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Soldier boy chapter 5

Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet. The nerves that she had managed to quell were barely controlled and as she looked into the mirror she didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. The girls in the changing room had weaved their showgirl magic and transformed her into someone she did not know. Her long blonde hair had somehow been hidden under a flame red wig that was as short as her own hair was long. A slender neck led the eyes to a wide expanse of creamy skin and she smiled as she saw how well her corset cinched her already tiny waist pushing up her generous breasts. The mounds resting gently on the velvety material seemed huge and she let her hands stroke the soft skin. Bare legs looked long and sexy encased in the leather material of her high- heeled boots and her bottom was hidden beneath the tiniest skirt Sarah had ever worn.
Placing the leather peaked cap on her head and the aviator glasses on her face Sarah nodded to the mirror and took a deep breath before going to find Chris.
Standing in front of him she breathed slowly as he walked around her nodding his obvious approval.
“Well babe if you move as well as you look then we are in for a treat tonight. Now go find the girls and get that cute little ass ready for your spot. Oh and by the way anything you earn is mine call it an insurance against collateral damage. Now go before I realise i'm going mad.”
Sarah stood nervously watching the girl on stage dreading what was to come but knowing she must do it if she were to prove her point. She was sick to death of her b*****rs trying to run her life.
As the music ended and the girl on stage finished her spot Sarah looked over into the audience. If she was to be convincing she needed to hope and pray no one recognised her. Unable to see her b*****rs or their friends Sarah frowned, please please please show up, she thought.
As the lights went out and the girl on stage ran past her Sarah knew she had past the point of no return. Walking forward into the darkness she took up position on the stage and hoped she remembered the routine she was to do. In the air around her and over the audience she heard the beginning of her song and letting the beat take over she started to dance.
Just as the music ended Sarah glanced over and saw that her b*****rs had arrived. At the back of the room she knew that they would not be able to recognise her and she breathed a sigh of relief. With the final beat of the music she struck her final pose, her breathing heavy and her clothes soaked in sweat. It had been a while since she had done a routine like that at the gym.
Backstage she went to the changing room wondering whether she should shower and get changed. Looking in the mirror she decided that she loved the outfit before making her way to the bar after a quick freshen up and a small adjustment to her outfit. Fingers crossed she could carry out her plan before they figured out who she was.
In the bar she quickly located her b*****rs and taking a deep breath she pretended to ignore them as she walked past, her pert bottom swaying sexily in her short skirt. Behind her glasses she saw them look her way and a tiny smile played at the corner of her mouth. Stopping to chat to customers she tried to play her part. Inside she was shaking like a leaf her stomach in knots.
Her eyes roamed the room and she was surprised to see that Shaun had come out with them. Normally he preferred to be with his friends and left Phil and Mike to theirs but tonight he was here as well. Sitting in one of the booths he was with a few other guys.
This could work out perfect, she thought.
Wandering round the room Sarah chatted and flirted with the customers, all the time getting closer and closer to Shaun. The music in the room made it almost impossible to talk so with a series of gestures she managed to avoid any personal dances without causing any offence. Just as she made her way close enough to see who was with him, Shaun looked at her.
A slight frown creased his brow has he thought he recognised the petite red head standing at the next booth. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn it was Sarah. But Sarah certainly hadn’t got red hair and she certainly wouldn’t be able to get to in a place like this. If she did he knew she would be asking for trouble. u******e and with an appetite for sex that was boarding obsessive this place would be like a sweet shop to her. Most of the guys that came here wished that the dancers would have sex with them and knowing Sarah she would do it to. Whether they did or didn’t he wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of this new girl looked like jail bate in a place like this. No wonder the guys were round her like moths to a flame. Looking over to the bar he saw that Mike and Phil were watching her intently and he wondered if they too thought it could be Sarah as well. Drawn back to the conversation next to him Shaun gave her one last look before turning away.
As Sarah walked past she was stopped by one of the guys sitting with Shaun. Bending forward she listened as he asked for a more personal dance and smiling sweetly Sarah nodded her agreement.
