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Original Giantess

From what I understand being shrunken is fake I like watching attack of the 50 ft woman but never thought anything about being shrunken. I live in the suburbs I have a regular job and a regular girlfriend. She works for an Advertisement agency I am a plumber. I do the usual guy stuff sports, work, sports sex etc… etc… We dated for quite some time; our sex life was great well at least that's what I thought. I sometimes hear loud noises coming from inside her room I try not to pay any attention to see what she's doing. I asked her one day what she was doing in there by herself. She told me that she bought some new toys and that she was trying them out. I said okay and went back to the living room. I wasn't sure if I wanted to ask if I can join her she seemed really involved with what she was doing, One day I heard her in the room and went around through the bathroom to see what she was doing, What I saw was very weird, and before I knew it she had seen me in the corner of her eye. Then she asked me to come in I walked into the room. I asked what was up and she turned at me and asked if I wanted to fuck? I said yeah sure! She started kissing me I could hear small squeaks I ask her what that is, she replies "I don't hear anything"! So I try to go down on her but she pulls me back up no just shove your cock in me I'm already wet! So I slide it in deep I feel little things popping but I pay no attention and start fucking her HARD!!! I fuck her for a few hours over and over. I finish and I was exhausted, She asked me if I was thirsty I conformed with her that I was and so she got up and brought me back what looked like fruit punch but it didn't taste like it. I drank it anyways and then I became extremely tired. I fell asl**p which felt like hours have passed by. I woke up that night and felt different. I looked around but it was still pretty dark then I felt the earth move and I mean it moved, I got up but kept falling down I finally got up and focused my eyes it looked like a giant wrestling match I was right next to it I climbed up on what felt like cloth and noticed it was like a giant blanket, I could finally hear what was going on and I heard a lot of screaming, and very loud moans. I could finally see clearly and I apparently was on my bed while my girlfriend was being fucked by another man. But they were huge! Or I was small. Maybe I'm dreaming I'm not sure but it sure felt real. I started to get out of there, I climbed to the edge and looked down the bed was rocking extremely hard. I looked back and Stephanie was looking right at me I jumped off the side and slid down the blankets. I started making a straight line dash to the door, I made it then I looked back I saw the bed pounding against the wall her legs are straight up in the air, I climbed under the door and I heard more noise coming from down stairs, I went to the edge of the staircase and looked down. There must have been at least 10 people down there fucking. Drinking smoking watching TV partying. I hid behind the guard rail posts maybe find a way out. I was spotted though and I didn't even know it. I looked around and this lady I knew through Stephanie her name was Lupe she had spotted me and picked me up. I couldn't get away her grip was well a lot stronger than mine. She smelled really good and she put me in between her giant tits. I couldn't move but the thing was. Was that she was leaving so she was stealing me or k**napping me. I woke up tied down to something cylinder shaped object I wasn't sure but I woke up and saw three smiling face looking down giggling. I was tied down and was about 2 inches tall. All of a sudden I look up again and one of the girls says lets lube him up I have some kind of suit on, and one of the girls says smile and spits this huge wad of saliva down on me and the other girl walks over with a little skirt on no panties and sits right down . I start screaming "STOP!" But she grinds right down and starts fucking the dildo I was strapped and she began to ride extremely fast. Then she sits up and the other girl wraps her mouth around it and sucks down deep, I looked up at my girlfriend and say if you survive this you're going to be sold off for some good money! So she pulled me off of the toy and added me to a wall mounted toy, there were bodies everywhere she says this is the final test for you. I was strapped back on and looking down and it was a drop. I looked up and here came this spread opened pussy, and in I went she didn't waist anytime I could hear her slamming the wall with every thrust, it sounded like bombs going off every 3 seconds…BOOM…BOOM…BOOM. When they were done she asked me if I was alive. I looked up at her and gave her the finger she said he's awake. So they cleaned me up and took me for a long ride well it seemed long but when we got there a woman answered the door and I was brought into this bright room. I was looked over for a bit and then the girls left the room to discuss something I wasn't sure what. When they finally came out the three girls and Stephanie; My Ex then kissed me goodbye and left me there. I looked up and there was a very big woman standing over me. I looked up and "gulp" she told me she needs to test me as well to see if the merchandise was good I'm sure she knew I was but she tested me anyways. I was strapped to a huge dildo and set on the floor it was a floor mounted one. She left the room and two other big women walked in with her high heels thigh highs, nylons and short skirts. One of them said he's cute the other one said I don't care what he looks like I want to have him licking the inside of my pussy. So she walked over me and told one of the other ladies to hold the toy still, I looked up and she was wearing full nylons, I saw her hand reach down and rip them open like a piece of paper. She then told me to hold on and I was shoved so deep into her wet warm moist hole she then started repeated up and down motion, it felt like I was going to get ripped in half but her warm pussy started to get extremely wet and I wasn't too worried anymore I was just hoping I would be able to breathe because she kept Cumming. Loads of cum were dripping out of her and dripping off of her toy. Then she stood up and I was just soaked and exhausted the giant toy leaned way over to one side and another girl grabbed it I was pleaded for my life but she sat down next her pussy was so wet the giant toy was grinding against her inner thigh and seemed to find her hole and in I went. I had started to black out, then lucky for me she was done. She stood up and dripped a lot of cum onto me but there wasn't anything I could do. She then walked out of the room and so did the other one. I was sitting there alone then one of the girls walked back in and there was something different about her, she had a strap on and it was a big one, the other girl walked in the room as well, and was asking me if I had a good break I nodded my head "no" but she said well that's your fault she slides me off and shoved me into her wet hole, I try to get out but right as I stuck my head out I was slammed deep into her from the other girl, and she fucked the shit out of her, hard slams her pussy squishing and squashing making the loudest sounds, the suction was so immense I couldn't even hold on I had to try and be careful from the immense pressure that was being pressed into her. The girl I was in couldn't stop Cumming over and over she was so hot inside and extremely wet it was like a swimming pool inside her sometime the other girl would pull out all the which would cause suction and pull everything including me to the surface, then I would look up and she would ram it back into her and cum would be squirting out of the sides but not me I was stuck, This went on what seemed like forever, when it was finally done I was squirted out of her on to the bed, she was sound asl**p I started to get up and run, but I was being watched, by a younger blond who snatched me up really quick.
When I was being brought to another room I got a glimpse of what this place was, it seemed it was like a swinger's house but with more activities, I watched in one room as I could hear tiny people being crushed during a trampling session was going on. I walked by another room and there were women riding other women and it was extremely loud. I asked the young lady where she was taking me but she didn't answer right away. Then she told me I was going to her room. She said since I was new I was going to be passed around like a rag doll. She told me people don't last very long here, they either get crushed by being stepped on or crushed by being shoved in someone that is too tight, killed by being in someone to long or ripped apart by someone who likes to be fucked rough! She brought me into her room she strapped me to her dildo and proceeded to slide me into her without missing a beat. She slammed the fuck out of her wall her tight little ass was coming at me with suit speed I was stuck to the base of her toy so I was getting the whole view of her beautiful pussy and ass, but she loved to fuck hard and thank god for the suit I would have been smashed to pieces, But for once I was actually enjoying myself. I wanted her to fuck harder which she couldn't hear me but she was getting very close to climax and she started to fuck so hard the walls were shaking, stuff was falling off the walls. She started Cumming and the dildo got extremely wet and slick. She stopped and turned around and looked back me and said you're the first to survive nobody has been able to survive me! I asked her o take me off of this thing, so she did cleaned me off and I asked her why they do this stuff. She said this whole place is a fetish house and you're the fetish!
