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The Colon Hydrother****t

For years I had so wanted to experience the next step up in the enema chain, so one sunday afternoon I finally did it. I went and received my first colonic. After paying I followed the doctor into the room. He instructed me to remove my clothes and to put on the hospital gown.
After changing clothes, he came back in. Having me lay on my left side, he informed me about the process, after being instructed, I could hear him applying KY Jelly both to the speculum and his glove, then to the outside of my rectum, and finally to the enjoyable part of massaging the KY inside my rectum. This only made my erection that much harder. And now making my dick even harder, I moaned in pleasure as he inserted the speculum inside me. The water felt lovely as I was repeatedly filled and emptied my colon and cleaned me out. I believed that he was gay, but I didn't receive confirmation until the second session a few days later.........
I came in for the second session, and it started as normal. But about 30 minutes into the session, I watched the doc squirt oil into his hands, and then he started masturbating me while he was massaging my colon. After 5 minutes or so, I started masturbating him. After about 5 more minutes, I asked him, "You've cleaned me out, would you like to fill me up now?"
After asking if I really wanted this, and after answering yes, I was doggie-style on the table. I awaited the pleasure of my first ass fucking. The feeling was so great, I moaned, "Oh GOD!
We changed positions so many times in the next 30 minutes, he got me from behind, I rode him, and he missionaried me.
We have come to have a great loving bond between us. I no longer get charged for my colonics since the third session, I receive them twice a week.
After about 2 months I moved into his mansion, and now after a year and a half, I have just received my sex change operation. The surgery has been improved so much, that now that I have healed from the surgery, my boyfriend can now pop my cherry.

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