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Winner Takes It All: Loser Gets Fucked!

My plan was simple, the reception was coming to a close and nearly all the guests had retired for the evening. I was staying in the imperial hotel for a mates wedding.

Also there were many of my past conquests including my s****r in law Michelle as well as my best friend’s wife Elaine. My wife had work commitments so she was unable to attend, I found myself in a very envious position that if I choose I could fuck both of these hot bitches.

Sliding over to Michelle I bluntly told her room 278 in ten minutes don’t be late, shocked Michelle went to say about her husband waiting in her room. “Ten minutes” was my short reply.

As Elaine was there alone I took her onto the dance floor and whispered in her ear” I'm going to take you up to my room and fuck the ass of you” slightly d***k Elaine looked me in the eye and nodded her head. Taking her hand I lead her over to the lift and push the button for the second floor.

Once in the room I order Elaine to remove her dress. As she strips I look on as her voluptuous breast come into sight held within a black lace bra, this matched the lacy knickers and hold up stockings. Very pretty and very elegant I kissed my bitch on her mouth and Elaine returned as though I was her husband. A knock at the door startled Elaine, I told her to hide in the bathroom, and once in I closed the door and went to open my hotel room door. Opening the door I found my nervous s****r in law looking anxious.

Putting my finger to my lips I pulled Michelle into my room. Placing her central to the room I whispered into her ear “Take your dress off” over the past few years that I had been fucking Michelle I had in fact bred her some 4 years earlier giving her a beautiful baby girl named Sian. Michelle knew she could not resist my power over her so she simply nodded and stripped down to her bra and knickers.

Taking my phone I took numerous photos of Michelle clad in her underwear standing in my hotel room. She came to my arms and kissed me as my lover.
As I was kissing Michelle I pulled away and said “come out” Michelle looked confused and then shocked as Elaine clad in her underwear came out of the bathroom.

I poured myself a large whiskey as both girls rushed to grab their clothing, both screaming “What the fuck is going on here!”
“STOP!!!” Was my command and both Elaine and Michelle froze in their tracks.
Listen ladies I think it’s about time you both learnt the rules, “Elaine you know Michelle and Michelle I know you know Elaine, well both of you sit on the bed and I will tell you a little secret about each other.”

Both girls were shocked at what I was about to reveal, “Elaine stand” Elaine complies I walk over and kiss Elaine; Michelle is shocked to see this, as I kiss Elaine I look into Michelle’s eyes.
“You see Michelle, Elaine hear was only to keen to allow me the privilege of taking her anal cherry” I met her at the Victoria Hotel and she begged me not her husband to take her in the ass!” “Wasn’t that right honey” I inquired from Elaine.

Elaine looked from me to Michelle and slowly nodded her head, “yes” was her quiet reply. "Yes, what Elaine?"

“Yes I met you in the Victoria hotel and begged you to fuck my ass.”

Indicating to Michelle “come here” Michelle stood and came by my side.
I pulled her into my other arm and kissed her, both women with my arms around them. “Now Michelle, as you know Elaine’s dirty secret, why don’t you tell her our dirty secret.”

Michelle looked at Elaine and said “He took my Ass cherry as well”
“Not that secret the big one Michelle.”

Michelle looked me in the eye with pleading eyes as though I would let her of. “Tell her Shelly.”

Michelle looked at Elaine and said “4 years ago Mike bred me and Sian is our daughter.”

Both women were shocked but I eased there shame, “now we know all the dirty secrets there is nothing to worry about.”

“First off both of you are my whores so I am prepared to ease the burden on one of you.” “If you both agree, I will allow one of you to return to your husband and no longer have to be one of my whores.”

Elaine nodded first swiftly followed by Michelle.
“right ladies here’s what I plan, the first to give in loses and stays my bitch the other gets to go back to their husband once they complete their task.”
Both asked “what’s the task?”

“Simple you both will slap each other alternately, the first to give in loses and the winner takes it all.”

“What do you mean takes it all?” asked Michelle
“The loser gets fucked by the winner, simple as that” “you have 1 minute to think about it”

Having both agreed I placed them in the middle of the room facing each other. Plenty of photos taken of the scantly clad girls were taken and I began
“Michelle you first, open hand slap to the face.”

Michelle pulled back and let fly catching Elaine square in the face, SLAP!!! Shocked Elaine took a couple of seconds to steady her self.