Listening to the beat of the music in the bar she began to move her hips from side to side. The slow movement hypnotic and snake like. Her tiny skirt swishing in time to the music gave a hint of what was underneath. As she moved Sarah undid the buttons on the tiny jacket she was wearing. Underneath she revealed the corset, which she had danced in earlier, and the eyes of her customers shone with lust. Leaning forward she caressed her breasts feeling the creamy mounds under her fingertips. Before sliding a hand over her stomach.
Shaun sat mesmerised as the dancer moved sexily over his friend’s crotch. Her hips and body flowed from one movement to the next and with each one he could feel himself getting harder. Behind her he could see Mike and Phil watching as she danced her way between the three guys in the booth. His cock was hard in his trousers and he wanted to reach out and touch her legs feeling the skin at the top of her stockings. With infinite care she undid the skirt and let it drop to the floor stepping out of it to show the tiniest pair of panties he had seen for a while. The black material barely covered what they were supposed to cover and the urge to pull them to one side and slip his finger into her was so strong he clenched his fists to his side. This girl was hot and only woman hotter was Sarah. Thoughts of her dancing like this flooded his head and he drew in his breath sharply. As the dancer got closer to him he hoped he would not embarrass himself and cum like some adolescent teenager. Placing one dangerously slutty shoe either side of his thigh on the seat she stood above him gyrating her hips tantalisingly close to his face. Was he imagining it or could he smell her arousal. With a feline grace she turned to face away from him bending forward to crawl across the empty table in front of him. He longed to take her there and then, as she lay sprawled across it. Her tiny body was perfect and her large breasts spilled out of the corset she was wearing. In one fluid movement she turned to face him, her face hidden by the glasses she wore. Without the hint of a smile she sat on the table facing him her feet either side of his hips and her legs wide apart. Looking her up and down he took in her legs encased in the stockings she was wearing. Her tiny feet shod in patent black shoes with dangerously high heels making her look sluttish. The black velvet corset circled her waist topped by the overflowing mounds of creamy flesh Shaun couldn’t ask for anything as sexy. As he watched she reached forward and began the slow torturous journey upwards as she undid the fastenings to it. With baited breath he waited for her breasts to be revealed to him and his cock fought to be freed from the confines of his trousers. Just has she got to the last few fastening the dancer spoke.
“Are you enjoying the dance Shaun?”
His eyes flew to her face as with those few words his guess earlier was confirmed. Unsure as to how to react he sat there and watched as she let free her ample breasts.
Closing his eyes he tried not to react to seeing her almost naked form straddled in front of him.
“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to see what you do to me.”
The tables had been well and truly turned. Ever the dominant he was caught between his need to turn her over and spank her for her deception or to obey. Opening his eyes he watched as she pinched her nipples hard causing the sensitive nubs to harden. He had seen her breasts many times but never had he seen them so close and the longing to take that hard nipple between his teeth and gently bite it was so strong it nearly overwhelmed him Fascinated he watched as she tweaked and rolled it between her fingertips.
“Yes Shaun I know you want me, I also know you want me submissive to you. Do you like how it feels having to obey? Mike and Phil are watching so if you don’t want to cause a scene I would do as you are told. Do you understand?”
Shaun nodded and suddenly the music seemed distant the booth they were in surrounded by an invisible barrier that hid them from the rest of the customers. Shaun’s friends watched as the dancer touched her self and they moved closer to Shaun to see what was happening. Shaun looked shocked at something she was saying and the colour seemed to drain from his face.
“Do you like what you see?”
Shaun nodded.
“Would you like to touch me? Would you like to hold my tits in your hand, tweaking my nipples so I beg for more?”
Again he nodded.
“If I touched my self would you enjoy that?”
In a daze Shaun could only nod to each question she asked and unbidden he touched the front of his trousers, trying to make him self more comfortable.
Fascinated he watched as she reached down and with a splayed hand touched the wisp of material between her legs. Running her fingers over it and pulling it to one side Shaun sat watching as her finger went inside. Groaning loudly he wanted to haul her over his knee and spank her arse hard leaving handprints on her beautiful cheeks. The pain in his hands showed how tight he was clenching them and with a deep breath he brought himself under control. Calming himself mentally he sat up and stared her in the face.