I was brought into a room where I stood in line with many other tiny men such as myself. There were women there, who pointed out the men among us that they wanted. The chosen ones were wrapped up and sent with the women.
I was one of the chosen ones, but because I was so new I was not for sale. There were others as well, who the women wanted, but they were also too new to be picked.
Because of my situation though, the fact that I had nowhere else to go and no money, I allowed myself to be rented out by a large woman. She was nice, gentle with me, but extremely horny.
When one of us little men is picked, we are given a suit. The suit is a spermicidal suit which allows us to cum inside any of the women we are chosen by. I was curious to know whether or not this was a common occurrence, us little men actually getting to cum. So I asked one of the women how often this happens and she replied "Not very often but it has been known to happen so just put your suit on and do as I say. No more questions little man."
The large horny woman that had chosen me had a room; she took me there and told me that she also had a slave coming. A human man, of normal size, who would be completely submissive to her.
She put my suit on me and shoved me deep inside of her wet pussy. I clung to the walls of her cunt, as much as possible, fearing the worst.
Her slave then sat down, his large cock hard and ready. She pushed him back up against the headboard and mounted him. I could see and feel his huge cock sliding in and out of her wet, wet pussy. She rode him hard, Cumming more than once and making sounds that I have never heard a woman make before.
When she finished riding him, she made him take her from the back, doggy-style. I could feel his dick pounding her harder and harder and I was afraid for my life. He could have killed me while I was in there.
He finally came, shooting his huge hot load all over the walls of her cunt. It covered me and I could feel the pressure and the heat of his cum.
She was finally satiated, so she told the man to leave the room and pushed me out of her pussy with one clench of the walls of her cunt.
She then brought me back downstairs, blew me a kiss and thanked me. I was just happy to still be in one piece so I blew her a kiss back and said "You're welcome".
By this point I was exhausted, happy to be alive and glad that awful experience was over.
Then I saw the Madam, the one that ran this house of pain and lust. She looked right at me and told me to take a break because she wanted to show me around the place, mostly to see if I would be interested in staying. I was too terrified to argue so I did as she said.
We went from room to room until we arrived in one room where a woman was riding a normal sized man, fucking him hard. The Madam insisted that I go in for a closer look so I did. What I saw there will never leave my soul.
The man had three teeny (my size) men strapped to his cock. The woman had fucked this man so hard that one of the little men had been completely decapitated, there was nothing left to him but a stub. He was entirely ripped in half and the sickest part was that neither the woman nor the man she was fucking seemed to care. It turned them on in fact, to know they had just fucked someone to death. The two others were lifeless as well, but I couldn't bring myself to look close enough to see if they were dead or alive. I turned away, holding in vomit and self-loathing. I then looked up at her and she said be careful what you do that could be you! I turned my back and walked toward the grinning madam, I said with a sigh "what's next?" She brought me into this room and said this is the lovely lady that's going to watch you for the time being she was a younger woman looked like she was mid 20's. She was really happy and nice to me; she had a very petite body and was really kind she showed me where I was sl**ping, funny I was sl**ping in a doll house. Not too bad 6 bedroom house fully stocked with furniture beds even tiny TV's and radios. I went to bed once I was in there. Later on that day while I was sl**ping I felt which felt like an earthquake I fell out of bed and looked out of the window there she was masturbating and believe it was a site to see. She was kicking screaming, squirming all over the place she would get so crazy she accidentally kicked the house I was in and sent it flying across the room, she didn't even get up to help me out. I was in a daze I hit my head pretty bad but was okay, I then grabbed my suit and took off out of the house her door was sealed and I couldn't get out so I just went under the dresser I watched her for quite awhile she could move that girl… I saw her take another dildo and come towards me I didn't even move I'm not sure if she saw me but she didn't do anything about it. I looked up she started to mount it against the dresser and she didn't waste any time sliding back onto it. She fucked it so hard stuff started falling off of her dresser she was wearing nylons and heels and her tiny ass was pounding so hard against that dresser, glass was breaking pictures were falling off she didn't stop to pick up the mess and I didn't stop watching. When she had her last orgasm she sat there for a second on all fours. Her tiny petite ass facing straight up in the air the dildo still inside her. I started to step back and then I noticed her looking right at me with a smile and long heavy breathing I started to step back and turned to run but it was too late. She had me before I could take two steps; I looked up at her she was so sweaty she told me I was caught and that she was going to take me to the Madam of the home. I looked up at her and asked her not to I would be her personal slave, she seemed to think about it and then she said I would have to make her money and that she would rent me out to her friends. To stay alive I told her that was okay with me. She said she was going to take a shower and when she gets back I better still be there or else… She came into the room after her shower and she had a body of a super model, tight little petite body, fit and healthy she told me to close my eyes which I didn't do and I watched her dry off and get ready for the evening at hand. I asked her what her plans were for tonight, she told me I would be watching the whole thing. I gulped but had to do what she said. Later on that evening people started to show up young girls about her age 21-25 yrs old they started filling the house it seemed like a party music was playing and then it started, One couple came in the room they didn't seem to know I was there I was mounted to an upright dildo but it was a man and a woman who came in I was mounted at the end of the bed kind of just waiting I guess. They got onto the bed and Kasia walked in she's the little petite blonde my new master or owner I guess if you want to call it that. She looked at me asked me if I was alright! I knotted and yes and she looked at her friends and told them to be careful because her new friend is there, the other woman looked at me came closer for a better look and smiled. She told me to get ready for a crazy ride. I saw her whisper something in Kasia's ear and Kasia said for a small fee. The other girl knotted as well and she looked over at me and winked, I thought to myself here I go again. Thank god for this suit. I waited there patiently for those to start fucking, which actually took quite awhile I watched as the performed 69 on each other I could hear her screaming quite loud and for me being so small it was quite loud. The he was hard enough and she climbed right on but she moved him down so his dick would rub up against me so she could ride both. He obliged to it and she climbed on his cock and her tight little butthole was grinding on me extremely hard and really fucking fast. She started screaming then she leaned forward got on her feet started to squat and ride his big cock deep, she was riding him fast and her ass was pounding down on him really hard. Her ass cheeks were bouncing with every thrust. The he told her to get up and put his dick in her ass. She said you want to fuck me in my asshole? The guy said yes, then I heard a knock at the door and they both said "come in!" Another girl walked in and wasn't wearing much; she asked them if she could watch. They were both like "sure" So the woman walked in sat down right on me practically knocking me down to the floor what a jolt I felt like I was knocked out till I heard her say "OOOPS!" what have we here, and she looked at me and asked "Are you okay?" I replied with a nod and she asked me what I was doing on here. I told her I was tide here because my owner wants me here. She said "who is your owner?" I replied Kasia! Is my owner so then she got up left the room for a few moments while these two were still going at it? Then the girl came back and said well she said it's okay, I asked her for what? She said "you'll see". So she picked me up took me off of the dildo and sat me right on her slit. I looked up at her and asked what do I do now she said nothing and I felt this hard thump and felt myself being pushed down into her warm soft hole, I then stopped it was dark and actually very comfortable, the object or hell the gigantic dildo that pushed me into her hole was pulled out I could see the opening her closing. I was asking myself what's going to happen next then I saw a giant cock come sliding in with no warning and it went deep inside I was being slammed deep into her and it was a lot of pressure, she immediately became very wet and it became very rough. He