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Cat Out of the Bag: d***k Sex with Neighbor

Having just finished my second bottle of wine, I was just awaiting the arrival home of my wife from her girly night out. This week it was one of those Anne summers sex party she was at.

At 12.30 Deb arrived home more than the worse for wear, having had a good drink by the state she was in. Although she was in a pleasant mood she could not wait to tell a little secret she had learned that evening.

I enquired “how was the night”? Deb giggled and replied “brilliant, we had a real good laugh” “Did you buy anything”? I asked.
“There wasn’t any think there that I like or that I haven’t already got” was Debs answer.

Deb giggled again and said “anyway you will never guess what happened”? I asked her to tell me and Deb then went into how the night had panned out.

“Well” Deb started “remember Dee our old neighbour”? “ ” Of course, why was she there as well?” “you bet, anyway as the night was getting going, Dee was drinking more and more red wine.” “apparently her and Dave (Dee’s Husband) haven’t been getting on well lately and she more than let everyone know about it” “it was quite embarrassing really but that isn’t the best bit.

When some of the fuddy duddies left we really started to have a good giggle about the toys dressing up and fucking etc.”

“We finished of with a game of spin the bottle truth or dare, well when I lost mine was truth, so they asked me about any one night stands etc. I told them about the time I fucked that Spanish Waiter in Benidorm, they could not believe what a tart I was just to get fucked by a k**”

I was slightly pissed that Deb had let the cat out the bag about her fucking on a girly holiday!

Deb continued “ well sally got dare on the next spin and we dared her to make Dee come using one of the big Dildos, Dee was more than up for it, I swear she just dropped her skirt laid back on the chair pulled her thong aside and told sally” “ what you waiting for little girl?” “ This really pissed sally off big time, so she picked up the large white dildo, spat on it and then just basically ****d Dee’s cunt with it”.

As deb was speaking I had moved her to the settee , slowly I pulled her skirt up and rubbed my fingers over her tight lacy thong, she was very wet so I guess the night had gotten to her, the dirty married slut.

“Carry on then Deb, tell me what was Dee’s pussy like, did you have a good look at her cunt?” as I was asking I kept rubbing her pussy. Debs breathing was getting harder and harder. “Trimmed, Dee’s cunt was trimmed, just like mine” was debs breathless reply.

“did Sally make her come?” “Sally didn’t get a chance, Dee took the dildo her self and started to really fuck her self, she was d***k but she still knew what she was doing”.

Dee then shocked Deb, as she pumped the huge dildo in and out of her trimmed cunt Dee asked “ Deb I bet Mick’s is as big as this isn’t it, I can remember hearing you through the walls as he fucked you stupid”

Deb blushed at this as all the girls started giving her a ribbing, “so Deb you used to fuck whilst Dee listened , you dirty strumpet” all the girls laughed.

Deb not to be out done told me to show face, she replied “ well I think its just a little bit bigger at a guess, but Mick’s is a lot fatter”

Dee still holding court then took every body by surprise when she said “ Deb after I listened to you being fucked by Mick I would make Dave pretend he was Mick and I would fuck him using mikes name, I fucked my husband many a time making the wimp be your husband. Can I use him now please babe” Dee requested.

“Go for it Dee” Deb replied.
With that apparently Dee f***ed the dildo harder and harder into her trimmed cunt, as she was about to come Dee screamed “Fuck MICK come you bastard, Come in me Mick you bastard” and as her shocking words filled the room Dee organised.

Deb told me the room was silent for a couple of seconds then the room burst out laughing.

A couple of the remaining girls seemed to be sneakily stroking their pussies watching Dee Wank her self to conclusion.

With my fingers inside Debs Knickers I stroked her trimmed cunt until I slipped two fingers into her married dripping wet pussy. As I thrust harder into her Debs eyes shot open she looked me in the eye and said “ that’s it babe finger that cunt, ye finger that cunt, she’s had your cock tonight do you want her cunt babe, do you want Dee’s cunt mike?”

Why not I thought, “ go on then Deb lets do It” you mean Dee don’t you? Was debs reply.

With that I roughly pulled Dee to the edge of the settee, spun her around pulled up her skirt, the knickers were then ripped down her arse. With out ceremony and no manners I rammed my cock hard into Dee wet pussy. I know Deb liked it hard but I was determined to make Dee the same. I pounded my hard cock right into that wet cunt of Dee’s.

“Fuck mick, that’s it fuck me, fuck my dirty cunt babe, give me what dave cant come on squirt your come in me” was Dee’s loud words.

After a quick ten minutes fucking, I pulled out of Dee’s cunt spun her over climbed her body , now Deb isn’t that keen on me coming on her face, but as it was Dee’s face I thought why not?

Looking into Debs / Dee’s face I wanked hard on my cock shooting a massive amount of come right into her face / eyes /mouth and nose.
Looking down there was Deb sprawled on the settee covered in come.

Looking up Deb asked “ did you enjoy that hun?”
“you bet” was my quick reply. “Perhaps I should fuck Dee for real just to piss her off” I joked.

“Why not?” Deb laughed “just go down to her shop and fuck her there”.

Having showered and a rather leisurely fuck with Deb I decided that tomorrow i was going down to Dee’s shop a fuck the shit out of her!

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