“Take your glasses off? I want to see your eyes as you touch your pussy.”
With these words Sarah hesitated in her caresses and he knew then that she was not as sure of her self as her words made out. Underneath she was nervous and the glasses hid how she really felt. If she had been as sure of her actions as she looked she would not be wearing them, instead she would be strutting sexily around with her own blonde hair flowing and her body on display. Instead she was hidden behind a more confident persona trying to make him the submissive. In a flash of inspiration he grabbed her hand and hauled her to his feet. Quickly before he could be stopped he half pulled, half dragged her to the back of the bar and into the room behind it. Once inside he closed the door and locked it.
“What the fuck do you think your doing in my office?” Chris shouted as they burst in.
Pulling a chair over Shaun sat down and dragged Sarah over his knee. “I’m going to teach this slut a lesson in manners.” As he spoke he pulled her thong off and left it hanging around her ankles.
“Shaun get off me.”
”Not until you have learned your lesson young lady.”
Kicking and screaming Sarah tried her hardest to get up but the more she struggled the harder he held her down.
“If I were you I would take your punishment like the good little girl you should be. I refuse to play referee between you and your b*****rs any more. I have told you time and time again to behave and you have yet to listen,” as he spoke he raised his hand bringing it down on her upturned posterior. “If this is what it takes to control you then so be it.”
Chris watched as Shaun spanked Sarah’s bare bottom. With each thwack his cock hardened. Never had he seen anything as erotic as this before. Sarah wriggled on Shaun’s lap her cries falling on deaf ears.
“What the hell were you thinking coming here, knowing it’s a regular haunt for Mike and Phil. Have you got a death wish?”
“I’m sick to death of them telling me what to do, I’m an adult for gods sake.”
”Well start acting like one. They do not want to know that half their mates have fucked their baby s****r.”
“Fuck you Shaun.” She almost whispered. As each blow landed she could feel the heat rising in her. Her whole body was getting hotter and her nipples were getting harder as they rubbed against Shaun’s trousers. Between her legs she could feel the moisture beginning to leak and trying not to show it she held them even closer together. Glancing at Chris she could see his erection long and thick in his trousers. He didn’t even try to hide it as he moved closer to her. Standing with his arms folded her eyes were drawn to his crotch and she almost purred her appreciation of his cock.
“Sounds like someone has been a very naughty girl and she needs to be punished,”
Biting her lip she watched Chris standing above her and her heart felt like it would explode. Tall, muscled and bald he was imposing and from across Shaun’s knee even more so. From under the sleeve of his black t-shirt she could see the hint of a tattoo and she shivered at the thought of him taking her. She remembered his words from earlier and gulped hard.
“If I’d have known what a bad girl you were I would never have let you come in my club.” Chris said. “But it looks like Shaun here has it all in hand, so to speak.”
“You know him?”
”Did I fail to mention that? Yes I know all of your b*****rs. How can I not know them when they come in here all the time and spend money on the girls’? Seems like you have been a bad, bad girl Sarah and its not them that need punishing. It’s you.”
Putting her head down Sarah realised she had been beaten and maybe it was time she did listen to Shaun. But what about the other two, surely they still had a lesson to learn.
“Let me go Shaun, let me go home.”
Shaun stopped spanking her and lifted her up. His normally easy- going expression had been replaced with a hard look she had never seen before. Shaun was never stern with her, even after what she had done in the last few days. Easy going and laid back that’s how she knew him.
“Your not going home yet young lady. If you are so determined to show me what you have got I want you to show us both. Show us how you pleasure yourself.”
Lifting her up he sat her on the desk and left her to stare at him.
“I cant do that.”
“Why ever not. You have just don e it outside so that others can see. Why not now for the two of us? Surely this would be better. No distractions, no other men around, or is that what you want, more men. Now, now Sarah that’s just plain greedy.”
Both men had moved over to the small sofa and sat down to watch as she squirmed on the desk. She knew that she would never get home until she had done what they wanted. Sitting naked on the desk she could feel herself getting horny at the thought of being watched by them both. Self -consciously Sarah opened her legs so that they could see just how wet she was. The moisture glistened in the stark light of the office. As they looked it leaked out and trickled down onto the wood beneath her.