then pulled out and slammed all the way in and stood there, then pulled out again her pussy was wide open then. I tried to climb out but when I poked my head out I was greeted with a big dick and slammed all the way in, And this was repeated till I got the point of just staying put, But at one moment I was waiting and trying to hold on and his dick came in one more time and stayed there. He started to pulsate and he squirted a fucking load and kept fucking I was pushed out of one of the sides of her wet cunt and I tell you it was a little fun but at the same time I was trying to get escape when that happened, But when I came to the room was full of people and I could hear screams of tiny people being crushed and smashed and ripped apart I turned around and looking up there I saw a guy ramming this girl doggy style and there were body parts falling everywhere I kept looking around trying to figure out how to get out of here but I didn't think that was going to happen. I watched as people were torn to shreds for these giants and giantess's pleasure I watch the guys get crushed under this girl's ass as she was watching it and laughing. I was grabbed by Kasia and she was wearing little to nothing, I looked up at her and asked if I could go rest she said to me "not at the moment I need you!" So I went with her she walked up to this other woman and show me to her. She smiled and said will he last longer than the last one? I got closer and saw what happened to the last one he wasn't much to look at. So the Kasia told me to climb in she gladly opened her pussy with her two fingers I slowly climbed in and she closed up behind me, I crawled in really deep just in case. Well speak of the devil a huge dick comes smashing its way in and it stops literally right in front of me. I take a deep breath there's body parts everywhere, this guys big cock starts thrusting in and out but it doesn't seem to go in to far, then he Cum's and keeps Cumming then he pulls out I'm thinking it's over then another cock comes sliding in and start pounding away and after awhile he Cum's in her. I think to myself I wonder how many people have lived and died in here. After about an hour which felt like day she kept getting fucked by several guys and they kept Cumming in her there were times where I was pushed out of her sides of her pussy and wedged between her ass and her pussy while she was being fucked, sometime I would get sucked into her then pulled right out. She was extremely attractive and sometimes Kasia would see me grab me and shove me back in. Once she was done I was pushed out of her and Kasia picked me up and wanted to get some food so she brought me into the kitchen, and she notices someone being fucked, and goes over to see the guy put doughnuts around his cock and he's slowly fucking her, and Kasia goes down to get a bite puts the little guy down to take a bite he's looking up and the guy starts pounding her and ripping the pastries apart. Powder and crumbs everywhere falling all over the place he looks up and Kasia has the whole cock in her mouth and she grabs it and squeezes all of the pastry off and it falls all over him. He tries to climb out but Kasia sits right on him to get a better position on him he opens and moves stuff around to get out and finds himself just a couple of feet away from her shaved Pussy. Then while he was trying to climb out she went to shove a finger in her and he was trapped in between her finger and warm hole. I was jammed way up in her she started to bounce out of excitement. The madam of the house came in and stopped the little fuck fest, and asked everyone to follow her. Everyone in the house met her in the living room, There was a woman dark hair beautiful body nice face sexy heels as usual that's kind of the thing around here, The madam told us she is the new security around here and she is very strict. She will take action immediately and that means death! Everyone little guy just had another reason to have a heart attack she will pick you up and remove you if you're not doing your job right as well as trying to escape. She will never be questioned and you must not question about her or you as a slave will be taken to her room for disciplinary action or if you ask about her methods you can lose your slave to her as well. I saw her eyeing me and it made me a tad bit nervous, I acted as if I didn't know it but I knew it and I tried not to think about it but she was very sexy and I wanted to play with her. I was getting into the mix of things here and actually had security here, I was pretty well known and woman from everywhere started asking for me when they came here. I actually had the option to start turning people down if I wasn't interested that's how good I was. But I wasn't untouchable, that's for sure. One night for once it was actually pretty quiet it had started to rain. Actually it was storming outside I noticed the girls of the house were actually resting one of them Rachel came into my room well she came into the room where all of us slaves stayed, She came to me and asked if I wanted to have a drink with her, I replied "sure!" She picked me I grabbed my suit of course she told me you wouldn't need that but I told her you can never be too sure. I went with her to the balcony she had a glass of wine already waiting there when I was put down on the table I looked around and the other ladies of the house were relaxing to, It was humid with a slight breeze that evening the other ladies said hello to me I replied with a hello in return. The mistress of the house asked if my evening was good I replied with "Madam it is actually a very pleasant evening thank you." I sat there for a bit one of the ladies asked me where I was from, I told her that I was from…… Hhhhmmm I forgot I'm sorry I forgot where I was from the ladies all looked at each other and looked at me and asked with more of a surprise tone in their voices again she asked you don't know??? I replied "No… I…I don't know!" Is that bad? (I replied) I wasn't sure how to approach the question I was actually becoming very depressed I wasn't even sure who I was anymore. One of the ladies came over to me I looked up at her she bent over and said well now your f****y to us and this is where you're from okay? And blew me a kiss, than another woman and another and another till they all the ladies had come to me and said that I was welcome. I sat back down on the table top here and drank out of my straw with my glass of wine. I started to feel d***k immediately and the girls were winking at me talking to me but I was starting to slur one of the girls came over to me and asked if I was tired I nodded yes and she asked if I wanted to come with her I looked around and asked if that was okay? Everyone nodded and told me see ya later. I so I left with her to her room I had seen her before but never been with her we went up stairs and she was on the third floor I was in her hand she went to her room and when we walked in there was another women lying on the bed asl**p I was trying to focus I grabbed my suit and put it on she asked me what I was doing I replied with I like to wear this it keeps me warm. I looked back over to the bed and the woman was gone, I rubbed my eyes and asked Lisa was her name I asked Lisa if there was a girl on the bed when we walked in? She said "oh….her?" I turned and the woman had a huge I mean huge strap on dildo on and was in tight leather chaps I replied "yes" her and she throw me in the air onto the bed I didn't like that very much then the other girl jumped on the bed as well and I was hurled into the air they started laughing I was thankful I put the suit on. I looked up and tried to get my balance I saw Lisa walk over and dump a big wad of lube onto the dildo I thought I was going get some sl**p I lost my footing and started to slide to her slave's butthole. I put my feet forward and my legs actually slid into her hole, I heard her go oooooooooh! I tried to pull my legs out but it was way to late the lube had traveled down her big fake cock and her asshole onto me. I wiped it out of my eyes and looked up and noticed I was going to be there for awhile I noticed Lisa left I was looking around I tried to pull my feet out and the slave's asshole I was stuck in told me to stay put! I kept trying to get lose then I looked up and her long fingernail came down on me and pushed me in farther, I was swearing "you fucking bitch! Fuck you I don't want to do this!" Then I looked over and Lisa, Rachel, Kasia and Cherie walked in I just fell back and went for the ride. Rachel climbed on the bed along with Cherie and Lisa. Kasia was getting into her little fuck outfit, I looked up and Cherie was standing right over me she spit the big fucking wad of saliva, direct hit in my face I heard the girls starting to laugh then kasia climbed up as well and did the same thing but onto the dildo and sat right on it, she didn't hesitate for a second she slammed it hard and the other women were spitting on and licking her ass dripping cum and saliva down onto me all I could feel was every slam of her little ass pounding down on her. I then looked up and Kasia got up and Cherie sat down bigger then kasia Cherie stood at normal height of 5' 10" and her ass would bounce hard it would get dark for some time when she would bounce down on hes shaft. Then another woman walked in it was Jackie she had this huge ass and loved to suck cock! Cheri stood up I couldn't take it I got up pulled my legs out and started running for some reason no one seemed to mind they were too involved.