“Your turn Elaine”
SLAP!!!! Elaine’s slap hit Michelle square across her cheek.

Michelle was swift in her return SLAP!!!!!!! “OUCH squealed “Elaine” the first sign of emotion.

SLAP!!!!!!!!! And Michelle flinched, slaps were passed back and forth with each blow hurting a little bit more, having slapped each other some 25 times.

Elaine decided to end it, she clenched her fist and punched Michelle square in the stomach, Michelle fell to her knees bend double, winded from the blow, just as quick Elaine pulled Michelle’s hair up and slapped hard onto her face.

“Well bitch do you give?” followed by 3 more hard slaps to Michelle’s face.

Beaten all be it by a cheating move, Michelle had no option but to yield. “ I give!! you bitch I give!!” Triumphantly Elaine looks me in the eye, “well?”
“OK you win, but I still want to watch you fuck the bitch.”

Elaine leaned in and snarled at the beaten Michelle “get up slut and move that fat ass of yours over to the bed.”

Michelle rose and stumbled over to the bed, Elaine turned her to face the bed and started to run her hands over Michelle large (but not as big as hers) tits. Although both ladies had never participated in lesbian sex Elaine was not going to let this chance go easily. As Elaine caressed Michelle’s tits she kissed her mouth. Michelle tried to pull away, but the strong arms of Elaine held her tight, stronger and more f***eful Elaine kissed Michelle. “I'm going to make you my bitch you fucking little tart understand me you slag."

Beaten Michelle had tears in her eyes as the realization of her future became clear, not only was she her b*****r in laws personal whore now he was allowing this women (although stunningly beautiful) to have lesbian sex with her.
Her embarrassment was complete when she looked at Elaine and nodded.
Elaine pushed Michelle to her knees, having only be f***ed to kneel before a man before Michelle knew only to well what was expected of her.

“Well bitch, you know what to do.”
Slowly but surely Michelle hooked her fingers into Elaine’s lacy pants, as she rolled the panties over Elaine’s structured thighs the first glimpse of another woman’s pussy was just a couple of inches from Michelle’s mouth. Elaine had a very neat trimmed dark hairy pussy.

With the panties around Elaine’s ankles she stepped out of them, attentively Michelle inched closer to her conquerors womanhood, “look at me” barked Elaine.

Looking up into the pretty face of Elaine, Michelle was shocked when another slap landed on her cheek. “listen up you fucking slag, I want my cunt treated nice, now show me what a pussy eating slag you are Michelle.”

With that Elaine grabbed Michelle’s hair and pulled her towards her cunt, Michelle’s only option was to comply with her new mistresses obvious desires. Pocking her tongue out it didn’t take long for it to reach Elaine’s pussy.

For her first time as a lesbian, Michelle licked slowly from bottom to top of Elaine’s cunt up slowly to her clit.

“Mmmmmmm” escaped Elaine’s lips “good girl” with a little more effort this time Michelle raised her hands to grasp Elaine’s firm ass, pulling her forward Michelle buried her face into the triumphant woman’s pussy. Licking hard Michelle began to eat her first cunt.

“Fuck bitch, that’s some good eating my dirty slag, fuck bitch lick me”.

As my s****r in law was on her knees eating her first cunt I moved behind Elaine, unclipping her bra I released those great 38EE tits. Kissing her neck and pulling her udders Elaine could only moan, “Mmm that’s nice!” apart from her hold ups Elaine was naked, Elaine turned into my arms and started to kiss me.
This left Michelle facing the taught ass of Elaine, looking down Elaine said” well bitch, get your tongue in my ass” Michelle sighed and reluctantly spread Elaine’s arse cheeks, Elaine bent slightly allowing Shelly to get her tongue right in tight to her ring.

Elaine looked at me and whispered “your slag s****r in law is licking my arse hole the dirty fucking slag”

I moved my hand down and slowly started to finger her very wet pussy, with Michelle at her ass and me fingering her cunt Elaine was soon losing control of her emotions, quickly her breath was quickening and will a shrill, Elaine exploded and came all over my finger, leaking some of her cunt juices down her thighs allowing Michelle to lick up Elaine’s come.

“Go to my bag” I instructed Elaine, on looking inside her eyes lit up. With a small giggle Elaine to out the Strap on Dildo and began to attach it to her body.

