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SissyRayG at the Roadside Reststop......

Last year I was traveling by car on business between Saskatoon and Regina, Canada. I was looking for a roadside rest area to use the washroom. I had all my sexy lingerie with me and hadn't had a chance to wear it for days as had been way to busy at work.

I saw the roadside rest area I was looking for and pulled off the road and stopped near the rest rooms. There were four stalls in the men’s and three urinals. It was one of my favourite places to dress and attempt to seduce guys. I got out of my car with my backpack full of satin lingerie and high heels and went into the stall in the middle. It had a gloryhole on each side! I was getting excited! I got the lingerie from my backpack and got dressed in black widow corset and stockings and then put on a red satin petticoat that I love. I also put on my 4 inch heels that I always carry with me.
I didn't really expect any action but the gloryholes were exciting to say the least. My love of being barebacked was leading me to do risky and exciting things.
I was now ready for action and looking pretty. In a matter of minutes, I hear footsteps outside the restroom on the path. I leaned forward to take a peek from under the stall and watch him walk in. It is always a good sign if the guys gets into the stall immediately next to yours. I ensured it would not be too hard for him to see my lingerie and I made sure that the heels I was wearing made noises on the ground periodically. I waited for a minute that seemed like a lifetime and was rewarded by seeing his shadow near the gloryhole. I knew he was looking at me now. I leaned forward just a little to peek through the gloryhole, a rock hard cock was sticking straight up from between his legs. His foreskin half retracted and dripping clear slimy precum. I moved closer to the hole so he could see my mouth. He them stood up, moved up to the glory hole and slowly moved his cock through the hole. I positioned by face at the glorhole to receive the massive thick uncut cock. The smell of dry cum on the hole and the wall was a lovely boost for my lust. It drives me wild when I know that men have been cumming lots in places I visit. My tongue went out to meet his cock head as it was almost fully emerging from the foreskin. At first he gave me only an inch or two, I gently sucked the head and moved my tongue around the foreskin, squeezed the shaft and licked all the clear precum that dripped from the slit. It tasted so exciting that I was as stiff as a steel rod under my petticoats. My sissy cunt was also starting to twitch and get moist with excitement.

"Suck my cock you sissy cum slut" he groaned in a deep rumble.
"Suck my dick, you sissy cocksucker", "you need it don't ya you sissy"
He was thrusting his 8 inches into my mouth through the gloryhole. He was fucking my face hard and deep, I was trying not to gag, but it was hard not too, he pushed all 8 inches into my face and down my throat. I was drooling with all the saliva that the throat fucking was producing, his entire shaft was wet, and my mouth overflowing. The restroom door opened again, we both stopped silent, me with his dick still buried deep in my face. I was standing there in the stall in my black heels and red satin petticoat and the cock in my mouth was not going to escape just because of another man coming in.

The new visitor walked into the stall on the other side of mine. I pulled back off the huge cock that was still sticking through the gloryhole. The new guy wasted no time getting his pants down and I could see him stroking his cock from the shadows cast on the floor. When I leaned forward and peeped through the second gloryhole I could see the new guy's cock. It was a lovely hard nine inches, cut and standing to attention.

The guy looks like he has a hard firm body. I felt safe to go back to work on the cock that was still throbbing, rock hard in my face through the other gloryhole. I started sucking the uncut cock again. The new guy started reaching through the other hole and playing with my ass under my red satin petticoat.
The new guy then lifted my petticoat up and gestured for me to move my ass closer to the hole. I positioned my ass up to the hole, and still had my face at the other hole. I felt the new guys wet fingers move around my asshole, searching for that area where the flesh opened and he could get inside me. He found it, and pushed forward, hard. His wet finger slid in and out a few times, them he added a second finger.

“I’m going to fuck your sissy ass hard you slut”. The first guy agreed, "yeah fuck that sissy ass while I dump a load of cum down his cumslut throat" I removed the dick from my mouth for just a second, while I watched over my shoulder as the hung stud got ready to feed me his massive tool.
I watched him stroke his cock a few times through the gloryhole. I saw spit drop and land on the head of his cock making is shiny and wet, he stepped up to the hole and fed his bare and glistening cock through the hole. I lifted my petticoat and rubbed the head of his cock up and down past my puckering hole several times. I then pushed back on it. The head entered my bare asshole. I moaned, and turned my face back to the uncut cock in front of me, and went back to work on it. The hung stranger pushed deeper and deeper into my sissy asshole, and I felt my asshole open up as his thrusts got harder and even deeper. I was being fucked on both ends and was in heaven! The entire stall was rattling as both studs pounded into me. I could tell they were both close, the rhythm and intensity was increasing.
The first guy started moaning, "oh you sissy, I am going shoot my seed into your sissy mouth" "Me too man", grunted the other guy inside my ass. The last seconds are all a blur. I felt both cocks stiffen inside me, and then they started pulsing. I felt the blast in my throat first, the hot seed shooting out and hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed hard, but could not keep pace, my throat filled and I could taste his precious cum as it filled my mouth. A loud moan came from the guy barebacking my sissy asshole. The second guy started to shoot his hot load of seed into my guts. The throbbing sensation was intense, I thought he would lift me off the floor. He buried it deep inside me, and I felt the head of his cock pulsing, and the hot blasts shoot deep into my guts. That was followed by several more thrust and hot blasts.
I was lost in total pleasure as I was being used fully by two gorgeous men!

Both men stayed inside me for a few second longer, their cocks softening in my wet used holes. The last few throbs and twitches sending me into fits of ecstasy. I started cumming from the bareback fucking I had received and my cock started to shoot my cum into my satin petticoat. Both men pulled out while I was still cumming. I collapsed back on the toilet with a face and ass dripping cum and my petticoat soaked with my own cum. The two guys then got dressed and left me to dwell on my total feeling of pleasure. SissyRayG (Yahoo Messenger or

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