I slid down the blankets and started to make a straight dash for the door. Once I made it didn't even look back I climbed under the door and everything went black…. I woke up what felt like a couple of minutes later but in reality it was several weeks later I was sitting in front of the Madam of the house and she was very disappointed, She told me she had found me trying to run and was stopped by security. And that was what knocked me out I was crushed by the security guard and I asked what is going to happen? She told me "your going live here forever the girls like you and want you here" I told her that I don't know what to think I'm watching people die all day I don't know if I can handle this anymore.
So the Madam of the house stood up and said "you're going to love what we do and I'm going make you watch movies and have the best seats in the house". I looked at her kind of confused she told me and "you're not getting your suit till you decide to stay".
So then the mistress of the house comes over to me and picks me up she puts me into a room with a big screen monitor, and puts in a DVD video, I sit patiently not much else I can do she pulls me closer to the screen the movie starts and it's basically a horror film of people getting crushed in slow motion hearing them scream, and a porn in one, women fucking people screaming cum spraying everywhere along with bl**d and body parts complete destruction, and this is only the beginning, I was then tied to a post and had to watch people fuck like crazy the bed was hitting the wall I was sliding down the post till I was pinned in between the bed and the post, Looking up at a massive person riding or taking it from behind hearing them moan in pleasure while watching body parts spray out of them their giant tits crushing anything in its path.
I was then ripped off of the pole and brought into another room my punishment was suppose to be none stop for 1 week half of the time without my suit.
I was brought into this other room where I was strapped to a cock a real one and two women I think they were British wanted to fuck a black man, so I was strapped down and they went to work on him, I was shoved into one of them doggy style while the other waited to suck his big cock when it slipped out I had a few seconds to hold my breath luckily I kept sliding down his shafts so I wasn't all the way in her when he fucked her but besides the point I was still fucked. When he shot his load she wrapped her hands around his big cock while he was Cumming in her, cum started dumping out of the sides the other girl grabbed his cock and ripped me off of it and left me there his cum sprayed down on me and I was exhausted.
They got up and two men and a woman walked in and she looked down at me asked if I was alive, I nodded my head and she said "fuckin A" She picked me up strapped me to another guy and climbed on him and started riding the other guy was getting sucked by her I was torn off and I was stuck in her ass cheeks.
I noticed it was opening up I saw this huge cock cumming towards me I tried to move out of the way but it was too late I was slammed deep in her ass, I could feel the pressure getting extremely tight and he was slowing down her ass and pussy were getting rammed and she was loving every bit of it.
I thought I was going to die but I think I lucked out he pulled out and came on her ass, and her asshole stayed open enough for me to fall out on to the bed while I looked up she was still getting rammed by the other chump, doggy style.
She saw me down there on the bed and asked if I was enjoying the view I didn't make a move, she then spread her legs and slammed her wet soaked pussy on me and he came all over her twat, she then got up and another woman walked in with another girl and was stripping down she jumped on the bed with thigh highs, heels and no panties on she opened her legs her sweet smelling pussy was inches from me I was looking up at it and her friend looked over her shoulder down at me and smiled.
Then another girl walked in and 1 more after her then 2 guys walked in and they had accents but I understood when she said "Fuck my Ausss" They had an orgy in there and I was let loose but couldn't go anywhere.
Everywhere I looked women were getting fucked or riding dicks, I looked up and tits were bouncing, asses were bouncing pussies getting fucked and cummed in. One of the girls was getting fucked so hard and loud she was screaming "harder fuck me harder you piece of fucking shit"! Then I felt myself getting picked up and I was being pushed towards a gaping asshole I was shoved in so deep and was set just shoved in and a cock was f***ed in not eased but f***ed in and it was not looking good from there.
Then I stood up inside here and started to climb around in there squeezing the walls she started bucking up and down I was making her cum sooo hard from me moving around in there I was trying to finish it all but I had forgotten I was in her ass! The I felt her asshole get tight and it was pulsating up and down it was his big thick cock sliding in her cunt back and forth I kept squirming around she became so wet her cum was dripping into her asshole.
He then pulled our I saw her hole start to open I was like "oh fuck!" I started to make a dash for the hole but I was too late I slipped and fell and was pushed back in with his big cock thank god he had a condom on but still I was slammed back into her deep asshole and pressed me up against her walls.
I couldn't move the pressure was immense but all I could do was go along with it, he fucked her for awhile but when he came his condom broke and cum filled her ass, I almost drowned inside her but he pulled out almost immediately. I then slid out onto the bed exhausted but alive none the less she then got up and they both jumped into the shower.
I was so tired I got up to get out of there and went under the bed and hid and fell asl**p. I later woke up to the bed bouncing and screams, I thought to myself "Fuck they never fucking quit" I got to get out of here I can't do it anymore. The bed was bouncing so hard it was hitting the wall I was afraid it was going to break. I spoke to soon the bed frame collapsed under the hard sex. The frame could not take anymore and it fell hard to the floor, I luckily was safe in between the bed boards but it didn't stop them the kept going I could hear springs braking they were determined to destroy the bed till it was no longer fuckable. I then heard someone walk in and ask "are you guys okay?" They replied of course then I heard a few more people come in and the two on the bed asked everyone on to fuck everyone on this bed.
I was a little hesitant but I immediately started to find a way out of here the bed started bouncing wildly springs were breaking the frame was snapping in other places, I could hear screaming, loud slams. At one point I heard a tare through the fabric of the fucking bed she was wearing her heels and they tore through and she just kept plugging away or getting plugged! I ran through one of the holes that was torn and was out from under the bed but I wasn't out of harms way yet. I headed for the night stand and I actually made it the second I felt this thing move I saw a pair of high heels facing out wards and she was sitting on it playing with herself. I left that scene you'll never know what might happen I turned and saw it collapse with her on it the legs were broken from an angle.
I just kept running then I noticed another slave like me waving me down. I kept running right towards him, I got up to him and he told me to follow him I was a little hesitant but he insisted so I did. He brought me to this underground layer sort to speak, I saw all of these other people mostly guys a few women no c***dren of course. I spoke to one of them and she told me they killed the rat that lived in here and this is where they have been staying for months now. I asked what their plan was. She told me that they are trying to get messages out to people outside of this place, and trying to figure out how to become regular size again.
I told them if they ever find this place we're all FUCKED! She told me they almost found it once this was a different spot they found the old original place and destroyed it killed several people who ever got away are in here. The ones that survived didn't live long. I asked where everyone was from they told me from this local area, the place we're involved with here is happening everywhere and it's a multimillion dollar corporation. Sex sells and we are the product. I sat in the corner of our new estate in this wall. It was a quiet night tonight light breeze and not a sound just a TV and mostly people sl**ping.