Mean while I had Michelle kneeling in front of me sucking hard on my cock.
“Get up on the bed Shelly” Michelle rose and adopted the position that I always like to fuck her and her s****r in (doggie) with my hard cock level with the entrance to Michelle’s cunt I lunged forward and in one hard thrust my cock was buried in my s****r in laws cunt. Michelle was well accustomed to my cock and as ever it didn’t take her long to start to moan, “Mmmmmmmm, yes babe, fuck Mick that’s so good, mmm fuck me, harder babe fuck me harder” with that I grabbed Shellie’s hips and pulled hard onto her making sure I bottomed out my 8” hard cock.

As I was fucking Michelle, Elaine moved round to Michelle’s front, as Shelly was getting my hard cock, Elaine said “look up bitch”, as Michelle looked up and came face to face with Elaine’s huge black strap on cock. “well slut open wide” Michelle had no choice but to open her mouth as I fucked my s****r in laws hard a scream emitted from her mouth at the same time Elaine thrust her hard rubber cock into Shelly’s mouth, “ that’s a good bitch suck my nigger cock” Elaine giggled.

My cock pounded harder and harder into my slag s****r- in- laws cunt as me and Elaine spit roasted her.

My only hope was that my phone video was capturing all this so Elaine would never be able to go back as I had previously promised. Elaine was really getting into spit roasting Shelly, calling her name after name. “Cunt, you fat slag, whore, fucking bitch” were just a few of Elaine’s catty calls.

As we roasted Shelly, Elaine leaned in a kissed me, looking into my eyes Elaine asked “can I fuck the bitch now, and then I want your cock babe”. So we swapped places me getting a blow job of Shelly as Elaine moved behind her and placed the big black rubber cock at Shelly’s cunt.

Pulling a condom out of her stocking Elaine tossed it in front of Michelle, put that on Mike but use your slag mouth. Michelle tore open the condom and placed it over my hard cock, slowly using her mouth Michelle unwrapped the condom down my long cock.

Once in place I pulled away and let Elaine turn Michelle into the missionary position. Elaine’s taught body and those massive tits covered Shelly’s body. Rubbing her black cock up and down Michelle’s pussy Elaine taunted her. “You want this bitch, you want to be my bitch, I'm going to fuck you, you dirty cunt and mI' going to make you my bitch” with that Elaine rammed her rubber cock straight into Michelle’s cunt.

Harder and faster Elaine fucked poor old Michelle, with only a few more thrusts Michelle couldn’t help it and she started to come on Elaine’s big black cock. I moved behind Elaine and as she fucked my s****r-in-law I pushed my cock into Elaine’s hot pussy.

“Fuck Elaine that is one sweet pussy babe”, I whispered into her ear as my cock pushed forward Elaine was f***ed to push her cock into Shelly’s cunt, all in all a hot sexy threesome.

As I built up speed I told Elaine” I was going to shoot my hot come into her belly, I was going to knock her up her up just like I had done to Michelle” Elaine caught in the moment and knowing I was wearing a condom screamed “ do it, do it, knock me up, go on fuck me babe give me a baby my love”

As Elaine thrust I with drew my cock as though it had just slipped out, in a flash I ripped of the condom and thrust back very quickly into Elaine before she knew what was happening.

Again taunting, “ fuck Elaine your going to make a great mummy bitch,” “ do it! Do it! Mick knock me up fuck me give me a little bastard, let every one know I'm your slag come on knock me up!!! Make ME PREGNANT!!!! “

With a final thrust I unleashed all my pent up sperm into Elaine’s waiting cunt, slightly dazed from the fucking I was delivering Elaine realized I had actually come in her pussy!!

“Wait, wait!!” Elaine screamed “oh my god no, NO , NO, you haven’t, my god you have, you have come in me, no one has ever come in me” “fuck, fuck, say im pregnant, fuck you did you came in me fuck oh my god”

I pulled out of Elaine and casually walked over to Shelly, Elaine had fallen back onto the bed in disbelief leaving Michelle grinning like a Cheshire cat, Michelle pulled my cock to her mouth looked me in the eye and said” that will teach the bitch” Michelle then began to clean both my come and Elaine’s from my cock.
Once clean I walked over to the shower, with Elaine still in shock at the load I had deposited into her cunt, I casually said “both of you get dressed and be gone before I come out.

Ten minute later I returned to the room just to find both sets of underwear and the strap on, on the bed, both my sluts had departed.

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