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My first time

So I thought I would share my first time story with everyone here

So it was during summer, that one of my good friends Jak* changed his name for privacy* invited me down to where we would always hang out..Saying that he had an awesome surprise for me when I got there.Naturally I was really excited to figure out what it was.When I got there, he told me that I can't tell anyone about this, since he stole it from his b*****r.I agreed, then he brought out some porno mags.I had seen playboy before, but this stuff was WAY better! It showed them fucking and everything! We started looking through them and I was starting to get a boner.Jak then asked me if I had ever tried jerking off.I had never done it, though I had always wanted to.So he lowered his pants and whipped out his cock, then just started jerking off.I was a little surprised that he would just take it out infront of me, but we were such good friends.So it wasn't too strange.he told me to give it a try.I lowered my pants and started jerking off for the first time.It was FUCKING AMAZING! Why had I not tried this before? We were just sitting there jacking off together, then I heard him say "I'm about to cum"..I had no idea what he meant, then I saw it..A load of cum shoot out of his cock.It was pretty amazing, then I started to get this tingle in my cock..Oh, this feels good, I kept going;faster and faster, I bit my lip then shot a load of cum..Fuck I need to keep doing this!

This went on for a while, always in the same spot, jerking off together.One day he called me and said "Come to my house man! I've got a new bit of porn!"

I replied " FUCK YEAH!"
So I pretty much ran up there, excited to see this new porn, I knocked on the door , he opened it and said "Dude this one is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than anything we've ever seen!"
We went downstairs and there wasn't any mags or anything,I thought to myself "Um..I don't see anything here at all"
He sat down on the couch and flicked in the tv, then put in a dvd.It was actual porn! Real porn on a dvd!.I jumped on the couch and whipped out my cock..We started to jerk off real slowly, stopping at points so we wouldn't cum so easily.Watching this girl give head to a guy with a huge cock made me really horny for some reason..And as I though, wouldn't it be nice to try that once..Jak shyly asked me
"Would..would you wanna give that a try? You know..a blowjob."
I gasped in shocked "I um..only if you wanna try too"
I didn't realize he meant for me to give him a blowjob.He asked me to get on my knees and sit infront of him.
There it was..His cock just waving in front of me.I had never ever done anything like this before..But somehow I thought this may be fun..So I slowly and carefully grabbed his cock, and started to lick the head..I could see he was enjoying this, mostly because his eyes were closed and he was moaning a bit.I giggled a little then started to take it into my mouth.It didn't taste very good at first, but then something strange happened.I started to like this! My cock was hard from sucking another mans dick!I honestly couldn't believe this!.i went as far down his cock as I could..Which was only like 4 or 5 inches of his 9 inch cock.*bastard had a bigger one than me =(*When I heard him say "jeez, I'm going to cum. Take it out so I can"

I just started to suck on it harder and faster, not taking it out..With one big moan, he shot is load into my mouth, and as that happened I shot mine onto the floor..His cum tasted a little salty, but pretty good!.

"Fucking hell man! That was awesome, do you wan.."Jak was interrupted when he realized I had cum from sucking his cock
I swallowed his cum and looked up at him "Wa..was it really that good?"
With one of the fastest responses ever "Yeah man! God damn, I hope we can do this more often."
In my mind, I wanted it too
This went on for about a year and a half, after school..We would go to his house, watch porn and I would give him a blowjob.I got fairly good at it, being able to take all of his cock in my mouth.
While I was giving him a blowjob one day, he blushed and asked me" Hey man, I know this feels great for me, but I wanna make you feel good too"

I hadn't really wanted to receive a blowjob at all to be honest
"This will sound weird Jak, but I won't really want a blowjob" I told him

With some what of an evil smirk he said "Thats not what I mean, I'm talking about fucking."
In my mind, I was pretty damn happy to hear that, as I had played with my ass while I had taken showers before, and it was amazing.

He asked me to bend over, spreading my ass apart
"Jesus man, your asshole looks really good!" He said
I just blushed a bit, and prepared for what was coming
He spat on his cock and my ass, to lube it up.Not that it was needed, seeing how I played with my asshole before I went up to his house in the shower.
He slowly began pressing into me.Not much f***e was needed, and it just slide in there..Holy fuck, holy fuck holy fuck! This felt soooooooo damn good.He could tell I was loving this..
"Awww you like this don't you" He said with a laugh

"Shut..." I was interrupted when he started to move further in and began to fuck harder.
Before I knew it, I was in love with this, I knew that every time I came up here..I would demand this!.He went to work on my ass, fucking it, moving in and out.Faster then slower, faster and slower..20 minutes went by in a mater of what felt like seconds for me..I couldn't care less what was happening around me, I just knew that I wanted him to keep fucking my ass.

He bit his lip then said" Fuuuck, I'm going to cum!"
I turned my head around with what was my most cute face and said" Shoot it in me, please"
After hearing that I swear he got even harder and started going faster!..Then I felt it!..He huge load of hot cum shoot into my ass! I was shocked at how strong it was! He was gasping for air, I could tell it was amazing for him. As his was sliding his cock out of me, I shot my load.Jesus fuck it was an amazing feeling!
I heard some of his cum drip out of my ass..Turned around and saw there was lots on his semi hard cock..I just went for it naturally! I took that semi in my mouth and sucked out ever last drop there was!
"Okay, that was the hottest and best thing I've ever seen or done ever!" he said
I just gave him a cute smirk and said..." Same time tomorrow right"

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