I was woken to loud banging on the wall above me but I went back to sl**p. I later woke up again to louder sounds on the wall I looked around and it seemed nobody was here. I got up and immediately went to investigate and see what was going on. I wondered the walls for what seemed like hours and no sign of anyone. I ended up in this one room I had never seen before it was full of food, like cakes and pies and a lot of desserts. I noticed this is where everyone went to. They were hungry! So I made a mad dash to get some food they told me to go out on your own risk I looked up and there were towers of Twinkies and pies and whipped cream canisters. I came back with a lot of food for everyone then we heard footsteps and people started s**ttering. I made into the room but there were people that didn't.
I saw them hide in the cakes and the Twinkies and under the whipped cream containers. One of the girls that was standing next to me touched my shoulder and said "there's nothing we can do hopefully they survive" I turned back "what do you mean?" She then said "anyone left behind usually doesn't make it back". She started to head downstairs I stayed and was thinking of a way to help them but as the scene became more intense I started to think of how I was going to get out of this. One girl grabbed the whipped cream and started to spray it all over herself, while the others were stripping down and wiping food all over each other.
I then headed downstairs with the others. I could hear laughing and then it became quiet I stopped to turn around and then heard screaming I ran back to see what it was. The girls were freaking out when they say the tiny people running around frantically. The women in the room then started crushing them stepping on them throwing things at them and finding any way they could to kill them.
The tiny people didn't really have a chance I just plugged my ears and turned my back and walked back to the hide out. When I walked in I sat down and ate something to forget what I just saw, I stood up and told everyone that I was going to get out of here. They looked at me and asked "where are you going to go?" I told them anywhere but here. They told me that once I'm outside anything can hurt you. You could get eaten my cats, dogs and anything larger then you!
I said maybe I could hitch a ride with someone trust worthy? One of the people in the room with me stood up and told me "there's nobody trust worthy in this place….Nobody! I told him we have to try or we die here. The person talking to me asked "well let's say you do get out what then"? I told him "then I try to get to know them and see if they can find the antidote to making normal size again and I come in here and shut this place down.
One of the girls in there thought it was a good idea so I told the rest of them to stay I asked her to stay as well but I could tell she didn't really want to. I slept very well that night besides all of the walls slamming and moaning orgasms sometimes the walls would be pounded so hard you could hear things falling off the shelves in the room next door.
I got up at one time in the night I looked around and everyone was passed out. They must have been so use to it that they could sl**p right through it. I got up to check it out I never heard it this loud and she was on the third floor. So when I made my way up to the room the lady was in I found a hole in the wall I just sort of peeked out and there she was getting rammed by some guy as usual. So I headed back down stairs but for some reason I was extremely turned on and wanted to watch, After all I am still a man!
So I just kept on walking and happened to notice another hole in the wall I walked up to it and it seemed like an orgy with an even amount of people but in this room there were tiny people in but they weren't screaming or anything they seemed to be going along with it until I heard one of them screaming it sounded very light but yup he was screaming and the women were laughing. They were saying "he's still screaming I keep sucking and sucking and he keep screaming I'll deep throat and see if I can shut him up" "GULP!"… Then she pulled back out and he was silent again she said "see that worked then she started stroking him and crushing that mans little body and laughing while she was doing it you could see a little trickle of bl**d and she opened her mouth a big wad of spit dripped out and she swallowed him back down she seemed to bite down because when she pulled that cock out of her mouth there wasn't a body there anymore.
I saw her lick her lips the guy was moaning he said "that was soo fucking hot do it again!" She turned around and grabbed another little guy and strapped him on and spit on him and slurped him down and started all over again but she switched another woman came over and started sucking him down soaking his cock and balls in spit and pre-cum. I almost started to get hard watching them I went back to the hide out and grabbed my suit and went back to see for a closer look.
I went back into the room I walked right in it didn't seem to bother anyone they didn't seem to notice then I looked up and there was a massive big dick sliding into this woman's mouth I could see the almost lifeless body dangling, I then saw his body after the second suck down by her the body came off he screamed a little but not much I dived out of the way and splattered from all of the spit that lubed his body she looked down and saw me instead.
She then grabbed me strapped me to him and started sucking and I tell you the suction was so hard she could have ripped me out of the suit. The sad thing about it is that I actually liking it. She kept sucking till the ties came off I fell down the front of her beautiful body in between her breasts down to her very well trimmed vagina. She didn't seem to mind she stopped sucking and she picked me up and slid me into her cunt.
I don't know if they were going to start fucking but there wasn't any way I was getting out it was very tight in here. I heard people screaming like "don't put me in his cock!" I was like "what the fuck?" And so what I was thinking when he came he would shoot body parts all over her or in her cunt or mouth or anywhere.
I started to fall asl**p there wasn't much I could do in here then I felt something coming into her it was her middle and index finger, she started to pull me out and strapped me to the base of this guys cock it was slobbery and wet. I looked up his shaft and she started to suck fiercely up and down spitting gagging and spitting almost puking on his cock but not quite. I looked up think to myself I should have stayed with the others I don't have much to worry about with my suit on.
I was just hoping this didn't go all night but to my surprise I looked over and saw alcohol and d**gs on a table they were doing cocaine so they were going to be up all night sucking and fucking. I looked up and she started to slide her tongue down his cock and down me she looked right at me and winked I'm not really sure why but she then started to suck on his balls and then she took some of the cocaine on the table and threw it onto his cock and started sucking when she did that 2 other women came over and his cock was smeared with cocaine pre-cum spit slobber.
The one of the women wanted to fuck him and so she pushed him back and sat right on him. His cock didn't go in right away she grinded on him and then she turned and asked to put a couple more tiny guys on. The other girls laughed and nodded and they proceeded on strapping three others to him she then started to grind, one of the girl slid one guy into his cock then started to laugh, when the women who was grinded stopped she grabbed his cock with her long pink fingernails and slid him right in her.
She started to bounce wildly literally coming off the ground slamming down on him I was feeling the full weight of her, then she switched and her friend climbed on and did the same then the original girl that put me on climbed on she seemed to slow down not to slam on me but he started to jerk and twitch he was going to cum and he did and she grinded then to get all of his cum in her. She sat up just so his cock could fall out and there was that body still stuck in his dick hole, until the guy did one final jerk and the guy went flying up into her has cheeks and was stuck there for a minute he had plugged up the guys cock and there were gallons of cum spraying everywhere.
She then bent down and started sucking cum out of his cock she then put her hand on me and ripped me off of him and held on to me I could get a glimpse of the tiny man still stuck to her ass cheek and he looked like he was going to be there for awhile. She then stood up and slipped on a tight pair of thong panties and a robe and stuck me in the top pocket she told the others she was going to step out for a smoke I didn't bother to tell her that there's someone on her ass. She stepped outside and took me out of her pocket and told me she just wanted someone she could talk to, and that she knew my suit was protective so when I was being slammed I was safe. She did warn me though it is going to be a long night! And that there's more people coming to have some fun so she was wondering if I wanted to stick with her.
I asked her if she would let me go, she looked around and told me those aren't the rules and they could get kicked out if someone found out. I told her "how's anyone going to find out?" She said "I don't know but if someone were to find out then we're going to get kicked out so "NO!"… I was like "well I guess I better make the best of this. I asked if I could rest she said "sure" and sat me down on this dresser, there wasn't really anywhere I could go to get away so I sat down and watched the massive orgy. I just sat there and watched for the most part it became very boring the girl that was talking to me told me to stay out of sight so I told her "okay" and she winked at me I think she wanted to help me out.
