leroy's husband pick up the camcorder and begin recording obviously keen to add to his collection. Leroy pulled apart my top exposing my breasts so I was naked from the waist up being fondled by the two men.

"What are you doing?" I moaned as I felt fingers caress my pussy.

"Just going to have a feel down here." Ty grinned.

I was too d***k and horny now to care and I gulped my drink down and leaned back allowing my legs to open further. Ty quickly slipped first one then two fingers into me and started to work them in and out.

"You could have a lot of cock tonight, you can have all of us Jayne." Leroy said.

"I was only planning on having fun with you but I think that's out now!"

After a few more minutes of fumbling around, Leroy stopped kissing me and stood up to undress. I watched as he undressed and admired his muscular physique, his broad chest and thick arms covered in tribal tattoos. He saw me looking at him and smiled and began to gently stroke his big hard cock as it jutted out in front of him.

"I bet you remember this Jayne," Leroy said getting back on the settee.

They stripped me of my skirt, top and high heels leaving me spread out on the settee between them wearing just my hold up stockings. Their mouths fastened onto each of my erect nipples, biting and nibbling and thick fingers penetrated me again. I really felt such a slut as Leroy buried his head between my thighs and began lapping at my pussy, he got it just right by sucking firmly on my clitoris and I was soon squirming. Ty stripped off and knelt beside me, his thick cock in his fist stroking it right by face. He began rubbing it across my face smearing me with pre-cum.

"Jayne," Ty whispered. "Suck it."

I licked my lips and opened my mouth as Ty took hold of my hair and pulled my head forward. My mouth opened wider and I took his thick cock into my salivating mouth, wrapping my lips tight and flicking my tongue around the shaft. I felt it throb in my mouth as I sucked and he gently fucked my mouth.

Leroy pushed his fingers inside me and I started to moan around Ty's cock still in my mouth, as my back arched off the settee I thrust my pussy into Leroy's face making him fuck me harder with his tongue.

"Yeah baby, cum for us, that's it let go," Ty said to me.

I came for the first time with a muffled groan and then collapsed back onto the settee.

My pussy was still throbbing and my ears were ringing from cumming so hard. I concentrated on the hard cock in my mouth until I felt something rubbing over my pussy finding the entrance and getting into position.

"Okay Jayne, you need to be fucked!" Leroy said.

I just looked up to him and said nothing just looked at his now fully erect cock glistening wet with precum nudging against my pussy. He looked me straight in the eyes and pushed just inside me then pulled out and rubbed his cock it against my clitoris doing it over and over again.

I was getting so worked up I let Ty's cock slip from my mouth, "Fuck me Leroy, please!"

He moved back and forth a few times getting deeper each time until all his that big black penis was deep inside me. He climbed on top properly and started ramming me harder and harder. I wrapped my legs around his back and arms around his neck. Leroy proved himself a real stud before when we did it and he proved it again, shagging me firmly for ages. I glanced over to Leroy who was on all fours being literally pounded from behind while she sucked on another cock, her husband only feet away filming the action. I looked up at Ty watching us, stroking his erect cock and rolling on a condom deciding it was his turn soon.

"You've got a lovely tight cunt Jayne. You love all this black cock don't you because Ty's fucking you next." Leroy whispered into my ear.

It must have been the combined excitement of what I was doing, what was happening around me and the hard fucking I was getting because I was soon cumming again.

"Oh baby, oh yeah, oh fuck!" I moaned as I came.

I saw stars and lay back, my orgasm momentarily totally draining me leaving me whimpering softly. We lay joined together motionless for a moment and Leroy exhaled slowly.

"I love talking dirty like that during sex," he said with a satisfied grin. I leaned up and kissed his chest.

"That makes two of us," I replied.

"Well you know what the lady wants," Leroy said to Ty.

I was limp and breathless as Leroy pulled out of me sweat pouring off us both.

"No turning back now," Ty said climbing between my legs. "Open your legs Jayne."

I just moved my hips and he slid into me until he was all the way in. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and hammered into me. He thrust deep and fast with me lying passive under him. This wasn't lovemaking but fucking. I was in a daze and completely unable to move as he f***ed his cock deeper fucking me hard and fast.

