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Watching my customer fucking herself

one day i went to a customers house to do some pest control work for her.her house was my first stop and i got there at about 8am she answered the door in her nighty it was light blue and see through i could see her nipples through it and i could see her pussy hair,she answered the door like it was no big deal to i go in the house she tells me she will be upstairs.i go about my pest control starting on the first floor i go upstairs and down the hall and see her bedroom door is open some and what i saw made my cock hard on the spot,there she was laying on the bed wit her legs spread fucking herself with her dildo and she was rubbing her tits,knowing i was in her house i think she wanted to get i just stood there watching her play with herself i couldnt help but to undo my pants pull them down and pull my dick out and start stroking it to what i was seeing.after a few minutes i think she knew i was there because she looked over at the door and saw me there but she just kept on fucking herself so i opened the door and walked up to her bed with my dick in my hand as stood right next to her she leaned up and started sucking on my dick so i reached between her legs and started to finger fuck her,she was soaking wet i could hear the sloshing sounds my fingers made in her pussy,after a few minutes of this i grabbed her leg and had her ass over the edge of her bed then took her ankles to spread her legs.she was so wet my dick slid right in her pussy with we fucked each other for about 20-30 minutes she came so much the side of her bed was soaked with her juices and my balls were soaking wet then the only words that were spoken the whole time was she said to me to pull my cock out and cum in her mouth,i felt my dick pulsing right after she said that to me so i pulled my dick out and stuck it in her mouth and she sucked her pussy juice from me and i shot my load in her mouth, she took everything i had,funny thing is i dont know if she knew it or not but i stole a few of her dirty panties in the past and jerked off several times to them.after that day i never saw her again.i wish i had more customers like her.

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