“Why Sarah you should have said Shaun’s spanking turned you on.” Chris grinned at her, delighting in her discomfort. Blushing Sarah couldn’t help but enjoy her own arousal and the more she denied it the more she knew it was what she loved.
Even further she opened her legs for them to see and beneath her she could feel her wetness gathering. Closing her eyes she let her self drift off into her own world. Dreaming of this moment she let her hands move over her body, caressing her thighs, touching the smooth skin at the top of her stockings. Stroke after stroke, touch after touch her senses heightened by the darkness Sarah got more turned on. Up and over her stomach her hand moved causing goose bumps to appear. When her hand touched the underside of her breasts her nipples hardened instantly and unbidden a groan escaped her lips. Arching her back she raised her bum of the desk trying to reach the hand of her invisible lover. Leaning back she lowered her self onto the desk and continued to caress her self. Lowering her hand she let it stroke her hairless mound before entering the warm depth of her pussy. As it slipped in her moans got louder.
Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours as she continued to explore her body. Aroused to the point of no return Sarah forgot about where she was moaning loudly she writhed on the desk.
“That's it Hun show us how you cum.” Shaun’s voice sounded far away but it spurred her on. Deeper she delved letting her juices flow out and over her fingers.
“That’s it babe open those pretty little legs wider, show me what you’ve got.”
Sarah groaned louder. Obeying the voice she opened her legs even further placing her shoe shod feet on to the desk. Far away she heard the creak of the sofa.
A hand grabbed hers and removed it from her aching pussy only to be replaced by something else, unsure as to what it was at first Sarah held her breath as she felt it gently probe her. Warm, moist breath filled her and she arched her back to meet the new invader.
“Do you like that sweet Sarah? Do you like Chris’s tongue inside you? I hope that delicious mouth of yours is waiting for me. Do you know how long I have wanted to sample your delights?”
Opening her eyes Sarah saw Shaun standing behind her head. Mesmerised she watched as he undid the buttons on his trousers and eased his cock out. Stroking it he reached forward and placed his finger on her lips. Sarah took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck it, showing him how she would like to suck his cock.
“Do you want my cock in your mouth?”
Sarah nodded.
“Do you want to taste my cum in your mouth?”
Again she nodded.
“Open wide then.”
Taking it in her mouth Sarah sucked gently wanting to savour the taste of him. Her tongue whirled around it and as he thrust forward she opened her throat and let him use her mouth. With tiny thrusts she felt him push it further and further in until her mouth felt full, the thickness of his cock surprising her.
With her mouth full and Chris licking her out she felt like her senses were going to explode. Never had she experienced such intense feelings in her body. Tingling all over Sarah moaned loudly. Trying to articulate her longing for more cock she arched her back and raised her hips. Just as she thought she would explode in pleasure she felt her pussy suddenly empty and in frustration she slammed her hands on the desk knocking over the lamp and putting the room into semi darkness.
“Now no temper tantrums young lady otherwise I may have to take away your dummy.”
Whimpering at the thought of being left with out his cock she lay still, her mouth trying to take in all of it. Her empty pussy throbbed.
“She tastes so sweet Shaun,” a drop of moisture seeping out of her at Chris’s words. “And so wet.” With a sudden thrust she felt her pussy filled with Chris’s cock and the loud moan which escaped her sounded loud in the almost silent room.
As Chris thrust into her and Shaun filled her mouth Sarah could feel herself cuming. Deep in the pit of her stomach and from between her legs she could feel the slow coil of it tightening a grip on her clit. Splayed out on the desk she waited for the spring inside to break and her orgasm to come crashing down over her. Tighter and tighter it coiled as with each thrust Chris pushed her onto Shaun’s cock.
“Oh fuck. She is so tight.”
With those words it was too much for her and Sarah exploded on to his cock, her screams drowned out by the cock filling her mouth. Both men watched as she shuddered continuing to use her body until they both felt the need to fill her.
Feeling them both withdraw from her she felt bereft.
“Remember you can never better me young lady.”
As she heard the door being unlocked and then closed as the two men left Sarah was left wondering. What the fuck had just happened.

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