I turned around to see the area I was in there wasn't really anything I could hide under I then turned around and the women's ass was coming right down on top of me, I tried to move but it was too late I'm not sure but I don't think she knew I was there. I was pinned under her for quite some time, and then the ground started to move I could hear the loud slamming behind but mostly felt it. And it lasted and lasted for quite some time it began to become very warm and humid where I was.
I tried to squirm out but the pressure was just too high. Luckily she was picked up I got up quickly to move out of the way but it was too late she had spotted me running while she was taking it from behind and she slammed her hand right down on top of me I started to get a little worried but she didn't pick me up she just held me down. I could feel how good it was for her, the tension she was putting on me would crush anyone else. She then slid her hand back and grinded my body along the surface of the wood dresser. I got up and saw where she was going I don't think she really cared about me being on there. I looked over the dresser and it seemed as if more people have already shown up. There were people just sitting and talking while others were fucking away on the couch, literally sitting right next to them someone would be straddled to the other. HHHHMMMMMM I thought to myself I have never seen that before. So I went and jumped off of this thing I figured if that girl can sit on me then when I land it won't hurt and the funny thing is, I was right it didn't.
I made a dash for the door in front of everyone but they didn't seem to notice I through I was there but then a giant high heel slammed down in front of me I slid and stopped. I looked up and it was that girl she hinted to climb on her high heel. So I climbed on and she started to walk out of the room. I don't know why she is choosing me or what she is doing, but on the way out she stepped on about 4 people trying to run away I looked up and she was looking straight ahead.
I started to hide behind the straps on her heels and she would occasionally walk into a room that had some partying going on inside. But I think she was just taking a walk I still wonder why she picked me up? I noticed she had an accent and looked Russian or Ukrainian whatever she was, she was absolutely gorgeous and she was very soft and sweet. She started to make her way up the stairs I have never been up here that I know of and the surroundings changed a bit. It seemed a little darker upstairs and the mood was kind of depressing. She stepped into a room and the music was extremely loud, and you couldn't see much until a bright red light was switched on and I saw two men sandwiching this female slamming her one after another.
You couldn't hear anything but the girl turned to look back and smiled and waved at her I looked up she had a huge grin on her face waiving back the two men looked back and smiled and laughed and waived as well. She then walked up and was rubbing one of the guy's balls and then the others guy's balls and they started fucking the girl harder I looked up at her and she was laughing while she was doing it then she did which is what I thought she was going to do and she grabbed on two of the guy's cock and pulled it out of her and sucked it deep and hard. Surprising there was nobody on it? No people no crushed bodies nothing at all. I kept wondering to myself what was going to happen to me?
I looked around for a place to go but it seemed as if there wasn't a place to run and hide. The young lady came back over to me and picked me up and left the room. She didn't say anything and when other giantess's would walk past she would cup her hand and hide from them. I was still skeptical but on a clear level that either she was saving me for herself or something bad was going to happen quickly. I was brought into what seemed to be a washroom.
She was changing into regular close and she asked me to climb on her hand I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out into the real world but I did, I said "fuck it!" Time to hit the road. She put me into her purse and we left I was really nervous she seemed really nice I could hear loud noises outside. The noises stopped and what it sounded like was. We were in her car I was actually leaving this place hopefully for good. When we got to her apartment she slowly picked up her purse I felt how gentle she was I could feel her walking up the steps to her unit and grab her keys to unlock her door.
I was sure what to expect until she opened her purse and three young ladies like herself peeked inside. I looked up and smiled the giggled and replied "HI" I waved and said "hello" She then put the purse down and one of the ladies in broken English asked if I wanted to get out of the purse? I replied and said; "yes please" She then put her fingers inside and I clamped on to them. She lifted me out and I seemed to notice a small room which where we were all standing in.
I sat down on the table and the three ladies started to chat with me they had to stand close since my voice was so small. One of the girls walked to the back room and turned on a light I couldn't exactly see what she was doing but I didn't seem to worry too much I'm in a new place. She then turned on some water and seemed to be taking a shower. One of the ladies asked me if I was hungry I told her "yes I'm starving" she got up and headed to the kitchen I was sure what I was getting and the third person in the room seemed a little shy and was pretty quiet she smiled and giggled a lot.
The lady in the kitchen walked out with a very small saucer and some food on it, and a tiny measuring cup full of juice I guess. I became very tired I asked the lady who made me something to eat her name. She plied with 'Nadia" and pointed to the shy one and said Zuzana. I asked for the lady who was in the shower at the moment. She said; "Oh that's Kasia!" I replied Kasia? She said "yeah!" Now I remember Kasia she lived at the brothel.
I asked Nadia does Kasia lives here? Nadia replied "yeah she just moved in." I asked Nadia if I could take a nap. She replied "of course" She picked me up and went to one of the rooms and had an old doll house set up for me, it was actually clean and tight. I fell right to sl**p I didn't wake up till the next day I was woken up late that night from someone in the room next door. Loud banging on the wall sounded like a hammer was hitting the wall but I was so extremely tired I fell right to sl**p.
I woke up the next day and it was really quiet. I think I ended up waking up before everyone, so I climbed down the stairs in my new house and started to make my way across the carpet in the bedroom it was well lit from the window. I got to the bedroom door and climbed under it I stepped out from inside the room and looked does and semi dark hallway. I took a right and walked to the next room over I climbed under the door to see if anyone was in the room. Sure enough there was Nadia having fun with I think her boyfriend and she was very quiet about it. I wasn't sure if that was her last night but she is as quiet as a mouse at the moment I stepped back out from under the door and continued down the hall I climbed under another door and saw Kasia who was sound asl**p. So I turned around and left her room I then proceeded to the next room and it was Zuzana's room a presumed so.
I saw that she was still awake or had already awaken before I entered she walked over to me and picked me up and brought me to the night stand next to her bed she actually spoke to me. She started to ask me questions she had a very soft voice and was very kind. She asked me "how did you end up so tiny?" I replied "my ex-girlfriend did this to me" She then told me "she must have not really liked you a whole lot… Huh?" I replied "well possibly I wasn't really sure why she did this." I asked Zuzana; can you help me get back to my normal size? She replied; I can try! Then out of the blue you could hear a faint sound through the wall, It was Nadia moaning and I looked up at Zuzana and she was really interested in listening I started talking and she to me to stay quiet.
I became quite immediately. You could hear them getting louder and louder I was sure why Kasia didn't awaken but she stayed sound asl**p. I looked up at her and she was getting into it. I interrupted and asked her; why don't you just go join them? She paused…. Then said okay! And got up and walked right into her room she jumped on the bed and Nadia looked over with a grin and Zuzana though me onto the bed with her. I tried to scramble but had nowhere to go the bed was bouncing like craze and Nadia was in missionary position she picked me up and smashed me into her big giant nipple then Zuzana came up and started to kiss Nadia and I was pinned down under her chest, grinding up and down on Nadia. Nadia started to get fucked harder and harder, her body was bouncing back and forth I was so tired of this shit always happening. Then Nadia stopped Zuzana got up looked back and the man she was fucking started to cum. His load was quite small actually and became very tired.
