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Camping in the yard one summer (True story)

Way back in the late 70’s, I was looking forward to a friend of mine to come to town from Canada. I had not seen David since the summer before. He and his f****y came down for summers and stayed in this old summerhouse of his grandmothers. It didn’t have heat, a phone or a TV!

We lived way out in the country. I would ride my bike around the area everyday. One day I noticed their car had finally showed up. I rode up to their house and greeted David and his parents.

David was one of those guys that are naturally slim and good looking. He did sports at home so he had an athletic build but was a few inches shorter then me.

Just to clear the air, if you are already getting turned on, neither of us was gay. David and I were fourt**n. We were friends with other guys in the area and would ride around and shoot the shit. No one we knew had a license yet so bikes were it (next to getting a ride from Mom). It was all very hetero. We all talked about girls and hoping to be with one someday.

Anyway, at some point during the summer he and I decided to camp out in his yard. I had a tent and we worked out a night in the last week before he would go back to Ontario. I was psyched to camp out with him and it was actually for sexual reasons (not what you think yet).

I had been collecting porn from Playboy’s and other magazines and he knew about it. The plan was for me to bring them wrapped up in my sl**ping bag.

Now, we were really naïve and young. We were two k**s turned on by girls but didn’t know what to do with our dicks! Neither of us had ever had a girlfriend or experienced anything. Neither of us had had an orgasm before nor did we even know how to jack-off.

We were two young, innocent guys, staying over night in a tent, by ourselves, to look at porn and get horny.

I left my house with the tent and sl**ping bag filled with porn and headed over to his house. We had dinner and played cards for while. Around 10pm we said good night to his parents and headed out to the tent. We almost ran to the tent, which we set up when I arrived, but we walked into the darkness letting out horny snickers as we went.

We got in the tent and laid out the sl**ping bags. I immediately pull out the pile of Hustlers, Playboys (remember Barbi Benton – hardon!) and Penthouses. Oh, and a Oui! That one was French! They had really hot European chicks in Oui.

David dives into them and is looking through them. I say “Lets get in the bags”. We strip down to our tighty-whites and we both have hard-ons pushing through the folds of our underwear. We climb into the sl**ping bags and pick up a mags.

After a little while, as you would expect, we hear footsteps. We hid the mags quick and then his Dad was at the door.

“Just checking on you guys, how’s it going?” David scrunches forward, staying in his bag and unzips the door. “We’re good!”

Finally he leaves and we lay back and snicker. Our hard-ons are gone. But we pulled out the mags and they were back. After a while we started showing each other girls and sharing stories we are reading while our young cocks throbbed in our underwear. We didn’t even know enough to stroke our rigid dicks. We started talking about sex with girls and what it must feel like to slide into their pussies. Then, it was something about that that made me suggest that, a butt hole must be like a pussy.

We both were turned on even more. We both had butt holes and maybe we could both feel what it was like. We laughed about it but then it seemed like a cool idea.

“Let’s try it out!”, I said. I got out of my sl**ping bag in knelt at foot of the bags. My cock was so hard I only let it stay confined for a few seconds more before I was naked.

David then immediately sat up and pulled down his panties. I remember seeing his cock bounce up and down when he pulled them down. His cock was slim and his ball sack was so tight. We were both young smooth bodied guys with little patches of pubic hair above our throbbing dicks. His body was defined and his chest was flat with little hard nipples.

We spent a moment just looking at each other. Still not even rubbing our cocks. I motioned for him to get in front of me and he immediate got on all fours. I looked down his slim body as I positioned myself behind him. I can tell you know, he had a nice ass with dimples and a slight tan line from the Speedos he wore to the lake.

I leaned forward and ran my hard dick along the crack of his ass, still getting in position, I rubbed it in a few times, pushing his cheeks apart. I could feel the heat of his body on my bare cock. I held on to his hips and was ready to try.

I pulled back a bit and pushed my cock down to find his butt hole. But I missed it and I hit his tight ball sack making his dick swing and bounce again. I pulled my cock upwards, saw his butt hole, and pushed. He moved forward when I pushed and he pushed back planting the head of my dick right in his butt hole. He said, “Push!” and I obeyed and pushed my cock head into his butt hole, but it was too tight. I felt the resistance to my virgin cock down to the base of my shaft. It wouldn’t go in! He said, “Push!” again and I pushed so hard he collapsed and I fell on top of him. My cock firmly pressed into his ass crack. It didn’t go in. I felt my body pressed against his while my cock was pressed into in ass crack.

It was funny to us, we laughed and he said, “Get off, my turn.”

I followed his order and was on all fours waiting. I felt him line himself up, my hard cock dangling under me. Next I felt his throbbing dick sliding up my ass crack. Then his cock head was on my butt hole. He pushed and I felt the pressure on my hole. It hurt a little. He pushed harder. It hurt a little more but didn’t go in. He tried a little longer and kept pushing but eventually he pushed me down and rolled off of me.

We just could not get it to work and we laughed some more.

We laughed, not realizing or thinking about lubrication or that maybe a little finger probing would help. We put our underwear on and looked at the mags till we fell asl**p.

Two young, throbbing hard, 14yr old cocks left unsatisfied and craving sex in any form.

Other then touching each other while trying to get our cocks in our butts, we didn’t do anything else.

The next day, we were cool about the whole thing. Not like we really knew we were being gay. He left a few days later and I never saw him again for whatever reason. Maybe he told his parents?

It was not until a couple of years later I thought back on that night and realized it was really gay. That one night has always been with me as one of those moments, that if it had gone a little differently, if my cock had opened up his butt hole, if my butt accepted his hard dick, if either of us had even cum - my whole life would have been very different.

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