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How i came to be the man whore that i am today.

Alright so, if you have read my stories your aware of the facts that one I am a funny African-american man, and also umm i have sex,
and with many women
sometime, scracth that, most of the time while i have a girlfriend.

Now this pattern had to have started somewhere, Right?

Well, here is my story.

So I,m 17 and basically just figuring out what is what with my sizable penis. I mean, i was good, until that point in my life, i would only be freaky with my significant others and would only sex them after month of persuasion. I looked mature for my age and had whoever i was around in stitches. I was one of the guys who was attractive and knew, however most girls never gave me the time day. I was that guy most girls have that secret crush on, then mask it so that no one would ever know. Just saying, It is really, fucking annoying, if you want to know how it felt for me.

now me, i have had a Big cock since around the fifth grade. i know it to. in gym classes when i would talk to girls, other guys, would point out the fact that maybe my cock head was showing, or i had a boner. This was almost always never the case and in several situations i found my self embarrassing other guys because my cock could be seen often through my gym shorts.

So, anyway back to the story,i would go out to college parties, the idiot that i was a just party. My high-school trick never worked, and i was still shy to girl when it came to flirting.

so i'm out college party hopping trying to get number and i 'm talking to this girl Natalie. she is fucking hot. she was black and had skin like around a dark filapinos. anyway she is being all apprehensive and shit and playing hard to get but eventually i get those 10 digits that eventually lead to intercourse.

I cannot recall if i had a girlfriend at this point, but i don't think i did because i still think i was a faithful one at this point.

So i get her number, we textin, chattin, talkin, skypin, and basically all other forms of staying in touch. I was siked as her to be talkin to a college girl, especially one as sexy as mine. I see her every so often and when i do we make out like there is no tomorrow, thats all.

after a month of this i nut and sext her to see, her body. she refuses and instead ask for my address. i'm pissed but give it to and change the subject. and don't really think about i too much.

Forty minute later, there is a ring a my door.

mom is away at some conference crap for her job.

so i answer the door and it is Natalie. I'm still kinda pissed with her but glad she here at the same time. may be i can convince her to fuck right.... lol. kinda important side note. even to this day when i am comfortable in the house i wear just basketball shorts and underwear. that's it. it is cool and comfortable and i like looking at my own body.

i know goddammit i'm conceited. fuck u.

"Hi natalie," i say excitedly and move in for a kiss.

as i move toward her and am almost there, she moves down and lowers my shorts and boxer brief. i am really surprised and like stumble. i have to put my hands on her shoulder to not fall.

as i regain composure i realize the breeze hitting my ass and before i snap at her and put my pants up she picks up my flaccid penis and puts in her mouth and strts giving me amazing head. I am in a semi-euphoric state and realize i am still outside of my house and my neighbors may be able to see this. i Remove myself and motion her into the house.

right after i close the door sheis back onme, this time she is attached to my lips.

i ask" what the FUCk has gotten into you

"nothing," kiss," i was," kiss,"getting tired of," kiss," waiting."

"on what," i ask between passionate kisses.



"i know you what me."

"yeah?" at this point, im going insane inside, i am so excited for what about to happen.

"and you have a nice cock."

"i guess." modesty lol.


"so what?"

"So why the fuck did it take you a month to show sexual interest in me other than a hot make out scene?"


"cuz what?"

"I don't know i was nervous i guess."

"aww, well get ready to let go of all a of those nerves, and grab this hair, ass, and learn how to Fuck a real woman."

that line was probably the beginning of the cutting of the chains, holding this b**st.

after`this colors were vibrant in my eyes.

"Now get down and eat this kitty." Oh my god, her pussy, i was tight and gorgeous. Her bodies two colors where light Filipino brown, and the other was like four shades lighter than chocolate. the contrast was amazing. she looked so good that she was like radiant and we hadn't even started yet.

i was a fully capable pussy eater and quickly went work. after i little bit she started moaning louder and louder, then she started rocking, then i realized we were still only on the couch. she was in no shape to move so i kiss her, pick her up,kiss her again more sensually and move up stairs to my big ass bed room and huge bed. i lay her down and continue my meal. and soon we were back were i left off. so yeah.... lick, lick, lick, suck and then she starts yelling, her voices goes up like a little girl, and suddenly like waves of tightness go down her body, and she has convulsion, and stops breathing, and turns red, and orgasms. So yea, at this point I'm feeling like a champ. i also think i getting a break. I was wrong.

i kiss her, she looked so beautiful, like she was at peace with the world. this lasted like a minute then, she had aggresive sexy face again. i sense it probably going to be that time soon i move to my drawer and get one of my magnums and put it on. i hope to surprise we her.

i walk back to her quietly and put her legs on her shoulders and slip in where i fit in.

thing is she was still tight so i had to do a inch by inch.

she is going crazy but in tired of standing so i move more on the bed and drop her legs. once more she goes from innocent looking girl to fuck machine.

she wraps her legs around me and her arms are around my shoulders.