I looked up at Nadia and she looked very disappointed. The man got up wiped himself off and proceeded to get dresses. Nadia asked him to leave immediately, and he did he left the room half dressed, I noticed Zuzana followed him out and closed the door behind her. I was asking Nadia if I can just stay away from sex for a bit. Nadia told me no problem. She then asked me why? Don't you like sex? She asked. I like it when I'm normal height but being only 2 inches tall it sucks my cock isn't big enough and I'm a little more brittle than your average guy. She looked at me and smiled and replied, Yeah your right but Kasia told me that you are very durable. That's why she chose you! Me? I replied why me? Nadia said she always wanted to be dominant to a person that can take almost anything she does to them and Kasia really likes you and so does Zuzana. I told her I wanted to take a break for awhile. She replied with "that's okay your more than welcome to but! When the time comes you better be ready so do whatever it is you do to prepare yourself because when the time comes you're going to be called out.
I looked up at her she smiled and as said; don't worry you'll be fine. Then she paused and told me to listen I could hear Zuzana get fucked in the other room. The wall was pounding the bed was hitting the wall she was the violently loud fuck last night. I asked Nadia if I could go back to my room she said; sure. I so I headed back to my room where I put on my body suit and headed to bed to try and figure what I'm going to do. That day I stayed in my bed all day. I didn't go anywhere Kasia came in but I pretended I was asl**p. I was so sick of doing this I almost wanted to take off the suit and walk around blindly that afternoon there was a lot of people over. But I'm not suicidal so I couldn't go through with it. Later on that night kasia came in to see if I was awake I was but I wasn't in my house and it was pretty dark in there, I saw her stand up and turn the light on. I watched her look around for me but I was hiding pretty well I stayed in my hiding spot and then she left the room she then came back in with a friend of hers it was a guy that she through on the bed and started to kiss.
I started to get bored and tired, So I got out of my hiding spot ran down to my house and jumped in the bed that was there for me. I fell asl**p almost instantly and slept for quite some time. I awoke to a quiet dim room the next morning I got up and leaped out of bed and headed out of the small house I was staying in. I made my way to the bedroom door and heard a sound I quickly changed course and hid under some clothes I stopped to listen and it when silent again, I got back up and kept running to the door. When I got there I crawled under it and noticed it was also very quiet out here as well. I made sure I grabbed my suit and some cloth for making a blanket or something to keep me warm. I'm going to try to get out of here. I started heading down the hall towards the front door or some kind of an exit where I can escape. I got to the front door and didn't hesitate to wait I just dashed out from under the door onto the front patio. I started running it must have been early because it was very quiet and the sun had just started to peak over the horizon. I kept heading as far as I can get away from the door and as quick as I could. I didn't look back not once. Once I got to the first step I jumped without even thinking about it, I landed pretty hard but kept running. I heard a loud slam that's when I ran to the right and jumped off of the step into the nearest bush. I looked up and saw Kasia she was wearing a tight mini skirt and high heel wedges.
I new she couldn't see me but she had a stressed look on her face. But she just kept walking then I saw the other two ladies and they were all looking atlittle under the weather. I was courious why but for the mean time I just wanted to get out of there. I started to walk and had this really bad feeling I was being watched, maybe I thought to myself maybe this wasn't such a good idea im pretty small and can possibly be eating alive. I just started running, after what seemed like forever I climbed up one of the branched in this bush and as high as I could. I looked out and it seemed like mostly women walked around. Every which way I looked ladies young girls women everywhere. Not that I cared where the men were I was wondering where the men were…lol I stayed on that leaf and ended falling asl**p the day was so beautiful I just wanted to relax with no interruptions. I later woke up and I wasn't on that leaf anymore I told myself "fuck!" Why did I fall asl**p there where I woke up seemed to be a store or small building of some sort where there were multiple tiny people like me here. I got up and looked around a little more. I noticed I was in a cage with a lot other people in here.
I asked? What is this place where are we? One of the other guys told me this a pet shop and we're the pets. I was stunned and I told myself FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck I can't believe this shit. The other guy asked what my problem was. I told I just want to get the fuck out of this town. He asked and go where the whole state is ran by women! I asked him what happen he told me what he knew. He said that there was a coalition of women and some men but mostly women that wanted to take over the men were scientists and they made an antidote that would shrink cells. Cells that are in humans, they would shrink cells and that would allow the human to shrink alongside without causing harm to them. Then when that happened the women would then crush them burn them throw them away etc. So what's going on in here well they have made a very good profit for tiny people to become sex slaves death slaves, birth control you name it they do it. Then I noticed someone was coming I looked around and everyone was hiding, I stood out like a sore thumb. The young store clerk grabbed me and said "how about this one ma'am?" The lady looked at me and said he'll do just fine.
The store clerk grabbed a couple more but she wasn't gentle and the reason for it was because they were hiding. I had my suit on and the clerk put us into a box and we were off. The others in the box were contiplating on finding a way out but the box was pretty tight. We took a ride for some time when we got to the destination the lady wanted us she opened the box and picked up a few guys not me I wasn't sure why I heard her yell come up here honey I could see out of a small hole at a mirror she came over and told me she wants me to watch. That it's such a turn on. I tell her yes ma'am. There is a young gentleman that walks in looks like he's at least 18.
She unzips his pants and starts stroking him. She has an awesome body she straps a couple of guys onto his pulsating cock and slid one in her. I could hear bodies screaming and cracking and breaking. I plugged my ears I tried to push the box over but it was just too heavy. I closed my eyes and plugged my ears but the sound just kept getting louder and louder. I tried to ignore it after about an hour it became quiet and I got up to look and her pussy was bl**dy and little body parts everywhere. The Teen got up and she told him to go take a shower and that he smells bad. She got up and put a robe on and walked towards me she told me. "You're a present for my 18 year old daughter" I was asking what type of present am I? She told me her daughter is sexually active and you have a protective suit so I should last awhile and we walked into her room and she set the box down and told me that she would be home shortly so be patient. I was trying to be patient I was trying to get the fuck out of there.
The mother before she turned out the light she said to me "oh yeah by the way her name is Melissa and if you try to escape I will take off your suit and have you fucked to death in my tight ass!" I said okay I won't try to run away. About 30 minutes later I heard someone walking down the hall it was Melissa I think, she walked in and turned on the light she was wearing sandals nice little summer shorts and a tank top. She noticed the box came over and looked inside I looked up and said "hello" She smiled and said hi and ran out of the room a few seconds later her and her mother walked in and smiled in at me. She told her mom it was okay for her to have fun with Jake? Her mother smiled and said your 18 now and he's your birth control. So go right ahead and enjoy. She grabbed me and called Jake down. I think Jake is the 18 year old. He walked in cautiously and said yes Melissa? Melissa then told him to fuck her. He asked is that okay she said I have birth control now so get your dick out and fuck my tight pussy and blow your load in me. She then asked me what do you prefer being strapped to a huge dick or being f***ed into me then getting dick'd? She laughed! I told her neither she said wrong answer. She strapped me to his bug cock and it was big he then proceeded with fucking her brains out and he would pull all the way out and she would put her hands around it and guide back in and he fucked the shit out of her. He fucked her so hard I was torn off of him and squished into her wet tight pussy and the air in her was being sucked out until he came. And cum sprayed out of her, I was afraid I was going to drowned but then the suction was so hard it pushed me out as well. I got up and looked up and right above me was this huge dick still pulsating in her dumping his cargo in her. I tried to make a run for it but he pulled out and landed right on me. She said go get cleaned up and come back in here I want ride you. He got up and left the room she sat up and I was sucked under her tight ass. She looked around for me and got up and I was stuck to her ass. She turned her head and shoulders around and noticed I was stuck to her she lightly grabbed me with her long red nails, she said, There you are! I was looking for you. I looked up at her with exhaustion and she asked me if I wanted to take a rest. I nodded yes and she took me to my box in the corner of the room and softly set me down on a small pile of cloth and cotton she had set up for me. I passed right out and slept for days I could hear people in the room from time to time but it didnt seem to wake me up.
