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Nudist mom sees sons erection

As the only son of a single mom in collage in the 1960's I got to do and see a lot of things. So when our camping trip was to a nudist camp I knew about them and I didn't show how excited I was thinking about seeing naked girls, and girls close to my age. There were lots of magazines of naked adult women, but none for girls. I didn't think about my reaction erections wold be seen as well. We got there in the afternoon and didn't see much of anyone else. The tents were s**ttered around, old fashion wall tents on raised wooden decks,there was a fire pit and wood a small restroom shower was nearby. We had undressed when we signed in, after the fellow reminded us it was a Nudist Camp. there was the unloading of gear, food, starting a fire. It was all comfortable until we were done settling in leaving the two of us naked setting across the small fire from each other.Even though we saw the glimpse and peeks of each other nude at home,but just sitting there my mom was youthful sprightly built with firm cone-ish modest C cups.I could feel my dick getting ready for a crowbar hard erection. At that age I was barely 4 and a half inches hard but it seemed like hiding a flag pole.Mom saw me squirming and figured out what I was trying to hide. "just relax, ignore it and it will go away" she assured me, We didn't talk about it but she knew she inspired my twitching hard erections when we were alone at the camp.

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