"Harder," she saids.
pound..... pound..... pound.....pound..... etc.
pound.... pound....pound.... pound....etc.
"HARder, boy"
"Fuck me, HARDer."

at this point I'm losing the fight not of stamina as you may suspect but of fatigue. But i must be doing good because her next words were rushed, like she couldn't get enough air in her lungs before i thrust it out of her.

"Oh my god babii," pant,"fuck me," pant,"shit Shit," pant, "oh god please fuck me HARDEr." It sounded like she was about to climax.

Pound..Pound..Pound..Pound.. etc.

All i got that time was moan, pants,a yes fuck or shit and then it. happened.

She took her Nails(Luckily, there weren't to bad) dug them into my back and pulled down.

For ME, that threw me over the edge, i thought i was about to cum too , tha feeling was gone now. i was completely focused on the thrust.

POUND POUND POUND POUND POUND POUND.... i think you get the idea.

"I'm" pant,"gonna," pant "CUM,"and then she tightened around me as she intensely came squeezing me tight, with her pussy and arms and legs. i found myself cumming not long after due to the pressure.

It took her a while to collect herself. I pulled out removed the condom and looked at her gorgeous face. she stared back.

"I think i love you," she said

"I know i love you," my dumb ass said.

Then we feel asl**p passionately making out.

I woke up the next morning to find sexy ass wasn't in my bed anymore, i put on some boxers and short and explore my house for. She is in the kitchen making breakfast. she doesn't notice me and i walk behind her kiss her neck and hold her.

"You know, i said i love you last night?"

she turns and kisses me," took you long enough, i knew i loved you approximately one month ago i loved you," she responds.

eight months go past.

yeah, i think we are doing well, i'm about to go to college. hers is on the top of my list. we talk constantly,and see and fuck each other four times a week.

i have decided to check in on her to surprise her with some flowers and chocolate for the hell of it.

i get to her dorm and open the door with a back up key she gave me. its a suite so i have to walk to her room within a room. the door is open.....................................................

i see her sheet going crazy. i her her voice. and some other guys..

Ahhhhgg... sorry this story make me angry.

I say." hehe, so you are cheating on me."

she lift the covers. "Stephon?"

i am speechless. I silently turn open the door and walk. walk ou he dormitory, past my car, and am just aimlessly walking through the city with a box of chocolate and flowers. I was in utter shock.

I think she followed me until I walked past my car, then she started crying and saying sorry and how much she loved me of something. i Didn't respond to any of it.

i end up in a Mcdonalds eight miles away. i order some thing and go t the bathroom. i immediately throw the flowers away and i flush the chocolate down the drain, i feel sick, i have never felt a pain like this. i throw up, in the toilet. i f***e myself to get up. f***e myself to clean myself up. f***e myself to go pick up my food. I f***e my self to eat. As i eat in my secluded corner of Mcdonalds i start to bawl. the tears stream down my face for a long time. i fall asl**p.

I am awoken later by the my ringing phone. i check my phone, i have ten new voice mails and like 30 missed calls. They were front, my mom, dad, older b*****r , younger s****r, and her. no one knew where i was. I called my b*****r and asked him to pick me up. he was there five minute later with five thousand question. I toll him what happen and he tried to help anyway he could, and he could tell i was in serious pain.

he tried to to give me advice, most of which i didn't listen to but some of what i heard was, you are too young to know love don't get tied down, and your handsome dude you don't need her to be complete.

that night i cried a lil bit more but at around ten i stopped and just started thinking. I and i reflected on the relationship. i listened to the bitches messages and she told me the truth. she had been with many men in our relationship. I understood.

She scarred me and turned me into a monster. What this most believed from the time he was 17 to now four years later sex is not going to hurt anyone and there is nothing behind the the words significant other or spouse or wife. i have fucked many people (women and a few trannies) in my life however I'm here to tell you, It is not the lifestyle you want to lead, it is full of loneliness and pain. And i think i am ready to LOVEa woman again.

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