"You like being fucked by someone you've never met before tonight Jayne?"

"I love it. Just fuck me until you cum."

I was buried into the settee my ankles by my ears, I knew he was not far from coming as his rhythm increased and he was forcing himself into me as ever deeper.

"Do it, cum in your slut!"

His body tensed up and he rammed into me even harder just a few more times.

"Oh Jayne, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Ty thrust into me one final time, burying his cock all the way inside, I could feel him cumming and pulsing inside me. We lay like that for a while until he looked down at me with a smile and then slowly eased his cock out of my pussy and then pulled off a very full looking condom and put it in a bin. He lay on his side and started stroking one of my breasts.

Looking down at us Leroy said, "I knew you would enjoy this, ready for round two?"

His hard cock jutted out in front of him and before I could answer they manhandled me onto the floor, Leroy was on top of me and someone was holding my legs apart.

He positioned himself between my spread thighs, we were mouth to mouth, his cock against my pussy, his hands clamped around my arse.

"I'm going to fuck you now and cum in you Jayne."

In two quick thrusts he was deep into me again. I wrapped my legs around his back and arms around his neck as Leroy continued to fuck me. I pushed against his big black body as he quickly thrust into me. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I began groaning with pleasure as he increased the pace.

"God you are so horny Jayne, you love this don't you?"

I just lay back exhausted as he used me then another black cock slapped me across my face. I looked to see someone wanking beside my face, his thick cock in his fist, stroking it right against my cheek. I licked my lips and took the end of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it. I could already feel it twitching and knew that he was about to come.

"Keep sucking babe," he said holding my head down on his cock.

He was grunting, and pushing ever harder into my mouth, almost making me gag. I tasted the first tell tale drops of pre-cum and readied myself as a stream of thick salty spunk erupted into my mouth. I sucked on his throbbing cock as cum poured over my tongue and down into my throat until he pulled out of my mouth and wiped his cock dry onto my cheek.

Leroy's hands gripped my ass and squeezed as he pushed his hips upward, driving himself deeper up and into me. He panted and his thrusts got quicker and I looked him in the eye. "Do you want to come now?"

"I'm going to cum inside you."

"Do it, cum in me."

Leroy took a deep hard thrust taking my breath away.

"Ah! Take it Jayne! I'm cumming in you," he grunted and made one hard deep thrust into me. I felt his body stiffen and his cock throbbing.

"Feel that deep inside you Jayne, you are a horny slut."

He moaned as I felt his hot semen shooting inside me. He thrust again and I felt more warm jets of his warm cum shoot into me as my pussy gripped his cock milking his cum. He moved his face away as I tried to kiss him, my mouth was still wet and sticky from another man's cum which obviously put him off.

"You have got something inside you take home now Jayne."

I was still breathing heavily as Leroy pulled his cock out with a slurp. I looked down and saw cum running out of me. It kept dripping out down my legs onto the carpet.

"You'll need these," Ty said as he handed me a box of tissues. I could see that watching me with Leroy had aroused him. I thanked him and wiped cum off my face and stuffed tissues between my legs.

"I need to freshen up a little."

I went to the bathroom and looked at myself. My hair a disaster, make up gone and my face glistened with dried cum. I looked down at the spunk running down my thighs. I sorted my face and hair put on some knickers I had in my bag and phoned Conrad on my mobile telling him where to pick me up. When I returned to the lounge, Leroy was still at it on her back with a man between her thighs while the others sat around watching, smoking and drinking. I picked up my skirt and top and started to dress.

"If you could stay for a little while," Leroy said feeling my bum, "we could have some more fun?"

I paused a moment. "I'd like to Leroy but I'm fucked, literally! I need to get home."

Leroy continued to squeeze my bottom. "You need to get home to tell your husband everything you did here tonight right?" he said with a smile and a wink.

"Guess so," I said sheepishly. "You must think we're pervy?"

"Not at all Jayne," he said. "I think it's a pretty common fantasy and great that you're willing to live it out like this."

He rubbed his hand over the gusset of my knickers, "Good girl, that should keep my cum inside for the journey home."

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