I later woke up and the house was silent I don't think anyone was home, So I got up climbed out of the box I call my home and started to head to the bedroom door. I climbed under it and peeked outside to see if there was anyone around. It was dark and still very silent, I started to make my way down the hall I could see sun light so I headed in that direction. I know thats its really not safe for me to get caught out here so i'm definitly taking a chance so I make my way to the kitchen and still nobody. I start to make my way to the livingroom and still no sound I can see outside and it is quite nice and sunny. I heard someone out side the front door they were turning the key to unlock the door, I made a dash for the bedroom I kept running as the person walked into the living room I kept running as if my life was at stake. I made it to the room when I looked over my shoulder I saw a woman standing in the entrance to the hallway. It was as if she was trying to hear if anyone was here I don't think she saw me I quickly climbed under the door and ran straight to my box. For some reason it wasnt in the place where I remembered and I just hid under the bed. I stayed there until the woman that walked in called out to me, I stepped out from under the bed and yelled up to her she looked down noticing something was down there.
She crouched down and asked why I was out of the box? I replied I got up to see where everyone was. She smiled and picked me up and put me into her fron pocket on her shirt she was wearing and headed out towards the kitchen. She gently pulled me out of her pocket and set me on the table, she turned grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and poured herself a glass of water. She turned and asked me how my day was I replied "well I slept most of the day but I suppose it was okay how was your's?. I said to her, she sighed and told me the day was long but that she couldnt wait till tonight. I asked her what was going on tonight? She replied with she was going out with her daughter for her birthday with a couple of her daughters friends and a couple of her friends so it will be alot of fun. I smiled and asked if I could come to. The I said I was jsut k**ding. She looked down at me and said I was planning on bringing you, I replied that I would like it very much.
She told me "you dont have a choice anyways im giving you to my daughter as a present". I looked up at her she told me I was to be her new toy to play with. I wanted to spit in her face I new I was going to last. Her daughter is the biggest slut ive ever seen. She also told me that she told her I'm the only one she's going to own for awhile so she has to take good care of me. I sighed with alittle relief but not much. She left the room for just a second I almost thought about running and then she came back in with a present for me. I open it, it was a new security suit to protect me from harm. It was really nice she said it was made from titanium. I looked up at her and asked whats wrong with my other suit? She looked at me with one eyebrow raised and said. "My daughter is the biggest slut I know and your going to need all the protection you can get". I thought to myself WOW!!! I didn't think she thought that about her. She looked at me and told me to put it on and that I was going to need it tonight.
I started to put on the suit she said it looked good on me she then picked me up and put me back in the box high up on the shelf where I couldn't go any where and I was confined to my box. I slept and made sure my suit was on tight I then went back to sl**p I heard people getting ready then the earth shook for me and Melissa's mother brought the box down and put me into her purse. I heard the door open and commotion of people walking high heels clattering when they walk I hear car doors open and then engines starting up. I'm still confined to my prison in the purse I was put into. I can feel the car moving and I could hear Sunni and Melissa's mother talking about the big surprise waiting for Melissa at home. I guess from what I could make out is theres going to be guys waiting for them when they get home. I heard Sunni say she really wanted to try me out. Melissa's mother said "you will get the chance and that theres more tiny people waiting for us when we arrive".
I felt the car stop and we went inside the music was really loud and we sat down because the world for me stopped moving, I heard the women cheering and singing happy birthday. The night went on I just sat in here then I looked up and the opening to the purse lit up and I saw Melissa's mothers hand reach inside and pull me out it was really bright and I was sat down nicely in front of Melissa. She looked at me close up and said " is he for me? I looked over at her mother she looked at her and said "Yes he's all your's". Melissa picked me up and told me I will take really good care of you I promise.
I was then placed into Melissa's purse and I passed out in there but before I fell asl**p I noticed she had a pill jar it was pull of extasy and it was half full I was able to open it and I climed in grabbed a tiny pinch about pill size for me and took it. I started to feel really good which is something I haven't felt for a really long time. I laid back down and relaxed I felt incredible. I could feel the earth moving but didnt really seem to care, I heard loud music for quite sometime I actually was moving to the beat while laying here alone. I then heard the music quiet down and started to hear people talking I think they were starting to leave the club. I heard women talking and laughing about how much fun they had this evening and that they couldn't wait to get home. I could hear car doors closing, and people talking quietly I looked up to see to people looking inside smiling asking me "how are you doing in there?" I replied, "I'm okay how are you up there?" The two women laughed one of them replied " wait till we get home you will be the center of attention. Not like I havent heard that one before. I looked up and said, "Great can't wait". When we got home I could hear people laughing and cheering. I could hear people saying lets start having some real fun. I felt the purse get lifted up and dropped hard on the floor or table. I prepared myself to get handled and I was right the purse was opened and a hand reached in and grabbed me, pulling me out with so much f***e. I was being passed around like a rag doll. I couldn't really focus on what was going on but when I was able to focus I could see people fucking I saw that someone had put a porn into the dvd player and apparently the party was in full swing. I was taken to one of the bed room where I think the d***kest women were in I was with the daughter and her d***k slutty friends were getting ready to get fucked by some guy who was on his way. So then I was brought into another room where her mom was being fucked by some guy and her friend was watching her. Her daughter walked in like it wasn's a big deal and passed me off with her friend Sunni, who apparently couldn't wait to see me. The music was really loud and you couldnt really hear anything but you sure could see everything. Sunni smiled at me and put me into her top where she then started walking out of the room she started walking towards the kitchen when suddenly she stopped and turned into the stairways that headed downstairs. I could see lights on and could sort of hear loud laughing and screams she opened the door slowly and peaked inside...
She stuck her head in and started to smile I could hear women saying "HI come on in Sunni" She started to walk in to the room when Melissa's mom tapped her on the shoulder. Sunni stopped turned around and they started kissing. I looked up at their lips pressing up against each others. When they pulled away I could see Sunni's tongue pull out and a big wad of spit drip down Melissa's mom smiled and sunni's lower lip one being bitting my herself. Sunni then looked down at me and said "want to go with us?" I looked up and said, "do I have a choice?" The started walking back I quickly without thinking jumped out of her bra and landed on the ground I felt my leg give and looked down. My leg was broken and I was in so much pain I tried to stand but couldn't I started to cry I couldn't stand I was a sitting duck. I held my leg still and was think this was the end then I looked up and a giant high heel was on its way I didn't move I didn't even try and it got close until she stopped and looked to her left and then turn around and head back to where she came from. Then I could hear walking from be hind me and it was Sunni in her strappy high heel sandals and she headed right towards me. I covered my head................


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